Ashley and Todd's Game- Part 1

Lust blossoms between brother and sister.

Todd was a sophomore in high school and the captain of the soccer team. He was every girls dream at their school, but was too busy to take much notice. They would fill the bleachers after school to see him practice in his short soccer shorts, and every once in a while on a hot day he would be shirtless. Todd’s older sister, Ashley was quite the opposite. She was very hot, but she was also...Read On


Todd and Ashley Part 2

The story continues

Ashley and Beth went into Ashley’s room and shut the door. “Your brother is fucking hot Beth," whispered to Ashley. “You should see him naked,” Ashley replied. Beth’s face turned bright red. “Oh my god! Are you serious?” “I have a picture if you want to see.” Beth’s heart began to beat really fast and her face was now burning from blush at the thought of Ashley keeping a naked...Read On



Camp Counselor

I was the camp counseler, she was 16

It was the summer of 1999 and I was a camp counselor at a local Y club. This particular summer we had a lot more girls signed up than boys. Most of these girls where hot, and the summer heat made them even hotter. I took notice of how the sweat would bead on their tan bodies as they played their activities. Most of them wore modest shorts and long t-shirts but there was this one young t16...Read On


Wife Hires Baby Sitter

My wife and I had been going through a long dry spell while she was pregnant to a few months after she had the baby. We would have sex occasionally during her pregnancy, but toward the end she said it was getting uncomfortable. The doctor had ordered no sex for at least six weeks after the baby was born. We tried having sex once after the six weeks was up, but again she said it was still...Read On