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Topic: If you could have superpowers...
Posted: 20 Dec 2014 19:01

Try this one on for size. The power to control probability. Like for instance the probability that I'm going to win the lottery or the probability that when I hit you even if its a weak hit it will still knock you out. My fiance came up with the idea and I haven't found anyone who could argue with that being the ultimate superpower.

Topic: do you believe in God?
Posted: 20 Aug 2014 22:29

Well I don't usually discuss my penis unless I am asked about it and I have the same philosophy with my religion.

Topic: The Gun Control Debate Thread.
Posted: 31 Jan 2013 20:35

I edited it is that better. I apologize for over reacting when I first saw the thread. In my opinion and in accordance with common sense that is an idiotic statement. Guns do not kill people, the person holding the gun and pulling the trigger is the one who does the killing. A gun is a tool just like a hammer or a knife or an axe. If some one is murdered with one of those items no one blames the item they blame the person using the item, but when it comes to guns for some reason people think that they are cognitive things that can choose to kill on their own.

Topic: The Gun Control Debate Thread.
Posted: 31 Jan 2013 20:19

Yet another mass killing sponsored by your local NRA.

Guns kill more people in the US than cars do and they are much less used.

People using guns kill people you idiot... Ive never heard of a gun getting up on its own walking into a public place and firing itself killing people.

Topic: Attraction
Posted: 13 Dec 2012 18:18

To be honest, the very first thing any guy notices about a woman is that she's female. After that it's a checklist of things as to why she WON'T hold your attention rather than the other way around - this is pretty much done in the blink of an eye on a subconscious level.

The more noticeable you are (ie the more skin you show off) the more likely you are to get attention - the sort of attention you get is, of course, in the eye of the beholder.

You may get some responses from men on here saying that a woman's personality is the first thing they notice. Just so you know, these men are all disingenuous liars of the lowest order and cannot in any way be trusted.

I am honestly inclined to disagree with you. It may be hard to believe but there are those of us out there who, when we were looking for a woman (I have one now and I am very happy with her) actually did notice other things besides her body first. Not all men look at women like pieces of meat to be done with as they please... There are those of us, though we are few and far between, who actually like having an intelligent conversation with a woman no matter her appearance. As far as noticing she's a female first in most cases that is rather obvious. I, for one, am rather insulted that you would call anyone who says that he notices a woman's personality before anything else a liar. I think the fact that you notice or know that she is a female is implied in the question so that is a moot point. As far as maybe not being able to tell her personality from a distance, an observant man would be able to look at how she interacts with her friends or other guys who go up to her and be able to tell whether or not she is friendly or a snob.

Topic: A question about flag burning.
Posted: 23 Aug 2012 23:08

To be perfectly honest as a member of the military my first thought was save the flag. Especially if I knew for a fact that it was a disrespectful burning. If it was to dispose of the flag because it was no longer fit for use then I would save the person. You can call bullshit if you want but the gut reaction in cases like this is more accurate than rethinking it. Like I said though it's a matter of the situation.

Topic: If you could have any Super Power what would it be.
Posted: 08 Aug 2012 18:51

Telepathy and telekinesis. I am thinking about going into criminal psychology so that would be an amazingly helpful ability. In high school it definitely would have been invisibility though. I was a horny virgin all 4 years.

Topic: What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted: 08 Feb 2012 02:02

Watching my beautiful girlfriend who is the love of my life sleeping. :)

Topic: Greatest love songs ever
Posted: 04 Feb 2012 22:51

I can love you like that John Michael Montgomery

Topic: Dead man sued because his flying body parts injured someone else. Frivolous or necessary lawsuit?
Posted: 12 Jan 2012 20:54

So someone can hurt you, and you won't pursue action against them? I agree that the woman shouldn't be compensated for any pain or suffering. Accidents happen. But what if someone had run a red light and broadsided her car? Would you still expect her to pay her own medical bills? Or should she sue the negligent driver? What if an inexperienced gun owner mishandles his firearm and fires off a shot. The errant bullet exits his home and hits someone walking by. That person should also have to pony up their own medical bills, right?

This woman was injured by someone else's negligent action. That person (or his estate) should have to pay for any costs arising from his actions. Personally, I don't see how the court found the railway to be completely free from liability, especially if the shrubbery had grown to obscure visibility, but hey - I wasn't there.

No his estate should not have to pay for it... His family members are already the victims of a tragic accident. Why would you victimize them further by suing their DEAD son for injuring you after he was dead... Its heartless and cruel. Its completely ridiculous and self serving. As for the 2 examples you mentioned, Im guessing neither person dies in either of those cases if so then yes the person who caused the accident should have to pay. However this kid couldn't possibly have predicted that he was going to die, let alone where his body parts where going to land after he was ALREADY DEAD. This is a heartless bitch who is only looking for money. Not thinking about this young mans family and how it feels for them that they lost their fucking son. Broken bones heal, but as far as I no we haven't figured out how to bring people back from the dead yet...

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