jonnymarine's Blog Entries

12 Dec 2011 18:31

Can't wait to see my love in less than a week.

13 Aug 2011 20:41

Cant wait to have my girl in my arms again. December is the next time and this time she will be in my turf. That means we are gonna have lots of fun.

23 Dec 2010 23:45

I am no longer a virgin. My beautiful girlfriend and I had sex for the first time when we saw each other this weekend. I am sooo in love with her.

09 Aug 2010 21:36

I got a tattoo tonight. Some people might know what it means. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.

13 Jun 2010 19:09

We marines have a saying. "No better friend, no worse enemy." It means that if you are our friend we will do anything for you, but if you piss us of STAND THE FUCK BY cause its gonna be a fucking bad day for you. That means if you fuck with us or anyone we love its not going to end well for you.

26 May 2010 18:12

cant wait to have my girl in my arms for the first time and make love with her on Valentines day next year.