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For everyone, and yes, even you NW, I am leaving. If you pay any attention at all, you'll see this and leave me alone. Thanks.

21 Feb 2013 00:28

Probably going to disappear from lush for a while. Maybe forever, not sure yet. Love is a fickle thing. So, sorry to everyone I've been talking to, I've lost pretty much all interest. Friends is all anyone on here, and I mean anyone, I'll be.

09 Feb 2013 06:17

Goodnight, or more appropriately, good morning lush. Sleep is finally taking me into it's elusive embrace. Almost 7 am, sheesh.

04 Feb 2013 06:46

Hello internet, I'm so glad the bill has finally been paid!!! Sorry for the prolonged absence.

03 Feb 2013 16:25

New gallery setup of some cool things I have, check it out!

28 Jan 2013 15:39

Haha 16 days now.

28 Jan 2013 02:40

17 days and counting!!! Come on birthday, I know you can get here!

27 Jan 2013 00:17

Haha ya'll missed showering with me, got pretty steamy! too bad for you.

25 Jan 2013 20:43

Haha ya'll missed showering with me, got pretty steamy! too bad for you.

25 Jan 2013 20:43

Alrighty, shower time. If you're up for it, join me

25 Jan 2013 20:11

Finally getting better. Only have the sniffles now. Hooray for not being sick! Guess the tea and everything helped after all...

25 Jan 2013 17:48

stealth mode I'm in hiding, not feeling well, so I'm in hiding. If I don't talk to you, don't feel bad. I don't wanna talk to many people right now.

24 Jan 2013 17:58

19 days till my birthday! Woohoo!!!! Now, if only I could not be sick anymore, everything would be just fine.

24 Jan 2013 16:34

Hooray! First story approved!!!

22 Jan 2013 14:33

Submitted my first story, keep your fingers crossed for me. But after 4 hours of typing, it's beddy-by-time for this little girl.

22 Jan 2013 04:39

http://www.damnlol.com/im-a-bussssss-8614.html funny ass gif.

20 Jan 2013 01:30

http://demotivate.me/media/demotivational-posters-shaves-one-leg It's true, his name is Cody. I think I'm related to him somehow too.

20 Jan 2013 01:09