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I’m 53. I grew up in a very small ranching town in California.
Growing up in a small ranch town populated mostly by Texan and Okie migrants and Native Americans, it was remarkably easy for me to get my hands on hard whiskey to try to dull the pain of my family life.
I withdrew from much of my family except my grandma, she was Native American, mostly Sioux, her family had been moved ever farther west over the generations and she had fled the Oklahoma dust bowl for the little California ranch town where I grew up. She taught me about how mother nature very kindly gave us women both of the only two human organs whose only purpose is sexual pleasure (the clit and the g-spot). She taught me about the old pre-white man ways where women ran things and men had to EARN their way into a woman’s bed. She taught me to honor the gifts mother earth gave my body, not to let it get fat, not to pierce, shave, cover in makeup, etc. She taught me to find what I like about sex and go for it, no matter what the white man says about its sinfulness (I found, for example, that sucking cock gives me even more pleasure than it does the men who are being sucked, so I do that for me, not for him.)
In high school I fell like a ton of bricks for a super-hot boy in my class, I still have some contact with him as father of my two oldest children. I’ll call him Mister J. Senior year, age 18, I got him to take me to Senior Prom, I was sober when I seduced him into taking me to the prom over much better looking girls in our class, and I was sober as we danced the night away, and when I told him as we danced that there was no way in hell I was going to wake up still a virgin tomorrow morning. I had stolen a relative’s credit card and I had used it to book a motel room. I stayed sober because I wanted to thoroughly enjoy having sex on my own terms at last. I practically ripped his tux off him. I wanted to go slow but he shoved it in and came, which ticked me off no end but at least I had gotten to experience a cock in me at last, by MY own choice!
Well, I soon realized I had been knocked up on prom night. I was 19 when my first daughter was born. Being a small redneck town, Mr. J was of course pushed into “doing the right thing” and married me and tried to be a father to our daughter. A year later, I was pregnant again, a son this time. So by age 21 I was already mother of two,
I somehow managed to swear off drinking from that time to today, because the last thing in the world I was going to do was be a drunk around my kids. But I know that even today I'm a recovering, not recovered, alcoholic, and I can never again have even one drink or I risk slipping into that same hell I was in as a teenager.
Mr. J always resented having to marry me and he felt trapped for having given in to MY lust for him on prom night. Eventually, the marriage failed and we were divorced, leaving me to raise our daughter and our son on my own. My brother helped me where he could.
When my kids were teenagers and they didn’t need me to look after them quite so much, I finally got a new boyfriend, Mr. F. At the end of our 4th date I told him I was hungry. He offered to take me out for a second meal (we had dined together in a nice restaurant earlier that evening). I told him, “You don’t understand,” I unzipped him and repeated “I’m hungry!” as I began to suck on him. “Feed my hunger!” From then on, he fed my hungry mouth at the end of every date, and I loved it, But he never went down on me. At the end of our tenth date, I hiked up my skirt and showed him I had no panties on. “These lips hunger for you, too!” Somehow, although he banged me wonderfully and regularly and often, I never got pregnant.
We eventually decided we loved each other, and I married Mr. F. Then a year into our marriage, I was pregnant with another daughter, followed two years later by another daughter.
With 4 kids, I tried to get a job to help financially. I did some teaching, but they wanted advanced teaching degrees. Somehow I managed to earn my Masters in Education while being a mother and a constantly cock-hungry wife, but I was hardly ever home to ride my husband’s cock while pursuing my M.A. degree, and Mr. F started to resent that. So did I; he was a lot of fun to ride! I was missing that very much.
With my MA, I tried to get better teaching jobs. I got a great offer in Missouri, but Mr. F didn’t want to leave with me, he wanted to stay in California. This put a further strain on our marriage after the strain of hardly seeing each other while I was in school. I was 37 and teaching at a small junior college. One of my students was 22 and hot as hell and very smart, one of my best students. We started to share meals together and that led to hungry kissing and mutual groping, and finally one day I had him drop by my classroom after hours. I asked him to bang me right on my desk. But he took his time and ate me first; no man had ever eaten my pussy before... and I had never had so many orgasms or such intense ones before. I had 3 more orgasms as his enormous cock slowly stuffed me very full. And then he exploded more come into me than all my previous men combined!
One of the other students found out about us, and one day in class he started chanting "Cougar! Cougar!" And soon others joined in. Just then, the Dean walked into my classroom and though I was 37 and my lover was 22 and both consenting adults, the Dean fired me for having a student-teacher sexual relationship.
I returned home to California, but as you can imagine, that ended it with Mr. F ... and my second marriage ended in divorce, too. He took our two kids and left me with Mr J’s now late-teens kids. The Court ordered me to pay Mr. F child support, since the infidelity had been mine, not his. With my teaching job gone and the circumstances of my firing making it tough to get another teaching position, the child support payments pretty much bankrupted me. I moved to a far-away part of California, far from my exes and from all of my past, and I took jobs in graphic design to support my two oldest kids and me.
I moved twice more, still pursuing a graphic arts career, and finally winding up in the city where I live now.
In my current home town, I used to shop in the neighborhood supermarket, and Frank N, the store manager was hella hot! We started dating, and he would eat me so nice and I adored sucking on him and then having him bang me deep for half the night and well past dawn. We soon were married.
We had no kids together, though, and he started to resent that I had kids from previous marriages. Years ago, a wealthy family had done things to wipe out his father’s finances, and a couple of years into our marriage, he began to get obsessed with that, and with getting “justice” for his late father from this rich and powerful family--yeah, good luck with THAT! He quit his job to devote full time to his obsession. He mostly lazed around the house doing nothing and leaving me to work and support him. In his obsessed mind, I started to somehow become at least partially responsible for these events that happened decades before we ever met. He came to be very mean toward me, and he began to spend weekends with his brother plotting how they would get justice for their late father, in preference to spending time with his wife. So I moved into a separate bedroom and it was hands off of me, my body and my pussy, from then on. But I'm afraid to leave Frank and go nearly bankrupt in spousal support to him, as happened in divorce #2. And so I’m stuck for now in bad marriage #3.
But I love sex, and no way will I ever give that up for my asshole husband! And so I had an affair. And another.
And then at age 48, on a bus commuting to work, I met Eric, the one true great love of my life. We had sex EVERYWHERE for 18 months, many in ridiculously risky places...I have posted stories about our adventures here on Lush. Before I met Eric, I thought I knew what it was to have my pussy eaten, but Eric’s skills in that area proved to be 1000 levels above any previous man. I had the very best sex of my life with Eric, on Nov. 10, 2008. But I’m married, and so is he. We wanted much more together, but we couldn’t have it and ultimately I had to end it in the spring of 2009 because it was too painful to want what we could never have.
11-10-08 Eric and I checked into a motel and did everything for 7 magical hours, it was totally amazing, and I'm happy to carry the sweet memory of that day even more than 5 years later.
But it also depresses me to know that I'll probably live another 30 or 40 years and I'm never, EVER going to feel so loved by any man as I felt with Eric, never again feel so loving toward any man, and never have sex that amazing again! He was my once in a lifetime, and I know that.
Eric also helped me in my efforts to get my Ph.D. degree, which my husband was not at all supportive about. Eric helped me in my research and in editing my writing, and he even gave me the leads that helped me land a good paying job in an environmental science lab (much better paying than the graphic arts trade) to help fund my doctoral education. When I got my Ph.D, Eric told me he was so very proud of me, and his pride in me meant the world to me—and he sealed it by eating me ssooo good and then banging me, all as I sat naked in a big arm chair!!!
I wanted to write my doctoral thesis about first generation college graduates in a family, the hardships of getting there and how to find the help available along the way, and how junior colleges and community colleges can be the path out of multi-generational lack of educational opportunities in the same family. Getting my bachelor's and masters had been a very hard-won fight for me, with NO encouragement from my parents, spouse, or kids, and I had been the first in my family to get any sort of degree.
My new employer, the environmental science lab, offered to help pay some of the cost of my doctorate education, which really helped financially, but there was a catch--I had to change the topic of my thesis to environmental science. So I got my Ph.D., but it couldn't be on the topic that I wanted, the topic that interested me. And in the midst of it all, things ended (because they simply had to end) between me and the true love of my life, Eric.
After Eric, I took another lover, and then another. Both were duds.
And then I met Dave, a widowed single dad to a now 23-year-old daughter. We have been having an affair for 2 years now. He’s no Eric, but he is the third best lover I’ve ever had, after Eric and that student in Missouri. Dave gives me really intense orgasms and his friendship, there's no love between us but I like and respect him, and I’m happy with what we have.
I joined Lush to tell the story of Eric and me, and I found so much more here.
In July 2013, I met Justine when we were both shopping at the same lingerie store. I praised her amazingly long and shapely legs, and we have been lovers ever since, my first and only female lover ever -- and from time to time we share Dave, too.
My husband Frank, of course, doesn’t know any of this.
I came here to Lush to tell my story, and I made so many friends here along the way.

Relationship Status:
California, United States
Writing, love, sex, and writing ABOUT love and sex; history of my Native American culture; spirituality, photography, staying in shape, listening to music
Favorite Books:
I have so many, but Cyrano de Bergerac will forever top the list. Because that best sex of my life I mentioned above, was with the man I called Cyrano for the impressive size of his "nose" and his very skilled "swordsmanship."
Favorite Authors:
Whatever I read most recently; I have as voracious an appetite for reading as I have for sex. Each new read becomes my temporary favorite.
Favorite Movies:
Has to be thought provoking without being boring, or truly funny without being gross about it.
Favorite Music:
Anything spiritual and anything with a sexual rhythm; love songs, especially the one that Eric and I considered OUR special song: "The look of love is in your eyes". I hate Taylor Swift's "We are never, ever getting back together" -- every time I hear it, it seems to mock the situation of what I had and lost with Eric in 2009.
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19 Jan 2013
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19 Apr 2015 (21 hours ago)
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Topic: What's the weather like where you are?
Posted: 14 Apr 2015 21:11

9 pm and 58 degrees

Topic: what are u watching on tv?
Posted: 14 Apr 2015 20:24

North by Northwest. Eva Marie Saint was originally supposed to say to Cary Grant: "I never make love on an empty stomach!" But the line got censored and overdubbed although you can see her mouthing those words. I feel the same way, need the energy to keep the sex going!!! LOL

Topic: What is the best song to have sex to?
Posted: 14 Apr 2015 20:21

the best lover I ever had, he and I used to sing The Look Of Love Is In Your Eyes to each other while we banged each other mercilessly! Damn, I miss those hot times!

Topic: WTF?
Posted: 13 Apr 2015 22:27

Damn, where did I put that photo I took a few years ago. I was walking down a street when on the grass were an empty whiskey bottle and a bra. There's GOT to be a hot story behind that!

Topic: Ladies, what is your ideal size package? Both cock AND balls ha
Posted: 13 Apr 2015 21:44

I don't really think about the size of the balls, as long as they are swollen with nice come to fill my pussy. I love feeling an explosion that leaves a lot inside of me. My last three boyfriends have all had 8 inch cocks, that seems to be a nice size for my pussy. 7 to 8 is nice, I don't like smaller and haven't had bigger than 8. Thick is more important to me than long. Best lovers seem to be around 1-1/2 to 2 inch diameter, really stretch me out and make me feel wonderful wrapped around him :)

Topic: If you caught someone you were attracted to, masturbating, would you stay and watch?
Posted: 05 Apr 2015 09:04

I'd watch for a while and then I'd take over with MY hand....and then my mouth

Topic: When holding a man's penis in your hand(s) during a handjob, do you feel power over that man?
Posted: 10 Mar 2015 20:14

I think if there is any power imbalance, it's his over me. When he gets thick and hard and throbbing, I get so wet and want him in me.

Topic: Sexy Legs
Posted: 07 Mar 2015 15:43

I may be biased, since she is my girlfriend, but I think Ms. Justine C. has the world's sexiest legs. She's 5'10" and half that height is leg! And mmmmm when she wraps them around my neck, pure HEAVEN!


Topic: Do Women reallu like their ass licked
Posted: 03 Mar 2015 20:54

Kiss, lick, finger, part the cheeks with your fingers and palms, then slide your nice thick throbbing cock through my ass cheeks and straight into back side of my pussy. Take about 30 minutes between the first ass kiss and when you take me doggy style. Mmmm, yes, HEAVEN!

Topic: Girls, how many sex-toys do you have?
Posted: 03 Jun 2014 21:58

3 - wait, no ... 4

vibe egg
8" very realistic rubber cock vibe
9" not at all realistic wand vibe with 3 speeds, slow, medium, and OH MY GOD!
and how could I have forgotten the 4th, my string of little "ben wa" balls

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Kat and Cyrano Chapter 10: Friendship In the first nine chapters, I described in sensuous and erotic detail how the chemistry and the hunger between Eric and me led to some wonderful and creative sexual adventures four years ago. But if it had just been about the sex, then Nov. 10, 2008 wouldn’t still be a cherished memory and one of the happiest days of my life, right up there with...

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Kat and Cyrano - Chapter 9

Kat and Cyrano Chapter 9: A Full Week of Passion and Joy The next morning, Wednesday, on the trolley ride into downtown, we talked about how we nearly got caught on that shopping mall stairwell that Tuesday morning. We had also, a couple of times, made love between bushes in a park.“Maybe we should return to the bushes in our park?” I suggested. “I can lie down instead of standing up...

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Kat and Cyrano Chapter 8: Tasting It was now a few weeks after that very first time Eric entered me, cut short by my bleeding period and other assorted tortures my body chose to put me through. It was a Friday, and my lover Eric and I skipped work for the day, to check into a motel for the afternoon and to play, play, play. He always called me Kat, partly because my name is...

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Kat and Cyrano - Chapter 7

Kat and Cyrano Chapter 7: Down by the River Because I had an all-day training class at another location, not at my office, I wasn’t able to be in his arms on Tuesday, Sept. 30. I hated that! It was a damned miserable day, not being able to start it with him! On lunch break, however, I discovered something absolutely wonderful, and the naughty possibilities of my discovery made...

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Kat and Cyrano - Chapter 6

Kat and Cyrano Chapter 6: Stairway to Paradise When I got on the bus with my friend – now also my lover – Eric, on Monday morning (Sept. 29), I warned him that I might not be very pleasant company this morning. “As you know, my most unwelcome monthly visitor has been putting me through hell since Thursday night. It got even worse yesterday!” He put his arm around me, and I purred....

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Kat and Cyrano - Chapter 5

That Friday (Sept. 26, when I returned from my business trip on the other side of the country) will always be a special date for me. Maybe even more special than family birthdays. Because it was my first of many times riding the sexiest man I’ve ever known. I didn’t think about it that day, but maybe it seems strange to some reading this, that the first – and only – thought on my return from...

Added 27 Jan 2013 | Category Love Stories | Votes 3 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,478 | 2 Comments

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Friends Comments
Posted: 18 Apr 2015 14:54
Dave ate his come, and mine, out of me....

....and then he filled my pussy right back up again!

This boyfriend's a KEEPER! MWAH!!!!

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 14:50
Thank you, Dave! That was a WONDERFUL fuck! I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I appreciate YOU!

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 14:40
Oh, yes, baby, YES! I've been dreaming of you back there all WEEK! Yes, baby, yes, yes, YES! Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 14:39
When I tell Dave to kiss my ass, he DOES! With great enthusiasm!!!

Mmmmmm, this felt AMAZING! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 14:37
Mmm, yes, kiss me RIGHT there, baby! Oh HELL yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I may be the bestest girlfriend to Dave, but he's a DAMNED fine boyfriend toward me, too!
Posted: 18 Apr 2015 13:21
4/18/2015: In just 4 months from tomorrow, I'm going to be "the double nickel," age 55. I'm at an age that some men no longer find sexy. So it's very important to me that my boyfriend Dave understands that I'm the bestest, BESTEST girlfriend he's ever, ever, EVER going to have. This is me about just a few minutes ago, showing Dave just what a great girlfriend I am.

Now come here, my beautiful hunk of man, and give your gf a PROPER fucking, with that GORGEOUS 8 inches of yours! I'm quite sure I've EARNED that!

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 09:12
I have GOT to get my mind off Dave or I'll have no juices left to soak his cock with this afternoon! I'm going to take a bath and make breakfast and try not to think of that BEAUTIFUL 8-inch cock of his and how in 3 hours it will be pounding me MERCILESSLY!

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 08:39
Mmmm, in a few hours I will be doing more than just DREAMING about riding my man! I sssooooooooooooo need to feel him in me again! I am in a woozy horny daydream this morning!

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 08:14
4/18/2015 I'm totally lost in a daydream this morning. This afternoon, a BEAUTIFUL 8 inch cock is going to be so lovingly thrusting back there! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! I can hardly WAIT!

Posted: 08 Apr 2015 20:38
Playing with myself while chatting on the phone with my girlfriend/lover Justine.

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 23:47
More mirror fun

Posted: 01 Apr 2015 23:34
So, Dave my man, is that big beautiful hard cock of yours going to pleasure my backside tonight or NOT?

Posted: 30 Mar 2015 17:57
They say musicians, sports stars, actors, etc., all lose their edge without constant practice. So I practice to stay good at my skill, too.

Posted: 30 Mar 2015 17:27
AmerIndian Sex Goddess - Triple Threat

Posted: 30 Mar 2015 16:13
I love this! Shows off my round ass AND my big hard nipples....and all the best of my curves, too.

Posted: 24 Mar 2015 17:10
Thank-you for adding me.

You are right about Justine! She is sweet and HOT and sexy and sensuous.

I have been absent for over a month. Sorry for not being around...
...but I hope we can chat soon and get to know each other.
Posted: 13 Mar 2015 22:54
Best photo of Justy EVER! She's positively GLOWING from head to toe right after her orgasm!

Posted: 13 Mar 2015 22:45
Eating my beloved

And she eats me

Posted: 13 Mar 2015 22:41
Justy stripping for me:

And me for her:

Posted: 09 Mar 2015 22:52
My Justy really outdid herself for our lunch date today. With her hair down, her blouse open, and those teeny tiny jeans shorts, she's never looked hotter.

I stripped her.

Then I ate her, ate her some more, ate her again. And then I ground my clit against hers more intensely, I think, than ever before in our 21 months together. She came SO hard into my bush, it took me a while to get all the stickiness out from knotting-up my bush. But I loved it! As for me, I came right INTO her wide-open pussy! Whoosh, sploosh, pouring, oozing out of me and right into her. Mmmmmmm!

But LOOK at her. How could i NOT have gotten intensely horny, being with her?

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