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"Mmmmm, Dave, when you grow that thick bulge of yours all the way up your tight jeans, I just get sssoooooooooooo horny!"

"Oh, yeah? Show me how horny I make you."

"Well....for starters, my nipples ACHE to be sucked."

"My navel longs for your sweet, hot, lustful kisses."

"But most of all, my pussy is so very VERY wet, and she wants --- no, no, she NEEDS -- you to bang her."

"So put down that camera and FUCK me! STUFF that big cock into me, baby!"

Oh, did he EVER! He fucked me so hard and stuffed me so deep! And for at least a good half hour. It felt so GOOD! Mmmmm, and he left such a BEAUTIFUL mess for me to remember him by!!!!

I now understand why all those women in old MGM musicals are always bursting into song about their men!

08 Jul 2014 10:52

In bra and sweats on my bed, waiting for my laundry to finish, chatting on Lush, and of course dreaming of really big cocks!

12 Apr 2014 19:49

A tease for my sweet online friends - hi!

11 Apr 2014 19:29

Kissed by an angel (that's my Justine smooching all over me! )

11 Apr 2014 19:16

omfg I just found this here on this site! I soooooooooooo love to do this!


06 Jan 2014 09:10

This image really speaks to me. I know her hunger, and I've behaved this way MANY times myself.

I guess that's no surprise for a woman (me) who scored 70% on an online slut test, and on another online test about my seduction style I'm described as a "sexpot/femme fatale"

13 Oct 2013 08:33

This image really speaks to me. I know her hunger, and I've behaved this way MANY times myself.

07 Oct 2013 17:20

This image really speaks to me. I know her hunger, and I've behaved this way MANY times myself.

07 Oct 2013 17:20

This image really speaks to me. I know her hunger, and I've behaved this way MANY times myself.

07 Oct 2013 17:20

July, 2013 I'm shopping in a dept store, buying sexy outfits to wear for my lover Dave. Suddenly before me is this amazing 5'10" woman wearing a red dress cut low at top to reveal acres of cleavage, and the skirt hem barely at tops of her thighs, showing miles of smooth, shapely, sexy legs. She had brownish-red hair in a cute short cut. I've always been straight, I love thick hard cock, but something about her just took my breath away. I couldn't believe I asked her "When was the last time you wrapped those amazing legs around a woman's neck?" She sighed and told me "Never" & told me how she loves to suck her boyfriend but he refuses to eat her. She looked all 5'7" of me up & down in my short black skirt, halfway above me knees, told me she thought my legs might be fun wrapped around her neck, too. We paid for our sexy outfit purchases, went to her house, straight to her bedroom where these hot legs soon were around my neck

29 Sep 2013 16:07

Sorry I haven't been here in a few months. First, my lover Dave's 20-something daughter was traveling all over the USA with her friends. That meant I was able to drop in at Dave's house on my way to work every morning for a wonderful quick shagging. But of course, eventually his daughter returned home and our morning trysts had to end. One day I couldn't take it any more and I got into a tiny dress that zips down the front. As I knocked on his door, I unzipped. As I heard footsteps approach from in the house, I called out "I'm gonna ride your cock." His daughter opened the door and told me "I don't have a cock." She told me the idea of a woman wanting her dad grossed her out, but she also told me she understood. "Do you really think traveling the country with four guys was about SIGHTSEEING?" She let me in, and she left so her dad and I could have our fun and she wouldn't have to see and hear. I'll tell you all more another day.

07 Sep 2013 13:49

Serving Wench
It's fun dressing up slutty and playing a slutty character. So I was pretending to be a medieval bar wench, and my lover was my customer.
"Wouldst thou care for a flaggon of ale, sir?" I began to pour him a tall glass of apple juice--as a recovering alcoholic, I can't drink, and unlike me, he never developed a taste for the stuff.
"Yes," he smiled, "An ale wouldst hit the spot, m'lady. I spent the whole day vanquishing mine foes. They have tasted the hardened steel of my sword. So a tall ale with thee would be most relaxing indeed."
I gazed into his eyes and sighed, "I wish I could be thine foe."
"So that I, too, can taste the hardened steel of thy sword." With that I unzipped him, and well, I think thou canst guess the rest. Let's just say, his sword was indeed made of the very finest hardened steel, and it thrust hotly and deeply, and left me vanquished.


30 May 2013 07:32

I've been having this same breakfast every morning for weeks and I just can't get enough! We just might put the cereal companies out of business.

24 May 2013 20:33

With my lover's 22-year-old daughter out of town traveling with her friends, for the past two weeks now, I've been leaving for work a little early every weekday morning and stopping by his place (he's widowed, so no wife to worry about, who could find out ) before going to the office. The first time I did that, I knocked on his door, told him I was hungry, stripped him and stuffed my mouth full of him:

I've been having this same sweet breakfast every weekday morning for 2 weeks and I have another 3 weeks before his daughter returns. Mmmm, yum! Great way to get my morning protein! It's going to be very tough for us both to give up our shared morning meal when his daughter gets back.

I told my husband I'm on a special project and that's why I have to leave for work earlier than normal every morning for 5 weeks. Mmmm, this is one special project WORTH getting up early for every morning!

13 May 2013 06:31

My lover Dave, who's widowed, lives with his daughter, who's in her 20s, so we usually can't have sex at his house. We've been able to get motels about every 2 weeks & find creative trysting spots too. So I get nice & properly & thoroughly banged about once a week, sometimes twice. And mmmmm, I'm very happy about that!

Dave's daughter is on a road trip to see America with her friends. My husband left Friday to spend all weekend helping his brother paint his cabin in the woods. So I've spent the past 48 hours at Dave's house, completely naked, and most of that time with him in his bed, on his kitchen table, on his couch, on the carpet, in his bathtub. It's a good thing I'm no longer able to get pregnant, because the amount of seed Dave pumped into me this weekend, I'd likely be carrying quintuplets! I loved waking up in a naked man's arms 2 mornings in a row! Being able to suck & ride him whenever I wanted even @ 3am

28 Apr 2013 15:23

FINALLY! At the tender young age of 52, I finally know how it feels to make love on a beach! While the rolling surf gently laps at my nakedness. My years of dreams of this moment, all pale compared to the reality. Thank you, Dave....thank you, thank you, THANK you for today!!!

13 Apr 2013 21:17

What's under my skirt this morning

13 Apr 2013 09:21

I've worked hard to shed the cellulite, quite literally working my ass off, and I think my ass has NEVER looked cuter. My lover says my ass is "luscious"--anyway I'm loving the male attention to my backside, especially when he stuffs his whole 8 inches in there, mmmmm, that's 37 kinds of awesome when he does that for me!!!

03 Apr 2013 08:21

In my 20s I would NEVER have had the courage to enter a swimming pool naked as my lover looks up and photographs me sexily, seductively approaching him--now I'm PROUD to be desirable at my age! I love being horny and having someone to be horny FOR!

01 Apr 2013 20:39

I found this elsewhere on the Lush site. Mmmm, I love love love LOVE being in this position!!!!!!!!!!!!

She's a lucky girl! I'm sssssooooooooooooooo jealous of her!

28 Mar 2013 13:42

Last night I got what I deserved - I got the kind of deep, hard, relentless banging that sweet dreams are made of! Two wonderful and amazing hours of sucking on Dave, him eating me, riding him, him taking me from behind. Heaven ain't got no bliss to match THIS!!! And then POOF! it was all gone and I had to go home and deal with that bastard Frank I'm married to. Well, not quite ALL gone, I did still have about a gallon of Dave's sweet loving trapped deep up inside of me! And the memory of being wrapped up in Dave's arms, which lets me face anything Frank can dish out.

27 Mar 2013 07:41

So I was watching The Vikings on cable TV this afternoon, this strong-willed Norse woman shoves a tough Viking marauder guy flat onto his back, straddles him, and tells him "I want to ride you like a wild bull" and all i could think was that is so ME!!!! I would do that---hell except for the part about a wild bull, i HAVE done that!!!

25 Mar 2013 00:27

for my online friend wishing him a speedy recovery from his injuries and hoping this helps him feel better

23 Mar 2013 22:22

i got a ton of food cooked today, to last all week, and got it all put away, plus finished the book i was reading, so i feel a sense of accomplishment, and even took care of my need to orgasm, so all is right with my world once more.

23 Mar 2013 21:30

I get fuckin' attitude from my husband 24/7, i do NOT need it from assholes on this site!!! Where r u nick and Ms T when I need your sweet loving comforting hugs here? Argh!! I just wanted to have fun and now i'm like ready to fuggin kill someone!!! Screw it, i have my toys, i don't NEED this!!!!

23 Mar 2013 18:41

Next time I'm in a motel room with my lover, I think I'll stretch out on the bed the way this woman is doing, and look at him exactly this way too, and see what kind of WONDERFUL things that will make Dave do to me!!!

21 Mar 2013 22:44

This afternoon was purrrrrrrrrrrrrr-fectly lovely!

18 Mar 2013 20:04

This afternoon was purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-fectly lovely!!!

18 Mar 2013 20:00

17 Mar 2013 06:13

Mmmmm, I want to be HER right now!

(found this link elsewhere here on the Lush site)

14 Mar 2013 14:21