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Kat, maybe it's all that lovemaking but you look about half your stated age. You are gorgeous.
01 Mar 2016 12:12

Your comment about Dave's chicken and mushroom sauce made me hungry. The man has a LOT of good in him if he knows how to cook something you'll love and make that the appetizer course!
01 Mar 2016 12:11
Mmmmm! Best time of day!

I'm home from work. I've had my dinner. My Dave calls and says he can come over, if I want....and he can stay all night. Mmmmmm!!!!!

Knowing I have all night, I can just relax and thoroughly enjoy my man, for as long as I want to.

Or at least, for as long as he can endure my hungry sucking, before that big beautiful cock of his erupts! YUM!!!!

Yes, definitely the best time of day!
29 Feb 2016 21:13
My man walked into my bedroom with a HUGE bulge in his jeans. How could I resist? Even if I wanted to?

He EXPLODES! Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!


I sucked hungrily, DETERMINED to completely DRAIN his balls! (And I did!)

What can I say? He's just IRRESISTIBLE!
28 Feb 2016 17:43
Thank u dear for adding as friend ur the most senior of sexual pleasure want to chat with u soon, thank u again.
28 Feb 2016 05:07
Lest there be ANY remaining doubt how much my bf Dave loves me....he picked me up from work at noon, drove me to his place, and fed me his home-made chicken over brown rice in mushroom gravy.

After we cleared away the lunch dishes, Dave scooted me up onto his table and fed my OTHER set of lips! They were hungry, too!

Mmmm! Dave kissing AND fucking me. This is LOVE!

Taking me in my FAVORITE way!

Showing my love back to Dave....and my GRATITUDE, for all the pleasure he brings me.

26 Feb 2016 16:30
Temperature today hit 72. A great day to wear sheer white panties under my skirt. Only I knew they were there, and they made me feel so sexy. When I came home, my gf Justy was waiting for me. When she saw what was under my skirt, she loved it!

23 Feb 2016 22:03
My man is always, always, ALWAYS good to me!

Forget roses and candy and jewelry. Seriously, can a man give a woman any better present than THIS? To give of HIMSELF!!! All of himself...to ME!

21 Feb 2016 14:54
My gf Justy said that since my name is Kat, and since my bush sometimes grows into a jungle, my undies should reflect my Jungle Kat personality. So she bought me this matching leopard-print bra, panties, and garter.

I wore it for my bf Dave last night, and he really brought-out my inner tigress!

Mmmmmmmm! OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Painting Dave's tongue white!

Ssssssoooooooo damned WET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want....no, I NEED....to be fucked....HARD!

Mmmm! Feedls like you're as ready as I am, baby!

Slide it in, my darling, my love....slide it in NOW!

Mmmm! Yes, yes, YES!

21 Feb 2016 09:17
My bf says his neck tie looks better tied around my neck than his.

21 Feb 2016 08:46
I'm sssooooooooooo glad I divorced Frank last October. Now I don't have to sneak off to a motel for a couple of hours a month to be with my Dave. He can spend ALL night, in MY bed, any night we want to, giving me pleasure after pleasure. Dave is sssooooooooooooo good to me!!!

The big BIG o!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

20 Feb 2016 04:39
Me and Justy.....just two "crazy kids" in love!

18 Feb 2016 20:04
Sorry these are blurry. Camera on night stand on auto-timer, not much light in the room tonight, and we were moving around a lot.

Justy sucks her Vince while he kisses me.

And then we share him.

Well, we four (Dave, Justy, Vince, and me) have been sucking and fucking our Valentine's Day away, off and on, for about 15 hours. I'm very sleepy now, so I will say good night.

14 Feb 2016 21:11
Justy watches me suck her man!

As Ten Inch Vince starts to come hard, I tell my girlfriend "He's YOUR man, you deserve to taste him."

I'm lickjng Ten-Inch Vince's come-filled balls so they will empty into our gf (Justy is my gf and his gf too)

When I rode my bf Dave, Justy returned the favor and licked Dave's balls so they would completely drain into ME!

14 Feb 2016 12:15
Justine's loving man makes her heart POUND in her breast....and my hands can feel her heart racing! I can even feel how powerfully her Vince is throbbing against her face.

14 Feb 2016 12:04
My girlfriend Justy lets me watch and take a pictures, as she shows her boyfriend, "Ten Inch Vince," how very much she loves him!

14 Feb 2016 12:00
My bf giving me the BEST kind of Valentine's Day gift a woman can ever receive!

14 Feb 2016 11:56

Did Justy get to spend the night with you? That must have been neat.
14 Feb 2016 09:24
Good morning, my beloved! Happy Valentine's Day!!

14 Feb 2016 07:25
My boyfriend Dave just made my girlfriend Justy (the redhead) and me (the brunette) the two happiest sluts on earth! Thanks, baby, you taste YUMMY! And we BOTH say so!!!

13 Feb 2016 18:36
Friendship? Yes of course.

Lust? Oh YEAH! HELL, yes!

Love? I think these photos show that's a yes, too.

11 Feb 2016 06:32
Do I love Dave enough to marry him? After three ugly divorces, my answer would have to be no. Make that, HELL no! All three of my husbands became jerks, years after I married them (to be fair, husband #1 was always a jerk). I would hate for my sweet Dave to undergo that same personality transformation, just because he puts a ring on my finger.

OK, so no marriage. But could I be happy sucking on this wonderful man three or four times a week, every week for the rest of my life? Oh, you !

As for Dave, would proposing to me even cross his mind? His first (and so far, only) wife died many years ago, and he raised his daughter on his own. And even though he appears to be strong about it all, I know that deep down he still carries around the pain of her death in the background, all the time. So I don’t think a second marriage is anything he would even contemplate.

Does he want my tight, wet pussy trembling and contracting around his huge cock, flowing girl-come all over him, several times a week, week after week, year after year? I’m pretty sure his answer to that would be a big resounding yes. The same sexy, enthusiastic, erotic, heart-quickening, pussy-melting, deep baritone YES that Dave always moans, whenever he is about to explode gallons of his warm, sweet, sticky come, deep down into my hungry and happy pussy.

But does Dave love me?

Well, would a man do any of THIS for me (I say he does this FOR me, not TO me), if he didn’t love me?

Some men make love TO a woman. Dave always makes love WITH me, not TO me. He doesn’t just fuck me. He carefully, skillfully sees to my intense pleasure, and to my every enjoyment. And that causes me to want to see to his pleasures, too.

When we make love WITH each other, both of us are full and equal partners.

It took me until last night, to realize that this means he loves me. I may be a brainiac bookworm, but sometimes I can be dim-wittedly slow to recognize love, when it enters my life.

11 Feb 2016 06:29
u so hot
11 Feb 2016 06:26
While I was eagerly and happily sucking on my man, a realization suddenly hit me. I‘ve always admired and respected Dave, of course. And I’ve always loved that amazing cock of his. But Dave and I have always said we are just friends with benefits, e like each other and desire each other, but no love. Last night, it hit me: I actually HAVE grown to love the wonderful, kind, gentle man (two words) and gentleman (one word) attached to that magnificent and amazing cock!

I kissed his shoulders lovingly. Yes, I do love this man! I think this was the first time I ever kissed Dave knowing that I actually do love him.

And then came realization number two: the fact that he is always so happy, so willing, and so eager to pleasure me with that big hard beautiful sweet cock of his, any time and every time I want and need it, means that he loves me too. A man who doesn't love me would never, could never, be THIS good to me:

11 Feb 2016 05:55
u do have the best of all worlds and the cock u r sucking and ur so happy.nice to be the king.lol
11 Feb 2016 05:52
When I was a teenager, I heard it all. Four-eyes. Nerd-girl. Brainiac. Scientist. Professor. Geek. Bookworm.

Now that I have a Master’s in Education and a Doctorate in Environmental Science, I’m still all of those things, and to an even greater degree than I was back then. And you can add to that list, I’m strong, tough, independent, intelligent, and well-informed.

But there’s another side to my personality. A side that it takes a skilled, warm, tender lover to bring out of me. I’m talking about the warm, loving side of me. The side of me that is loving, giving, caring, tender, and sentimental. The side of me that is sexy, intensely sexual, lustful, playfully sex-kittenish, highly erotic … and almost constantly and very desperately horny.

Take last night with my boyfriend Dave, for example.

When I asked him if I could unbuckle and unzip his jeans, and he said yes, I felt that I must be very special, just to be allowed such an honor and a privilege, to be allowed to unwrap this beautiful, sexy hunk of a man. I felt like the luckiest woman in the whole wide world, just to be allowed to open up his pants.

When I reached in and pulled out his cock, I just marveled that Mother Earth could create something so beautiful. And that she, our Earth Mother, our Earth Goddess, would allow me, nerd-girl, to touch it, to play with it, to be so intensely pleasured by it. Just looking at my man’s cock made my heart race. And my breathing became rapid, hard and gasping and panting. And my pussy became hungry and damp, quivering and trembling with desire.
I feel that way EVERY time I’m with Dave. He has been my lover for almost four years now, and the thrill hasn’t diminished one bit since that first time. If anything, the more we get to know each other, the more intense my lust for Dave becomes.

My love of big, beautiful cocks, my hunger for them, my enjoyment of them, my deep appreciation for them, is also very much a part of who I am.

Last night, I slowly, playfully, but also with determined lust and deep passion, kissed and licked at his balls. And I softly cooed about how I could hardly wait to feel and to taste their contents, rushing up his long, thick, hard shaft, and emptying into my mouth.

That intensely feverish cock-hunger, when I’m with a man I deeply care about (and who also deeply cares about me), is also very much a part of who I am. I sometimes think that I get a little crazy with my cock-hunger, I lose my mind just a little bit, whenever Dave lets me see and feel and taste his magnificent love muscle.

That, too, that intense cock-hunger which refuses to be denied, is also very much a part of who I am.

I didn’t hesitate for a moment to take what I wanted. What I so desperately needed. Not waiting for my man to make the first move. Taking what I want and need sexually, is also very much a part of my strong, independent personality.

Without waiting for an invitation, I hungrily kissed and licked at his beautiful cock. Long, slow, licks, all the way up every one of his lovely eight inches. And also quick, darting tongue-flicks at his balls, his shaft, and his big, thick, bulbous cock-head. My licking was flirty and playful, but it was also needy, hungry.

Mmmm, Dave, why does your big cock have to taste ssssoooo good? And oh, the way you throb on my tongue. I love it!

At this point, no power on earth could have kept me from sucking that big beauty.

As he began to explode into my mouth, I sucked him all the way down. You can see a little of his sweet come on my mouth! YUMMY!

And then it hit me. I‘ve always admired and respected Dave, of course. And I’ve always loved that amazing cock of his. But last night, it hit me: I’ve also grown to love the wonderful, kind, gentle man (two words) and gentleman (one word) attached to that magnificent and amazing cock!
And then came realization number two: the fact that he is so happy, so willing, and so eager to pleasure me with that big hard beautiful sweet cock of his, any time and every time I want and need it, means that he loves me too.
10 Feb 2016 19:23
It's just freakin' ridiculous! I mean, here I am, a very intelligent woman with a doctorate degree.

My boyfriend was going to come over at 8:000 PM last night and spend all night making love with me.

By 6 PM, my pussy was tingling with lust, and all I could even THINK about was that big, beautiful, and very hard cock of his!

When he finally arrived, right in schedule at 8 PM, I greeted him with a wide-open, very wet, and extremely hungry pussy.

When he leaned in to kiss my pussy, it was all i could do to keep from coming instantly.

When he began those incredibly skilled licks of his, my heart just melted .... and so did my pussy!

Why does this wonderful man hold such power over me? I;m smart, strong, and independent .... yet I turn into weak and helpless, quivering and trembling jelly when he loves me like this!

10 Feb 2016 06:21
You saw how I dressed up as a cheerleader for Super Bowl yesterday.

Well, my gf Justy also dressed as a cheerleader.

She and her bf Vince watched the Super Bowl with my bf Dave and me. And afterward, they both watched as Dave celebrated Denver's big win by fucking me sssooooooooooooo hard...and so GOOD!

As soon as they announced that Denver had beaten Carolina 24 to 10, Vince gloated, "See, I told you, the Panthers suck."

"No, darling," Justy corrected him. "The Panthers are just football players having a bad day. I'm the one who sucks!"

With that, she opened up her man's jeans!

She looked to be in total heaven as she buried her face in his jeans.

When Justy's man is in her mouth, this peaceful sense of total contentment washes over her face. (I know how she feels, because my own man has that same effect on me).

Having just about inhaled "Ten Inch Vince," she back her mouth off of him, and gave him a sweet, playful, and very appreciative kiss.

Look at her happy smile as my Justy licks the crystal-clear pre-come out of her Vince! Had my own man not just let me suck all the perm out of HIM. I'd have been sssssooooooooo jealous of her at that moment! But I love Justy, and I was happy to see her enjoying her man that much!

And then, in front of Dave and me, still in her cheerleader uniform, Justy began to hungrily gobble down her man's ENTIRE ten inches!

"Mmmm!" Justy moaned softly. Over and over again. "Mmmm!" and "Mmmm!" again.

"OK, baby," Justy cooed. "I'm ready for you to coat my throat, whenever you are!"

"Gp, team, GO!" Justy cheered luistily, as Ten Inch Vince exploded into her mouth.

Me and Dave and Justy and Vince. The perfect, loving quadrangle! We are the 4 luckiest and happiest people on earth, to all have each other.

Denver's Super Bowl win.....the gift to Justy and me, that keeps on giving!
08 Feb 2016 22:17
Mmmmm! Now, this is my idea of a sweet, peaceful evening. Unwinding after a long work day. Completely shutting out the outside world. Just leisurely loving on my beautiful, hard man. Seriously, what more could a gal ask for?

08 Feb 2016 20:14
Collected orgasm #4 and 5 this morning. Dave still owes me 9 more!!!

08 Feb 2016 06:27
Well, so far I've collected on the first 3 orgasms my boyfriend promised me. He still owes me 11 more!

07 Feb 2016 22:30
Dave, you promised to give me one orgasm for every point Denver scores over Carolina. The final score was 24 to 10. That means you owe me 14 orgasms.

Bring that big, beautiful cock of yours over here, baby. I'm here to collect the first one.

07 Feb 2016 20:44
THANK you, Broncos. You did more for me today, than you will ever know!

07 Feb 2016 20:26
Proof once again that I'm the luckiest woman on earth, to have my Dave in my life. While millions of men used Super Bowl commercials to eat pizza and drink beer, MY man used the long commercial breaks to eat pussy and drink girl-come!

07 Feb 2016 20:19
I was never much of a football fan, but if Denver winning means my man wants to bang me deep and hard, I think I can get into it!

Who'd have thought football could turn me on so much?

07 Feb 2016 19:27
end of 3rd Quarter. My bf's team is winning16 to 7. He's happy. and I'm happy that he's in a good mood. It means I'm going to get myself fucked REAL good tonight!!!!


07 Feb 2016 19:12
Gggggooooooooooooo BRONCOS!!! (I gotta cheer for the same team as my bf, right?) If I want him to fuck me tonight (and I do).

07 Feb 2016 16:16
I think I want to cry.

I've been married three times. All three marriages deteriorated to the point of divorce.

But even when things were at their best, none of my three husbands were ever, EVER as good to me in bed as my boyfriend was last night!

Mmm, when he takes me this way, I get transported into multiple new dimensions of ecstasy that physicists don't even suspect exist!

Why oh why didn't ny of the men I married know how to treat me THIS good? But oh well, that's history, and I have a wonderful lover now. Many women live their whole lives without knowing sex that's THIS wonderful and amazing! So I'm lucky now, even if I never was in the past.

07 Feb 2016 07:35
Dave: Damn, I love your hot ass!

Me: So my daily bicycling pays off?

Dave: You make me want to fuck that luscious ass of yours!

Me: Then why don't you?

After he injected sssoooo much thick, hot fluid up my ass. I felt I should thank him properly for being such a sweet and loving man.

Then you know what he did? He rewarded me AGAIN! By leaking a slow drip of sweet, crystal-clear pre-come, onto my tongue and down his shaft! Mmmmmm!!!!

We went to bed, and we fucked half the night away. Then I spent all night wrapped up in this wonderful man's loving arms.

As the dawn streamed through my bedroom window this morning, he took this GORGEOUS picture of me sleeping next to him.

I think the camera click woke me up.

"Good morning, my sweet, WONDERFUL, sexy stud!" I whispered. "Thank you sssoooo much for last night."

06 Feb 2016 07:44
06 Feb 2016 06:55
My HOT man .... getting me all steamy in the shower!

04 Feb 2016 20:49
01 Feb 2016 05:38
Feels so naughty and nice to come and be a voyeur on your page. Like the way you chronicle things both in picture and verse. Yummmmm. Maybe some time we could do a 4some? Sandy2Moon, you and 2 Dave's By the way love your new trim and luscious lips.
31 Jan 2016 05:51
Not anywhere near as good as my boyfriend, of course. But last night's solo session WAS fun!!

30 Jan 2016 16:17
I think I'm going to need my toy tonight!

30 Jan 2016 00:43

I'm ready for bed.

30 Jan 2016 00:17
Wednesday evening, Jan. 27. 2016. I drew myself a nice relaxing warm bubble bath, to soothe away the stresses of the work day.

As I headed for the tub, I noticed in the mirror, that I was growing a real jungle between my thighs:

I hadn't trimmed it back with my scissors for about three weeks.

I grabbed the scissors and a hand-held plastic razor, and I slipped into the tub, beneath the suds, to relax and to trim my jungle back into a bush.

I took my time soaping myself all over and, quite frankly, thoroughly enjoying touching myself.

Between my moments of self-pleasuring, I really heavily soaped my jungle, and then I snipped a hair shorter here, carefully razored a hair down to nothing there.

Until I was left with a pretty fringe of soft fur outlining my pussy lips, like a frame around a painting. Topped by a nice fur arrow, pointing the way down toward paradise.

It felt REALLY nice to touch my former jungle, now trimmed down to a soft and pretty bush

In fact, it felt so good, that I couldn't resist slipping a finger into myself.

I picked up my cell phone, and pushed 2, to insta-dial my boyfriend.

"Guess where I am?" I began.

"In bed?"

"In my bath tub."

"So you're naked? And wet?" I could almost feel him grinning over the phone.

"Uh-HUH!" I purred. "And I just trimmed back my wild jungle, down to a bush."

"Mmmm!" he moaned softly in that hot, pussy-dampening, deep baritone voice of his. "Sounds like the PERFECT length for eating you!"

"Are you hungry, baby?"

"For you? ALWAYS!"

"How soon can you get here?"

"Legally .... or street racing?"

I laughed, and he said he had to hang up.

I got out of the tub, and toweled myself dry.

The thought that a world-champion tongue was on its way over to eat me, caused my pussy to open very wide. I had to dab up my oozing juices with my towel!

I must have been pleasuring myself longer than i thought. Because when my bf used the house key i gave him, and entered my bathroom, I was STILL toweling-off!

My man hopped me up on the bathroom sink and ate me until I came on his face....TWICE!

Then he carried me sideways in his arms, like in the movie An Officer and a Gentleman. Except I was naked - and what he was telling me he was going to do with me, wasn't very gentlemanly!

He set me gently on my bed, and told me that since I hadn't been fucked since trimming my bush, it was sort of like he was banging a virgin.

By dawn the next morning, he had fucked me VERY hard, four times. I had ridden him twice, and he even gave me doggie style!

I went to work Thursday morning with a HUGE smile on my face!! I'll have to invite him over EVERY time I trim back my jungle!
29 Jan 2016 23:37
Thank u for your post here, Sandy2Moon. I love the sentiments u posted on ur profile - it describes me, too

24 Jan 2016 18:12
Sunday....laundry day. I have literally NOTHING to wear right now, until the first load of wash comes out of the dryer!

24 Jan 2016 16:49
(More from last night) "Yes, Justy my love, eat me. Yes, yes, YES!! Purrr!"

Justy at dawn....5'10" of pure sexual energy, half that height in the world's longest, shapeliest legs. Mother Earth topped those long legs with the most perfect, luscious, cute round ass.

How in the hell did I get lucky enough to awaken with Mother Earth's finest handiwork, in MY bed?

"Good morning, my love. I love you sssoooo much! Mmmmm!"

24 Jan 2016 09:45
Tonight just keeps getting better and better!

Mmm, my Justy tastes a-MAY-zing!!!!!

23 Jan 2016 23:34
I have a totally spectacular view while I lie here on my bed right now. And I don't mean looking out my bedroom window!

I love you, Justy!

I love you sssoooo much!

23 Jan 2016 21:03
I wore my Pocahontas costume to lunch with my gf Justine and she took some sweet pics of me ROCKING that outfit!! Pocahontas means The Playful One, so that really suits me, plus I'm half Native American.

23 Jan 2016 18:53
Last week, my bf Dave and I had ssssooooooo much fun, when we role-played that i was Pocahontas, he was John Smith, and we were in the Virginia woods (we're in California).

I posted the three best pics of our fun last week, but I will repost them here:

Last week's role play (above) was such fun for us both, that yesterday I bought a headband and a fringed outfit, for repeating that role-play. In Dave's living room this time! Being half Native American, it's easy for me to LOOK the Pocahontas role.

Plus it's always fun for me, playing a role or not, to have ANY excuse to suck down my man's two-inch-thick love monster!!!

Dave loved this repeat role play so much (as did I), that he rewarded me with my favorite. That's where I lie down flat on my belly, as Dave slides his enormous "schlong" through my ass -- and deep, deep, DEEP into the backside of my hungry pussy!

I wonder if the real Pocahontas ever got fucked THIS good? Given that her name translates to English as The Playful One, I suspect that she knew this kind of pleasure quite often.

I really felt like I was actually channeling her spirit here!!!

21 Jan 2016 21:27
21 Jan 2016 14:27
Thank you for adding me. Hope we can chat some time soon.
21 Jan 2016 06:20
Pocahontas, the Indian Princess (me) warmly welcomes John Smith (my boyfriend Dave) to Virginia (a lakeside clearing in a California forest).

This was the most fun cosplay/role play I think I've EVER had! And I think our pics turned out so gorgeous!

18 Jan 2016 13:12
My girlfriend Justine invited me over for breakfast this morning, at the house she and her boyfriend Vince share (she had him move in with her last year, so she has a 10 inch cock within easy reach in her bed, any time she wants and needs it).

My boyfriend Dave was busy today - that's his loss - so Justy didn't invite him. We were a foursome yesterday, but today it was just the three of us.

After Justy and I quickly and hungrily got "Ten Inch Vince" naked, I grinned. "Looks like somebody needs their cock sucked!"

Justine suggested that, as their guest in their house, my mouth should get the first honors.

I really enjoyed Vince's powerful throbbing in my mouth. But I didn't feel right about hogging so much cock all to myself, in front of his girlfriend (who is also MY girlfriend).

"Justy, my love, he's YOUR boyfriend. Its only right that you should have a taste, too." So I handed "Ten Inch Vince" off to my beloved.

Vince had this great idea, why don't Justy and I share him?

Now I know from his male perspective, the idea of two cock-hungry women sucking him at once, might seem to be for HIS pleasure. But for two women as deeply in love with each other, as Justy and I are, there's nothing more intimate that we can do as a couple, but to share a single cock to suck between us!

Justine then had this wonderful idea, for us to both lie down in front of him and lick her man that way. Mmm, this was FUN! For a pair of cock-hungry sluts like Justy and me, obviously. But judging by how loudly Vince was moaning, I think it was fun for him, too.

Vince fed my mouth sssoooo much yummy come! Then I told him that our mutual girlfriend is the sweetest woman either of us will ever bed (he already knows that, of course), and that she deserves all the come he could feed her hungry mouth, too.

When Vince had recovered sufficiently from feeding us both so much come, Justy invited me to take a cock ride on her man! Mmmmm! Ten Inch Vince stuffed up into me. That felt so GOOD! Thank you for sharing him with me, Justine my love. Even though I know you had a greedy motive for letting me get fucked first: so you could feel my come on his cock as he fucked you!

I lay down, so I could be fucked much harder than my cock-ride was giving me. Justy kissed me so sweetly, while her man fucked me slowly, deeply. Until I was FLOODED with come....Vince's....AND mine! Mmmm, this was HEAVEN! My friends were being sssoooo good to me!

After Vince and I had both come, I held my sweet Justy's luscious ass open. So Ten Inch Vince could give our shared girlfriend the hot doggie loving she craved. Meanwhile Vince kissed me so hotly that my pussy was melting all over the bed.

Watching that monster cock, now thoroughly soaked in my girl-come, slowly pumping into my beloved's hungry pussy from behind.... well TV and movies have no entertainment that even comes close to rivaling this!

We all collapsed in a heap. a tangle of arms and legs, resting, and all three of us feeling exquisitely happy now.
17 Jan 2016 14:32
WHERE are these women finding these GORGEOUS big cocks? And where can I find one?
15 Jan 2016 23:13
Lucky little BITCH! Why can't I find one that big to suck on?

15 Jan 2016 23:03
MY bf....MY pussy....HIS cock....HIS table.....MY joy!

12 Jan 2016 21:47
What's under my clothing right now

10 Jan 2016 15:47
Normally I prefer light blue lingerie, but something about this pink lace appealed to me, so I bought it today.

09 Jan 2016 17:34
Trying on dress at store today.

Sexy new lingerie I bought today that really shows off the curves of my hips

09 Jan 2016 16:59

I can't believe you are in your fifties. You're gorgeous.
04 Jan 2016 02:30
My boyfriend Dave came by this afternoon to give me the wonderful, very powerful fuck that I wanted and needed. I kept his warm juices all locked up deep in me for hours. Eventually, I took a bath.

As I was drying off from my bath, Dave photographed me in my tiny bath robe. Then he fucked me all over again! From behind, this time!

My man's pics of me make me feel sssooooooooooooo beautiful and sexy! The fact that he LOVES to fuck me, VERY hard, also makes me feel incredibly sexy, of course!

03 Jan 2016 21:40
Justy's New Year's Eve dress

02 Jan 2016 19:05
Wishing my Justy a very happy New Year. She's the redhead, I'm the brunette.

01 Jan 2016 10:27
Thank u, Greg. More of my tiny dress I wore last night, NYE 2015/2016, as I danced in my gf Justy's arms.

01 Jan 2016 08:41
Happy New Year, Kat. Your new NYE outfit is stunning, just like you!
31 Dec 2015 22:25
What I'm wearing to ring in the new year tonight.

31 Dec 2015 17:52
Hope you all are enjoying your Winter Solstice holiday celebration, whichever one you celebrate as much as Justine and I are enjoying our holiday.

26 Dec 2015 15:34
Thank you for accepting my friend request--Have a Merry Christmas
24 Dec 2015 20:15

Love the blouse it's causing a trouser bulge for me now
23 Dec 2015 21:03
Justy and I went shopping at the mall at lunchtime yesterday. Do you like the new sheer blouse I bought? I'm on my way to my bf's house in it now. I'm hoping that the sight of my hard nipples jutting through will get him extra hard, so he will fuck me extra deep. I will then wear this to work, where I suspect I will cause some trouser bulges and moist panties.

23 Dec 2015 06:33
me as a holiday ho ho ho

20 Dec 2015 22:58
Justy's little black dress

20 Dec 2015 01:20
What my bf sees while I'm hungrily sucking down his whole lovely 8 inches.

And what the camera beside our bed sees:

My man told me I look good enough t eat. I moaned a lusty "Please do!" and mmmmm did he ever chow down!

I love love LOVE rainy days!
19 Dec 2015 09:54
It's a cold, rainy Saturday morning. So I can't go out hiking or bicycling today, like I do most weekends, to unwind from a stressful work week.

Before I got divorced about 10 weeks ago, it would have been a day spent trapped in the house, listening to my husband's long harangues, blaming me for every misfortune that has ever befallen humankind.

But Dave, my boyfriend of the past 3 years is here with me today. And all he is interested in is making this a fun day for me. I really appreciate him, and of course I wanted to show him how very much I do enjoy his company.

He is ssssooooooooo wonderfully hard! And mmm, does he ever taste GOOD!!!

Let it rain. As long as I can ride like this all day, I'm a happy girl. As you can probably see, I'm happiest when Dave is exploding deep up inside of me like this!

We may both be spent right now, but I'm still enjoying the lovely view beside me here in my in bed:

Oh yeah, I love rainy days!
19 Dec 2015 08:43
I changed into this after work, to greet my bf when he got here this evening. This whole outfit is now in a pile on the floor!

He injected ssooooooooooo much wonderful warm gooeyness into me tonight!
10 Dec 2015 21:49

I have told you that it would be a real treat to make love with you or Justy or both, but since you have each other and boyfriends who treat you wonderfully, there is nothing I could give you that you don't already have. It would be your choice on what to give and what to take. There is a warm feeling in my heart as I realize how happy you ladies make each other and how your men care for you a lot. That's not all, or even much, because of your looks. That is being truly in love, truly comfortable, truly open to one another. Sounds like it is worth the wait.
10 Dec 2015 07:55
Over 25 means old, fat, and ugly? Yeah, you WISH you looked as good at 25 as I do at 55:

Or as my beloved Justy looks at 40:

07 Dec 2015 06:46
Who would ever have thought that two cock-crazy broads like Justy and me could fall so deeply in love with each other and find so much sexual pleasure in each other? I'm the brunette, Justy is the ravishingly gorgeous redhead.

29 Nov 2015 17:27
he look and feel of denim on me is making ME horny as hell tonight! Just imagine what it will do to my Dave when I greet him like this tomorrow!

27 Nov 2015 18:53
I bought this SUPER cute short-cropped denim jacket today for only FIVE dollars today! At the thrift store. I figure that seeing me in this should get my Dave very horny, and that should get me a VERY hard and POWERFUL fucking. That alone makes it more than worth the price!

27 Nov 2015 16:11
Dave is the luckiest boy in the world.
26 Nov 2015 21:51
After work last night, I didn't go home, but drove straight to my boyfriend Dave's house.

What can I say, when I get his pants off of him, the sight always makes me VERY hungry!

It's a hell of a lot of sausage to swallow, but I can do it.

After that yummy mouthful, I couldn't say no to Dave's request that I get naked for him.

Dave giving me exactly what I wanted and needed.

After that, I then fell into a deep, very contented sleep. I'm in SUCH a good mood this morning!!!
24 Nov 2015 06:48
I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I know I sure did.

My hot hunk bf let me open up his tight sexy jeans and lick at him.

And then I felt such total bliss as he got SO hard in my mouth.

His loud moans told me he was about to explode, so I sucked even harder. I was HUNGRY to taste him!

What didn't explode powerfully against the back of my throat, and did not yummily ooze onto my tongue, dribbled down that thick, hard, beautiful shaft of his. I felt so proud that I could coax this much out of him, and so happy that he cares enough about me to let ME be the one to suck all that yummy come out of him!

He insisted on turning this into a 69, and he didn't let up kissing and licking and sucking and nibbling my pulsating, desperately horny little clit, until I thoroughly soaked his handsome face three times. In this position, he fed my cock-hungry mouth another sweet load of come, too!

Dave knows I love when I lie flat on my belly and he climbs on top of me and stuffs his big beautiful hard cock through my ass and deep into the back side of my pussy. It's always a special treat for me, on those rare times when he does that for me. Like TODAY!

That brought on my FOURTH orgasm

We ended the afternoon with my taking a wonderful cock ride. In case you can't tell, I'm in orgasm #5 here.

22 Nov 2015 18:22
Slow rocking, riding my gf's beautiful face:

Ready to ooze onto her deeply buried tongue:


Thank you, baby. Your awesome tongue hit ALL the right spots!

Girl come pouring out of my pussy and onto my ass:

21 Nov 2015 22:03

thanks for the add Kat love
16 Nov 2015 09:21

Why didn't I think of this before? Do you have the Native high cheekbones that beautiful-face lovers adore? There HAS to be a reason you look about 25 years younger than your stated age.
29 Oct 2015 18:43
My gf Justy is THE hottest redhead, on the PLANET! Last year, she moved her very sexy bf Vince into her house. Justy invited me over today, and we just finished sharing Vince's GORGEOUS ten incher. What can I say? It really NEEDED to be sucked, and we both really needed to guzzle down his warm sweet come! Mmmm!!!!! Vince tastes even better than he looks!

24 Oct 2015 18:48
Vince's 10-incher giving me the best Doggie of my life last week. Mmmmm! Sssssssoooooooo good!!!!!!

14 Oct 2015 19:57
Mmmm, Vince's whole ten inches STUFFED into me, at last! Now I understand why Justine smiles so much!!!

10 Oct 2015 16:52
I love Justine very deeply. And even moreso now that she let me enjoy her bf Vince and his amazing ten incher. It felt every bit as good in me as I knew it would! I've seen how she lights up when he fucks her deep and hard, and now I know that feeling first hand!

10 Oct 2015 07:38
Just love your posts Kat.x
09 Oct 2015 22:49
What an amazing pic, Kat!
08 Oct 2015 23:55
I sucked my first ten incher yesterday!!!!

08 Oct 2015 06:14
Today, for 24 hours, I get to do WHATEVER i want, with my very first ever TEN inch cock! Mmmmm, I can hardly WAIT!

07 Oct 2015 06:30
Wow! I can't believe what I did last night. My bf Dave waltzed me around the dance floor, and as we were driving back to his house, I couldn't wait until we got back to his place, to start sucking on that big beautiful cock of his. So I didn't wait. I just leaned over, unzipped him, and began feasting! RIGHT in his car! Luckily he pulled off the road so we didn't crash, and so he could focus ALL of his attention on pleasuring my (always) cock-hungry mouth.

I must admit, I feel no shame in any of this. Not at all. Quite the opposite, in fact: I'm PROUD of how much I managed to coax out of him! Mmmm, YUM!!!

04 Oct 2015 17:14
My tongue was just here

25 Sep 2015 19:36
Looks like she is pleased to be there- her nipples are gorgeous!
25 Sep 2015 19:18
The view I have of the luscious woman next to me in bed right now

25 Sep 2015 17:57
Thanxxx for adding me and for all your sexxxy pixxx too
23 Sep 2015 12:40
Cock ride this evening!!!

22 Sep 2015 20:41
22 Sep 2015 16:06
Me a few minutes ago

22 Sep 2015 15:57

Hey thanks for the add I hope we can chat sometime
09 Sep 2015 04:26
Why my ass has been so wonderfully sore all afternoon.Dave's ssoooooooooooo good to me!

07 Sep 2015 17:18
I don't think I'm going to be lying on my back any time soon. I've just had a 2" thick slab of VERY hard cock, 8 inches deep into my ass. I'm WONDERFULLY sore there right now!!!

07 Sep 2015 15:54
hello my sweet kitten.i miss you and would love to chat.hugs and deep wet kisses
30 Aug 2015 20:05

I missed your birthday? Oh dear! I keep hoping you can get married again and to someone who really loves you. Maybe this will be your year.
30 Aug 2015 19:07
19 Aug 2015 02:27
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
19 Aug 2015 00:20
Yes, please. I'll have what she's having, looks YUMMY!

25 Jul 2015 22:04
Thanks for the add sweetheart...hope to chat up some time...gorgeous pics....loved them
13 Jul 2015 04:32
thanks for the add ;-) xxx
30 Jun 2015 09:37
Mmm yummy
30 Jun 2015 08:50

Bless you.
30 Jun 2015 08:02
Many thanks for the add Kat xx
29 Jun 2015 08:33

In the top picture of your last posting, you look SO much like my first girlfriend the first time we made love. I wish I could kiss you fervently and keep kissing you as we went further and further along, and caress you a whole lot in the bargain. I believe a woman is totally relaxed when she feels safe and has had a sweet (or intense) orgasm.
11 Jun 2015 22:05
Thanks Kat. Look forwards to chatting. X
04 Jun 2015 00:00

Thanks for the add!
03 Jun 2015 23:24
OMG, I think I need to drive over to my bf's and do this to him this morning. This gif is making me SO cock-hungry right now! Wishing I was her right now.
01 Jun 2015 05:58
Saturday 5/23/2015 My husband is out of town until Monday evening. So I'm in my boyfriend's bed until then!

I've been THOROUGHLY enjoying my cock rides today! I mean, what woman wouldn't? Dave is equipped with one that's 8" long x almost 2" diameter, and it's a SWEET ride!

How does he ALWAYS know when I want and need to ride him? (Maybe because I crave his cock rides a LOT?)

The sweet moment of sheer ecstasy! Look at my expression as I completely SOAK his hard cock in my slowly oozing girl-come!

As you can see, Dave is the BESTEST boyfriend. So, of course, I want to be the bestest girlfriend to HIM! And that starts with properly thanking him for all the exquisite pleasure he brings to me.

As far as I'm concerned, this is the ONLY proper way to thank a hot hunk for his stud services!

23 May 2015 18:20
I don't know how Dave does it! After he fucked me sssoooooooooooooo good for 6 rounds over a span of ten hours yesterday, he fucked me even BETTER this morning!

HOW does he manage to make love sssooooooooo good again, the very next day? HOW does he manage to make me feel like the sexiest, most desirable woman on earth? And like the LUCKIEST woman on earth!

These last two photos, I'm POURING my girl-come all over his thick, hard, deeply buried, rapidly throbbing cock! Can you tell I'm having the time of my life here?

Is it any wonder that for 3 years now, I keep coming back to HIS bed? And he is the ONLY man I bed!
17 May 2015 11:51
My boyfriend gave my ass a WONDERFUL deep, hard fucking this morning. Then he fell asleep. He's wide awake now, and what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn't properly thank him for the 5 orgasms he gave me this morning?

Goddess help me, I just LOVE the way this man MOANS!!!! And I'm sssoooooooooo proud that my skills CAUSED those deep, masculine, very sexy moans! I can NOT get enough of sucking this HOT man!

16 May 2015 09:40
After my boyfriend Dave ate my pussy sssooooooooooo good before work this morning, I couldn't stop thinking about it all morning at work. I could still feel the residue of my three orgasms inside and outside my lower set of lips. I could still feel his tongue on my G-spot, his sweet nibbles on my throbbing clit.

Around 10:30 this morning, I just had to call Dave. "Are you free for lunch?"

"For you? Always!"

"Mmmm, good. I'm very hungry for sausage today."

"Washed down, I suppose," Dave laughed softly, "by thick cream?"

"You know me so well!" I giggled.

I left work at 11:30 a.m. and drove at Indy-500 speeds, straight to his house.

It felt sssoooooooooooooooooooo good to finally taste him again! I have been sucking on this same cock every chance I get, for three years, and I still can't get enough!

After hungrily guzzling down a few gallons of the stuff, I went back to work, smiling and whistling. One of my co-workers, female, looked at me and said "Somebody just got some!" I just grinned and grinned at her! I could almost hear her thinking "Lucky little BITCH!"

Yes, I'm the luckiest little slut! Mmmmmm, SO good!

13 May 2015 19:04
thx for adding me kat
03 May 2015 19:03
What beautiful women you both are.
26 Apr 2015 08:09
not me butt mmmmm this makes me HUNGRY!

21 Apr 2015 19:14
Saturday I was flipping TV channels and caught a movie on Lifetime called Unexpected Love. A woman is unhappy with her workaholic husband never talking to her or touching her. She divorces him. She tries to find work but nobody will hire a young mother of two with no work experience. She's down in the dumps and standing in front of a real estate office. One of the realtors invites here in to talk and have coffee. She meets the owner of the realty agency, a beautiful and only slightly older brunette (like me) lesbian whose one true love had died. The realtor winds up hiring the divorced woman. I called my girlfriend Justine and told her you have to watch this. Sure enough, the realtor and her new employee (who has never had lesbian feelings before) become very hot for each other. Just like Justine and me, neither of us were attracted to women until we met. We talked on the phone as we watched the movie and saw their lust turn to love. Just like us. The next day, as Justine and I made love, we talked about how if I could get out of my marriage without financial ruin, we would marry each other in a heartbeat. But we both still love cock, my bf has 8" and hers has 10" and we would both continue that side cock as wife and wife. It will likely never happen, but just the fact that we have this agreement and understanding makes me very happy.
21 Apr 2015 19:05

I hope the friends you make here give you some compensation for Eric, because you know people care for you and admire you. Not many people could go through all you have been through, and come out with so many friends and admirers. Dave and Justine care for you with all their hearts, and others (me especially) are truly privileged to know you. I can't be your boyfriend, but it doesn't stop me from wishing I could be -- if I didn't know you had two wonderful people to fill that role. I hope you stuck with Eric until you got your diploma and he was able to see you a little more after that. And I hope Dave and Justine not only quench your fires but make you feel truly loved. It would not be hard at all for me to fall in love with you if you would let me.
21 Apr 2015 10:25
Thank you, Dave! That was a WONDERFUL fuck! I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I appreciate YOU!

18 Apr 2015 14:50
Oh, yes, baby, YES! I've been dreaming of you back there all WEEK! Yes, baby, yes, yes, YES! Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

18 Apr 2015 14:40
When I tell Dave to kiss my ass, he DOES! With great enthusiasm!!!

Mmmmmm, this felt AMAZING! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18 Apr 2015 14:39
Mmm, yes, kiss me RIGHT there, baby! Oh HELL yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I may be the bestest girlfriend to Dave, but he's a DAMNED fine boyfriend toward me, too!
18 Apr 2015 14:37
I have GOT to get my mind off Dave or I'll have no juices left to soak his cock with this afternoon! I'm going to take a bath and make breakfast and try not to think of that BEAUTIFUL 8-inch cock of his and how in 3 hours it will be pounding me MERCILESSLY!

18 Apr 2015 09:12
Playing with myself while chatting on the phone with my girlfriend/lover Justine.

08 Apr 2015 20:38
So, Dave my man, is that big beautiful hard cock of yours going to pleasure my backside tonight or NOT?

01 Apr 2015 23:34
They say musicians, sports stars, actors, etc., all lose their edge without constant practice. So I practice to stay good at my skill, too.

30 Mar 2015 17:57
AmerIndian Sex Goddess - Triple Threat

30 Mar 2015 17:27
I love this! Shows off my round ass AND my big hard nipples....and all the best of my curves, too.

30 Mar 2015 16:13
Thank-you for adding me.

You are right about Justine! She is sweet and HOT and sexy and sensuous.

I have been absent for over a month. Sorry for not being around...
...but I hope we can chat soon and get to know each other.
24 Mar 2015 17:10
Best photo of Justy EVER! She's positively GLOWING from head to toe right after her orgasm!

13 Mar 2015 22:54
Eating my beloved

And she eats me

13 Mar 2015 22:45
Justy stripping for me:

And me for her:

13 Mar 2015 22:41
My Justy really outdid herself for our lunch date today. With her hair down, her blouse open, and those teeny tiny jeans shorts, she's never looked hotter.

I stripped her.

Then I ate her, ate her some more, ate her again. And then I ground my clit against hers more intensely, I think, than ever before in our 21 months together. She came SO hard into my bush, it took me a while to get all the stickiness out from knotting-up my bush. But I loved it! As for me, I came right INTO her wide-open pussy! Whoosh, sploosh, pouring, oozing out of me and right into her. Mmmmmmm!

But LOOK at her. How could i NOT have gotten intensely horny, being with her?

09 Mar 2015 22:52
Thank you, Fritz, for your wonderful and inciteful comments. A nice change from the usual, "Ooh, you're naked, that makes me wanna fuck you hard."

I fell in lust with Justy for her long legs and her playful sexuality. But I fell in love with her for the sweet, caring soul that she is.

05 Mar 2015 18:32

Justine doesn't just adore you for being sexy. She adores you for giving her a big push in life, where you made love to her body and also to her mind, giving her the confidence to find a new boyfriend whom she loves and also keep you as a best friend. Her story of meeting you was you just walking up to her and propositioning her, and her realizing you were doing it out of like for her. If I wrote a fantasy story it couldn't come out better than that. There is a lot of hurt in your life, and I hope the love of your friends makes it more bearable.
05 Mar 2015 08:58
Justy and I had each other for lunch yesterday, in HER bedroom. I love this photo she took, as I was undressing for her. You can really see, in the way she took this photo, how much she adores my full, round ass. I could really feels that adoration later, too, when her feet dug into my ass as I was on top of her, kissing her, fondling her perfect little breasts, and rubbing my pussy all over her pussy. Until we both came three times. Then it was time for both pf us to go back to our jobs.

I hope that my photo, as she undressed for me, shows off how much I adore her slender body, her GORGEOUS pussy, and her long, long legs.

05 Mar 2015 06:33

I am so glad to be your friend. You have some really impressive things on your profile and I don't simply mean the pictures. I am so sorry you lost Eric, I hope Dave and Justine give you major help in your heart as well as in bed. I would like to write a story about friendship and dedicate it to you. You have a great mind and I believe you have a great heart.
28 Feb 2015 22:11
My gf eating me

Me eating her

28 Feb 2015 20:15
For fifthrow - my gf masturbating


28 Feb 2015 19:51
More proof that that I'm the luckiest woman on earth: I'm the ONLY woman who has EVER kissed Justine's SWEET little ass!!!

28 Feb 2015 17:51
More indisputable facts:

1. Watching my Justine strip like in that gif in my previous post, when looking at me gets HER horny, well that makes ME very horny, too.
2. I love to strip for Justine, as I'm doing here.
3. Grinding my clit against hers is pure HEAVEN!
4. I'm completely, hopelessly, insanely in love with Justine (and she with me).

28 Feb 2015 17:38
Indisputable facts:

1. I have the sexiest girlfriend on the planet.
2. The sight of me always makes her very horny, and makes her want to get naked for me.
3. Facts 1 and 2 make me the luckiest woman on earth.

28 Feb 2015 12:46
My girlfriend Justine shared more pics of her and her boyfriend Vince. These are in the back seat of his car! SIGH! It's been sssooooooooo long since a man gave me back seat sex. And I've NEVER had the privilege to suck a ten incher, EVER! I lover her very much, and I'm happy for her, I truly am, but I'm so fuckin' JEALOUS!

As if those pics didn't get me wet enough, here is her man working his whole 10" deep down into her hungry pussy. DAMN, I want the kind of treatment he's giving her! PLEASE?

21 Feb 2015 20:32
Happy Birthday Kat, I hope you had a wonderful day.
19 Aug 2014 20:10
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
19 Aug 2014 00:20
Happy Birthday
18 Aug 2014 09:54
18 Aug 2014 09:54
I just love your hairy pussy, never never shave it
13 Aug 2014 19:45
Thank you, peteyx. Yes, things went extraordinarily well this morning. I went to Dave's house attired as shown, with a simple dress slipped over my red lingerie. He ate me through three WONDERFUL orgasm, then banged me through two more. Then he finally came in me. We showered together, washing each other and then toweling each other dry. Back to bed, where I sucked him until he came. He banged me again and we came together. By that time we had been at it for two hours. I was really late for work, but I arrived at my office as the happiest little slut on the PLANET!
13 Aug 2014 19:13
Dave is a lucky chap and you are a ravishingly gorgeous woman. Love your sexy blog Kat. x
13 Aug 2014 07:31
DAMN it! I sucked Dave on my way to work just this morning, and now tonight I'm home alone and I'm HUNGRY again! DAMN!!!

12 Aug 2014 18:09
In the middle of me posting here, Dave just straddled me and slid his whole 8 inches in me. My pussy is now FULL.....of his come....and MINE!

Mmmmmm! I'm the luckiest little slut EVER!!!!!
10 Aug 2014 22:00
Thank you for banging me sssooooooooooo good today, baby. Thank you, thank you, THANK you!

Here, let me show you just how much I really do appreciate you, baby!

(Yes, Dave really is as long and as thick as he looks here! I keep TELLING you guys, I'm the luckiest woman on earth!)

10 Aug 2014 20:00
Yes, yes, YES! Oh, hell YES!

JUST like that, Dave! YES! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!! JUST like that!

10 Aug 2014 19:54
Poke! Poke! Wake up, Dave! Wake UP! I desperately need another banging! Wake the hell UP damn it!

10 Aug 2014 19:52
OK with my pussy now all full of Dave's come, I think I want to sleep for a while now. Talk to you all later.

10 Aug 2014 17:21
I'm the lucky one, BiTed. Like just a short time ago, all i had to do was look over my shoulder and giggle "Woof!" and instantly he knew I wanted doggy -- he is SO good to me!!! -- and mmmmmmm this felt SSSOOOOOO good!!!!

He is SO getting sucked hard tonight!!!!
10 Aug 2014 17:13
Dave took this photo not half an hour ago! I love it! LOVE it! You can SEE on my face, the deep inner peace and contentment I feel when I suck on that wonderful cock of his! I could do this ALL day....and all night, too! He really captured how much I enjoy this.

10 Aug 2014 16:28
I've never been a patient woman. When I want something, I don't wait around, I make my move and I get what I want ... and need! And oh how I needed this!

10 Aug 2014 16:13
Thanks, baby! You were AWESOME....as always! I'm juts going to lie here while your cock recuperates, and enjoy all that warm wonderful Dave Juice in me now. Is that OK?

10 Aug 2014 15:34
OFF with these panties! NOTHING must get in the way of Dave stuffing my hungry pussy with that huge cock of his!

10 Aug 2014 15:02
SUCCESS! Dave walked into the room, took one look, dropped the camera, stripped himself in record time, and gave me the deep hard banging I needed!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yes, yes, YES!!! I am definitely going to dress like this more often.

10 Aug 2014 14:43
Or maybe if I don't greet him face to face, I won't scare him off by seeming too eager?

10 Aug 2014 11:08
Wish me luck. When Dave gets here, I'm hoping this outfit will get me the deep, hard banging that I so desperately need right now!

10 Aug 2014 10:59
Although our Sex Marathon Weekend stated at 5:00 pm Friday and ended at 6:00 am Monday, we actually did take breaks to sleep.

This is me asleep:

and Justy sleeping:

21 Jul 2014 17:39
Can you GUESS what I wanted Dave to put where?

21 Jul 2014 16:49
Hi Dave, I want to give you something. When I'm with you, I don't need them.

21 Jul 2014 16:20
Woof-woof! Arf-arf! Ah-woooooooooooooo!

This Kat was one very happy doggy! LOL

21 Jul 2014 16:18
What first attracted me to Dave when we were both in the audience at that rock concert two years ago, and why I still can't get enough of him. Hint: look at his YUMMY thick jeans bulge under my hand! And lucky me, in just 30 minutes from now, ALL of that will be taking yet another slow trip down my HUNGRY throat! Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!

20 Jul 2014 21:42
Justy's eyes are SO gorgeous...especially when they are between my thighs!!!!

Me with a BIG yummy mouthful of Dave!

20 Jul 2014 13:00
Miscellaneous pics from our sex weekend:

Showering pussy juice and cock milk out of my bush.

Justine peeling the shorts off me and playfully biting my ass!

Another shot of me skinny-dipping in the lake.

Cute panties, Justy. But you look better without them.....and they look better on the floor.

Hungrily tugging the jeans off of Dave. Look at that beautiful throbbing bulge under my hand. I just HAD to get to it. Mmmm, I couldn't wait to suck it...and to RIDE it!!!

Dave, you are irresistibly yummy! Justy and I both want to DEVOUR you.

Disneyland has no rides half as fun as this.

Dave stuffs me SO full, and I love it!!! I always feel like the luckiest woman on earth when he so completely fills me up like this.

I am the luckiest woman on earth!
20 Jul 2014 11:59
Dave saw ai was half awake and he told me he wanted ME as his midnight snack. Here is my view as I peeled my panties off for him.

And my view as Dave hungrily feasted on me!

20 Jul 2014 10:40
"Hey" Dave complained. "While I love watching you two eat each other, you're making my cock very hard. And it's feeling kinda neglected here."

"Oh, Dave," I giggled. "Justy and I will eat each other as much as we want to. And you, sir may KISS my ASS!"

Let's just say Dave did a hell of a lot more than just KISS my ass! Mmmmmmmm! Dave's a good man...a VERY good man! Sssssooooo much saliva and so much come left in SO many places in me! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!
20 Jul 2014 10:18
Justy feels sssooooooooooo good on my fingers. So warm, so soft, so moist.

Best view in the house....looking up from licking on my sweet Justy!

Mmmmm! Yummy Justy juice!!!! I could drink this stuff 5 times a day and never tire of it.

20 Jul 2014 10:05
Our sex weekend has been wonderful so far. It won't end til we all three have to go back to work Monday morning. My husband is still 2500 miles away tracking down leads to get vengeance on a rich family he claims wronged his father decades ago, it has been his obsession for 8 years, he even gave up sex with me to pursue this vendetta - so now I have lovers...I'm not giving up sex because I'm married to an idiot.

20 Jul 2014 08:53
I love how Justine takes such great pleasure in eating me (as indeed I take great joy in eating her).

I get so very wet when Justy takes her time to lick my g-spot as well as my clit.

And then her flickering, lapping, loving tongue slid RIGHT into my ass. Oh....my....GODDESS!

Yes, yes, oh YES!!! I came ssssssooooooooooooooooooooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmm, thank you Justy, THANK YOU! I love you more than mere words can say.

20 Jul 2014 08:41
After I snacked on Justy, it was time for all of us to get dressed again and continue our hike.

After a while, we came upon a beautiful little lake of clear water.

"SKINNY DIP!" I giggled, as I peeled off my tiny jeans shorts.

"That lake is so beautiful and inviting!" I smiled.

"Not as beautiful as you!" Justine grinned.

"Nor as inviting!" Dave agreed.

I jumped into the lake, and as I surfaced, throwing water off my naked body like a dog in a lawn sprinkler, I shivered and said "Mmmmm, that cold water feels so GOOD against my horny little pussy!"

"I know something that will feel even better against your pussy," Justy grinned, as her sweet tongue began to skillfully and lovingly work me over.

"You're right," I said. "That DOES feel good. Your tongue feels so nice and warm against my clit."

"You taste ssssooooooooooooo good!" Justy sighed lustily.

When Justy had brought me to a shuddering orgasm, Dave took over between my thighs.

"You're right, Justy!" Dave moaned in that impossibly sexy deep baritone voice of his. "Kat tastes delicious!"

Dave brought me to two more of these intense orgasms, and as he backed off, I began to flow yet again.

"Mmmmm!" I purred. "That was the most refreshing skinny dip EVER!"
19 Jul 2014 19:15
Dave and I spent all night in bed together last night, his hardened steel sword resting snugly in my soft, warm sheath as we slept.

This morning we got up and met up with Justine to walk around at a local festival. Then off into the woods for a hike, and we set a picnic at a clearing in the woods. Afterward, Justy stripped and stretched out among the plates on the tablecloth, suggesting that Dave and I might both enjoy the creamy liquid dessert she was offering to us.

As my fingers explored her, Justy began to wrote and clutched her own breast in lust.

It didn't take long before Justy was very ready and very wet, presenting a very inviting feast indeed.

"Park that pretty little pussy on my tongue, my love," I smiled at her. "And let me partake of that sweet dessert you prepared for me."

It was so yummy, and the portion sizes were so generous, I couldn't help going back for seconds!

I turned to Dave. "And now it is YOUR turn to offer up a tasty dish. Justy and I are both very hungry for a generous helping of warm, thick sausage. And," I grinned, giggling erotically as I lay atop Justy, "I prefer my sausage served to me BACKWARDS."

Dave took turns pounding Justy's pussy from the front and mine from behind. Slowly at first, and then deep and hard and fast, just hoiw we both needed it. He kept alternating until we both left a big big MESS all over his beautiful hard cock. He then proceeded to fill both of our hungry pussies with stream after stream of thick hot man-milk.

Dave continued to bang me doggy style while I hungrily ate Dave's and Justy's juices out of her.

Justy and I could NOT stop purring and cooing! Now THIS was how to spend a Saturday morning! Being out in nature and doing what comes naturally.
19 Jul 2014 16:09
Very horny photos KatR enjoy the weekend
19 Jul 2014 02:40
Letterman-style, Top Ten Reasons Why Kat R is THE luckiest woman on earth!

and the #1 reason I'm the luckiest woman on earth:

17 Jul 2014 21:34
Very good advice, must check the boot situation
17 Jul 2014 02:28
thanks for adding me as a friend KatR the boots look wonderful xx
16 Jul 2014 05:19
July 6, 2014 part 30

"Thank you, Dave!" I cooed happily. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! That felt WONDERFUL!"

"I ain't done with you yet, Kat!" Dave laughed in that impossibly sexy and dreamy deep baritone bedroom voice of his. And then he repositioned me again. My ass clenched tight as my happy little pussy enthusiastically pulled him in deep. Mmmmmmmmmm! Pure HEAVEN!

13 Jul 2014 21:09
July 6, 2014 part 29

Dave flipped me on my side and took my pussy from behind:

From that position, he pulled me up to a reverse-cowgirl to ride him. Although I would have preferred looking into his eyes as he looked into mine while riding him, I had to admit, this felt really damned GOOD!

As Dave thrusted his way up into me, and as I eagerly slid down over him, my very turned-on clit was pulsating like MAD! Contracting and contracting and contracting, I began to slowly ooze my girl-come out of my enflamed clit, rolling thickly out of me and dripping down onto Dave's deeply-buried hard-on.

Once more, I was certain that I'm THE luckiest woman on earth!
13 Jul 2014 21:03
July 6, 2014 part 28

"Thank you, Dave" I wiped my mouth on my wrist. "That was YUMMY! But now my OTHER set of lips hunger for you, too!"

With that, I shoved Dave flat on his back and straddled him. "I'm overdue for a really good BANGING!"

Dave's thick cock and swollen come-filled balls glowed a bright red as they worked their way up into me and I slid down over him.

My pussy lips were stretched very very wide around him as I crammed Dave deep up into me. This felt so GOOD! My husband was 2500 miles away, I was completely crammed full of a cock that makes his look microscopic, attached to a man who is WAY sweeter and kinder to me than my husband is. and I was loving every moment of it. And feeling like THE luckiest....and happiest...and the most deliciously naughty woman on earth in that moment!

13 Jul 2014 20:43
Why I woke up with a sore ass this morning.....and also with a big, happy smile on my face. Thank you, Dave. Thank you, thank you, THANK you! Best Fourth of July EVER!

05 Jul 2014 16:10
Variant on the Frankie Valli song: "Our eyes adored you. As you slid that magnificent cock across our hungry tongues, our eyes adored you." Happy birthday, America. You celebrate your way, we'll celebrate our way. That's Justy on left, me on right, sharing all 8 inches that nature blessed Dave with.

05 Jul 2014 15:00
Call me crazy for sharing the best looking cock on the PLANET.....but I adore how my sweet Justine's face lights up so joyously every time she sucks on my boyfriend! I love doing this for HER!

04 Jul 2014 20:09
For a year now I've been telling you guys that at 5'10", my gf Justine has THE longest and shapeliest legs EVER! Now here's the proof. Is it any wonder I fell instantly heels over head in lust with her?

04 Jul 2014 20:06
Me....taking a sweet SWEET ride upon Justine's beautiful face! Justine let me ride her face every night these past 3 weeks. A couple of times I damn near drown my sweet gf!!!

04 Jul 2014 18:41
I told Dave if he could guess what I wanted he would get a prize.

He tugged my panties to one side, he slowly and gently slid his whole 8 inches through my ass cheeks and DEEP into the back side of my pussy. He had guessed correctly, exactly what I had wanted. But as his thrusting cock thickened and throbbed and finally exploded and exploded into me, it was I who would won the prize!

04 Jul 2014 18:17
Dave, put that f****ing camera down and STUFF that magnificent 8 inches into me. DEEP into me! I'm HUNGRY!!!! BANG me, damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04 Jul 2014 09:38
Justine to me: "Honey, we're home!" I love when The Twins get home from work and are eager to play!

04 Jul 2014 09:01
I love how when I get home from work, Justine can't WAIT to start stripping the clothes off of me. This is the MOST she lets me wear when I'm walking around her house. I love that she wears even less than this for me!

04 Jul 2014 08:58
I missed everyone here, too. My crazy husband FINALLY went to Hawaii (he's been talking about this trip for 2 years) to track down leads in his obsession with trying to right wrongs that a rich family allegedly did to his family decades ago. He has written letters to newspaper editors and gone to court and gotten nowhere on his campaign for revenge, but he will NOT let it go, he has even sometimes accused me of having something to do with that ancient wrong even though I didn't know him back then. His craziness is the main reason I haven't let him into my bed in 8 years, and have taken a series of lovers to satisfy my sexual needs. While my husband Frank has been gone, my weekday routine has been something like this: stop by my boyfriend Dave's house for a nice big early-morning throatful of wonderful hard cock and yummy come. Go to work. Drive, not home, but to my girlfriend Justine's house to spend the night in her arms, my face buried in her pussy and hers in mine. Wake up in her arms, breast mashed against breast, nipple drilling into hard nipple, get up, go to Dave's house, and start the whole cycle again. On weekends, Justine and I go hiking, she helps me with my nature photography (a hobby of mine), we usually find a lake or stream for some skinny-dipping that leads to kisses and more, and I reward her for her help with my photography, with some intense grinding of pussy on pussy (which is also a great reward for ME!). Some weekends we will drop by Dave's house and share sucking and riding on that magnificent 8 inch cock of his. Sometimes we three go to a concert or out dancing, followed by an all-night threesome of anything goes. I had to get in as much of all of this as I could before my husband gets back, you understand (he returns next week). So you can understand why I haven't been here online lately!

This is a series of shots Justine took from her vantage point, of me going down on all of her sweet yumminess.

04 Jul 2014 08:39
That is a very cute baby blue lingerie.. Looks very sexy and beautiful!! Bet u had a wonderful day having it taken off many many times...
25 Jun 2014 21:00
Knowing that baby blue is my favorite color, my sweet Justine bought me this beautiful new lingerie. She has been enjoying taking it off of me....and then having me put it back on again, just so she can have the pleasure of slowly, sensuously stripping it off of me yet again!

How could I not love such a woman?

10 Jun 2014 21:13
Yes, please!

03 Jun 2014 19:17
Those are some wonderfully sexy pictures and I'm glad that you have had such a great time with Dave..
01 Jun 2014 14:46
Oh, I love this! Dave sent me some pics from his perspective, from earlier today, as I hungrily swallowed down more and more of his monster cock. So I laced them together into a short animated gif. I had a GREAT time sucking on him (his cock, and what explodes out of it, are both so very YUMMY, and the POWER in his cock throbs is WONDERFUL!). But now seeing this gif photographed from his viewpoint instead of mine, I think I understand now why he was moaning SO much! I love that I can get him so hard and make him come so powerfully!

How did I get so lucky that this HOT sexy man lets me suck him on a weekly basis for almost two years now?

31 May 2014 20:52
I love, love, LOVE hot summer weekends like today. I get to break out my cute little slut shorts and show off the ass I exercise SO hard, to keep it looking good and hot. I get to cause --and to admire -- beautiful bulges in strange men's jeans and I get to know that i caused them! But I mostly love that my wearing this causes a HUGE bulge in my Dave's jeans.....because that means he's going to slowly but powerfully STUFF all of that....deep into ME!!!!

31 May 2014 17:42
I could feel my taste buds doing their happy dance! Mmmmmm! Dave tastes sssssooooooooooo good! And I felt so proud that my hungry sucking ,made him explode THIS hard onto my tongue! It's ALL good.

31 May 2014 01:52

It's too damn hot tonight for panties, not even sheer ones

30 May 2014 21:43
Only one thing can light up my face in SUCH joy like this! That's right...Dave's whole 8 inches were STUFFED deep up into me at that very moment!

27 May 2014 00:23
My automatic first reaction when someone posted this her on Lush:

Was "lucky little BITCH!" But then I realized, just 4 hours ago, it was ME taking a face ride on a hot hunk of man!
26 May 2014 18:55
OK, I know Memorial Day is all about remembering those who died in battle. But while my husband (Frank) was off at a car show today, Dave (my lover) and I were making some sweet memories of our own. Nobody died, there was no battle, in fact it was all very sweetly peaceful and loving. The whole time that Dave's very very thick hardness was throbbing sssoooooooo powerfully in my hungry mouth, all I could think was, I'm the luckiest woman on earth. And now I know that this memorial day will always stand out in my memory. But I'll bet nearly every male here is going to mistakenly believe that DAVE was the lucky one today! All they need to do is look at that beautiful thick cock I got to enjoy today, and every woman here will know and understand who really lucked out today. And maybe feel I'm such a lucky little BITCH! lol

Damn it, Dave, why do you have to taste so irresistibly good? I'm TOTALLY addicted to you!!!
26 May 2014 18:28
26 May 2014 00:33
2nd hot night in a row here, slept naked last night but had a nightmare that I had to get out in a fire while naked, so I'm wearing this to bed tonight. Comfy but at least decent, sort of LOL

26 May 2014 00:18
The weather today is already too damned freakin' hot .... and predicted to get even hotter. To HELL with wearing clothes!

I gotta peel out of all this sweaty crap!

Oh, yeah....this is MUCH better....cool and comfortable!

24 May 2014 12:46
Mmmmm! Dave served up THE yummiest sausage for lunch yesterday!

I definitely want to dine here again VERY soon! My compliments to the chef, and to the CUTE (HOT!) waiter who served it up all warm an juicy.
24 May 2014 05:29
Alone and horny and in a playful mood......and right on the precipice of orgasm -- getting closer and closer as my hips rise higher.....

22 May 2014 21:30
Sssoooooo gettin' into my anthem from Katie Perry tonight--singing along and dancing--unleashing my inner slut:

California girls
We're unforgettable
Daisy Dukes
Bikinis on top
Sun-kissed skin
So hot
We'll melt your popsicle

Oh yeah I'm having FUN!!!!
21 May 2014 22:15
Just a friendly "Good Evening" to all my online friends here at Lushstories. I'm in a fun and playful mood, as you can see.

21 May 2014 19:37
What do Justy's pussy and mine have in common? I mean, besides both being bushy? Yup, you guessed it.....they are both FULL of Dave's come....and both VERY happy about that!!!!

18 May 2014 16:55
Mmmm! Justy's OTHER set of lips also taste delicious!

18 May 2014 16:52
SMMMMMMMMMOOCH! Mmmm, I love kissing Justine!

And not JUST because while Dave watches us, his cock grows and grows and GROWS! That's just a side benefit to enjoying Justy's sweet kisses.
18 May 2014 16:50
Justy (left) and me (right) last night, showing our love, appreciation, and adoration to Dave, for all the joy and exquisite pleasure his big, beautiful, very thick, very hard cock gave to our happy, sore, come-filled little pussies all afternoon and evening.

We're both ssoooo lucky to have him!
18 May 2014 07:13
Another pic of our fun from last night.

Mmmmmmmm, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, Dave. Thank you, thank you, THANK you!

And thank you, Frank (my miserable bastard of a husband) for being away this weekend, so I could enjoy this exquisite pleasure!

Mmmm, purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18 May 2014 07:07
For the last 2-1./2 hours, Dave, Justy, or I have been in an almost constant state where one or more of us is either coming or just about to.

This is me as the full 8 inches of Dave's thick, THICK cock slowly and repeatedly stuffed its way balls-deep into me. About the only thing i could manage to say at this point was a soft, contented, and endlessly repeated, "Yes!"

I still have 13 more hours ahead of me, sharing this King Size motel bed wth Dave and Justy. And to that happy thought, all I can say is, "Yes!"
17 May 2014 21:52
My miserable bastard of a husband is out of town all weekend. So Justine, Dave, and I checked into a motel at 2:00 this afternoon - and we don't have to check out until 11:00 AM tomorrow.

After 5-1/2 hours, we're finally coming up for air!

I just wanted to post three pics for you all to enjoy -- ok, I'm bragging a little here.

First is me on the bed, giving Dave and Justy my best "Take me, I'm yours" smile. "Take me before i go CRAZY with lust!"

Second is my exquisitely luscious, long-legged "tigress" Justy beside me on the bed, just before I peeled her and kissed her all over.

I'll leave you with me and Justy sharing our man Dave. I think it actually TAKES two of us to pleasure THAT much beautiful hard cock! (But Justy and I were the ones receiving most of the pleasure here). I'm the lucky one in this photo, with Dave in my mouth, while poor Justy has to content herself with feeling his powerful throbs on her tongue ....but fear not, moments later, all of that beautiful cock was deep down my sweet Justy's throat, too!

Well, there'a a pile of wonderfully loving arms and legs and chests here, just waiting for me to dive back in. Have a great weekend, everyone. I know I will!
17 May 2014 19:37

15 May 2014 23:17
Her eyes
Her eyes
They hypnotize
They mesmerize
She seduces guys
With her eyes
Her eyes
They are so wise
They tell no lies
Her eyes
Your soldier will arise
And grow in size
When you gaze into her eyes
Her eyes

14 May 2014 23:07
The other night, bicycling home from work as I often do, my old jeans got caught inn the bike chain and ripped. So last night, I cut them as short as the law allows, took them with me to work, and changed into them for my lunch date with my HOT lover, Dave.

Dave, of course, loved my micro min shorts, and after staring at them and salivating, he eagerly stripped them off of me.

I told him my pussy was especially cock-hungry today. Dave laughed and said "Kat, you have a talent for stating the obvious!"

He pulled me up on his face, and between tongue swirls, I think I heard him moan something about I taste good. But my pussy was muffling his speech, and I was too much in la-la land from how good this felt, to pay much attention to what he was saying, anyway.

After I damn near drowned him in girl-come, I noticed he had a very thick bulge all the way up the whole front of his trousers, with the beautiful reddish-purple head peeking out just above the waistband. I hungrily ripped his jeans open to let my eyes drink in all of his magnificent 8 inches.

Of course, a beautiful cock like that just HAS to be sucked, and I was ready and eager to do just that. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After hungrily swallowing down two mouthfuls of Dave juice, it was time for me to get seriously, seriously BANGED!!!

I pulled Dave on top of me as he hammered away, and soon I was getting everything I needed and wanted!

I don't care how many guys here think that Dave's the lucky one in this relationship, but I know the truth, I know that I'm THE luckiest - and happiest - woman in the whole universe!!!!
13 May 2014 18:41
Just 6 more hours until my lonely pussy gets stuffed ALL full of thick, hard cock again!!!
13 May 2014 05:59
Mother's Day 2014: Thoroughly enjoying BOTH sets of Justine's soft, moist, tender lips!

12 May 2014 06:29
Justy climbed on me and made me feel like the luckiest woman on earth! I think there is real and mutual love developing here, and not just lust.

11 May 2014 20:25
Dave had damned well BETTER do this to me when we hook-up again on Tuesday!!

11 May 2014 18:45
So I had my Mother's Day lunch out with my oldest daughter today (she's 34). She told me ahead of time that she had a surprise for me but wouldn't say what it was.

Before we even ordered, Tammy told me she had called my boyfriend Dave and invited him to join us for lunch "and whatever." (Tammy and her boyfriend once gave Dave and me use of a motel room for a day). One one level, I liked that she invited him, but on another level I wasn't quite sure that Mother's Day is a day to ride my lover's cock, much as I wanted to.

"Relax, mom," Tammy said, "Dave said no."

I breathed a sigh of relief.

"But he did tell me you have a woman lover now, too. Way to go, mom!"

I turned 20 shades of red. And I don't embarrass easily.

"So I called her," Tammy continued. "And Justine is going to join us, just us three girls for lunch."

I was about to object, when Justy sauntered into the restaurant in her teeniest, tiniest, slinkiest little black dress that beautifully hugged all of her luscious curves. And showed off her long, shapely, luscious legs that make my heart beat faster every time I see them.

We three all ordered our lucjes. As we were finishing our meals, the waitress asked if we wanted dessert. Justy whispered hotly that I was the dessert she wanted to dine on.

"That's my cue," Tammy grinned, "to diplomatically make my exit. Happy Mother's Day, mom. Enjoy your present!"

Tammy handed me $20 for her portion of the lunch bill, and a pre-paid receipt to a really nice motel.

What a GREAT daughter I have!!! I truly, TRULY enjoyed my mother's day gift!

11 May 2014 18:36
I'm glad that you liked the photo and I hope you have a great mother's day.. I hope something great happens for you..
11 May 2014 11:01
I've been intensely and unrelentingly horny for the last 8 hours. I just had "o" #6 of the day - and I'm a big gloppy mess now.....but I'm finally starting to calm down.... just a little. Maybe a couple of more of these. and I can finally think about something else besides how much I need a big BIG cock, stuffed deep deep DEEP into me!

10 May 2014 18:26
HELP! I'm a cock-hungry little SLUT, all alone, in desperate need of a cock so big it would take both my hands to stuff it all into me! This is an EMERGENCY!!!!

10 May 2014 12:29
In my cute little tight beige slut shorts....no panties underneath .... Grinding and GRINDING into my mattress....four orgasms....and I'm STILL horny!!!

10 May 2014 11:25
I love the two pictures you posted here. A great smile and a hot lunch.
10 May 2014 06:38
Thank you, Dave. The lunch special was dee-LISH-us! The perfect portion size, and very filling and satisfying. My compliments to the chef!

10 May 2014 06:22

I think this is a wonderful picture that you would also like.
09 May 2014 20:34
Mmmmmmmm! SO good! I just had to have a second helping......

09 May 2014 20:25
I had lunch with Dave today.....ok, he WAS my lunch! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09 May 2014 19:57
I'm sssoooooooooooo missing Dave tonight!

08 May 2014 21:49
BANG! BANG! throb throb throb....thrust....BANG!

Mmmm, just ssssssoooooooooooooooooooo good! So....damned.....GOOD! Makes Kat a happy purring woman.....I'm very lucky to have Dave in my life....in my arms....in my....well, you can see in my what

06 May 2014 19:11
My mission to suck and ride my first black cock is still on. But Justine reminded me that I have a real good thing going with Dave almost these past 3 years. I'm just sitting here now daydreaming about how wonderful that thick vein all the way up his shaft feels, throbbing so powerfully on my clit. I'm very lucky to be with him, and I know that.

04 May 2014 19:41
I was a little bummed-out that none of the first ten black guys I interviewed seemed to be what I want. But Justine reminded me I have all the time in the world to find him.

In the privacy of her bedroom, Justy asked me why I want a black cock anyway. Dave has a very nice cock she and I share, that gives me every cock pleasure I could ever want. "Besides," she grinned, "no cock, not even Dave's, can bring you more pleasure than my tongue can."

I have to admit, Justine made an EXCELLENT point! Being a woman, having the same interior plumbing as I do, she knows how to pleasure my anatomy, better than any man ever can. As my sweet Justy proceeded to demonstrate to me yet again, for the next 45 minutes!

04 May 2014 19:03
Day 1 of scouting my first ever black cock. Now that my bf said I can. in exchange for he gets to be the one who makes all my other sexual fantasy come true and I make his come true too. The guys I chatted up today don't know I'm scouting a suitable black cock, of course. This guy seemed a good prospect at first, he was sweet and nice and has a nice muscular body, but then his boom box blared a song where every other word was"bitch" and he sang along loudly. Justine also pointed out I wouldn't want that thick dry beard scratching against my thighs -- and I wasn't even sure this guy would put his face anywhere near my thighs anyway, he might just have me suck him then bang me. I want the FULL experience with my back guy. Maybe I'm being picky, but none of the roughly 10 guys I talked to today seemed to be what I'm looking for.....although one (not this guy) did have a NICE jeans bulge! (Had to be right around 10" long and a good 1-1/2" to 1-3/4" across)

04 May 2014 16:54
This is a fantasy of mine:

and yesterday my bf said I could - one time, to get this desire out of my system, to scratch it off my sexual bucket list (he will take care of everything else on my bucket list). So now the search for the perfect black cock for a one time, all day sex session begins.And no, I'm not looking for volunteers from this site, I will do the hunting and selecting locally. I'm just so happy he said I could and he's OK with it!
04 May 2014 06:51
03 May 2014 22:40
At my ancient laptop, enjoying stories and pics here at Lush

03 May 2014 22:35
Mmmm! Yes, yes, YES.....i wanna be her right now, TOTALLY doing a hot hot HOT guy like him! YES!!!!!

03 May 2014 06:43
I've relieved the stress of a busy work week, now it's time to get some sleep...good night, all.

02 May 2014 23:06
On Dancing with the Stars on TV this week, one of the (female) dancers said of her dance instructor, "he's been drilling me hard all week." Lucky woman, but when did they practice their dancing?
02 May 2014 00:46
I got banged real good at lunch time yesterday.

When I got home from work last night, I was very sore and very happy....and still VERY full of Dave's come. I began rubbing myself through my panties--not for arousal, but to soothe the soreness. You can see the two pics of me rubbing my sore, thoroughly-banged pussy through my panties, in my two latest pics on my profile page.

After a while, I decided maybe a long hot bath would help. I was too sore for a washcloth, so I very delicately washed my pussy with soapy fingers. Then I just lay back and let the warm soapy water feel good against my pussy. After a while, my pussy opened up, and Dave's come came POURING out of me, into the bath water. I closed my eyes and remembered how wonderfully Dave had pumped all of that into me a few hours earlier. Without touching myself, and as sore as my pussy was, the sweet memory made me tremble into orgasm, and I added my come to Dave's in the bath water.

I relaxed in the tub until the bath water started to cool. Then I toweled myself dry and went to bed, where I soon fell into a deep, restful, very contented sleep.

Tonight, the sorenesss is all gone, and so is Dave's come, but the happy memory remains. I'm still smiling.
01 May 2014 23:46
Sweet naked hugs between rounds of sex. Hard nipples on us both. Justine at left, me at right (darker skin and nipples from my Native American heritage)

2nd round was a 69, 3rd round was HARD grinding of clit against clit. Lots of hugs like this, in between, and we even showered together twice during our 8-hour sex marathon.

27 Apr 2014 23:04
What Justine's hungry kisses and hot licks and sweet nibbles did to me!

27 Apr 2014 22:55
Me, so happily riding Justine's face, I love the sheer joy written all over her sweet face as she pleasures me.

27 Apr 2014 22:52
Justine leaning over and kissing me and I'm reaching up to show her how crazy hot she makes me. Men are so silly. Well, they can keep their "boys night out" at a sports bar to watch football. I'll take our "girls day in" over that ANY day!

27 Apr 2014 22:48
Justine is fine dining at the most gourmet level! Mmmm, mmm, GOOD!!!!

27 Apr 2014 22:43
Like the old Yellow Pages commercials, I let my fingers do the walking--right through the funnest playground imaginable!

27 Apr 2014 22:41
I joined Justine on the big King Size bed and kissed her hungrily. She flipped us over and voraciously kissed me back.

27 Apr 2014 22:38
Lunch was served! I put the camera down and slowly savored this palate-pleasing gourmet feast!

27 Apr 2014 19:43
My RSVP to Justine's very open and inviting invitation was a most enthusiastic yes. NOT a party I was going to miss!!!!

27 Apr 2014 19:41
My long-legged 5'10" sex goddess Justine climbing up on our bed and making me DRIP into my panties as I watch her! Isn't she just YUMMY?

27 Apr 2014 19:36
Hi...I'm back from my WONDERFUL 8 hours in a motel room bed with my long-legged goddess Justine. I wore these teeny tiny panties today (I call them my Jungle Passion panties), just for her. As I sat in our motel-room arm-chair and watched her strip right in front of me, Justine photographed my very excited reaction.

27 Apr 2014 19:26
How I'm planning to spend my day today:

27 Apr 2014 08:01
Sweet release...and relief....for one very horny woman! Today is good day, a very very VERY good day!

26 Apr 2014 13:33
4 hours with my fingers made me horny as hell. Two hours with my vibrator gave me five DELICIOUS orgasms. I'm feeling much MUCH better now. Now, after 6 hours of masturbation, it's time to put the toy away, take a shower, get dressed, have lunch, do laundry, clean house, prepare dinner for tonight....

I sure had fun!!! I should have more Saturday mornings like this.....DEFINITELY!

26 Apr 2014 11:58
It took me 20 minutes, but my buzzing toy, with fresh batteries, just me to o #4.....my nipples are ACHING.....and I'm going for #5.

See ya later!!!
26 Apr 2014 11:32
4 hours of fingering myself made me SO horny....my wonderful buzzing friend has been playing with me for an hour now, and has given me three LOVELY orgasms! It's now 11 a.m. I need to catch my breath now, but I'd like to have at least two more really intense orgasms today, before I finally get up out of this bed for the day.

26 Apr 2014 11:05
I can't believe I've been leisurely fingering myself for FOUR HOURS now!!! Mmmmmm, now that's my idea of a great way to spend a Saturday morning. But after 4 hours, I'm now seriously, SERIOUSLY horny. So I've slid two nice big fluffy pillows under my ass, to arch my pussy up all nice and high. And now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to break out my 8" vibrator and get some relief. I may not be back online for a very long while.

26 Apr 2014 10:06
Lazy Saturday morning. Nowhere I have to be, nothing pressing I have to do. I just do NOT want to get out of bed this morning. I'm enjoying my "me time" here in my bed, I have no reason to stop this and get up for the day. May just play all morning.....

26 Apr 2014 07:57
Pay ATTENTION men! This is the slow pace we women use on ourselves and the pace we want from you. Sex is to be savored, NOT hurried through!

26 Apr 2014 06:53
Just took a nice bath, nice and clean now for weekend

25 Apr 2014 22:11
Had we known each other in our younger years, Dave, Justine and I would have looked much like this. Add about 20 or 30 years to them, and we DO look like this!

25 Apr 2014 18:35
24 Apr 2014 21:39
Just chillin' out on my bed tonight, feeling all pretty and sexy and desirable......

24 Apr 2014 20:07
And I love swallowing about a gallon of the stuff at a time.....I guess swallowing all that data is how I got to be a Ph.D.?
24 Apr 2014 20:06
I don't know who they are but very romantic and erotic, In could definitely enjoy this

23 Apr 2014 21:17
Part 11 from Monday. Mmmm, DAVE! Why do you have to taste so GOOD? Ssssoooooooo good!!!!

23 Apr 2014 18:28
How to make me just absolutely MELT: after 5 hours of eating and banging my cock-hungry pussy, after filling me to overflowing with love juices, then slide 8 inches of THROBBING hard cock right through my ass and deep deep DEEP into my pussy from behind! Mmmmm, oh YES!!!!! Thank you, Dave.....thank you, thank you, THANK you! The perfect end to a BEAUTIFUL afternoon in the motel with you!

22 Apr 2014 06:18
Part 9: I won, I won, I won! I came first, I came last, I came hardest, I came the most times. And look at the wonderful prize Dave gave me!!!!

21 Apr 2014 20:19
Part 8: With Dave throbbing so powerfully, deep in me, I gradually arched myself backward, being careful not to injure his big beautiful cock. In this position, Dave was throbbing SO hard against my clit and my g-spot. I just could NOT stop coming all over him....not that either of us wanted me to stop coming.

21 Apr 2014 19:23
Part 7: As I rode Dave, his thick cock vein pulsed HARD into my clit. Was I enjoying it? Well, look how flame red my pussy is here...trust me, I was red hot for Dave....my pussy was on FIRE!!! And the more he pushed that big fire hose into me, the hotter I got! I could hardly WAIT for his steel hard nozzle to open up and FLOOD me!

21 Apr 2014 19:10
Part 6: I wrapped my legs around Dave, and my thighs flipped him over onto his back. I began sinking down over him.

21 Apr 2014 19:03
Part 5: I don't know which I was enjoying more: looking down my naked body at Dave's sweet naked body, and watching his beautiful thick cock disappear into me. Or feeling him stretch me so wide around him, feeling him stuff and stuff and STUFF his whole wonderful throbbing 8 inches into me!

It was ALL good!!!

21 Apr 2014 18:57
Part 4: Dave gazed hungrily at my wide open pussy now. He caressed it with his fingertips. He kissed it. He licked it.

"I can see why they call it a cherry," he whispered hotly. "Your whole pussy is GLOWING ... bright red! It's so beautiful, you know."

"Stop talking!" I cooed, wriggling hornily all over the bed. "Start BANGING!"

21 Apr 2014 18:50
Part 3: "OK, you found me out!" I whispered huskily, flopping flat on my back on the motel bed and spreading my thighs wide apart. "I'm VERY hungry for your cock! Ssssooooooo......what are you going to DO about it?" I challenged.

21 Apr 2014 18:46
Part 2: "Me? Cock-hungry?" I giggled seductively, wiggling my bare ass in his face. "What makes you say that? Where's your evidence?"

Dave's hands spread my ass cheeks apart, revealing the dew already gathering heavily at the edges of my excited pink pussy. "Exhibit A!" he smirked.

21 Apr 2014 18:41
Part 1: Last night, I had to settle for my buzzing 8" toy. Don't get me wrong, that felt nice. But this afternoon, I had the real thing! Five WONDERFUL hours in a motel room with my lover Dave, that my husband Frank will never EVER know about!

I did a slow strip tease for Dave , and as my panties skimmed down my legs, Dave grinned, "Looks like you're ESPECIALLY cock-hungry today!"

21 Apr 2014 18:35
I found my material to "jill off" to tonight! Oh yeah, my 8" vibe is gonna buzz and buzz and BUZZ tonight!!! I'll be just pretending I'm her and having a GREAT time. I'm gonna play and come, come and play until I fall asleep....with a nice sore all commed-out pussy.

20 Apr 2014 16:05
Ugh, Holidays! Bad enough I had to have lunch with my idiot husband and his stupid brother. (The brother doesn't know I have refused to sleep with my husband since he began being a total jerk 24/7, 8 years ago). We've had separate bedrooms for 8 years and I have had 6 male and 1 female lovers on the side in those 8 years--I'm still with the woman and the most recent man. Anyway, lunch with Frank and his brother today was bad enough (the restaurant even served my "well-done" steak all bloody!) But then I have to listen as stupid brother makes horrible Easter jokes. Did she awaken you from the dead? Did she make you rise? Did she give you a second coming? Frank laughing along with his brother. Not one word from either of them about MY pleasure. Which is just one more reason why Frank will NOT be welcomed back into my bed any time soon. The only thing that got me through this lousy day was thinking about tomorrow. I have a motel room booked. I know Dave's (my lover's) tongue won't take a break until he's worked me into at least three INTENSE orgasms. Then I'm going to ride down the whole 8" of his thick thick THICK cock. Mmmmm!!! After the day I've had today, that's gonna feel sssoooooooooooooo good! I'm going crazy with impatience for this day to be over, and to take that sweet ride on MY MAN!!!
20 Apr 2014 15:42
Been there, done that ...... and can hardly wait until I can do this again!!!

20 Apr 2014 08:36
Please, oh please let me be her for an hour .... or five! Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

20 Apr 2014 08:31
Today we celebrate Ishtar (Easter), the Assyrian goddess of fertility. Her symbols were the rabbit and the egg, as in the Easter Bunny and painting chicken eggs. The spring equinox has arrived, flowers are in bloom, rabbits are coupling up like.....well, like horny little rabbits! Chicken eggs are hatching. Life is regenerating after a long winter.

So let's celebrate the spirit of Ishtar, of fertility, today. Let's all fuck like horny little rabbits today. Guys, gently open up the flower pedals of your woman's femininity. Gals, open your flower pedals and welcome in the sweet life-giving dew he wants to shower down into you.

So go ahead, dads, and paint easter eggs with your kids. But don't forget to use the paint brush that nature planted between your thighs, to "paint" the eggs of the woman you love, with your warm wonderful life-giving sperm paint. In honor of Ishtar. Our goddess of fertility.
20 Apr 2014 08:24
Some images here get me jealous of what the women are getting to enjoy. But I just saw this in Lush chat room:

And I realized.....I've been there, done that!
19 Apr 2014 21:10
Please sir, may I have a serving or three of that?

19 Apr 2014 18:13
I'm older and have a bush, but her hair color/length/style, her breasts, and her joy in pleasuring herself, all remind me of ....ME!

19 Apr 2014 00:30
Mmmm! I want want WANT it!!! (Damn that lucky little BITCH! lol)

18 Apr 2014 21:19
Hi Big S: My sult you did it again with your a naughty Big sult that your. You made my cock hard again. You do not tell me how NAUGHTY & how SUPER SEXY you have under your work clothing . I would had you do real slow stripe teas for me & help my little guy to get biggerer before ass hole husbend home from the store. Ty what you have writen & the pic of your hot brathat you nipple can't stay in his home LUV YOUR LITTLE B.
16 Apr 2014 05:58
Thats how i wanna touch u
16 Apr 2014 04:10
I love the sexy way you always are
16 Apr 2014 04:05
15 Apr 2014 23:29
Victoria can keep her damned secret...her lingerie costs too much anyway!

Kat's Secret is I like to wear stuff like this under my work clothes. I'm the only who knows I'm being sexy and naughty under my work outfit. My secret feels delicious. And when I get home alone in my room after work, I can shed the corporate uniform and just be my sexy self.

15 Apr 2014 20:28
15 Apr 2014 16:54
More midday daydream

14 Apr 2014 18:59
mmmm, a sweet midday dream:

14 Apr 2014 18:34
love the kiss wolverine
14 Apr 2014 18:33
14 Apr 2014 17:47
14 Apr 2014 17:46
Threesome Sunday....photo #19

Dave? Dave, Dave, DAVE! Wake UP, Dave! We gotta get Kat home, before her husband gets home and notices she's out. Wake UP, Dave!

14 Apr 2014 12:22
Threesome Sunday....photo #18

This photo wraps up the tale....for now, at least. I may post more on this 8 hour adventure some other day. Hope you all are enjoying this!

14 Apr 2014 11:42
Threesome Sunday....photo #17

Justine watched hungrily as I cleaned off her juices, and Dave's, from this amazingly STILL hard cock!

She kissed my mouth hard, hotly, swapping tongues.

When she backed off of that hot kiss, the circle of our threesome was now complete. What joined her to me now wasn't any part of her body, or of mine, but a single thick strand of Dave's yummy come between my mouth and hers!

I'll say it again...Justy and I are the two luckiest women on earth!

14 Apr 2014 11:39
Threesome Sunday....photo #16

After giving Dave about 15 minutes to catch his breath from exploding twice in my mouth, Justy began rocking the outside of her hungry pussy hard along the whole length of his beautiful cock. He had softened only a little, and now his raging hard-on was back with a vengeance.

She hungrily grabbed that beautiful cock of his and slipped her open and wet pussy slowly down over him, taking a hot ride that had her smiling and moaning.

He came hard, deep into her, and then she climbed off his lap. She squeezed her pussy muscles very tight, so as to keep every last precious drop of Dave Juice locked up deep inside of herself.

My caption I added on this photo tells what happened next.

14 Apr 2014 11:31
Threesome Sunday....photo #15

After all three of us showered from all that intense and joyous banging, we looked for new ways to have fun.

Justine got things started again when she hopped on Dave's lap and rocked herself happily back and forth on him. Dave slid a couple of fingers into her, which made them both moan.

Dave's cock was just sitting there, all big and hard and beautiful, and not being put to good use. So what was I (a woman with a healthy sexual appetite, not screwed up by religious brainwashing) supposed to do? Of COURSE I took advantage of this sweet opportunity to feel and taste him in my mouth again! Mmmmmm!

The stereo squishing noises from Justy's pussy and mine, and my hungry sucking, soon had the desired result: Dave throbbed mightily and shot a sweet load on my tongue. Then he fired a second blast, hard against the back of my throat. Mmmmmmmmm! Ssssooooo good!!!!

A moment after his second explosion, Justy shuddered from head to toe, and she came hard, all over Dave's hand!

The trio of happy moans I think could be heard on the other side of the country!

14 Apr 2014 11:17
Threesome Sunday....photo #14

14 Apr 2014 10:26
Threesome Sunday....photo #13

I'm at right, freshly banged and my pussy just sssoooo full of Dave's come -- and clearly I'm very happy, although collapsing in exhaustion.

Justine is at left - look at how happy she is, knowing she's about to get HER turn!

Forget what u think about Dave being lucky. His cock is taking VERY good care of us...BOTH of us....we are DEFINITELY the lucky ones here!!!

14 Apr 2014 10:25
Threesome Sunday....photo #12

I'm at left. At lower left, you can see Dave's big beautiful hard cock slowly and wonderfully and lovingly banging me. The photo can't begin to convey how very very VERY good this felt to me. Justine, at right, has jammed a finger into herself while rubbing her own clit, until it's HER turn to get stuffed all full of Dave's wonderful cock!

14 Apr 2014 09:44
Threesome Sunday....photo #11

14 Apr 2014 09:21
Threesome Sunday....photo #10

14 Apr 2014 08:26
Threesome Sunday....photo #9

Just in case I had forgotten - in the previous 15 minutes, since I was lucky enough to swallow down two HUGE warm loads of sweet Dave Juice - Justy and Dave reminded me once again that I'm THE luckiest woman in the universe. Dave's tongue drove my g-spot to total erotic ecstasy, while Justy happily and hungrily and lovingly licked at my THROBBING little clit!

You men - who mistakenly think sex is all about YOU - can say all you want to how you think Dave is lucky to get to take me to bed. But I think this photo shows once and for all who's the LUCKY one here! You men have no IDEA the intensity when a woman orgasms from her g-spot AND her clit at the exact same moment! Justy and Dave made that happen yesterday!!!

Yes, I was definitely the lucky one at this magical moment!

14 Apr 2014 08:19
Threesome Sunday....photo #8

As I sucked hungrily and powerfully on Dave, he began to moan as loudly as I was moaning. I was sucking him for MY enjoyment, but I was also very happy and pleased that he enjoys my hungry cock sucking so much, too. To me, it's a genuine HONOR to be the woman who brings so much pleasure to such a wonderful cock.

SQUISH! Justine's pussy practically shouted now, as she watched me devour Dave.

I knew I could never be so mean and so greedy as to cut my darling Justine out of enjoying the pleasures of Dave's beautiful throbbing cock.

So, tough as it was for me to release that sweet cock out of my throat, I backed off. And I contented myself now with licking the most perfect cock head in the universe, while Justy joyously licked his very thick shaft.

Look at how totally happy we two horny little sluts are here! I wish you could have heard the joyous chorus of loud squishing echoing out of BOTH our pussies at this point! Because not only were our mouths both thoroughly enjoying Dave, but our wet, hairy, cock-hungry pussies both knew and understood that, before this day was through, this beautiful and enormous cock was going to be gently and lovingly, yet powerfully, stuffing its way deep into BOTH of us! And that happy knowledge reaffirmed our belief that we are the two LUCKIEST women in the whole wide world!


14 Apr 2014 04:32
Threesome Sunday....photo #7

"He's YOUR boyfriend," Justy whispered erotically. "It's only right that you should get to taste Dave FIRST!"

Normally, I would insist that my beloved Justy have the first taste. But I was ravenously hungry to suck on my man now, so I wasn't about to argue with Justy's very generous offer.

I damn near unhinged my jaw as I began to hungrily suck Dave's totally gorgeous 2-inch diameter (not circumference), powerfully throbbing beast of a cock into my mouth, while Justy watched just millimeters away.

Justy's sweet and tasty little pussy let out another eager and loud SQUISH! of intense sexual desire, as she watched me suck Dave with an intense hunger. Her obvious arousal only made me suck on my Dave even MORE hungrily!

14 Apr 2014 04:14
Threesome Sunday....photo #6

We told Dave to lie down naked, flat on his back on the floor.

On our hands and knees, Justy and I began crawling our way up Dave's legs.

"I hope you're ready for this," I smiled at my sexy, naked boyfriend and his absolutely beautiful 8-inch hard-on. "You have two naked, very horny, cock-hungry little SLUTS here in this motel room with you--and we both intend to completely DEVOUR you!"

Licking her lips, Justy called out "Mmmmm!" in total agreement with this plan, as we both eagerly and hungrily crawled our way toward sucking the living HELL out of him now.

14 Apr 2014 03:45
Threesome Sunday....photo #5

As Justy and I kissed hotly, Dave piped up:"Hey, there's a third naked person in this room! Did you forget about me?"

So we broke our kiss.

Does anyone else here remember the chipmunks from old Warner Brothers (Bugs Bunny) cartoons? No, not Alvin and the Chipmunks. These two had sort-of British accents. Well, anyway, I turned to Justy and asked her the line chimpmunk #1 would always ask in the WB cartoons: "Shall we?"

And Justy answered with cartoon chipmunk #2's standard reply: "Yes. Yes, I think we shall!"

14 Apr 2014 03:31
Threesome Sunday....photo #4

Justy's tongue felt ssssoooooo good as it began to slither its way lovingly into my mouth....and i LOVED the feel of her bare breasts against mine, too! We were hot hot hot HOT...for each OTHER!

13 Apr 2014 23:48
Threesome Sunday....photo #3

Thank you, Justy, for buying me my very own Slut Suit. And in my favorite baby-blue color, too!

Than YOU, Kat....for modeling it for me....you have me so turned on right now!

Are you kidding me, Justy? The sound and the scent of your excited pussy has me ready to COME already!

We threw our arms around each other and kissed hungrily. I'm the darker haired one at left (my 1/2 Native American heritage showing through).

13 Apr 2014 23:21
Threesome Sunday....photo #2

Dave, Justy, and I met up at our motel at 10 am today (4/13/2014) as planned, and that's when Justy gave me the gift I showed you in my previous photo, just below this one.

In our motel room bathroom, I changed into the sexy baby blue outfit that Justy had bought for me. When I emerged from the bathroom, Justy and Dave were hungrily stripping each other. When I knelt on the bed and began dancing sexily for them, they just stood there naked, watching me seduce them both.

Dave grabbed the camera and began rapid fire photography of every sway of my hip, and every rub of my hands over my very turned-on body. I compiled several of his photos into this short animated gif image.

As I danced for them both, Dave's cock was growing very long, very thick, and ssooooooo hard, from its soft 4" to its full 8" long x 2" diameter (across, not circumference). Watching him grow and harden made me dance even more erotically on the bed.

I noticed that Justy's nipples were getting hard, which also increased the eroticism I put into my dancing on the motel room bed.

Justy kept turning her head to watch me dance sexily, and to watch Dave's cock grow.

When I heard a very loud SQUISH! emanating from deep inside Justy's sweet pussy, and smelled the sweet perfume of her arousal, I knew it was time to start what would be 8 hours of wonderful WONDERFUL sex between the three of us!

Here is the gif of my bed dancing this morning.

Well, 8 hours of SWEET loving sex have left me very tired (and of course VERY happy). So I'll stop here, and I'll post more photos from today another time.

13 Apr 2014 21:00
Threesome Sunday....photo #1

13 Apr 2014 20:33
I wrote a comment on your valentine 2013 pic # 41of 99. I hope you like what I said .
13 Apr 2014 17:15
Thanks for the add Kat, I appreciate it. Next time you want a well built man under you to wriggle against, just give me a call! xxx
13 Apr 2014 17:06
Ty for the add Kat
13 Apr 2014 06:36
Sometimes it really doesn't take much. The feel of my bush rubbing the sheet as I wriggled, and imaging a very well built man under me, got me through two VERY nice orgasms tonight!

11 Apr 2014 22:53
You are right ... the combination of black lingerie, black hair and lovely pale skin is a winning look for Justine.
10 Apr 2014 20:06
Just as Justy knew I would look very sexy in red lingerie (see my previous post) instead of my usual baby blue bras and panties, last weekend (and she was right), so too did I know Justy would look AMAZING in the black satin and lace outfit I bought her (and gave to her today, April 10), instead of her usual red lingerie (red looks VERY good on her!). We had lunch at a very nice restaurant today, and then I gave her this outfit; she modeled it for me and danced in it on the bed.....and then she was my DESSERT!!!! I think I made absolutely the right choice of lingerie to look hot hot HOT on her!

10 Apr 2014 19:15
By years of experience, I know that baby blue lingerie looks very good against my skin tone. And my girlfriend very much likes how that color looks on me. But on April 5, 2014, Justine switched it up and gave me this red and pink lingerie. She told me I look very sexy in it, and the way she couldn't keep her eyes of of me--or her hands or her tongue--made me FEEL very sexy, too!

10 Apr 2014 19:05
All day yesterday (Sunday), I was intensely horny. Fingers and toys just wouldn't do it....they aren't throbbing fleshy cocks, and they can't explode warm thick come deep into me. That's what I wanted, what I needed. So this morning (Monday), before work, I knocked on my boyfriend's door, and finally, FINALLY i got what I wanted, what I needed, as Dave stuffed me ALL full of his wonderful 8" cock...for the first time in 11 days! And then he exploded and fed my hungry starving pussy....3 times! Mmmm! I feel much MUCH better now!

I made these B&W, that's more sensuous and erotic to fit the eroticism of this morning.

07 Apr 2014 19:24
11 days without a cock in me is way too damned long! Since I woke up at 6:00 this morning, all I've been able to think about is how much I need a long thick hard cock to slide slowly and deeply into me. I haven't been able to keep my fingers off of or out of my pussy, but it's NO help. Fingers, vibrator, they cannot explode warm thick come into me.....only a man can do that, and that's what I need. My boyfriend doesn't know it yet, but first thing tomorrow morning he is ssooooooooooooooo getting ridden.....very VERY hard!

06 Apr 2014 17:08
any time Jeni
06 Apr 2014 17:03
Today is laundry day, I'm down to my last pair of panties. I just reached around behind me and took this selfie in front of the washer and dryer, I knew you guys would love it!

06 Apr 2014 14:51
"....rock me gently, rock me slowly....don't you know, that ... I HAVE NEVER BEEN KISSED LIKE THIS BEFORE!" I think I'm falling in love with you, Justy! Keep kissing me like this, and I am yours. Body, mind, and soul.

06 Apr 2014 06:54
When my trembling pussy, and Justine's quivering pussy, both FINALLY both stopped spasming, I asked Justine if her clit could stand being rubbed by my clit, or of she was too sore from coming so much. She smiled and kissed me softly on my mouth. So I stretched myself on top of her. I had the best view in town as I watched her facial expressions, while I ground my clit HARD into hers. I love that I make her react like this!!!

31 Mar 2014 21:02
I envy this lucky little BITCH!!! LOL

I would LOVE all of that down my throat! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
31 Mar 2014 16:08
Watching, listening to, feeling, smelling, and especially tasting Justine's sweet orgasmic bursts had me horny as HELL! Now it was MY turn to spasm into one loud moaning orgasm after another after another!

31 Mar 2014 15:35
I'm happy and proud to report, that Justine came WAY harder on my face yesterday, than she had on my new vibrator. And that's how it should be, of course: lovers SHOULD enjoy each other a whole lot more than they enjoy toys! I wish there was some way to show in a photo, how DELICIOUS she is, as she bursts joyously onto my happy little taste buds.

31 Mar 2014 10:34
Watching and listening to my darling Justine orgasm yesterday, as I worked my new vibrator on her, made me happy and proud. But I wanted to feel her orgasm on my tongue, and I needed to taste her sweet, warm, flowing girl-come.

31 Mar 2014 10:29
I had slid my new 9" wand completely into her now, and Justine just could NOT stop coming.....and MOANING! I, of course was horny as hell watching and listening to her, inhaling the intoxicating and heavenly scent of her orgasms......and loving every moment of this!

I told Justine to move her hands so my camera could capture how very hard her nipples were, as she endlessly came all over my deeply-buried new vibrator.

30 Mar 2014 21:02
Just as powerful earthquakes are followed by after-shocks, so too was the powerful orgasm me and my new toy gave to Justine....here is my beloved in one of her several after-shock orgasms this afternoon.

30 Mar 2014 20:28
New vibrating wand at half price sale: $25. Gas to and from the sex toy shop: $4. Watching all 5'10" of my darling Justine's luscious body convulse in orgasmic reaction to my new toy's fastest speed: PRICELESS!

30 Mar 2014 18:49
I turned my new wand up to medium, or "Ohhhh!!!" speed as I passed it over Justine's pulsating clit and g-spot, and slipped it very deep into her.

30 Mar 2014 18:42
Yesterday, I showed you three animated gifs of me thoroughly enjoying my new toy. At 10 a.m. this morning, my GFWB (girlfriend with benefits) called me on my cell phone while I was on my way to a flower show. "Whatcha doin' today?" she asked sweetly. I told her about the flower show and she asked if I could pick her up and take her with me. On impulse, I stuffed my new 9" vibrating wand into my purse--I'm sure I didn't expect to use it on Justine at the flower show, but I sure hoped I'd get to use it on her sometime today. On the way to the flower show, she told me she had missed me and couldn't stop thinking about me. After we looked at the flowers and bought a few interesting plants, she invited me back to her place on the pretense of my tasting her new recipe. I told her about my new toy and how it had given me 9 orgasms in 7 hours yesterday. She asked if I would use it on her and I let her see it's in my purse, which lit up her face in a big happy smile. Well, here's my sweet Justine's reaction to my rubbing the wand in and on her at the slowest, or "Mmmmm!" speed.

30 Mar 2014 18:39
30 Mar 2014 11:14
Jeni that looks a lot like me and my girlfriend, except they are younger...we are both brunettes with bushes and love licking each other like that - i love that pic!
30 Mar 2014 10:16
Mmmmm, Jeni I love that last gif, would love to be either of them...if the other woman was you
30 Mar 2014 06:41
You saw Round 1 from around 1:00 this afternoon, and round 2 from around 3:00. I started Round 3 around 6:30 pm, and I let my new toy just build the pleasure deep inside of me, slowly, layer on layer on layer. Until by around 8:00 pm I was just pouring girl come out of me all over the damned place--on my toy, my legs, my bedsheets, my belly.....and my ecstatic moans were audible from several blocks away! My new toy gave me 9 orgasms in 7 hours, and I know I'm going to sleep GOOD tonight!!!

29 Mar 2014 22:13
Well, you saw Round 1 with my new toy, from around 1:00 this afternoon, in the post just below this one. Here's Round 2 .... about 2 hours later:

29 Mar 2014 17:09
My boyfriend Dave is 48, a widower, and he has a daughter who is 23 who still lives in his house. On those weekends when my husband Frank is visiting his brother, as he is today, and if Dave’s daughter is off having fun with her friends, that’s when I get to totally ravage Dave. But this weekend, Dave and his daughter are outdoing father-daughter stuff together. That means I didn’t get to enjoy my Dave’s big beautiful hard cock today.

It has been a cold, miserable, rainy day, kind of lonely and boring. I knew that my favorite sex toy store was having a half-price sale today, so when I got enough of feeling cooped-up in the house, I decided to go check out the sale; I was there when the store door opened at 10:00 a.m..

My gay male “friend,” who is normally the clerk in that store (he has always steered me right on what to buy), wasn’t there today. So, as I was looking at vibrators, a young woman who works there walked up and asked if I like the toy I’m looking at, a very realistic 8” rubber vibrating cock. I told her I already have that exact same model at home, and I was just looking at it and reminiscing about all the pleasure it has brought to me. But the 10” black cock toy next to it looked intriguing, especially that very thick vein molded right into the rubber.

She asked me if she could make a suggestion. She told me she personally liked the golden metal vibrating wand. I told her I like my toys to look and feel like real cocks. “Trust me,” she said, “You’re going to love this one.”

She told me it’s normally $50, but at half price, I could get the wand for $25. She said it has three speeds. She told me she loves it, and that she likes to start off on slow speed, which she called the “Mmmmm!” speed. Once she gets really wet, she’ll turn it up to medium, what she called the “Ohhhh!!!!” speed. When there was no way to hold back orgasm, she would put it on high speed. When she told me what she calls the highest speed, I was convinced, and I bought the gold 3-speed wand.

The moment I got home, I set my camera on the TV table, the lens aimed at me, the auto-timer set to 5-second intervals. And I started out the vibrating wand on “Mmmmm!” speed. After about 10 minutes of slow self-pleasuring, I was ready for “Ohhhhhhh!!!!!” speed. And after about another 20 minutes, I finally did reach the point where I knew I just had to orgasm.

I stitched together the last few photos, vibe on high speed, into an animated gif. I now understand, and I think you can see, why the store clerk calls the gold wand’s fastest setting, the “Oh my god, I just fell deeply in love with a TOY!” speed.

29 Mar 2014 15:42
OMG... Kat.. you have me drinking about you day and night
28 Mar 2014 22:11
28 Mar 2014 22:09
28 Mar 2014 21:25
Isn't a Kat SUPPOSED to swallow a mouse whole? My sweet little mouse-tailed buzzing vibrating egg, working its powerful magic completely inside of this happily purring Kat!

28 Mar 2014 06:48
Dave took these pics as he sat in a chair, as I strip-danced in front of him, in our motel room this afternoon. Soon, we both forget all about the camera - as I led him by the hand to the king-size bed, and then used both of my hands to totally stuff his entire 8 inches into my VERY hungry little pussy. As he slowly but deeply thrusted in and out of me, nothing in this world existed for me but his magnificent cock, my very happy pussy, and my feeling that I must be the luckiest woman in the whole wide world! It still amazes me how incredibly hard the sight of my naked pussy makes Dave, and I'm happy and proud that at 53 I still affect him that way.

27 Mar 2014 20:55
I don't know who she is, but i have GOT to try this move on my boyfriend, i bet it will drive him WILD!

26 Mar 2014 23:13
Eaten to orgasm....part 2

25 Mar 2014 22:37
Eaten to orgasm....part 1

25 Mar 2014 22:09
I think I'm getting addicted to this!!! But look at Dave, can you blame me for always getting so hungry around him?

24 Mar 2014 19:29
Taking matters into my own hands

23 Mar 2014 22:01
Yet another lucky woman that I ssoooooooo wish was me!

22 Mar 2014 18:39
Guys here often ask if I swallow. Yes, of course. Why would I suck him so hungrily and then miss out on the reward, not savor the best part? I also often say I'm a very lucky woman to have a man with a very thick cock who lets me suck on him pretty much WHENEVER i want to! Well, here's my sucking away with my normal ravenous hunger, and Dave giving me the sweet flavor I crave.....Yes, I am indeed VERY lucky!

22 Mar 2014 17:11
Mmmm, this is where I BELONG! Standing nearly naked between my naked Dave's parted legs, his thick cock throbbing in my hand, his big strong hand gently and lovingly massaging my ass. Purrr!!! This is the LIFE!!!

22 Mar 2014 00:49
Sex a-PEEL! After I adjusted my garter belt, Dave was free to peel my panties off of me....all the while, his tongue licked and lapped and swirled.....it never LEFT my wet pussy.....and drove me right to the brink of orgasm! Dave's a good man.....a VERY good man!!! And I'm so lucky he has the hots for me!

19 Mar 2014 20:23
Adjusting my garter belt so Dave can peel me out of my panties....mmmm, he was feasting on me this whole time!!!

18 Mar 2014 23:38
For St. Pat's day, EVERY thing I wore today was green.....EVERY thing!

17 Mar 2014 21:33
This was sent to me and I like it, very erotic

16 Mar 2014 22:16
Just as Justine kept her promise to wear her cute little shorts for me, for us, I showed up for our threesome in the little black miniskirt I had promised to wear for her.....

16 Mar 2014 21:01
OK, OK, after bragging about how cute Justine looked in her little white shorts she wore for our threesome this afternoon, I'm finally giving in and showing the pics I took of her....

16 Mar 2014 20:38
Thanks, Ades35, for posting this...whoever she is, she's a very lucky woman.....

Scroll down a bit and you'll see that so am I!
16 Mar 2014 19:13
Whew! I made it back from my 5-hour threesome with Dave and Justine, before my husband got back from visiting his brother for the day. We took a bunch of photos in our motel room, but this one is my favorite, my Photo of the Day--camera on the dresser using auto-timer and zoom lens. Look at those joyous smiles on Justine's face, and on mine, as Dave throbs SO powerfully against our tongues!!! I wish you could have heard Dave's deep sexy moans......he was enjoying this ALMOST as much as Justine and I were!

16 Mar 2014 18:47
I just can't help it. Dave's cock is just so beautiful....so irresistible....so much fun to suck on...and both his smooth cock flesh, and what explodes out of it, taste so damned GOOD! And mmmm when my hungry sucking makes him moan in that sexy deep masculine baritone of his, I just get sssooooooooooo horny! Not to mention the pride I feel, that I'm the cause of his throbbing hardness and of his loud moaning. At moments like this, I just feel like the luckiest woman on earth!

16 Mar 2014 10:16
It's ssssooooooo hot...and makes me feel so proud...when Dave hardens WHILE he is in my mouth!!! Mmmm, I wish I could freeze that magical moment, and live it forever! I love it!!!

16 Mar 2014 09:24
Naked at a motel swimming pool summer 2013....Showing off how all my bicycling keeps my ass toned and cute....and showing off a lot more, too.

16 Mar 2014 08:54
Dave feeding me yummy and juicy breakfast sausage....

15 Mar 2014 19:38
Dave always holds me so tenderly as he feasts on me

15 Mar 2014 18:32
Dave about to give me what I crave:

15 Mar 2014 17:11
Mmmm! How could any woman in her right mind look at this and NOT get hungry? Wishing I was her!

14 Mar 2014 20:19
Loving the additions to your blog ... great to read the reporting of a sexy afternoon.
14 Mar 2014 06:19
Mmmm, YES, do this to me and I will love you forever!!!

13 Mar 2014 19:05
As the bath water cooled, it was time to get out and dry each other off. Her being 3 inches taller than me might not sound like much, but look at how much longer her gorgeous legs are than mine, her hips and her breasts up higher than mine. Mmmm, I love my tall sexy goddess named Justine! I feel so lucky to be with her.

13 Mar 2014 17:10
We ate each other and ground against each other and kissed and hugged for about 3 hours. Finally, we drew a bath in the motel room and just enjoyed being naked together in the tub. A lot of underwater groping! And washing each other.

13 Mar 2014 17:06
I wrapped my arms and legs around my beloved and flipped us over. Now I was on top. My VERY horny pussy ground hard and hungry on hers now,

13 Mar 2014 17:00
Justine gently pushed me flat on my back and climbed on top of me. Her pussy felt WONDERFUL rocking and rubbing and grinding against mine!

13 Mar 2014 16:57
Now it was my turn to taste my sweet Justine. She is ALWAYS delicious!

13 Mar 2014 16:54
I met up with Justine for lunch at a local restaurant. Then off to the motel room I had booked for us. I started to slowly strip to tease her, but Justine practically tore my clothes off in her hunger to get her tongue on me...and in me! Considering neither of us had ever been with a woman before we met last July, we're getting really good at this!

13 Mar 2014 16:50
Yes, my toy got me to orgasm last night, and I needed that. But it lacked the human closeness of being in each other's arms, of feeling the other person tremble and shudder into intense and uncontrollable orgasm, and knowing that I caused that, that they came because of how I feel about them and how they feel about me. You can't get any of that from a vibrator. no matter how good it may make me feel (and it did feel VERY good to come so hard, all over my buzzing 8-inch "friend" last night!)

So I have arranged to have lunch with my girlfriend Justine today. We are meeting up at a motel, we might get back to work late, we intend to take our time exploring and enjoying each other. We haven't made love together in nearly two weeks now.

Last night I was watching this HOT little video repeatedly:


until it and my toy got me off powerfully. It took 3 orgasms to FINALLY calm me down and drain me of all of my lust last night.

Today, I intend to create that same intense heat, that same unstoppable and urgent passion for each other, that same true joy taken in each other, as in the video, but with my Justine. I just know what we will do, will make the video pale by comparison!
13 Mar 2014 08:05
OK, well my nipples are hard as pebbles and my pussy is drenched in hot lust, and I'm not with either of my lovers tonight....so I'm off to pleasure myself with my 8" vibe, 1 until I come very hard, and 2 until I'm drained and contented and relaxed, and 3 until I fall deeply and peacefully asleep. Good night, all!

12 Mar 2014 22:07
12 Mar 2014 20:32
Now this is more like it! Out of my work clothes. Forgetting all about the daily grind at work. Stretched out named on my bed, reading erotic stories on my laptop and letting myself slowly get aroused. This is the LIFE!!!

12 Mar 2014 18:50
This is the way I suck cock, too: Very slowly, savoring every moment, letting myself thoroughly enjoy him. No hurry. He'll give me the come I crave when the time is right, meanwhile I'm loving his every throb in my mouth....

12 Mar 2014 17:30
It's sssssooooooooo good to be home from work, and to finally free The Girls from the confinement of my blouse! I feel so much better like this.

12 Mar 2014 17:23
I stopped by my boyfriend's house on my way to work again this morning, to have breakfast with him. Or should I say, I had Dave FOR breakfast! I think I'm going to start calling my Dave "Campbell's".....because he's so Mmmm! Mmmm! Good!!!!

12 Mar 2014 08:17
Last photo from yesterday: My "please bang me HARD" shirt paired with Dave's loaned jeans that normally hold his beautiful cock.....the PERFECT outfit! And I feel so sexy wearing it! Well, almost wearing it LOL

11 Mar 2014 17:16
Mmmmm! I want that!!!! He looks YUMMY!!!!

10 Mar 2014 23:07
Oh HELL yes, I could happily suck on that all day every day....she's SO lucky!!!!

10 Mar 2014 23:04
Not me....wish it WAS! My totally FAVORITE position!!!

But no complaints here....I was taken from behind just this morning and I'm still glowing!!!
10 Mar 2014 22:20
In the ladies room at work. it dawned on me that normally, tucked safely under the jeans I had on at that very moment, wasn't my come-filled pussy like now, but usually Dave's big BEAUTIFUL cock! That happy thought, that the denim that had so often wrapped around his magnificent cock was now hiding my just-banged pussy from view, quickly got me going again, and I shoved my hand down the front of my jeans--i mean Dave's jeans on me. But my fingers touched Dave's come in me, so I quickly stopped. I wasn't about to let even one precious drop of Dave juice leak out of me.

So I went back to my desk and TRIED to work. I just couldn't stop thinking about Dave sliding through my ass and DEEP into my wet, tight, hungry pussy. Then with a powerful throb, EXPLODING come deep into me....TWICE!!! With my breasts MASHED hard into his couch as he relentlessly pounded me from behind. Dave had been sssooooooo right, that was a MUCH better idea than me riding him!

At one point, my boss passed my desk and asked me why I keep purring! LOL

10 Mar 2014 21:09
By the time we were done, I had drenched his cock in 4 of my orgasms, and he had exploded two TREMENDOUS loads of man-milk deep into my pussy.

"I hate to tell you this, Kat. But we're both late for work now!"

"Work! Oh hell, what am I going to do?"

"What's the matter, my sweet?" Dave asked solicitously.

"I didn't think this thing through. All I could think about was how much I need your wonderful cock in me. You probably noticed I came over here on only my shirt! I totally forgot to bring pants or a skirt. I can't go to the office like this!

"Well, you could borrow a pair of my jeans."

And I drove off to work in Dave's jeans, and just underneath, with my pussy full to overflowing with Dave's warm, sticky, WONDERFUL come!!!

It was better than any of my fantasies that had been keeping me horny all this past weekend!

Thank you, Dave. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. Thank you just for being YOU!
10 Mar 2014 20:56
OMG Kat, you are so sexy. What a great way to start a work week.
10 Mar 2014 20:37
Finally, he stepped up behind me, and I knew I was about to get an AMAZING banging!

"Take me from behind!" I purred happily. "Take me deep, take me HARD! Don't stop until every last DROP has drained out of your balls, deep up into ME!!!"

"Yes, MA'AM!" Dave laughed, as my left hand and his right hand began to work his enormous cock through my naked ass and straight into my tight, wet, VERY hungry pussy! Finally, after 9 days without, FINALLY my man was BANGING me again! As he throbbed powerfully and thrusted deeply, mashing my breasts hard into his couch, all I could say, over and over and over again, was "Yes, yes, YES!!!!"

10 Mar 2014 19:53
Dave just stood there behind me for the longest time, gazing hungrily, adoringly, through my ass cheeks, at my naked and desperately horny pussy

10 Mar 2014 19:45
"So what's this great idea of yours?" I whispered, already sensing the answer.

"Show me how wet you are for my cock," Dave whispered in that impossibly sexy deep baritone masculine voice of his.

10 Mar 2014 19:40
Dave looked at me, naked and horny, begging him to let me ride him.

And he whispered, "No."

"You're saying no to banging my hungry pussy?" I pouted.

"I'm saying no to getting under you on the couch," Dave grinned. "I have a MUCH better idea!"

"Oh?" I asked, intrigued. "What's this better idea of yours?"

"Well, for starters, Kathy, stand up so I can look at that spectacular ass of yours!"

Now, how could I refuse a request like THAT?

10 Mar 2014 19:37
Dave looked at me, naked and horny, begging him to let me ride him.

And he whispered, "No."

"You're saying no to banging my hungry pussy?" I pouted.

"I'm saying no to getting under you on the couch," Dave grinned. "I have a MUCH better idea!"

"Oh?" I asked, intrigued. "What's this better idea of yours?"

"Well, for starters, Kathy, stand up so I can look at that spectacular ass of yours!"

Now, how could I refuse a request like THAT?
10 Mar 2014 19:34
I watched in total lust as Dave stripped himself seductively in front of me. Off came the shirt. Off came the shoes. Off came the belt. Finally, off came the pants, revealing his whole AMAZING 8 inches throbbing like MAD! I was drooling from BOTH sets of my lips now!!!

"Come lie down on the couch!" I grinned. "I'm going to ride the HELL out of you! I want you to drain your balls completely up into me!"

10 Mar 2014 19:30
Dave leaned in, I thought to eat my intensely horny pussy. But he surprised me. He unbuttoned the only closed button on my shirt, and he slid its sleeves completely off my arms. He tossed my shirt on the floor, next to my shoes. I was now COMPLETELY naked on my man's couch! And we were both getting hornier by the second!

10 Mar 2014 19:26
"Take off your shoes," Dave instructed me.

"Really? I just came hard right in front of you, I'm BEGGING to ride you, and you're worried about my SHOES?"

"It's just that I want to feel your bare feet on my shoulders," he grinned, "while I feast on your sweet pussy!"

That sounded GREAT to me! His tongue and lips and teeth know EXACTLY how to work me into a perfect and intense erotic frenzy!!! So I bared my feet for him.

But I was a little nervous. Having just come, and come HARD, would I be able to feed his hunger with as much Kat juice as he clearly was craving to drink down?

10 Mar 2014 19:21
"Well," Dave smiled, "we'll just have to remedy THAT!"

"Mmmmm!" I purred. "I was HOPING you'd say that!" I opened my pussy to show Dave how wet I was. But I'd been planning to ride him for two whole days, and now that I was about to ride him, I couldn't hold back any longer. I tossed my head back, and with a VERY loud moan, I came hard as he watched! He hadn't even TOUCHED me yet and here I was flowing a puddly mess onto his couch already!!!

10 Mar 2014 19:14
Seeing that Dave was finally coming out of the trance the sight of my naked pussy had put him in, I smiled up at him from his couch. "You know," I softly whispered, "with that damned cold I had all week, it's been nine whole DAYS since you last slid your big, beautiful cock into my hungry little pussy!"

10 Mar 2014 19:08
Thank u dik727

This morning went MUCH better than I had dared to hope. I drove over to my boyfriend's house in JUST that shirt. Well, I did have to wear shoes to drive.

I knocked on Dave's door and he let me in. As In stood mostly naked in front of him, he couldn't take his eyes off my bare bush and exposed cleavage. So I took advantage of his momentary stunned silence to go sit down on his couch, before he could come to his senses and make the first move. I wanted to be in control, to be the seducer.

10 Mar 2014 19:04

You have got to be the most honest and open person I ever met you let your true feelings laid right out there on your sleeve and tell it like it is. So sexy and sure say what you want and need and really can show your satisfaction and ready to please your lover at the time. I would love spending time with you. You might kill me but what a way to go with someone as hot and honest and sexy as you are.
10 Mar 2014 14:20
I'm getting ready to go over to my boyfriend's in about an hour. I haven't had a good banging in 9 days. I'm hoping that wearing this - and only this - will make him want to bang me deep and hard. I want to go to work today with his balls completely drained up into me. I'm kind of nervous that my seduction plan (which I've been scheming without his knowledge for 2 whole days now) will work. Wish me luck!

10 Mar 2014 05:45
If you knew how much this moment means to me
And how long I've waited for your touch.
If you knew how happy you are making me.
Feels like home to me

09 Mar 2014 21:22
09 Mar 2014 19:57
Tomorrow morning I plan to STUFF myself full of Dave!

09 Mar 2014 19:42
Yes, please please, PLEASE.... i want to be her!
09 Mar 2014 17:11
I love this photo, no not me, but i know what this woman is feeling. i've had a cold and can't risk spreading it to my boyfriend, so i've been doing pretty much like her all weekend, just to relieve my unrelenting horniness, which I'm afraid just won't go away until I get to ride him again.

09 Mar 2014 17:01
09 Mar 2014 15:55
09 Mar 2014 15:30

for reading my story !
08 Mar 2014 09:29
08 Mar 2014 06:19
I want......i NEED....a cock in me this morning! A big, thick, beautiful, hard, throbbing cock....covered all over in a spidery network of beautiful pulsating veins....slowly thrusting in and out of me....in and out, in and out....slowly, gently, deeply, lovingly....slow, deep, hard, gentle banging.....gentle and slow yet powerful pounding....and oh so lovingly....oh yeah, right THERE! Mmmmm, YES!!! I'm so damned f'ing horny this morning. I need COCK, damn it!!!!!

08 Mar 2014 05:51

Wish we could play😉
08 Mar 2014 04:44
Good morning!!!

08 Mar 2014 03:32
I wish I had someone to play with

07 Mar 2014 23:14
I'm still fighting a cold tonight, but I can actually taste food again (spicy chicken for dinner tonight), and I'm my usual playful self again as you can see, sitting here in bra and panties and ogling hard cock as usual LOL and starting to drool out both sets of my lips

07 Mar 2014 21:51
I want to be HER......or should I say, I want to be her AGAIN! I can't WAIT to get over this damned miserable cold and taste the best part of my sweet Dave again!!!!!!!!

06 Mar 2014 20:50
01 Mar 2014 23:15
What a damn tease he is!!

I would never let a guy get away with this....I would just grab and gobble!!! LOL
01 Mar 2014 21:46
My boyfriend cleaning me up afterward

01 Mar 2014 21:37
Oh HELL yes, i want to be her!!!!!

01 Mar 2014 21:13
Wow! Friday morning was just AMAZING! On my way to work, I stopped at my boyfriend Dave's house. I knocked on his door, and when he opened it, I told him I needed to suck his cock. I led him by his hand to his bedroom and I stripped him, licked him, and gobbled him. I was rewarded with two delicious mouthfuls of Dave Juice.

As Dave held me, both of us naked, his doorbell rang. I told him to ignore it, but he said he had a neighbor coming over who he had promised to help with a financial/legal problem (Dave is brilliant about such stuff). So Dave slipped into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and answered the door.

Still naked, I peered out the bedroom door to see who it was. To my surprise and delight, it wasn't his neighbor. It was my girlfriend Justine. She and I have spent many a fun hour in 69, and I've shared Dave with her a few times. I heard Justine say "I can't get your beautiful cock off my mind this morning!"

I beamed with pride that MY boyfriend had made her cock-hungry that morning. But I was also a little steamed that Justine was trying to go solo with my boyfriend, without me.

I stepped out of Dave's bedroom, naked, and grinned at Justine. "You're too late! I just sucked him dry less than 10 minutes ago. His balls have nothing left to give you. I drank it all down!"

"We'll just see about that!" Justine grinned, unzipping a flaccid Dave.

"I know how to get him hard again real fast," I laughed.

Justine was on the same wavelength as me. She stripped and locked us into a 69.

As Justine and I shivered and came hard on each other's face, we noticed that Dave was hard as a rock.

As Justine opened her mouth wide to suck hungrily on my boyfriend, I noticed that his cock was still slick with my saliva and the residue of the come he had pumped down my throat about half an hour earlier. I just HAD to take a photo of that, to memorialize this moment forever!

I hope you guys like this photo of my two lovers enjoying each other! I sure loved watching them go at it!!!

01 Mar 2014 18:15
I can TOTALLY understand her cock hunger here.... his thick hardness is SO beautiful, and he makes love so slowly and sweetly. PLEASE can i have this???? PLEASE????????????????????? Her big sister is just gonna have to share him, he's too wonderful to keep to just one woman!

23 Feb 2014 18:55

23 Feb 2014 18:40
oh harddidk i love this one:

and this:

and I especially this one, this is SO something I would do:

23 Feb 2014 12:47
A stiff cock has no conscience and a wet pussy offers no resistance

23 Feb 2014 12:20
23 Feb 2014 12:20
Yesterday, my husband was out of town and so was my boyfriend's daughter. So I got to spend ALL day yesterday with Dave on his living room couch.

So....what do you guys think? Am I the luckiest little slut in the whole universe, or what?

23 Feb 2014 11:53

love your comment about slow, savoured sex, KatR, thanks for the pic, i believe Master At Arms will enjoy this too
20 Feb 2014 03:18
Mmmm! Lucky little bitch!!!

19 Feb 2014 22:17
Slow, savored sex! Is there any other kind?

19 Feb 2014 22:06
Me.....completely STUFFED!!! Mmmmmm!!!!!

19 Feb 2014 21:41
This is all ME: I had just been eaten but his cock had yet to enter me!!

19 Feb 2014 21:35
Found this on another Lush member's profile and I think this sssooo sweet and wonderfully erotic:
19 Feb 2014 21:30
YES! I want...no make that i NEED...to be drilled like her! YES!! PLEASE??????

18 Feb 2014 21:28

Mr Sandman, bring me a dream, give him skilled fingers that make me want to scream, give him a tongue that makes me pour out thick cream , Mr Sandman won't you please please bring reality from this dream?
17 Feb 2014 20:57
Where are these women finding these amazing guys like this one?

In my whole lief I've met only 3 men who were amazing lovers like this guy....where are they all hiding?
17 Feb 2014 20:24
well, harddick, out of all of those, these are the ones I like--all slow and gentle and loving, how I like it, I don't care for it rough:

17 Feb 2014 16:52
More sex ed 101: how I like to be held while you eat me:

PAY ATTENTION! This is how to do it RIGHT!
17 Feb 2014 16:46
Please oh please oh PLEASE may i?

Feed me this way....PLEASE?
15 Feb 2014 23:16
Forget candy and flowers for Valentine's Day....THIS is the right way to show a woman you truly love her!
15 Feb 2014 22:59
more sex ed 101: let her enjoy you like this for as long as she wants to (which for me would be a good 15 to 20 minutes) , before you try to push into her pussy. again, this is an event where the fastest guy LOSES
15 Feb 2014 22:39
Are you paying attention guys? THIS is how I like to be banged:

Slow, gentle, thick cock easing deep in, me on top and in control and then losing all control in a slow ooze down your entire cock. Sex is to be slow and savored and intimate and NEVER rushed and never rough. Just like this!!! ARE YOU LISTENING???? This is how to do it, Basic Sex 101.
15 Feb 2014 22:30
oh please oh please can OI trade places with her for about two hours? YUM!!!

15 Feb 2014 16:49
This young girls today don';t know how lucky they are, men of my day never let me
do anything like this, I never had fun like her:
15 Feb 2014 16:45
casualguy i hope you are offering to feed the hunger i think you're talking about!
13 Feb 2014 19:04
Best photo ever...I agree. Makes me want to straddle the tub and feed you..
13 Feb 2014 05:41

12 Feb 2014 00:42
Yes yes YES!! GIMME!!!!

12 Feb 2014 00:36

This is making me HUNGRY!!!! Ssssssoooooooooooooo hungry!
12 Feb 2014 00:23
Best photo of me EVER!

12 Feb 2014 00:11
TAKE me!!!

11 Feb 2014 23:59

Oh yeah, totally beautiful cock, I don't blame her at all for sucking so hungrily, I would too!
11 Feb 2014 23:58
Cowboys may die with their boots on, but on Sunday I fucked with my boots on! LOL
11 Feb 2014 23:52
11 Feb 2014 23:34
Experimental post

11 Feb 2014 23:28
Oh to have a man reward my cock hunger like this!! Mmmmmm!
11 Feb 2014 23:00
One of my friends her on Lush shared this beautiful sexy erotic photo with me last night:
My first reaction was to be ssoooooooooo jealous of her! Look at how much big, thick, beautiful hard cock she gets to suck on.....and I don't! But then I realized, 1 to 3 times week for the last 2 years, I get to suck on all of THIS:
So let the girl in that photo be jealous of ME!!! I can suck on my Dave pretty much whenever I want to. That makes me one of the luckiest women on Earth.
One of the things here on Lush that has been a true eye opener for me is guys who complain that their girlfriends refuse to suck their cocks. What's wrong with these women? Don't they know, don't they understand, that feeling a man you care about, throbbing into wonderful and beautiful thick hardness in your mouth, feeling and tasting him explode on your tongue, swallowing all that warm goo and feeling his love and adoration in liquid form slide so slowly and so thickly down the back of your throat, it's all one of the greatest joys mother nature has granted to us women? Not to mention a great boost to your ego to be the cause of his condition! Why would you voluntarily forgo one of life's greatest pleasures arranged for us women to enjoy?
11 Feb 2014 05:57
I am sssooooooooooo damned jealous of her! YUMMMMM!!!!!

10 Feb 2014 21:32

join with me in chat kat.....
09 Feb 2014 20:45
Mmmm, I want I want I want! He looks so YUM!!!!

09 Feb 2014 08:37

I started at 12 noon, just play play PLAY all day, off and on, still at it, 9:00 pm
08 Feb 2014 22:25
Oh wow, for first time ever I'm a featured member on home page!!!!
08 Feb 2014 20:49

6 pm Still wet and still having fun
08 Feb 2014 18:28

OMFG! Yes, PLEASE!!! Gimme that!!!!!!
08 Feb 2014 16:28

That last photo below was me at 12:00 noon today, very very cock hungry and frustrated as hell because I can't be with my lover today. I then got into a very erotic 2-hour online conversation with a wonderful sweet sexy man here at Lush, he is possesed of a totally beautiful 10 inch cock that he showed me a HOT photo of ..... and while chatting with him, my fingers got very busy, as his sexy words heated me up to the boiling-over point and way beyond. Well, this is me at 2:00 today, just two hours after the first desperately horny photo, yes that's me just POURING my own lust juice in intense reaction to all that he said.....it wouldn't STOP! .... but sadly, STILL no cock to pour it onto! But anyway, thank you, thank you, THANK you....you know who you are....this felt sssooooooooo good!!!! YOU did this to me, and I thank you for that! MWAH!!!!
08 Feb 2014 15:16

Will NOBODY help me this afternoon? I am a woman in NEED!!!!! HELP me! Please?????
08 Feb 2014 12:06
My newest friend on this site, Alexa Fox, posted this image that I can't stop staring at. I'm just so damned hungry right now!!! http://www.lushstories.com/alexafox/images/25
05 Feb 2014 22:17
Just took this at request of a friend here at Lush
02 Feb 2014 16:07
This is one luck woman! I kind of envy her!!!

02 Feb 2014 14:45
Oh, ert398, I love this one:

Her expression of joy and admiration is so how I feel when I'm lucky enough to be in a similar situation like her!
02 Feb 2014 14:13
02 Feb 2014 12:14

Mmmm, ert398 she's a very lucky woman....I'd be smiling too!!!
01 Feb 2014 12:33
hi, so I guess you want to know about last Saturday?
well, do you know that I'm in a bad marriage to Frank but take lovers on the side? i've had an affair with Dave for almost 2 years now
last July I met an amazing woman named Justine when we were both trying on naughty lingerie to wear for our boyfriends, and started an affair with her as well, my first ever with another woman
so every once in a while Justine and I share Dave
but justine also has a boyfriend, he doesn't know about me or about Dave
or well he didn't until last saturday
so Dave and I went to a restaurant to get a bite to eat for energy before heading off to a few hours in a motel
so who should be at a nearby table but Justine and her boyfriend?
now there's no way either of us could be in such close proximity without Justine and me kissing passionately, we just can't resist each other
Dave having stuffed Justine real deep (he is amazing!) a few times when we three were together, also received a sweet friendly kiss from Justine
well Justine's boyfriend wanted to know what the hell was going on
so Justine and I decided to get a bit playful and have some fun with my boyfriend and her boyfriend
we kind of dared each other which of us could be more seductive
so I went first, I unbuttoned m blouse and as I sat down all kind of innocently I let my blouse gap open to show my lacy baby-blue bra
Justine then unbuttoned and sat down, showing her bright red soft cotton bra. her beautiful breasts are much bigger and rounder than mine, and she leaned back to let her blouse gap wide and really show them off
so our very young (under 25) waitress comes by and sees us on open blouses and our boyfriends' eyes bugging out and she asks if she can join in our fun.
she unbuttons and has this cute pink bra on!
I decide it's my turn to seduce again and I tuck my bra under my breasts. My breasts aren't especially big but I have very long nipples that Dave & Justine both love to suck on.
so the waitress tucks her pink bra under her breasts too. Hers are even smaller than mine but her nipples make mine look small!
the bus boy comes running out and says only he should be seeing his girlfriend's (the waitress) breasts
to defuse the situation, Justine untucks her enormous breasts.
"You win, baby!" I kiss Justine's mouth hotly. "You're definitely the sexiest person here!"
The bus boy squawks at this. "Hey, no fair, you're only looking at the women! I'm told I'm pretty sexy too."
"Yes you are!" the waitress smiles, unbuttoning his shirt to show us his fine young chiseled male chest.
Justine's boyfriend takes his shirt off, and being older he has a more developed muscular chest, and I can see why Justine has been with him for a while now.
Dave unzips his pants and says "I win!" as his full 8 inch length and nearly 2" diameter plops out all red and hard and thick and beautiful and throbbing.
The waitress' eyes bug out and she licks her lips. "Oh, but it's too MUCH! It's more than a girl can suck!"
"More than a GIRL can suck, true!" I giggle. "It takes a WOMAN to work it all down her throat!"
"Bullshit!" the waitress laughs.
So I proceed to kiss and lick all over Dave’s big, beautiful tree trunk of a cock and slowly work it into my mouth and down my throat, until after a very long while of working him over and sucking hungrily, I’m rewarded with a powerful and tasty explosion down my throat to fill my tummy.
The waitress notices a stray drop streaming down my chin and the big happy satisfied smile lighting up my face.
“That looks so delicious!” the waitress looks jealously at me.
“I can tell you first hand, it is!” Justine offers. “Yummy!”
This whole thing is still freaking out Justine's boyfriend and the busboy. They don’t like being shown-up by an older guy who is more man than both of them put together.
The waitress excuses herself, and drags the busboy by the hand to the lady's room, and we all hear her stage whisper "I want you, baby....NOW!"
I know the two restaurant employees are going to be just fine.
Justine and her boyfriend, not so much. She tells him she likes him and cares about him, but right now there’s NO way she's not going to join me and Dave in our motel for the whole afternoon. With a tongue kiss, she promises her boyfriend that if he doesn't sulk about her choice to go with us and not with him, later tonight she'll give him a blowjob he will NEVER forget!
So Justine and Dave and I spent 5 hours in a motel having wonderful loving fun. Then (as she later told me) in her bra and panties, she knocked on her boyfriend's door and made good on her promise to give her a really professional level BJ. He didn't even mind her pussy full of Dave's and my juices, she says he has NEVER banged her so hard and so deep before, and now she felt more loving to him for that than ever before.
Justine and I went back to the restaurant next day and the waitress and bus boy couldn't stop smiling at each other, stars in their eyes. That must have been some fun in the lady’s rest room!
01 Feb 2014 12:32
24 Jan 2014 05:23
Yes, ert398, I love them, especially this one:

I really know her hunger first hand.
23 Jan 2014 19:55
some gif you maybe like:

22 Jan 2014 08:34
WOW! I totally love this story and I know her hunger first hand: http://www.lushstories.com/stories/incest/curious-me-2.aspx#post
17 Jan 2014 22:05
Hello, Kat...
17 Jan 2014 21:56
Oh YES! I could do this for just hours and hours and HOURS! Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

12 Jan 2014 18:09
Mmmmm, I love when a man does this for me:

12 Jan 2014 18:07
This weekend was wonderful and amazing. My husband was out of town all weekend and he still isn't home yet. Dave, one of my lovers, had free time Saturday morning so we met for breakfast to give us strength, and I showed him under the table that I was pantiless under my short skirt. Then we went up river to a very secluded spot in a small town where we could do whatever outdoors, with only the birds and the fish anywhee around to observe us. The first thing Dave did was ease me on my back and lift my skirt. I planted my feet flat on the ground, raised my knees, and parted my thighs wide. He accepted my invitation and dove right in, face first! I dug my feet and ankles deep into his shoulder blades, and I damn near drowned in girl-come, but he didn't complain. He very kindly let me suck his ENTIRE 8 inches all the way down my throat, mmmm all that warm stickiness gliding down my throat, sssooooo good! I didn't have to beg very long for him to slide slowly into me. He waited for me to stop trembling and to stop drenching his cock before he finally exploded about 5 gallons of his very hot come into the deepest depths of my pussy, into the very depths of my soul. He flipped me on my belly and slid through my ass, and after I came 3 times, he pumped about another 5 gallons into my pussy from behind. Sadly, he had to go then. About 2 hours later, by pre-arrangement, I met up with Justine (my other lover) for a hike in the woods. As we hiked, I told her about how much of Dave's come was still trapped deep up inside of me. The first clearing we came to, Justine fell to her knees, lifted my skirt, and sucked every last drop of Dave's come out of my freshly-fucked pussy--in the process, coaxing 3 more orgasms out of me! We resumed our hike until we came to another clearing, then we both lay down and ground clit against clit. After we both couldn't come any more, we hiked out to the lake, where we skinny dipped together. As we toweled each other dry, I couldn't resist eating Justine's pretty little fur-lined pussy to two yummy orgasms. Well, today all three of us were free all day, and I had a motel room at the ready for us. We met up at 9:00 this morning and headed to the room. The very first thing Justine told Dave was about how she had eaten his come out of my pussy yesterday afternoon. As she unzipped him, she whispered hotly "I need to drink it straight from the tap now." And sucking powerfully, she gobbled down his entire 8 inches in one big hungry gulp. I could see him thickening and throbbing powerfully as he slid in and out of her mouth, and the sight of my two lovers like that had me soaking wet. No sooner had Dave emptied his balls down Justine's throat, then she tossed me on my back and began licking my damp inner walls and my g-spot. Dave joined her to lick and nibble my clit. "Oh, it's too MUCH!" I complained. I pulled Justine's face closer into my g-spot and pushed Dave's face away. It took about 30 minutes, but my g-spot finally trembled into one long, powerful, non-stop orgasm. I then pulled Dave closer again, and while Justine kept licking at my g-spot, I thrust my clit up onto Dave's licking, swirling tongue. Dave coaxed two orgasms out of my clit while my g-spot continued to tremble on Justine's tongue. Justine and I then flopped on our backs side by side. Dave's enormous cock sank into Justine about half a dozen times, then pulled out and slid in and out of me half a dozen times, too. Then back into Justine about three or four times more, when he groaned that he was going to come. Justine grabbed Dave's cock in both hands and cooed "Kat is your girlfriend, you need to feed her first!" She worked him into me with both hands, and just as I felt his balls pressed up against my pussy lips, he throbbed mightily and exploded powerfully and deeply. He was still throbbing when I pulled him out of me and stuffed him deep not Justine. I loved watching her smile and hearing her moan as they came simultaneously. Justine and I then both rolled over on our bellies. He eased into Justine's cute little ass and banged away until they both exploded. Finally, his cock, drenched in his come and Justine's, slid deep into my own ass. I came and came and came, and finally he throbbed and he wonderfully filled up my ass! After a brief rest, I stretched out flat on top of Justine and we ground clit on clit through three mutual orgasms as Dave watched. We 69ed each other through probably half a dozen more orgasms each. Justine and I both smiled big happy grins when we saw how hard we had made Dave. Then Justine climbed on Dave and she rode him until he came up into her twice. Now it was my turn to ride Dave, I had 4 orgasms and he had two more. We all showered together and went home. I have been home only 30 minutes and I can still feel Dave's and Justine's come everywhere and I can still taste them both on my breath. And I haven't felt so happy, so loved, and so desired in quite some time. I want lots more weekends like this one!
12 Jan 2014 17:13
wishing i was her

06 Jan 2014 16:14
06 Jan 2014 08:41
So I was watching this TV show where this woman was in pain because she couldn't stop orgasming for 3-1/2 hours and had to go to the hospital for treatment to make it stop. I felt bad for her, but it also made me remember Nov 10, 2008, one of the greatest days of my life. I spent 7 hours in a motel room with a wonderful man named Eric. For most of those 7 hours, I was either on my way toward orgasm or in an actual state of orgasm, and it is one of the most cherished memories of my life. I still sometimes close my eyes and remember that amazing day while self pleasuring. So I really can't identify with feeling pain over 3-1/2 hours of orgasm and wanting it to stop. In fact, I still wish I could have another day like that one! But alas, Eric is now in my past. My current lover Dave is wonderful but he has never been able to give me a day that incredible.
06 Jan 2014 08:38
Does anyone here watch Girl Code? I happened to see an episode of it the other day. They were talking about penis shapes. The bend to one side, like my current lover Dave. The curved banana, like Eric, the best lover I ever had. And the straight like a missile, like the 23-year-old student who I asked to take me on my desk when I was a 37-year-old teacher. I guess what I'm trying to say is I have thoroughly enjoyed all 3 of those shapes. But partly for the shape and partly for the man it was attached to, the banana shape gave me the most pleasure. I still miss him AND his cock!
06 Jan 2014 08:37
Ty for add let's chat soon
05 Jan 2014 06:23
Listen up, guys! This is IMPORTANT! If you truly care about your woman, the gift isn't candy or flowers or jewelry or lingerie.....I can't speak for all women, but this is what MOST of us want to find under our Christmas tree!! Mmmm, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

05 Jan 2014 00:17
Wow! hrny4cok, i totally LOVE this photo: (thanks for sharing it with me)

.... I adore it when a man feeds me from above like that, it is one of the sweetest and kindest things a guy can do for me! That photo is making me HUNGRY!!!
04 Jan 2014 23:31
Thanks for the add! LOVE your picture collections and look forward to browsing the rest!!


23 Dec 2013 03:02
27 Nov 2013 23:37
Thanks Georgie1, I wish I was her:

20 Nov 2013 23:32
I got to follow Justine's luscious ass for 10 miles on our bicycles yesterday:

I don't know which was better, watching her sweet ass in shorts or finally stripping her out of them:

11 Nov 2013 10:22
So today Justine and I agreed to meet up on our bicycles and ride to the lake. As I requested, she was in daisy dukes and bikini top, I could barely focus on my [pedaling while watching her. When we got to the lake, I peeled her in near record time:

She peeled me too, of course, lovingly capturing my every curve with her lens:

Justine insisted on chowing down first, and of course I didn't mind at ALL having this very talented women feast on me!

When Justine finally lowered all of her cuteness onto my face, you can see I was in 7th heaven! I'm, home now, but I'm STILL on cloud nine!

10 Nov 2013 18:54

10 Nov 2013 17:40
Happy Slut-O-Ween!

31 Oct 2013 07:17

25 Oct 2013 20:22

25 Oct 2013 20:22
Mmmm, BiTed, you would do that for me?
23 Oct 2013 18:17

Thank you for the add.
23 Oct 2013 01:38
I'm glad you liked what you saw
Especially since it made your lips hungry
22 Oct 2013 11:56
I don't know which is sweeter....the pop-pop-pop as I hungrily rip open Dave's button fly jeans. Or the beauty of what pop out!

21 Oct 2013 07:08
This certainly looks enjoyable
18 Oct 2013 11:48
I love being held like that, papapooh, very nice

16 Oct 2013 18:55
OMG Papapooh i lick JUST that way!!!!

16 Oct 2013 18:53
Between our many bouts of sex last weekend, Dave or I - and usually both - would shower to be clean for the next round. One of my showers, I though Dave was asleep. So I was surprised when he emailed these to me today, with his apologies for sneaking up on me and not telling me before. I told him no apology needed, these are quite beautiful photos and make me look very sexy. I lkike these, hope you guys do too.

16 Oct 2013 18:51
I wouldn't mind being that guy, especially if you were the woman
Your oral skills seem incredible.
15 Oct 2013 23:09
Thanks Amethyst_Rock....and I wouldn't mind at ALL being that woman in the pool!!!! Mmmmmm!
15 Oct 2013 22:46

Thanks for the add, Kat.
Your photos are unbelievably sexy, along with the captions on them!
15 Oct 2013 22:36
Love it, Frank.....i want to BE her
13 Oct 2013 22:26
13 Oct 2013 11:20
Thanks for the add beautiful! Hope to chat soon.
10 Oct 2013 13:46
.....and this afternoon, Justine and i WERE them:

09 Oct 2013 20:31
I want to be HER!

09 Oct 2013 19:06
lovely as always papapooh
09 Oct 2013 19:04
08 Oct 2013 23:57
Morlin that photo looks VERY friendly!
08 Oct 2013 21:39
she's a lucky girl, papapooh
04 Oct 2013 20:58
she's a lucky girl, pappooh
04 Oct 2013 20:58

04 Oct 2013 07:44
NICE papapooh--i wish I was her right now
03 Oct 2013 20:23
vinewithamind, that's a very beautiful, sensuous, and erotic photo, not many men have done this for me, kissed and nuzzled me there like that, but those that have are STILL cherished memories! At those moments, I feel the bliss inside that she has written on her face.
03 Oct 2013 18:05
pappapooh44, love the beach photo, you're a very lucky girl getting to have that kind of fun with him at the beach and I fully understand your big happy smile, i bet he tastes YUMMY!
03 Oct 2013 07:51
thank you for the add, good to be here with you! be happy
29 Sep 2013 10:35
Thanks Frank for this I envy her...hell half the time I am her!
07 Sep 2013 16:07
Happy Happy, Kat
19 Aug 2013 09:52
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
19 Aug 2013 00:49
thanks for the add,
25 May 2013 10:24
13 May 2013 13:12