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Friends, what are they? Are they the people who you trust and instill your life upon? Or are they social acquaintances whom we tolerate for our own pleasure. A true friend is there when we need them the most and we should relish in our foutune to have those friends, no matter how many.

27 Sep 2011 19:18

Well I wrote my first story and got lucky it was accepted. Never really thought I would be an author but had to give it a try. If you read it let me know what you think!

08 Sep 2011 05:26

Our lives are our own. What we do with it is what makes us who we are. That is all that separates us from each other. Once we realize nothing in this world is ours except our life then we can begin to live. Everything can be taken form us whether it is our car, house, clothes or health. What cannot be taken is our education, so learn what you can and continue to learn with each passing day because in the end you will have the greatest reward, wisdom!

31 Aug 2011 17:24

What is the meaning of life? The answer is so simple that most overlook it or look to far into it that they miss it completely. In my opinion the answer is given in the question. LIFE, plain and simple. No matter what we do each day it all starts with life. There are no holidays or special occasions, the sun rises and the sun sets everyday, each day the same as the last. Life is all that changes. Life is ours to live, no one else can live it for us. This is our LIFE!

17 Aug 2011 19:40

Figured what the hell and updated my profile with pictures of my ugly mug. We are able to see each other in the real world so why not here?

29 Jul 2011 19:11

I am amazed at the openness and honesty of all the lush members. I don't think there is anywhere else where people would be so open to talk about sex, problems and experiences. This has to be the greatest site!

09 Jun 2011 11:15