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PSA: Don't be alarmed. I have both my nipples pierced

27 Feb 2017 16:18

I'm back and hornier than ever! A new story is officially in the works. Stay tuned!

04 Feb 2017 10:32

It's been a long time. I'm back for more naughty fun!

19 Sep 2015 11:45

New piece coming soon.

03 Aug 2015 07:49

31 Jul 2014 11:13

18 Jul 2014 05:12

A dirty mind, fueled with a hot desire to write, and no sex in a very long time makes for one very horny LadySharon

25 Jun 2014 08:46

Some nice sexy hot pics can be used to decorate my page.

12 Dec 2013 11:32

Working on my portfolio website for job purposes. I have to step out of my comfort zone and get what I want. If it can work for Madonna, it can definitely work for me.

17 Jul 2013 09:17

Graduation high has worn off. Now, to move (temporarily) into my sister's place until my apartment is ready and look for steady work.

01 Jun 2013 17:45

Received my Associates of the Arts degree in Journalism on May 3, 2013. Bachelor's degree in next.

06 May 2013 19:05

I booked four freelance photography gigs for May, and I'm having a mini photo show on my online gallery. The pictures were taken using old-school black and white film, and one of my pictures resembles a Rembrandt painting. It's exciting and I smell the perfect job around the corner.

21 Apr 2013 15:31

California was beautiful. It was hard to tear myself from the Bay Area, but I did come back inspired to write a couple of stories and a poem.

09 Apr 2013 18:31

My application for spring graduation has been accepted as of yesterday morning.

15 Feb 2013 05:54

I had the hottest dream last night and woke up with very wet panties.

10 Feb 2013 11:53

I have a new muse. He's giving me ideas on getting more stories to whet everyone's appetites and race imaginations.

01 Feb 2013 10:26

A really great writer friend of mine died of a broken heart yesterday. I am saddened by the loss of a great friend who has assisted me in designing an eBook cover for me, and lending an ear when I needed it the most. She and her daughter are forever in my prayers

07 Jan 2013 11:57

Very excited for 2013: new eBook coming out, graduation, and a sweet internship at an online publication.

30 Dec 2012 16:42

28 Dec 2012 15:22

22 Dec 2012 16:07

09 Nov 2012 19:29

Going to have the final installment of my trilogy posted on here. It's tough trying to finish a story when there's something misssing. Did you miss me?

31 Oct 2012 20:25

Working again as the Master of social media content!

19 Jun 2012 10:48

Working on a new story. Can you go any higher than the leader of the free world?

15 Jun 2012 09:32

18 Mar 2012 11:11

May I have so hot and sexy pics posted to my comment box?

06 Mar 2012 17:14

In need of a playmate who lives near me.

26 Feb 2012 13:40

Book finally came out, thanks to the World Poetry Movement

11 Feb 2012 14:20

I am in ebook mode: one urban erotica piece and three sets of series (two erotic, one non-erotic).

28 Jan 2012 21:39

My poem, "Cloudy Days," is now available on Barnes and Noble in the anthology Stars in Our Hearts: Reflections.

12 Jan 2012 16:19