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Topic What's your erotic weakness?
Posted 06 Jan 2012 12:53

There really isn't anything that "any" guy can do that will take my breath away or make me weak in knees. For me there has to be a deep connection. It has to be "the" guy. One of the things that he used to do that still makes me weak in the knees thinking about it is while I was working on something he would brush the hair away from my forehead and kiss me. His lips lingering longer than they needed to as he sighed and ran his hand softly and slowly down my arm.

Topic Call for Listeners
Posted 06 Jan 2012 12:26


I'm a newbie to Lush and found a request for men to record audio stories here in the forum. I thought it would be fun to give it a try and have my first attempt out there now.

The story I recorded is by MahlerSymphony. It's in the Straight category, and is titled "Lightning Reveals All."

Since I've never done anything like this before, and I knew absolutely nothing about sound recording until about a week ago, I would love to get some constructive criticism. As with many people, hearing my own voice sounds weird to me, so I'm not really able to make an objective assessment.

I'd like to know (from women especially) if my voice is a fit for erotic stories, or doesn't work at all. I'm not much of an actor, so any suggestions or reactions to my attempt that will help me improve if I do another one would be greatly appreciated.

-Jack (IdleHands)

You sounded a little nervous to start but quickly got into it. Very nice! Love the voice. The only thing that could make it better would be a British accent. Do more please!

Topic Placing your hand on your partners genitals as you fall asleep together
Posted 03 Dec 2011 08:47

It is a comforting thing for me. I liked to hold him when he fell asleep.

Topic "hi baby im hard for u wanna taste me..." as a pick up line
Posted 03 Dec 2011 07:35

I thought that line only worked if the guy was standing on a street corner wearing only cowboy boots.

Even with a hat and spurs that line isn't going to work.

Topic Can you feel it.
Posted 20 Nov 2011 16:30

Of course you can.

Topic cold or never tried or would try?
Posted 20 Nov 2011 16:23

What the others said.

Plus.... like.... when is a tampon ever cold?? Its fabric, it doesnt change temperature its always ambient. I dont ever pick one up and think hmmm this feels too hot or too cold

Very good point, I didn't even think of that.

Topic Hair on men. Yes or no?
Posted 20 Nov 2011 16:18

I like men not boys. Men have body hair that is part of what makes them men. Please keep everything neat and tidy. Manscaping is appreciated.

Topic Love, Sex and Intimacy...
Posted 20 Nov 2011 10:07

Sex is sharing my body.
Communication is sharing my mind.
Intimacy is sharing my soul.

Topic Name sounds that you might find comforting
Posted 20 Nov 2011 09:58

The sound of my lover's breathing with the soft little snores when he was sleeping next to me.
The "plub, plub, plub" of a 440 big block idling.
The sound of waves lapping at a rocky shore.
The sound of rain hitting a tent and splashing to the muddy ground below.
The sound of my lover's voice, it always made me feel like all was right in the world.

Topic Sex furniture
Posted 20 Nov 2011 09:30

I'm thinking about purchasing one of the Liberator 'shapes' products and was wondering if any of my fellow Lushies use, or have used them (or other like product) before. What was your experience? Any recommendations?

Liberator has a very nice line of products. I have the large wedge and the bonbon (a toy holder). I would not be afraid to recommend any of their products based on my experience. The covers remove easily for cleaning and are nonskid on most soft surfaces. They are well worth the price. Please send me a private message if you have any specific questions.

Topic Sexiest Things For Men To Be Caught Doing?
Posted 20 Nov 2011 09:18

I loved to watch my lover do nearly anything. It was just the way he moved, with confidence, strength, and an ounce of grace. He had fabulous hands; long fingers with clean, neatly trimmed nails. I think some of my favorites were watching him shave, sleep, and slowly unbutton his jeans. If I close my eyes I can still see him slowly smile when he would notice me watching him in the mirror while shaving.

Topic Thigh Split Dress Delemma
Posted 20 Nov 2011 07:38

French knickers, silk stockings, and hold ups! It works for me.

Topic What Defines Love?
Posted 20 Nov 2011 07:24

To me, "true love", is realizing that you are not whole without the other person.

Topic cold or never tried or would try?
Posted 20 Nov 2011 07:21

I maybe too picky but, I think it would take an out of this world question to enjoy it. So rather than enjoy it, I will just answer it. I will have to agree with the other poster. A tampon is purely functional. There is nothing enjoyable about that time of the month. I really doubt cold tampons will improve it.

Topic Bukkake
Posted 19 Nov 2011 14:03

No, it really doesn't hold any interest for me. I would rather have one man that I can thoroughly explore.