Love Poems(40)

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Plain Honest Truth

If I were to say all you are to me straight out No fear to hold me back, nothing at all The words would not be understood, not as they should So much I wish to say yet it never comes out right A cut off sentence, incomplete paragraph Tangled languages weaving my feelings This emotion is such, it burns my existence At times anger or need get the best of me ...Read On

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Sweetest Harmony

Tell me, I will listen Speak your truth, say it I expect nothing yet want it all Look deep, past blinded shades Feel yourself within my core Clouds grow yet hearts beat Take with me that desired leap It calls to you in dreams of bliss All we will have is to be seen You shy away from my pull Your frown becomes a smile Birds sing the sweetest harmony ...Read On

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Escape With Me

Run away with me, leave the past behind With me you are grounded yet free to breathe Live what was meant to be, smile under the moon With me you will walk to the place you belong Hand in hand, hearts pumping with anticipation Lungs filled with the passion you long for  With me, at my side, I will guide your way The world that calls your name, the light  ...Read On

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Sand Castle

For J

The smile of this man is such That it lights up my soul I dwell within his caress I feel he is close even if afar Many oceans away The shells on the coast Cannot compare to his essence So much love he gives to me So much that I feel unworthy So much that I fear it unreal He holds me close when ill He heals my aches with care He feeds me energy to survive ...Read On

Silent Bond

So he said with a firm caring voice Take my hand and learn the ways Are you willingly to be taught? She with a glimmering smile Eyes filled in tears of joy Placed her hand in his Once lost, now found She was in awe of this man A calm yet brave soul He was different from the rest His words reassured her steps These that once were misled Trust overpowered darkness...Read On

The Flame that Sleeps

How much I miss you Can you feel it? Do you know how much? Beyond the blue sky line Far from the others' thoughts No one can ever imagine Just how much I miss you Not the moon or the stars Nor the sun that hides Behind dark clouds Until your smile Lights the flame That sleeps while you...Read On

Everything and Nothing

Each night as he closes his eyes to rest his mind She opens hers, flickers of light flow into his dreams It is she that stood holding him tight, keeping worries away Yet, the rule has changed, now she needs his strength Not a word is said about her, she is everything and nothing Her pain, sorrow, grief and burden cannot compare For his victory, success, knowledge and joy ...Read On

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How easy it seems to some To vent thoughts that should remain Deep within the locked treasure chest of bygones What was shared belongs only to them It should not boggle the minds of others Hence, what thrives the blood That flows within hard aching veins Seems to delight the eyes of others These hearts that reach and feed From the hurt and pain, shame, guilt maybe ...Read On

Puddle of Envy

The taste of those lips, forbidden terrain Eyes gaze at words created from Love or Grief Wanting to feel such sublime bliss or shunning the pain Never a word spoken all emotion orphan No home to seek warm comfort, loving embrace The scent of alone, morning , noon and night That is what some may think Others know better, preferring to overlook ...Read On

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Naked Mind

A few verses in celebration of us

Soulmates... two that become one. Sky blue hues flutter with joy, Eyes that see beyond that unspoken line. Bodies entwined, seeking unknown heat. You are mine, as I belong to you. Thoughts that thrive within a naked mind, We shall see how the path unfolds... Hands reach, lips touch, the connection is unique, Hearts that beat to the rhythm of desire, ...Read On

Within Dreams

A break, that last gasp The one that leaves a void A silent whisper within dreams Moments of lust lived Now lost yet not forgotten Kisses that once raved Rivers of tears flow Without shame Once, they were of joy Life moves fast Flavors crave, change Shadows become color Two that danced An unheard tune For a bit, a while The music ceased ...Read On

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Your Essence

Kiss me now, feel my heat Do not think about maybe nor tomorrow Take in your hands this , your gift One heart beats to the rhythm of the other Your steps will bring you closer to me Fate brought us here today Breathe my desire for you Listen to the whimpers These that grip your aching soul Without mercy, without fear My lips lead your desire Sweet...Read On

A Song For Him

The song she sings belongs to him The voice she listens to as he writes The light that shines her darkest night One verse, a few words of his pen Sets her fire ablaze, without shame She lifts her dress, fingers roam, slide within Reading his thoughts, his desire for her She trembles, whimpers, letting go Back arched, legs open, fingers busy ...Read On

Together Without Fear

Bites that mark blood heated flesh Warm kisses trace without regret The body that lies, the mind that knows Needing to scream out this passion Words that hurt but must be heard This is what is done by both light and dark Souls that yearn to melt and form A special place away from the world Hot, cold, sweet and bitter, a home Distance holds the key to a desire Opening that...Read On


Giving all without looking back

Stepping out of shadows, just you and I Your hand taking mine, holding so tight As I follow your lead, no turning back I have no idea what awaits Yet this is how we are Your scent inhaled deep as I breathe Sensual temptation, a naughty wink The air is sweet, nothing compares I feel that sudden rush, wet anticipation Your hands upon my body Taking all that is yours ...Read On

Sweet Nectar

Hands that touch my heated skin A sigh that brings a wicked smile Moans of desire resound off the walls Hips sway wanting more of you Make it happen, make me call out your name You want hear it, you want me to beg You savor this moment when I give in You have all I need, all I ever wanted Here I lay close to you, take it I see no other, only you, your eyes Wetness, sweet...Read On

Mystifying Rhythm

A Sensual Tempo

Lips reaching, seeking, finding truly touching Fingers entwined, legs wrapped tight pulling closer Breasts firm full of want, of need to have those Hands trace his name, his scent, his desire Stamping his print deeply on her skin Finding that special spot that makes her scream Running the length of her smooth untainted canvas With hot lust pouring from the sound Of his voice as she...Read On

Hunger of Our Beating Hearts

Passion burns within the Darkness

The darkness of this room hides our faces The scent of jasmine blooms awakens our senses We come together in reckless passion While our bodies summon desire that shouts Our names in silence muffled by our need Need of one another, need only we can see Listening to the hunger of our beating hearts Intense heat that scalds the soul as you fill My core making me yours Arms...Read On

Once Again

Souls that seek through space and time until they Reunite

The moment has come for us to reunite Once again One time you and I were much more than lovers Unstoppable passion, desire and power The land was ours, knowledge, kindness, the Love Once again We have it all, the words, silence and the Love Warm kisses veil our bodies, silky sweet Soft light makes shadows on the walls Once again The collision of two souls that seek Through time...Read On

Gypsy Music

How many times have I wanted to do it well And sinned by talking too much? Not knowing where, how or when To be silent, shhhh, not a word All those steps walking side by side Don't seem to be so many now, The shadows know all the love we've vowed That night you said I was yours and you Were mine, no matter the day or time But now it's not the same anymore, This was not a game...Read On

Words of Promise

Wild unleashed thoughts

Tell me, will you try to break me? The night brings pleasure, words of promise These last as long as the flutter of the Precious hummingbird’s wings Quickly to kiss, lips that pout, tears of pain Dripping from the windows of the soul Once again the words captivate, beckon Say it, will you try to take me? Dance two heated bodies Have learned the steps to, Music that comes as whispers ...Read On

Soulful Kiss

A Captivating Invite

Riverside hills, warm summer night Your hand extended, a simple invite To where you lead, I will follow Many lights, loud noise, laughter This place is alive with music Colors blaze across the sky Animals adorn the corners Of the makefast booths Two tickets in hand, a line we join Waiting to our turn to sit and ride Within a metal cart, to take us Far up many miles high We...Read On

I Am Yours

Urges of a Lustful Nature...In collaboration with a dear friend, thanks Darling

I need to have you NOW! My body craves your tantalizing intense touch.  I desire your lust burning within my soul, moist lips calling for you. I yearn to feel each and every vein of your engorged divine cock  as you plunge stroke after stroke far and deep within my well of passion that swallows your lust with a desire that is overwhelming to my soul. Your touch is enchanting and...Read On


Thinking, walking, running in circles Hungry hands searching, reaching out On a cool morning, still dark Nothing, blank, stunned, gone Found a crayon as I ran against the wind Picked it up and began to scribble Making images of the future Visions of rivers drowning into the ocean My hand became enraged Overpowered my will I tried to stop but could not Pulse...Read On

As One

Vision of Merging Souls

Breathless, eager, wanting, craving, lusting Lips that meet, tongues twirling, dancing You, me, us, we as one Soaring the sky as we look beyond Taste, yearn, touch, inhale, needing You, me, us, we as one as one Living for one another, longing the moment When we merge, thoughts run wild, flames high You, me, us, we as one as one Electric currents tense, body becomes ridged ...Read On

Simple Words

Exchange of Emotion between two Souls

Give it to me Your kiss Your touch Your words Your trust I give to you My words My hands My lips My trust We give Our secret thoughts Our written words Our unseen bodies This is all we have Just Simple Words These carry intense emotion You say these words As I listen And repeat the same I Love You...Read On

If You

Just thoughts

If I were to leave, just disappear As swiftly as the Ocean breeze Would the Stars still shine as bright? If my presence was not felt, unseen, A drifting scent that weaves into a mist Would the voices of Nature still be heard? If the prints I make were to be erased, As the sand covers them without remorse Would the birds continue to migrate? If I were suspended, caught between...Read On

Midnight Flower

Our Time Will Come

I call out your name under the Moonlight Even if the Ocean swallows it in vain, taking it deep Burying it within the sands of time, covered, hidden Words that are fire burning without mercy Lifting sorrow, grief and tears far from your heart Lips melt upon golden skin, kisses felt deep within Passion that is ours yet to be consumed Listen, touch, feel the desire, take it all Keep...Read On

Let's Dance

I will not say your name My lips are yours Yet I hesitate to say it Your presence is known Your thunder rumbles   Loud in the darkened sky Words that bring comfort At a distance,a symbol One that only you And I share,ours Soothing kisses Warm touch Wet desire Heated passion Look up into the night See those shooting stars Feel them burn your soul ...Read On

Angel in Your Hands

Hands that Hold with Freedom by Choice

Your hands dressed me this morning They ran the terrain of my body as My shivers created moans of deep pleasure Sighs arose from my vibrating throat Quivers overtook my very soul, breathing heavy, Moisture flowed at the touch of your hands Your hands strong, firm, gentle, wanting to hold The hands of the man who possesses my wings I remain free yet return, always as you desire ...Read On


An unexpected visit

A cup of chai, would you like? It has such a special taste Many flavors combined Cinnamon, spices and ginger Passion, desire and warmth Relax, sit back and enjoy Sugar, honey or sweet cream? Straight you said, quite a surprise For this brew is rather strong Some feel the sting upon the lips As the infusion touches, flowing Smoothly from the cup Others feel the fire once ...Read On

When You are Away

Some questions are better left unanswered

My Love, when will you come back to me? Please say tonight and hold me in your arms, Keeping me safe from harm. Shield my fears as before, love my world as I do yours. Have you forgotten me so soon? My touch, my heat, my passion and desire that is solely yours, For you I have left it all behind now only misery remains near. Intense wild fire smothered, unconditional joy...Read On

Morning Kiss

A Kiss that heals the Soul mending the Heart

Once I thought the Sun never again would shine upon my skin. Those warm rays that made me thrive with steady beat. For my days were dark, so cold and sad. No smiles adored my lips. The Moon would cradle my tears as they endlessly flowed. Tears that I kept hidden, only the beautiful Moon knew of my pain. This morning I see the Sun, I feel it's warmth within my heart. This day is mine...Read On

Gypsy Queen

She’s the Gypsy Queen, looking for him in the crowd, dancing to her destiny

While you are dreaming of the moments to come, I write verses. These lines I pen are from the heart, and when it starts I cannot stop. Although my soul is a wandering nomad, my passion is that of a Gypsy Queen. Many have tried but failed to dance alongside the mystical music I choose. For none have the words that capture the rhythm of my hips so smooth. As the music plays, my...Read On

Tainted Canvas

Passion Created with Colors

Gentle touch of giant hands Upon a fragile canvas tainted Images that create desire A stroke of passion finely painted Colors that mix with ease Assorted hues vivid, bright and keen Wanting, craving, needing to please The artist stands back to study his piece Transparent, matted, bold or radiant Which shall he choose this night? Or will his brush not feel the grip Of hands that...Read On

Tarnished Key

There is only one Key for each Lock

Walking on the sandy beach, she stepped on something That with a sharp sting pierced her golden brown skin. Bending over a bit too far, she fell upon hands and knees. Looking around she was relieved that only the seagulls Stood witness to her tumble, sitting up straight, with grace She crossed her legs and laughed with the gulls As they spread their wings with fast pace and flew away. ...Read On

When I Think of You

Memories of an online chat

When I think of you my heart skips a beat your kisses on my lips so sweet and soft yet passionate a divine treat I breathe so deep When I think for you my body tickles I remember our chat reflecting our desire none other resembles Such a daring treat When I think of you lust fills my soul Vivid images dance in vision I was in need you came and made...Read On

Be Good You Say

Verses for a True Friend

Be good you say While you are away These words I know Come true from the heart Within the darkness Of my days, a beacon Bright shined with hope As a shoulder you gave Our talks are special We laugh, cry and hug Share our dreams, rage Our passions unseen The days will be long As you are away from me Nights much too cold My words you will not see Yet if you sit...Read On

Forever Your Guide

The Night Sky Speaks after the Storm

As lightning blazes bright Across the barren sky tonight I cannot hear your hypnotic words Of clever seduction My single barrel pen is empty, No spicy ink inside to write the verses You craved so many times And blew your mind, Yet the burning desire rekindles My passion lurking in shadows For a restless soul like mine Cannot remain sulking deep in gloom Contained within the walls ...Read On

I Will Miss You--You Were Never Mine

Dedicated to the One that Strayed

Oh how I will miss you, Your words, passion and ecstasy. I need to remind my body and soul, That I will never have you again. I must be wise and get it straight, My head and heart must get it right. My dreams are always scented of you. My desire for you has become an ordeal... I always crave to feel your touch, Strong arms long and firm, Like ivory tusk your sweat... ...Read On