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Topic Songs that make you go GRRRRR - post songs you dislike here.
Posted 02 Jul 2012 21:53

I hate songs that are covered. I don't know why I do.

For example "Eternal Flame" by the Bangles.

Hearing it being covered by Atomic Kitten or Human Nature and seeing (then) teen girls going "OMG I so love that song by Atomic Kitten/Human Nature. It's so beautiful."

And I want to scream no it's by the Bangles.

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 02 Jul 2012 21:48

Just relaxing is making me happy at the moment.

Topic How long des it take for you to reach "climax"
Posted 02 Jul 2012 21:47

2 minutes to an hour.

Depends on where my imagination takes me :)

Topic On TV no less!
Posted 02 Jul 2012 21:41

I nearly choked on my late when I saw this. That was hiliarous.

Topic No bra celebs vs "everyday" women
Posted 02 Jul 2012 21:35

I don't wear bras as I find them annoying. However it's the media that get all hyped up if some celeb is pantyless or braless as if it's some shocking scandal.

Topic Describe your sexiest outfit
Posted 02 Jul 2012 21:31

My sexist outfit?

I turned my husband on when I was wearing an outfit for my play. I wore a pair of slacks, turtle neck sweater, jacket and a pair of glasses (they were the cheap kind you get at those cheap outlet stores) with my hair pulled back.

A sexy outfit I think is what is considered to be sexy by an individual there is all different types of sexy. :)

Topic Sex with another man while husband/partner watches?
Posted 02 Jul 2012 21:25

1) I have thought of it.
2) Doubt it
3) No.

Topic What music do you listen to while you exercise?
Posted 02 Jul 2012 21:21

1980s the songs are so upbeat. :)

Topic Post a random fact
Posted 02 Jul 2012 21:18

Peter Burns (The guy who sang You spin me right round song) has under went surgery to look like a woman.