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People look at me, they point their judging fingers. They whisper behind my back and I really couldn’t care less. So what, I’m different… I don’t belong to anyone, I don’t have an owner. I know that they criticize me, is evident that they hate me. Envy eats at them, my life overwhelms them. Why? They think they know me, they think they have me figured out… I’m not to blame, my circumstances insult them… All I know is – my destiny is what I decide, what I choose for me. So, again I ask… Who cares what I do..? Who cares what I say..? This is me… I will never change! Perhaps it’s my fault for not following the norm. It’s too late to change now, I’ll just have to stand strong in my convictions and I reinforce my positions. Because again, all I know is – my destiny is what I decide, what I choose for me. I may not be who you want me to be, but I’m also not who you believe me to be.

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Having an affair
AZ, Arizona, United States
Many people have asked me to tell them something interesting about me, it’s often hard to come up with a single answer --- for I am too complex to summarize. I may seem ditzy and superficial yet the truth is that my soul pours out in every action I take. I don’t do things half assed because then it wouldn’t be worth my time…

Yes I’ve done things in my past that I’m not proud of – but really who hasn’t’? Live and learn… Educate yourself for we cannot change the past but we CAN assure the future. Keep in mind you wont be alive forever.

Just remember one thing: “You cannot pick flowers without the fear of thorns.” Live each day as if it were your last!
Favorite Books:
I haven’t read a book in a while; however I’m getting very acquainted with our Lush Stories – thanks to all of the author’s who allowed me to translate their stories.
Favorite Movies:
I love stupid comedies; Sorority Boys, Superstar, Orange County, Saving Silverman, etc. I also love watching stand-up specials [you rock Dave Chappelle!]
Favorite Music:
My ipod has a wide variety of music, everything between Spice Girls and Shakira… =]


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Topic: Granting amnesty to illegal immigrants
Posted: 05 Aug 2010 13:11

This topic hits close to home and for now I’ll just stick to calling BULLSHIT on the whole “they take our jobs!” Line.

I like your posts Felix, but I really don’t know any farm hands that make $9.00 bucks an hour, hell not even the foreman makes that much; and since you bike and all the other unemployed “citizens” want a job so bad, here’s a link that should help you out. http://www.takeourjobs.org/

The reality of the situation is this, if you’re sitting at home making $200.00 off unemployment in your nice, cool air conditioned living room. Chances are you’re not getting up off that couch to work the fields 12 – 14 hours a day for the same amount… Yet, that low life illegal you want deported will, and he/she will feel his/her family and handle his business without complaining.

Topic: Things said to you, which make you cringe
Posted: 20 Jul 2010 11:22

I love this thread!

Coming from a fuck buddy (that I was too embarrassed to be seen with in public) the sex was great though! “Oh Mara, lets make a baby Mara! Let’s make a baby!”

The first time he did it I was freaked out but I figured it was just a ‘in the heat of the moment’ kind of thing… The second time I was out of there, I didn’t even look back!

Topic: Happy 40th Birthday Gav!
Posted: 14 Jun 2010 13:08

Feliz Cumpleaños Gav, hope you got everything you wished for after you blew out the candles! <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/occasion16.gif" alt="occasion7">

Topic: Champagne anyone?
Posted: 10 Jun 2010 13:41

Bridget is my favorite; I find her natural breasts and her thicker body more appealing. BUT I think Holly has the face and body of a Barbie, so I think she’s pretty cute. Kendra does nothing at all sexually for me but she does make me laugh.

The Girls Next Door was my guilty pleasure, I don’t watch it anymore since they’re gone and the new “girlfriends” don’t really add anything exciting to the show, but hey may be that’s just me.

I still watch Kendra though and probably will watch Holly --- gotta love the girls!

Topic: Big Girls
Posted: 10 Jun 2010 12:51

I love all women, but I do have a preference for the big girls… There’s just something about them that drives me absolutely crazy! In a good way of course lolz

Topic: My fellow females... Being told 'no'...
Posted: 09 Jun 2010 13:43

Yeah I see it Free, but you also said she had the whore “whore” thing coming, may be you had the “whiner” thing coming also? I’m just saying….

Topic: My fellow females... Being told 'no'...
Posted: 09 Jun 2010 13:41

Yeah .. LadyX :-" is “crude and hot headed” ok then. Thanks for your time free, enjoy lush!

Topic: My fellow females... Being told 'no'...
Posted: 09 Jun 2010 13:32

I honestly don’t see the difference, is it because this time it was towards you? <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/dontknow.gif" alt="dontknow">

Topic: My fellow females... Being told 'no'...
Posted: 09 Jun 2010 13:28

That same picture has been used by the “MODS” themselves free, why do you take it so personally? In fact I believe LadyX asked ChefKathleen if she could “borrow” it and save it on her computer, I seriously doubt that any other members were as hostile as you were just a few posts ago when they were hit by the image.

Topic: My fellow females... Being told 'no'...
Posted: 09 Jun 2010 13:09

Oh, about that let’s talk in private Paint.. I don’t want to bore the lushies <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/mblah05.gif" alt="blah5">

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Happy Fucking Birthday

“So, we’ll meet there at 9:00pm?” Sándor asked skeptically. “Yeah we’ll be there I swear! Scouts honor.” I giggled. “Ok I’m going to trust you guys… See you there.” He hung up. Chelle looked at me puzzled; she had no clue as to what I had in store for us tonight. We’d been living together for a while now and even though we love each other we like to mix it up and bring a real life...

Added 23 Dec 2009 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.8 | Views 22,149 | 6 Comments

Naughty or Nice … You Decide!

Friday, December 18, 2009   “Ok Emma, your computer is now clean,” Brian smiled. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow at the Christmas party.” He blushed as my hand gently grazed his.    I smiled and nodded as I took a seat and got back to work. I relied on Brian quite a bit. I can’t lie… I love porn, and the Internet provides me with...

Added 24 Oct 2009 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 39 | Avg Score 4.76 | Views 8,769 | 19 Comments

Arizona Princess: The Arrival

“Hey Princess, guess what?” Joseph said excitedly, and before I had the chance to answer he said “A couple buddies and me are driving to Texas , one of them is meeting up with a chick he met a couple months ago here in Jersey , she moved and they’ve been in touch. I guess she promised him something real good if he visited her, and well a few of us are going to tag along and help...

Added 10 Sep 2009 | Category Exhibitionism | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.8 | Views 5,976 | 8 Comments

“Fighting My Demons”

It has been said… “You will never forger your first love..?” [Well bitch he’s already forgotten about you!] This can’t be true… [Oh it is, and you know!] I miss him so, I can’t let go… [How could he love a whore..?] I hold him near --- right by my heart… [He wishes you would die!] I think about him day and night… [He needs you to FUCK off!] I...

Added 23 Jul 2009 | Category Love Poems | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.78 | Views 1,937 | 5 Comments

Predators: The Taming

“Mmm… relax baby. You’re gonna remember this night for the rest of your life.”   We made our way into the downtown loft. Max liked to go to extremes and his apartment was no exception. Our new friend was impressed, her mouth and eyes wide as she stared out the wall length windows.   “This place is beautiful!”   Max smiled quietly, a little mysteriously. The girl was about to...

Added 07 Jul 2009 | Category Reluctance | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.38 | Views 18,036 | 6 Comments

Predators: The Stalking

The water flowed and candles flickered; the sweet scent of lavender filled the air. I walked in with a towel wrapped around my naked body, more than ready to enjoy a nice, relaxing bath. As my toe touched the water, my cell phone rang.   “Hello,” I answered, obviously annoyed.   “Hey Mia! I’m not feeling too good. I need a lay --- and of course my...

Added 02 Jul 2009 | Category Fetish | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.76 | Views 8,622 | 6 Comments

I’m not above the law, the law is above me…

Damn it..! I should have kept my mouth shut, why do I always do this..? When will I learn..?   I rolled my eyes, “look bitch, I don’t give a flying fuck about you, the manager, or anybody else in this fucking piece of shit restaurant.” I was getting loud now, “I paid for my shit, I put up with your shit, and quite frankly this place is SHIT..!”   “Mara, please calm...

Added 30 Jun 2009 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.67 | Views 9,426 | 3 Comments

You Want My Ass..?

He looked at me lovingly… “Do you trust me Mara?”   “Yeah…” I nodded.     “I’ll be gentle baby, very gentle.” He kissed my forehead.   I was scared, but I trusted him. I believed he loved me, and I loved him. Mario had been trying to perform anal sex on me for a while now; I wouldn’t let him. I didn’t understand...

Added 26 Jun 2009 | Category Anal | Votes 78 | Avg Score 4.69 | Views 43,234 | 29 Comments

Inebriated Fuck…

“Just one more drink Vero, and then we’ll leave,” I said “I want to be completely numb before I go back home.”   As usual she didn’t reply, that was her; ignore the problem and it’ll go away. She was always calm and collected, god I hate her right now. I wished she would talk back, give me one excuse to go crazy on her, to get all my anger out. I knew she wouldn’t do it, and...

Added 09 Jun 2009 | Category Exhibitionism | Votes 16 | Avg Score 4.44 | Views 26,275 | 9 Comments

Audio Story My First Time With Jackie... The End

“Ok Jackie you don’t have to tell me, but trust me; you will leave here feeling very satisfied; because I’m going to tear that cootchie up girl.” I laughed, but kept my eyes on her. I needed her to know that I meant it. She just blushed and opened her legs wider…   I left her panties on and asked her to lie on her stomach. I began to gently massage her back,...

Added 05 Jun 2009 | Category Lesbian | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.79 | Views 16,661 | 8 Comments

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