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I joined to read the stories. But, a wonderful lady on here convinced me to try writing. She told me "what have you got to loose". So on 07/10/13 I published my first story. I know I need to improve but I needed to get one out for me to take my writing more seriously.
I am semi-retired, divorced (early 2006), have 2 kids and 3 grandsons.
I am very social and enjoy meeting new people. I have just begun to start dating (haven't since mid 2007). Lush has helped me come out of my shell.

I do enjoy and appreciate a good story. I like stories where the characters are well developed and the story has believability (at least from a fantasy perspective if not reality). A lot of categories can attract my interest. It is not necessary for a story to be about something I might want to do for me to find the story interesting and sexually arousing.

I also like that there is a safe distance when meeting people on-line. I can be up front and honest with out physically meeting anyone. I have nothing to hide and will always be respectful while enjoying the friendships.
I try to keep graphic pictures off my home page. I would expect my son and daughter (both adults) will eventually find out I am here. I don't hide much from them. I try to be open and honest about who I am but I do sometimes get embarrassed by my kids.

George (Michael)
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Under the radar, New Hampshire, United States
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NASCAR and all classes of short track racing. I plan to bring my grandson (just turned 7) to some races. I am sure I can get him into the pits to see where all the real excitement starts. Short track at first, then maybe Loudon, NH. My plans were put on hold due to an operation. Went to first race 7/12/2013. I hurt like hell but it was worth it.
Giving oral sex and softly kissing a woman all over is also a big interest. I come with references.


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Topic: Can you give yourself a prostate massage?
Posted: 13 Oct 2014 12:13

I have and it adds a lot to the intensity of cumming

Topic: SimplyJohn - 3 free Gold memberships HERE!!
Posted: 23 Aug 2013 18:28

67, thank you

Topic: Would you meet someone from Lush in person?
Posted: 23 Aug 2013 17:43

There are a couple of authors I would love to meet. I love the way they write and would enjoy getting to know them a little better. My interest would be not sexual (except maybe one), but as authors and how their lives have brought them to be the authors they are.

Topic: Older men, do you really want to be with a younger woman atleast one in your life?
Posted: 14 Aug 2013 11:37

I did have sex with a lot of young women, when I was young. I would prefer a woman over 45 but don't pay too much attention to age. I like women closer to my age because we have more in common and they tend to have experienced more and have a better idea of what they like and where their boundaries are.

That's just me. I don't judge others for finding happiness with whatever legal age they desire.

Topic: A Friend of mine ..
Posted: 13 Aug 2013 19:27

I think you need to ask yourself a lot of questions. For instance
Have you and your husband ever discussed bringing in a third person as either a fantasy or as a real possibility?
Has he ever brought up being interested in another woman in any context? If he did how did you respond.
The others are right that this might open up a new dimension in your relationship. Could you be happy with that? What if you want to do again but he doesn't?
This, to me, is an idea that needs to develop, not just dropped as an idea out of the blue. Could open up something you did not expect.

Topic: The importance of penetration
Posted: 12 Aug 2013 13:19

I agree that vaginal penetration is great. But, what if the guy needs extra help. Such as a pill, or giving his penis a shot (something I hope I will never have to do), or in some cases has an internal pump. The pumps that are used today are not noticeable and are pumped up using a device inside the ball sack. Is that going to be a problem for the woman?

I am asking because as we men age we can have some issues. I usually date women 55+.

I personally would do everything I could to achieve penetration. That initial moment of my erection being in a woman's vagina is special. I usually save that for after all other sexual pleasures are complete.

Topic: How Do You Get Your Fruit/Veggie Servings for the Day?
Posted: 09 Aug 2013 21:31

I find it difficult to get all the servings of fruits and vegetables I should have. I am on a doctor recommended low fiber diet due to colon cancer (survivor and cancer free so far) and other digestive track problems.
I always have a banana for breakfast with a glass of 1% milk. I have some other fruits during the day but I must have something that is a binder such as low fat cottage cheese. I could eat a pound of Swiss cheese in one sitting and it would not have any binding effect on me.

However I did like the reminder to steam cook vegetables. I also will be taking some other suggestions from this forum question.

Thank you all.

Topic: Blowjobs: Guys, do you like to suck cock as well as having your cock sucked?
Posted: 06 Aug 2013 12:19

I have wondered how it feels to give a bj. I know I like getting them. Would be easier if a woman was involved too.

Topic: Are breast implants a turn-off or turn-on?
Posted: 06 Aug 2013 11:34

it's just cosmetics. we all do stuff to change out look to how we want to be seen or how we see ourselves. makeup, polish, clothes, hair style. what happened it being all about what's inside that counts? i can think of a dozen reasons to get implants that wouldn't give any reason for someone else to be judgemental and none that would. they're not for me, but i've seen some really amazing implants - not the extreme kind, but just something that gives a woman a bit more and they look lovely.

I always love your responses.
I don't care either way. I always get nervous about any operation from a health concern. But the decision is hers. I like or love a woman for lots of reasons. Although I love boobs and nipples they are not part of why I might like or love a woman or even initially attracted to a woman in the first place.
Notice, of course. A determining factor, no.

Topic: Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted: 05 Aug 2013 22:28

Well thought out comments in the forums. Like her responses.

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Chestnut Hill Romance

Scott and Cathy started work in Chestnut Hill Consulting on the same day. Scott was hired as an operations consultant. Cathy was hired as an account development consultant.  Although in very different careers they noticed each other during Chestnut Hill Consulting introductions. Scott saw Cathy go up for coffee during the introduction break. He couldn’t resist and headed over for coffee...

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