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Topic Older men/younger girls?
Posted 10 Jul 2010 10:29

Some of us girls like older men. hello2

Topic Withholding sex from your partner
Posted 10 Jul 2010 10:27

I don't do this. Mostly my husband is really awesome with me so I would not do this anyway but even when I am not happy with him I just go along and make him happy.

Topic What is the best line someone has said to you to get you to have sex?
Posted 10 Jul 2010 10:22

"Marry me?" worked pretty good for me.

Topic At what age do people "get it?"
Posted 10 Jul 2010 10:20

I was 18 and didn't "get it" but then I met some kids who are 13-16 and they do. It's different for different people.

Topic why do most women thank
Posted 10 Jul 2010 09:41

I don't think I am all that sexy and I am really tall 5'10" and used to be way thin. I think I look a little better with some weight on me.

Topic how soon is to soon to ask for anal?
Posted 10 Jul 2010 01:09

a question for the girls
how soon is to soon to ask for anal?

Wait until my 90th birthday, m'kay? Thx! flower

Topic What was it like the first time?
Posted 08 Jul 2010 16:16

My first time was awful and I won't even mention it here past that. All this stuff about girls being instant sex mainiacs is just crap.

Topic Would you have sex with a guy
Posted 08 Jul 2010 16:04

So I had a party (or gathering since I supplied the booze and made the food) last night and after the light weights left and we were sitting on the deck the sex conversation started. A good friend of mine asked it but there were only around 20 women left (and not all answered) the question, so I pose it to the forum. Would you have sex with a guy (or try to) simply because you heard he has a really big dick?