About Metilda

I live to write. I have a wide variety of interests and at some point they'll all surface in my stories.

I have removed a large number of stories from Lush in order to set up distribution of such works through publication channels for ebooks. Sorry Or not sorry. My active Erotica pen name is Lilith Lo. I also write as Sirin Love (for Romance Erotica).

If you are a Lust Gold member you will have access to my fuller pieces in The Vault.

Answers to Questions I'm often asked:
*Yes, my avatar is me
*I started writing because I became frustrated with a lack of erotica stories I wanted to read.
*I continue to write because I get a thrill out of penning my sexually charged thoughts on paper and sharing them with others.
*No, I'm not interested in real life relationships. (No webcam or cellphone)
*Nothing puts me off or disgusts me, some things just interest me more than others. I favor hardcore and fetish elements the most when I read.

Relationship Status:
Writing, reading erotica. Crafting jewelry, attending college and a whole bunch of other Jill of all Trades stuff.
Favorite Books:
Erotica: Addicted, Power Play, Restraint, Control (all by Stein), Otherwise Alone, Surviving Rain (Shay Savage). Non erotica: For the Love of Stones (Tobias Hill), The Art of War (by Machiavelli).
Favorite Authors:
Charlotte Stein, Tobias Hill, Machiavelli, Shay Savage
Favorite Music:
I listen to everything from Aerosmith to Enya and Puscifer to Rob Zombie. . .I'm not picky about genres - it just depends on what mood I'm in at the moment. I do passionately love Type O Negative, though. RIP Peter. Lately music from The Devil's Carnival has been in my changer.
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10 Mar 2013
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01 Aug 2015
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Latest Forum Posts
Topic: Would you let your hubby or bf have sex with another girl if he demands or asks?
Posted: 31 Jul 2015 14:43

Would you let your hubby or bf have sex with another girl if he demands or asks? If yes, why and have you ever don this before ?

If he was clearly in love with me, still - I wouldn't really mind trying an open relationship. But an open relationship is only for people who trust each other and are fully faithful to each other on a psychological and emotional level. But we have too many marital issues so I'll have to say no to that. If he shows interest in another woman it's a sign that we need to just give up this effort to stay married and separate.

Topic: laughing during sex
Posted: 30 Jul 2015 18:29

There's laughing when something's funny - which a lot of people do, sure.

Then there's laughing due to an endorphine rush - which apparently not as many people experience. Some people have these intense high-low endorphine rushes and it can result in off-putting things like crying or laughing (offputting if the partner isn't aware it might happen).

Topic: Going topless in Canada it's Legal, but would you?
Posted: 30 Jul 2015 18:18

If I was that attractive - sure.

Topic: what kind of body turns you on!
Posted: 30 Jul 2015 13:29

Well - muscular is a good VISUAL but I've never been attracted to a single muscular guy in real life so it can't be THAT thrilling. I have been with skinny guys (who were taller but thinner than me) enough to know I don't like that as much. Bones aren't so much a turn on.

I like older guys - going gray - or with a little more to love all around.

For me to be attracted to a muscular man in real life then he would have to look more like a lumberjack. None of that chiseled body building sculpted thing - but gruff and scruff and 'my appearance is a side effect of culling forests for a living'.

Topic: ashley madison
Posted: 23 Jul 2015 15:51

what are your thoughts on the Ashley Madison website being hacked ? Do the cheaters deserve to be exposed?

I don't care what the website IS - no one should be hacked, bullied, and harassed online by some website-hunting tech nerds.

The worst thing we can ever do in this country is NOT CARE when people can hack into systems and then BLACKMAIL people. I could happen to ANY site - Amazon, Lushstories, Smashwords, any forum, any social media platform.

Topic: When someone's account is closed...
Posted: 19 Jul 2015 22:48

Or whatever the case may be -- is it possible for us to get their avatars and related info removed from the timeline? I'm always staring at big white questionmarks - it's only a mild irritation but an irritation none the less.

Topic: How to deal with sub-drop when you're NOT in a bdsm relationship?
Posted: 11 Jul 2015 23:10

I've been struggling with this for quite some time, now, and I haven't really come up with anything helpful.

Long story short - someone suggested that the extreme highs and lows I experience during and after sex are a type of sub-drop. Of course, I'm quite familiar with all the elements of this per fiction and online articles as well as discussions online with others who are in a bdsm life dynamic of some fashion and such - but applying what I've read to real life seems nearly impossible because my husband is not a dom - and he doesn't see me as a sub in any regard.

When you're in a vanilla relationship and you experience this type of thing doctors and others will advise you on how to END it: no extreme highs = no extreme lows. But I want my extreme highs. I don't like the idea of possibly letting that go. So I'm trying to grasp ways of handling the drop. The extreme lows are truly killing the last little bit of a sex life I do have.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Topic: Love it hard and kinky? "Fine Wine" - Extreme Play Erotica - FREE at Amazon
Posted: 10 Jul 2015 16:15

Last day for you to snatch up a free copy of Fine Wine.


Originally published here at Lushstories, now available for Free at Amazon. TODAY is the last day.

Only for those who enjoy extreme anal play.

Sherry, bold and beautiful, has developed a unique and intense connection with her Master. Their nights together begin with the tradition of a gift in a box and quickly escalate to new, tantalizing heights. Only, on this particular evening Sherry discovers that her Master's gift is so extreme it will be quite the formidable challenge. In order to go beyond her limits and reach new heights, Sherry must give in, relax, and let Sir show that he is truly the master of her body.

Topic: husband wearing panties
Posted: 10 Jul 2015 08:00

In my relationship that's the definition of a prank - so I'd just laugh and be happy that he's an a good mood for once in a while.

Topic: My woman wants to clone my willy....PLEASE HELP
Posted: 21 Jun 2015 11:33

Well when my husband and I made one I gave him a very long, intense blowjob first.

Then I got myself off while he was in position.

It was a rather simple effort - a little messy but nothing a shower didn't clean - and nothing a good hard fuck didn't cure.

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Stories Published By Metilda
Two Girls, One Bottle

Chapter 1 - A Movie Sipping a glass of white wine, Hailey skated across the kitchen floor. Wearing her favorite pair of knee-high socks, ones with black and white stripes, she made it to the other side of the room quickly. In the bathroom, she checked her hair in the mirror and picked at the frills of her blue cotton teddy. She was nervous without really knowing why. Brittany had...

Added 25 Jul 2015 | Category Hardcore | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 4,570 | 11 Comments

Taboo Lust

Chapter 1 I stayed a few steps behind Mom as we trudged into Church. The wind had kicked up since we left the house and my ears had begun to burn, my knees had gone a bit numb quite some time ago. Twice she turned to gripe at me for going too slow but I ignored her—I was looking for Brian. Our parents married when I was only 10. Years later, much to my dismay, they divorced. Since...

Added 23 Jun 2015 | Category Taboo | Votes 24 | Avg Score 4.91 | Views 20,133 | 15 Comments

One, Five, Fifteen

Anxious jitters popped and sizzled inside me as I stood at my bedroom window—the only one with a decent view of our street—and waited for a candy apple Miata to pull around the corner. I would do it this time. I would . I told myself that countless times before but this time I was sure of it. It was November, after all, and time was running out. This time I had a plan. Better yet, I...

Added 09 Nov 2014 | Category Taboo | Votes 28 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 16,189 | 16 Comments

Recommended Read The Devil's Undertones

I make my way to the Carnack Building with two minutes to spare. With ten minutes between classes I cannot fathom how this is going to work. First days are always stressful, and when I finally find room 294 I’m sweating and breathless. I barge in, hair a mangled mess, clothes disheveled, and the entire class looks at me. Why can’t the door be in the back of the room, I think to myself as I...

Added 22 May 2013 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 27 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 8,291 | 13 Comments


Dark purple satin ribbons contrasted on pale skin. Artwork. Living, breathing artwork. Hair flowing and tumbling in waves down her arched back. Hands tethered at the wrists with that striking purple against cream. The curve of her spine flows smoothly as if drawn with a single brushstroke from the shape of her shoulders to the round of her backside and the inviting cleft in between. Sarah,...

Added 14 Oct 2014 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 24 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,032 | 19 Comments

Between Midnight and Noon

Eight months. Seven days. Sixteen hours. It’s been so long since my wife last told me she loved me and then kissed me goodbye. How was I to know that one kiss would be the last kiss, the last caress? How many times would I think of her and seek her memory out in this way? “More coffee?” The waitress comes to stand in front of me, carafe in her hand. I consider that she...

Added 07 Jun 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 16 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,736 | 16 Comments

Recommended Read Charcoal Pinstripes

Chapter 1  The words on the screen began to bleed together, my eyes burned. Editing is my life but, damn, if it isn't one serious struggle sometimes. One saving grace for this particular science fiction end-of-the-world saga was that I rather enjoyed re-reading the sex scenes. I’m not an erotica editor, but the scenes crafted by this author's masterful fingers made my job a slight...

Added 24 Mar 2015 | Category Group Sex | Votes 24 | Avg Score 4.91 | Views 8,589 | 17 Comments

Viette - Chapter 1

All he had to do was ask her to consent and she would be his . . . and she hated herself for it. Passion, affection—she shouldn’t crave such things. But yet, on her hands and knees, fingers raw from vigorous scrubbing, her body ached to be touched. She was aware of every movement he made, every breath he took, his eyes on her as she worked. “Viette?” Her heart stuttered at the sound of...

Added 11 Apr 2015 | Category Novels | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,102 | 7 Comments

There's Something

Something draws me to the photograph of him, It’s so wrong for me to look, But I do, Over and over again. There is something in the way he is poised, Casual, against the cushions of the sofa. Black jeans, White shirt. It’s the jacket, though,  And the buckle on his belt,  - Undone. The thrust of his hips,  The way his arm reaches overhead,  These are where my eye wanders,  Over and...

Added 18 Apr 2013 | Category Love Poems | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.71 | Views 884 | 6 Comments

The Rain Came

The hillside was torched by a lick of flame. Angry fire burned wildly, devouring. Timbers cracked, the trees split, all was consumed. Heaven sent the rain, quenched the devil’s hand. Then the rain faded, leaving a man behind. He was cold, I gave him shelter. He was hungry, I gave him food. He was broken, I cured his wounds. Eyes dark, rich, and golden – like aged brass coins. Scattered...

Added 27 Jun 2013 | Category Love Poems | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 810 | 12 Comments

eBooks Published By Metilda
Soft, Sweet Clarice
Soft, Sweet Clarice

A Priest struggling with the demands of celibacy confesses his sins in this literary erotica piece. "I was her soul’s keeper, a leader of the church. A man of virtue and honor, not lust and sin. A man of the cloth with a dark secret within . . . But yet, each Sunday she walked through...


Stripped of her nobility and taken as a war prize, Viette is determined to take control of her life at all costs even if it means dominating a King to do so. As a servant, however, she's in no such position . . . or is she? King Leonin of Whitmore has his sights set on Viette for things beyond...

Lucky Strike: Blackmailing the Brat
Lucky Strike: Blackmailing the Brat

The Man of the House has been up to no good. He's fixated on his little brat. Born with the gift of clairvoyance, Emily uncovers his seedy secret and is certain her plan to blackmail The Man of the House will work. But George isn't swayed by Emily's ploy. In fact, he has his own agenda to see...

Finder's Keepers
Finder's Keepers

Trapped in a closet and hunted for thrills - safety mere feet away and yet so far out of reach - some kinky games are not for the weak of heart. Finders Keepers, Losers Weeper. Dare to...

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Thanks Metilda. I look forward to reading Lilith Lo's stories.
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THank you for accepting me,I will look for something good to post on your wall.

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Promise me - you'll never grow up.

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It's the holiday to paint eggs!

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Thanks for adding me. Saw you like long haired guys ;-)

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