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I live to write. I have a wide variety of interests and at some point they'll all surface in my stories.

I have removed a large number of stories from Lush in order to set up distribution of such works through publication channels for ebooks. Sorry Or not sorry. My active Erotica pen name is Lilith Lo. I also write as Sirin Love (for Romance Erotica).

If you are a Lust Gold member you will have access to my fuller pieces in The Vault.

Answers to Questions I'm often asked:
*Yes, my avatar is me
*I started writing because I became frustrated with a lack of erotica stories I wanted to read.
*I continue to write because I get a thrill out of penning my sexually charged thoughts on paper and sharing them with others.
*No, I'm not interested in real life relationships. (No webcam or cellphone)
*Nothing puts me off or disgusts me, some things just interest me more than others. I favor hardcore and fetish elements the most when I read.

Relationship Status:
Writing, reading erotica. Crafting jewelry, attending college and a whole bunch of other Jill of all Trades stuff.
Favorite Books:
Erotica: Addicted, Power Play, Restraint, Control (all by Stein), Otherwise Alone, Surviving Rain (Shay Savage). Non erotica: For the Love of Stones (Tobias Hill), The Art of War (by Machiavelli).
Favorite Authors:
Charlotte Stein, Tobias Hill, Machiavelli, Shay Savage
Favorite Music:
I listen to everything from Aerosmith to Enya and Puscifer to Rob Zombie. . .I'm not picky about genres - it just depends on what mood I'm in at the moment. I do passionately love Type O Negative, though. RIP Peter. Lately music from The Devil's Carnival has been in my changer.
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10 Mar 2013
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Topic: Is equality such a difficult concept to grasp?
Posted: 01 Dec 2016 17:23

No, it neither makes perfect sense nor is plausible with the self-contradictory laws we now have.

In Europe age discrimination is illegal, yet it is apparently OK to have different rules for different ages in many fields, driver's licence is the most obvious, or buying booze.

In the UK discrimination on religious beliefs held is illegal, but the courts have ruled that a lifelong honestly held Christian belief that sex is for one man and one woman who are married is now to be over-ruled by the honestly held lifelong belief that two men may indulge in sex in private wherever they wish, even in a hotel room owned and rented out by holders of the first belief. Clearly these two positions are incompatible, but the older, less noisily pursued view has had to give way.

The Roman Catholic church has had to close its adoption schemes because it refused to allow adoption by unmarried couples, on pain of being forced to hand children over to such couples or pay them compensation.

Another aspect of this is that all should have equal opportunities in education. That does not mean that mixed-ability teaching works, anymore than a mixed ability sports team would. It does not even mean that co-ed schooling works better than same-sex schools. It has been shown, in the UK at least, that girls do better when educated in an all-girls school, but anyone who says this will be shouted down by the "equalists".

The answer to the question is " Yes , equality is a difficult concept to apply ".

We're discussing gender - so I'm not going to travel toward age or religion discussions.

Gender . . . all girls schools?

Why? Is your workplace going to be strictly all male or all female?
So why learn separate? Grades aren't the only thing to work toward in school.

Every moment of your life is spent around people of opposite or neutral gender (etc). Part of growing up and attending school is learning how to deal with those types of related matters. that's LIFE. You can hide from it or pretend that's not how it IS just to isolate and seclude yourself.

If people - both males and females - are forever encouraged to shut-down in the presence of the opposite gender, withdraw or remove themselves . . . then they'll never figure out how to make it in life. Life is isolated.

Topic: What part of a girl you look at first when you see her? What turns you on about girls?
Posted: 08 Nov 2016 18:23

I'm always interested by the sheer number of guys who like it when women smile... because a lot of women don't like to smile.

Topic: How do I deal with my fiancées anger outbreaks
Posted: 08 Nov 2016 16:38

She sounds like me . . . like exactly like me.

And I don't respond well to anything IN any given direct moment. But after reflection I cede to cooler heads and logic can prevail.

So - gotta tell me to stop being such an immature little shit bag. Really - gotta tell me I'm acting like a child, only children behave that way, give examples from preschool... to which I'll respond with a hissy fit, but later will realize the truth in that.

Of course - that's only if she's EXACTLY like me.

Topic: Question for authors ...
Posted: 05 Nov 2016 16:34

Question for authors who write in multiple genres, but also a wide variety different sexual/erotic stories.

Often authors use a pen name for erotica if they also write something else, be it romance, historical etc. However, how about if you write two very different kinds of erotica, so for example real world m/m and also fantasy/supernatural erotica?

Does it benefit to use two names, or is erotica always erotica?

Here on Lush it doesn't matter because Lush is stellar when it comes to organizing / sorting / tagging stories by a variety of themes and kinks.

If you were self publishing you might have to defined parameters for yourself to continue to successfully tap into your prime audience.

Topic: Killing your stories/poems...when do you do it?
Posted: 05 Nov 2016 16:33

I only worry about what I have self published and if it's in KU. If I decide to put anything in KU i have to take it down from Lush for the duration.

Topic: Why the big hate on for ladies hosiery?
Posted: 31 Oct 2016 21:56

To me they're just strict necessity. Without them, whenever I wear a skirt the insides of my thighs will rub raw after a few hours.

Not even kidding - today I wore a short skirt (part of a Halloween costume) for most of the day. I didn't wear hose and by night time I had two huge rub-raw rashes on the inside of my thighs. That was after using baby oil and Vaseline - my usual two failsafes.

So I'll never do that again.

Topic: Let's stop using this sexist trope of referring to any woman as someone's wife, mother, daughter
Posted: 31 Oct 2016 21:20

I never said it was the most problematic issue in the world, or even in the world of sexism. It clearly isn't, and far from it. I don't think it means nothing though, but it may be more of a symptom than a cause (women being put in the supporting role, never the main character).

I think we can fight many fights at the same time on many levels. And we don't all need to fight them at the same time, even if we're heading in the same direction. Some may fight your point A or B in court, others will protest C. Another starts a thread on an erotic stories website about this ;)

Being a wife, mother, or daughter is merely a supporting role? That's an interesting - albeit strange - way of viewing it.

Do you feel that way when you hear husbands, brothers, fathers? I know that's not as common, but it is used in various ways. Does that demote men to a supporting role?

Why would someone hear one or all three of those and FEEL demeaned or demoted? Maybe what's missing is a sense of pride, then. Being unable to see the positives. Perhaps a country ripe with feminism on steroids, rather than the sensible measures of the past, has created women who loathe anything and everything about who they are.

Topic: What Girls Say As They Cum
Posted: 31 Oct 2016 14:37

I'm definitely in the 'forming words takes way too much effort' category for sure.

Topic: Let's stop using this sexist trope of referring to any woman as someone's wife, mother, daughter
Posted: 31 Oct 2016 14:33

Here . . . let me explore the differences. Here are a few examples of real sexist or misogynistic issues that have been in the news in the last few years:

1) Requiring women to wear high heels to work, without making effort to ensure those heels are tolerable or comfortable and thus won't harm one's feet, while stipulating it's a strict requirement, women who are unable or unwilling to wear them might be fired.

2) The US military requiring front-line combat in order for a soldier to advance to high-end ranks such as General, while barring women from serving front-line, and thus barring capable women from becoming said rank of General.

3) Someone supporting measures that allows men to be prescribed medications such as Viagra that serve only the purpose of sustaining an erection and enabling them to have sex, while making effort to prevent women from having various forms of birth control covered by SAME said insurance policies.

See the serious difference? References like 'wives and mothers' might be a little annoying or tiresome to hear, but it's not bringing with it a dire and harsh negative like: A) getting fired from a job in lieu of physical suffering, B) Denying advancement in a career where one is capable of satisfying requirements apart from gender factors, C) Medication permissions and denials fully reliant on one's gender under the guise of enabling sex, thus elevating sex to a higher and more important rung than pregnancy prevention.

Other than 'I'm a little annoyed with the term', there is no impact that comes with 'wives, daughters, mothers'. It means nothing. Just like Ladies and Gentlemen means nothing. The words carry no weight. It's just a reference. It's not keeping you from getting or keeping a job, it's not preventing you from receiving adequate and affordable health care (and so on).

Topic: Let's stop using this sexist trope of referring to any woman as someone's wife, mother, daughter
Posted: 31 Oct 2016 14:18

Who's freaking out here?

And how about the message "Let's stop using this sexist trope of referring to any woman as someone's wife, mother, daughter"? Not a good one?

When things that aren't sexist or misogynistic are labeled as such, it waters down the meaning of those words and dissolves the whole concept into silliness. Sort of like the boy who cried wolf - at some point people stop listening to what you have to say and stop tuning in. Then when REAL sexism and misogyny takes place, no one's listening and no one cares about the terms anymore.

To me the terms "sexist" and "misogynistic" refer to extreme , systemic, and widespread issues. Calling me a mother or a daughter isn't extreme. It's not pervasive or problematic. It's not taking away my rights, destroying my femininity, or trying to box me up with heinous restrictions and gender oriented spite. It might be a little old or annoying, I guess, which would be an understandable complaint. But certainly NOT sexist OR misogynistic.

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Stories Published By Metilda
Suckled: Nature's Bounty

Chapter 1   I saw the advertisement in the classified section of the newspaper while I was riding the Metro. The page was folded at a strange angle, crumpled in the man's hand who sat oblivious to my prying eyes. It read: Wanted: adult wet nurse. It brought to mind things I hadn't thought of in years, long forgotten fantasies I used to entertain when I was far more inexperienced in life:...

Added 30 Jan 2016 | Category Fetish | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 9,219 | 17 Comments

Recommended Read Dirty Girl Interrupted

Chapter 1 When it comes to objects of my affection what I truly lust for—my thing, my fetish I suppose I should say—is glass. Glass. Solid, smooth, textured, ribbed—cold or hot. Glass girl, all the way. Needless to say, when I go shopping for toys, I don’t go to the outrageously priced, hole in the wall adult store in the next town over. I’m a thrifty spender. There’s a twisted thrill...

Added 21 Sep 2015 | Category College Sex | Votes 30 | Avg Score 4.96 | Views 27,870 | 23 Comments

Recommended Read Bambi's Up To Bat

Anxious to get on the road again, Bambi bounced on the balls of her feet, her lips pursing to blow another bubble. Two, three inches around—and then it suddenly popped, sticking to her chin. Tamela stood there, a finger poised where the pink bubble had been. “Bus is full. Coach says we have to ride with the boys.” Bambi flicked her tongue, swiping the gum back into her mouth. “Sounds...

Added 05 Aug 2015 | Category Fetish | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 9,235 | 10 Comments

Taboo Lust

Chapter 1 I stayed a few steps behind Mom as we trudged into Church. The wind had kicked up since we left the house and my ears had begun to burn, my knees had gone a bit numb quite some time ago. Twice she turned to gripe at me for going too slow but I ignored her—I was looking for Brian. Our parents married when I was only 10. Years later, much to my dismay, they divorced. Since...

Added 23 Jun 2015 | Category Taboo | Votes 31 | Avg Score 4.93 | Views 38,188 | 17 Comments

Recommended Read The Devil's Undertones

I make my way to the Carnack Building with two minutes to spare. With ten minutes between classes I cannot fathom how this is going to work. First days are always stressful, and when I finally find room 294 I’m sweating and breathless. I barge in, hair a mangled mess, clothes disheveled, and the entire class looks at me. Why can’t the door be in the back of the room, I think to myself as I...

Added 22 May 2013 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 27 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 9,413 | 15 Comments

Between Midnight and Noon

Eight months. Seven days. Sixteen hours. It’s been so long since my wife last told me she loved me and then kissed me goodbye. How was I to know that one kiss would be the last kiss, the last caress? How many times would I think of her and seek her memory out in this way? “More coffee?” The waitress comes to stand in front of me, carafe in her hand. I consider that she...

Added 07 Jun 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 14 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,483 | 15 Comments

Viette - Chapter 1

All he had to do was ask her to consent and she would be his . . . and she hated herself for it. Passion, affection—she shouldn’t crave such things. But yet, on her hands and knees, fingers raw from vigorous scrubbing, her body ached to be touched. She was aware of every movement he made, every breath he took, his eyes on her as she worked. “Viette?” Her heart stuttered at the sound of...

Added 11 Apr 2015 | Category Novels | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,695 | 7 Comments

There's Something

Something draws me to the photograph of him, It’s so wrong for me to look, But I do, Over and over again. There is something in the way he is poised, Casual, against the cushions of the sofa. Black jeans, White shirt. It’s the jacket, though,  And the buckle on his belt,  - Undone. The thrust of his hips,  The way his arm reaches overhead,  These are where my eye wanders,  Over and...

Added 18 Apr 2013 | Category Love Poems | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.67 | Views 1,045 | 5 Comments

The Rain Came

The hillside was torched by a lick of flame. Angry fire burned wildly, devouring. Timbers cracked, the trees split, all was consumed. Heaven sent the rain, quenched the devil’s hand. Then the rain faded, leaving a man behind. He was cold, I gave him shelter. He was hungry, I gave him food. He was broken, I cured his wounds. Eyes dark, rich, and golden – like aged brass coins. Scattered...

Added 27 Jun 2013 | Category Love Poems | Votes 16 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 1,033 | 12 Comments

Viette - Chapter 32

In the madness that followed—the guards rushing in and out, the doctor being summoned—Viette slipped away. No one noticed her departure, not even her Keeper. She moved in a strange fog—almost floating as she went—her heart having darkened to a shade of night. On the way to Aust's room she followed the narrow servant passageways that wound through the castle. He’s not dead, she...

Added 15 Jun 2015 | Category Novels | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 622 | 5 Comments

eBooks Published By Metilda
Suckled: Nature's Bounty
Suckled: Nature's Bounty

Breanne lives a dull, single life working as an office clerk. That is until she sees a job listing in the newspaper as a Nature's Bounty Nurse. A phone call and an intimate doctor's appointment later, she's on her way to dedicating herself to a life of adult nursing for a wealthy Japanese...

The Devil's Undertones: An Unholy Love Story
The Devil's Undertones: An Unholy Love Story

On the first day of Latin Class Lara finds herself quickly entangled with her professor. A relationship blooms, spirals and spins with secret rendezvous under the cover of little white lies. It's his voice, his good looks, and that commanding presence that draws her in deeper. What Lara doesn't...

Viette: A Story of Love and Hate
Viette: A Story of Love and Hate

Stripped of her nobility and taken as a war prize, Viette is determined to take control of her life at all costs even if it means dominating a King to do so. As a servant, however, she's in no such position . . . or is she? King Leonin of Whitmore has his sights set on Viette for things beyond...

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