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The only constant in life is that it changes over time. I came to lush as a unpolished storyteller. I made more than my share of mistakes, but my gift to turn a phrase and my vivid imagination allowed my work to be at least readable. It was only with the help of a few, very special mods that I was able to improve, until today when I have received more accolades than I could have ever hoped for.

During the four years or so I spent as a mod, I did my best to pay that debt forward and I can look back at a number of excellent writers I helped in some small way to improve their work. It was a very satisfying time for me, but as I mentioned above, life changes over time. My desire to help others eventually caught up with me and I was forced to leave the sites service. In so doing, my passion for writing was exchanged for a passion for love. That was when I found Simplicity.

Simplicity was a new writer when I first noticed her, but I quickly became a huge fan of her work. Only later would I realize that my love of her words would transcend into a love of her soul. Today, the woman you know as Simplicity is living with me and we are forging a new life together. I've exchanged my writing time and my chance to help others for the amazing chance to be happy and content with a woman who understands me better than any I've ever met. We are incredibly happy together. While I do miss being able to offer help and encouragement to others, I can be happy knowing I repaid my debt. I am now free to finally and simply enjoy my life with the woman I love.

I'm afraid I don't often have time to read these days, and my own work will come more rarely, but I won't ever forget those friends who have stood at my side or have had my and Simplicity's back when times were dark. To you all, I offer my greatest thanks.

In my time at lush, I have made every attempt to be friendly, kind and understanding to all. That is my nature and defines who I am. That said, 2016 was a tumultuous year for Simmie and I, and too many took liberties with the truth or spread vile rumors about us. Those people are now blocked, and moving forward i will be quick to block any who bring negativity into either of our lives. For those who are not on that list, i still offer my friendship and hope it will be returned in kind.

One last note, as time goes on and members delete scores tend to fade. I humbly ask that if you think my is work worth others to read, cast a vote to keep them fresh on the top lists. Thank you.

Milik Redman
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Engaged to Simplicity
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26 Feb 2017 09:15
Baseball, Movies, Reading
Favorite Books:
Shogun, The Raven by Edgar Alle Poe, Earth Abides,
Favorite Authors:
Asimov, Poe, Shakespeare, Koontz, many many others.
Favorite Movies:
Pretty Woman, Titanic, Star Wars, Shakespeare in Love
Favourite TV Shows:
Games of Thrones. Historical Programing.
Favorite Music:
The Doors, Eagles, Led Zeppelin. Most any rock from the late sixties to early eighties.


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14 Aug 2009
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Stories Published By Milik_the_Red All Stories »

Recommended Read Ethan

An animalistic growl escaped his lips and his throbbing rod plunged deep into my pussy, almost slamming against my cervix. I cried out as Ethan sank his teeth into my neck, grunting as he thrust harder into my pouting hole. My legs were around his lower back, his muscular form pinning me into position. I barely managed to hold onto his biceps with my petite hands as he pummeled me,...

Added 19 Feb 2017 | Category Hardcore | Votes 23 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,652 | 20 Comments

Be My Valentine

I asked you to be mine Not just you heart nor simply your soul I wanted all of you, from your blond, tussled hair  To those cute little toes.  I wanted your love, your passion, and your devotion when all others who claimed to return those things failed you.  I wanted your trust. Your belief that I would stand by when all others fled. I wanted you to know I would not be like them. I...

Added 15 Feb 2017 | Category Love Poems | Votes 29 | Avg Score 5 | Views 252 | 28 Comments

A Deal Made For Daddy, Part 2: Paid in Full

By the time I managed to clean up and get dressed, Daddy had disappeared into his room. Catching me blowing Mr. Gillman had been too much for him and he'd run back to his bottle. Maybe I should have been worried, but at that moment, I was too angry to care. Dashing into my room, I locked the door and fell on my bed, crying in shame and frustration. I didn't see much of Daddy over the next...

Added 22 Jan 2017 | Category Mature | Votes 42 | Avg Score 5 | Views 6,640 | 35 Comments

Recommended Read A Deal Made For Daddy

I was raised a total '90210' girl. I've never made any apologies for that. Born into the sunny glamor of Hollywood, I was raised in the gilded neighborhoods of Beverly Hills. As a child, I was spoiled by a father who ensured I had the best of everything. I was a true fashionista. I mean, you name it, and Daddy gave it to me. My trendy, designer clothes and ridiculously expensive Italian...

Added 04 Jan 2017 | Category Reluctance | Votes 49 | Avg Score 5 | Views 16,442 | 35 Comments

Recommended Read Mallory Monroe: The Business of Pleasure

The car grew silent as the motor’s hum faded. It was an eerie feeling, the air inside heavy and full of expectation. It was always like that, and Mallory associated this quiet moment with the sex that always followed. Weeks earlier, she'd been terrified by that sense of vacuum, but now her fear had gone, replaced by a flush of tingling heat as her pussy became wet with anticipation.  “Um,...

Added 17 Jan 2017 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 39 | Avg Score 4.97 | Views 2,544 | 30 Comments

Recommended Read Mallory Monroe - Rise of a Streetwalker

Mallory felt naked as she stepped into the night. Like a frightened child, she peered from her shadowed doorway, searching for any sign of someone coming her way. Seeing no one, and with a churning mix of relief and trepidation, she forced herself to begin the long walk toward the complex gate. The night was quiet on this side of the wall. Mallory’s senses were tuned for any sign of...

Added 04 Jun 2015 | Category Reluctance | Votes 72 | Avg Score 4.98 | Views 12,963 | 60 Comments

Recommended Read The Taking Of Cassidy Lynn

Cassidy was in a foul mood. Everyone at the party could sense it and they were avoiding her as if she was the center of a five-foot quarantine. Stress was ever-present for associate attorneys at Sinclair & Lewis and the others had far too much of their own to be interested in becoming involved in hers. For her part, Cassidy was vaguely aware they were keeping their distance and that was...

Added 02 Jun 2012 | Category Seduction | Votes 96 | Avg Score 4.99 | Views 33,042 | 66 Comments

Recommended Read Her Dirty Little Secret

Justin was twenty eight years old when he returned to the States after two tours in Iraq. Now discharged, he tried to find work but the economy was still pretty tight and it proved to be much more difficult than he anticipated. Right about the time he was ready to give up and move back in with his parents, he received an offer for some part-time auto repair work. It was more or less on...

Added 25 May 2014 | Category Voyeur | Votes 61 | Avg Score 5 | Views 28,807 | 42 Comments

Editor's Pick My Last Morning With Melissa

Ah, Melissa. That’s a name that brings back fond memories of a time of passion and illicit romance. Even now, I can taste the hint of cinnamon on her lips and sense the subtle fragrance of an obscure flower that was the essence of the perfume she wore. Melissa and her husband, a stoic and foolish man whose unpronounceable name I have chosen to forget, lived in the same apartment complex as...

Added 16 Mar 2014 | Category Hardcore | Votes 114 | Avg Score 5 | Views 164,949 | 76 Comments

Recommended Read Jailbait

It had been five years since my wife died. I was stuck in a rut. It was as if my life had stalled the day Gina passed away. I was as emotionally healed as I would ever be, yet I lacked the will to go out and start anew. I worked, I came home. I slept, and then I headed back to work again the very next day. My life became a cycle. Rinse and repeat, ad infinitum. Maybe that’s why I...

Added 20 Oct 2015 | Category Taboo | Votes 147 | Avg Score 5 | Views 149,297 | 91 Comments

Stories Coauthored By Milik_the_Red

Recommended Read Tease

Thankfully, at last, the final box had been unpacked. It was only when moving out of my parents’ house that I realized how much junk I’d accumulated. I was particularly pleased that my apartment was furnished and, therefore, I didn't have to transport furniture. Moving boxes of my personal stuff had been tiring enough. I’d been looking for something reasonably cheap when I saw an advert in...

Added 20 Feb 2017 | Category Exhibitionism | Votes 29 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,090 | 29 Comments

Editor's Pick Gift Of The Geisha

Seven o’clock, the black numbers showed clearly against the silver LED background. Tanner noted the time with a sense of detachment, not concerned or hurried, but with an awareness that his guest would soon arrive. A geisha, Tanner thought while gazing out through the expanse of windows in his penthouse apartment. Tanner rolled the word through his mind again, sampling its meaning as if he...

Added 03 Apr 2016 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 53 | Avg Score 5 | Views 26,220 | 47 Comments

Recommended Read Syncopation, Part 1

Dust particles floated in the sunbeam that cascaded through the small window. “Terry’s Cleaning” stretched with the dark blue shirt as the wearer stooped and shifted boxes that had sat undisturbed for decades, transferring them down small stairs that protested under the use. At the bottom of the stairs, a dark haired girl opened them. Some of the dusty boxes went to a large room to...

Added 20 Jul 2014 | Category Love Stories | Votes 29 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,477 | 31 Comments

Recommended Read Syncopation, The Finale

Pink light pushed against the white cafè curtains of the frame farmhouse. Through the windows, the dark-haired girl was visible as she entered the little kitchen. A modern, sleek coffee maker, out of time with the rest of the appliances, stood on the counter beside the ancient stove. Coffee grounds were scoped from a plastic bin and poured into the white crinkled filter. Trickle of coffee...

Added 26 Jul 2014 | Category Love Stories | Votes 22 | Avg Score 5 | Views 2,246 | 22 Comments

Series Award Resisting Fate - Part One of Three

I spent the warm season hunting beaver along the shores of the great river. The hunt was good, but too many days had passed and each one was now shorter than the last. Cold winds were already blowing from the North and soon the white snows would be falling from the sky. I knew that if I were to return to my home fires before thick drifts filled the land, I would be forced to cut through...

Added 06 Aug 2015 | Category Historical | Votes 62 | Avg Score 5 | Views 7,797 | 54 Comments

Recommended Read Resisting Fate - Part Two of Three

It was only when I watched Red Elk turn his back to me and began to ride off that I understood. He was making me decide if I wanted to go with him or to return to my own kind. But they weren't my own kind, were they? I'm not American, and I couldn't trust them. For all I know they were no different than the savages who killed my husband, and would do awful things to me. At least Red Elk had...

Added 13 Aug 2015 | Category Historical | Votes 48 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,457 | 38 Comments

Recommended Read Resisting Fate - Part Three of Three

We traveled many days together, my beautiful White Dove and I. That journey was the greatest time of my life, and Elsie and I were deep in love long before we crested the hills above the valley where my people made their winter camp. "We are home, Elsie," I said as I gazed out at the many conical tents that dotted the land below. Lazy trails of smoke rose from a hundred fires, and I could...

Added 20 Aug 2015 | Category Historical | Votes 54 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,918 | 43 Comments

Series Award Power Play

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” ― Oscar Wilde 'Rebecca Weiss is a seventeen-year-old junior at Rosemont High School. She was referred to me by Principal Burton for consultation regarding potentially inappropriate and unsafe sexual activities allegedly committed on school property.' 'The initial report, filed by Mrs. Elaine...

Added 22 Aug 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 73 | Avg Score 5 | Views 27,548 | 58 Comments

Editor's Pick Legal Intrigue - Part One

This story is a collaboration between the talented Milik Redman and myself. I am happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to write with him. Philippe gazed at the leather bound documents with a trepidation he had not felt before. Oh, Mon Dieu! What am I doing? he thought to himself. He was usually a man of intellect and analytical certainty. The growing conflict between...

Added 21 Jun 2013 | Category Love Stories | Votes 33 | Avg Score 4.84 | Views 6,947 | 23 Comments

Recommended Read Power Play - the Finale (5)

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” ― Oscar Wilde Over the next few days, Ted began to realize how profound an experience he and Marcia shared that night. She found the freedom to give in to her desire, and he learned how powerfully impacted he was by her being unafraid to sexually express them. In his mind, the fact that he lied about his...

Added 23 Jan 2015 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 29 | Avg Score 5 | Views 5,206 | 22 Comments

Recommended Read Power Play - Part 4

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” ― Oscar Wilde Ted felt a surreal calm settle over him as he made the short walk to the deli. The shock of Becca's appearance and the torrid sex they had just shared in the garage left him feeling as if he were having an out of body experience. Now, even the simple act of making his way to get his breakfast...

Added 20 Jan 2015 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 28 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,817 | 24 Comments

Recommended Read Power Play - Part 3

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” ― Oscar Wilde Ted grimaced as a grey SUV followed its blinker into the lane ahead. “Son of a bitch!” he muttered as he glanced into his side-view mirror. He'd had at least a quarter mile of open pavement ahead of him and now he had to cut into the right lane to pass the slower vehicle. The engine's soft...

Added 05 Sep 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 41 | Avg Score 5 | Views 7,060 | 33 Comments

Recommended Read Power Play - Part 2

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” ― Oscar Wilde Ted closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief as the chaos of the outside world was replaced by the engineered comfort of his luxury sedan. 'Ah, peace and quiet,' he thought as he settled into the buttery softness of the leather upholstery. This was why he had spent such a ridiculous amount...

Added 29 Aug 2014 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 48 | Avg Score 5 | Views 8,279 | 39 Comments

Recommended Read Beauty And The Biker

The roar of the bike is like a slow drone in my ears now. The unending blacktop of the road and the wind flowing over me gives me a sense of peace that flies in stark contrast to the nervous knot in my stomach. Usually, I look forward to a long ride, but not tonight. A hundred miles. Over two hours of hard riding and then... What? Will she be glad to see me? I really don't know. I do know,...

Added 04 Jul 2015 | Category College Sex | Votes 54 | Avg Score 4.98 | Views 15,262 | 45 Comments

Recommended Read Legal Intrigue - Part Two

It was my privilege to write this story with the talented Milik Redman. It is the second part of a story of a judge and a Crown Prosecutor who face an ethical issue in the context of a precedent making trial. Their choices will have lasting impact on their lives and careers . Philippe Rannou took a deep breath before opening the door to his court. An unfamiliar turmoil had unsettled him...

Added 21 Jul 2013 | Category Love Stories | Votes 23 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 2,621 | 17 Comments

eBooks Published By Milik_the_Red

Ryan Jennings was just an ordinary guy with a decent job and a new girlfriend. He never expected his life to become anything more than it was, but when a mysterious, raven haired beauty began hunting him in a haunting game of cat and mouse, he found himself unable to resist. Tempted beyond reason,...

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