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I am a man of partial Native American heritage. I am a living contradiction. I am a poet and writer, a blue collar man and a closet philosopher. I am a responsible professional and a miscreant. I am a pacifist who believes in revenge. I am an anarchist who believes humanities greatest achievement is civilization and a man who believes that women have been suppressed by a hypocritical society for far too long. I am a gentleman with a very dirty mind. I don’t chat much but enjoy it when I do. I will always be very happy to return emails. I am here to make some friends, share wisdom and to feed my ego by sharing my work. For those who enjoy my poetry you honor me by reading it. For those who read my stories know that I am pleased when someone can be inspired by my words.

Milik Redman
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Baseball, Movies, Reading
Favorite Books:
Shogun, The Raven by Edgar Alle Poe, Earth Abides,
Favorite Authors:
Asimov, Poe, Shakespeare, Koontz, many many others.
Favorite Movies:
Pretty Woman, Titanic, Star Wars, Shakespeare in Love
Favourite TV Shows:
Games of Thrones. Historical Programing.
Favorite Music:
The Doors, Eagles, Led Zeppelin. Most any rock from the late sixties to early eighties.
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14 Aug 2009
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Stories Published By Milik_the_Red
Recommended Read Night Trawling: The Trucker

It was one of those suffocating August nights. The air was heavy and seemed to suck the energy right out of me. It was the end of an uncomfortable and painfully dull day and my mind wondered aimlessly as the evening hours ticked by. As midnight approached, I began to feel a heat that had nothing at all to do with the sweltering humidity outside. I was single at the time, so dealing with...

Added 21 Jun 2015 | Category Gay Male | Votes 19 | Avg Score 5 | Views 4,056 | 16 Comments

Recommended Read What is Passion?

What is passion? It's a hunger. A roaring need to hold your body under mine. To feel your skin, hot and wild, sliding against my own. It's the scent of your body, And the taste of your flesh. The heady aroma of your arousal inflaming my need. I want to hear you moan. To respond to me without thinking.  I want to hear you gasp and whimper at my touch. I want to hold you still,  ...

Added 06 Jun 2015 | Category Erotic Poems | Votes 28 | Avg Score 5 | Views 395 | 28 Comments

Mallory Monroe - Birth of a Streetwalker

Mallory felt naked as she stepped into the night. Like a frightened child, she peered from her shadowed doorway, searching for any sign of someone coming her way. Seeing no one, and with a churning mix of relief and trepidation, she forced herself to begin the long walk toward the complex gate. The night was quiet on this side of the wall. Mallory’s senses were tuned for any sign of...

Added 04 Jun 2015 | Category Reluctance

Editor's Pick My Last Morning With Melissa

Ah, Melissa. That’s a name that brings back fond memories of a time of passion and illicit romance. Even now, I can taste the hint of cinnamon on her lips and sense the subtle fragrance of an obscure flower that was the essence of the perfume she wore. Melissa and her husband, a stoic and foolish man whose unpronounceable name I have chosen to forget, lived in the same apartment complex as...

Added 16 Mar 2014 | Category Hardcore | Votes 114 | Avg Score 5 | Views 100,810 | 78 Comments

Editor's Pick A Slave's Fate

Hello, little bird. You may not know it, but we have much in common you and I. You were born to fly free on the wind, but fate has betrayed you and now you live in a gilded cage. You are cared for but still a prisoner. I wonder, do you miss flying through the clouds? Or is the golden cage your home? I ask myself this often. I am Asius, a slave to the House of Quintus Lucius Antonius,...

Added 28 May 2013 | Category BDSM | Votes 71 | Avg Score 5 | Views 51,682 | 59 Comments

Recommended Read Candice Down Under

I didn't realize how much my life was changing until it was almost too late. The transition was slow as I moved from the life of a carefree twenty-something to being a more responsible, middle aged husband and father. As the years crept by, the youthful exuberance my wife and I once shared slowly gave way to the repetitive boredom of everyday life. Maybe that’s what they call getting old....

Added 25 Jun 2014 | Category Wife Lovers | Votes 76 | Avg Score 5 | Views 17,900 | 61 Comments

Recommended Read Champagne For Two

Every fiber of my being stands on edge, leaving me floating through the livingroom as I light the candles. Thoughts of my husband brought me to this deliciously heightened state of arousal. The things I am about to do go beyond the mere sensuality of love making. They are the kind of dirty, naughty thoughts a woman usually doesn't share outside the confines of her boudoir. For twelve,...

Added 02 Aug 2014 | Category Masturbation | Votes 67 | Avg Score 5 | Views 13,890 | 49 Comments

Recommended Read A Private Pleasure

I must have slept for fourteen hours that night. The week before was very tough and my schedule was completely out of whack. By the time Friday night rolled around all I wanted to do was sleep. It was 11:00 am Saturday morning by the time I woke. By then, I felt as fresh and rested as I had in weeks. It's amazing what a good night's sleep will do for a man. I rolled over onto my back,...

Added 27 Jul 2013 | Category Masturbation | Votes 44 | Avg Score 5 | Views 14,175 | 34 Comments

Editor's Pick The Survivor

The Survivor By Milik the Red This is a sci fi story that takes place in the future. It is a departure for me as a writer. I hope you all enjoy it. Available only on Lush Stories Myra cut through a thick tangle of the Kudzu and swore under her breath. The damn vines were everywhere and made travelling through the forested hills of the Ozarks a complete nightmare. Her arms...

Added 31 Aug 2009 | Category Fantasy & Sci-Fi | Votes 84 | Avg Score 4.93 | Views 37,745 | 40 Comments

Editor's Pick The Survivor ch 2: Myra's Song

Part 1: The Hunt Myra crept through the thick brush one careful step at a time. Rain had recently fallen and the slope she was descending was as slippery as it was steep. She was all too aware that one wrong step would send her sliding down to the bottom of the gully and give her presence away. Reaching a tree about halfway down the slope, she leaned against it and held her breath,...

Added 06 Jun 2013 | Category Fantasy & Sci-Fi | Votes 32 | Avg Score 5 | Views 10,352 | 30 Comments

eBooks Published By Milik_the_Red
Kelly's Passion
Kelly's Passion

Kelly Woods, after becoming estranged from her family, moved to the big city determined to own her life and her sexuality. That was what led her to become an Escort, and by the age of twenty-six, she had become one of the most successful prostitutes in the city. Her popularity with the elite...

Ryan Jennings was just an ordinary guy with a decent job and a new girlfriend. He never expected his life to become anything more than it was, but when a mysterious, raven haired beauty began hunting him in a haunting game of cat and mouse, he found himself unable to resist. Tempted beyond reason,...

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