Power Struggle (Part1)

Prologue: He is her slave...or is he?

So here we are, you, kneeling - pathetically - on the floor as if doing homage to the goddess that sits above you: me, in my leather and lace, and you, completely naked. I'll bet all your friends see you as a proper Jack the Lad, never taking any crap from women, but we both know better, don't we? The mark across your chest is just coming up, where my spiteful little whiplash has punished...Read On


Uses For a Wingbacked Chair

A savage gentleman, an adoring virgin, and the beast with two backs

The armchair is in his study. It's upholstered in exquisite jacquard-woven fabric, with wings at the side to shield his face from the glow of the fire, propped on short, stout, sensuously curved legs, as is typical of the style. The study reflects his tastes - it's a picture of Victorian luxury - filled with objets d'art, shelves of books and rich furnishings. A low fire flickers in...Read On