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I'm a very open minded person and I love trying new things. I enjoy D/s stories, but I'll happily read other kinds as well. I'm also a mistress to a dear and loving pet, and I wont be mistress to anyone else.

Please don't message me just to ask if I'm horny or if I will be your mistress, my answer will always be no. I'm mistress to only one pet, and she's more than a handful for me ;P

I may let my pet on here if she has behaved her self. She is forbidden to private chat with people without my consent and she is not to play with anyone. So please don't ask her.

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Topic: SAMs
Posted: 28 Apr 2013 06:23

I've personally not had much experience with SAM's, only seen and heard stories about some. Some seem to enjoy being punished by their Dom/mes but don't want to admit that to themselves, so will subconsciously act out to get the punishment without needing to admit that they like it. This often leads to them being rather upset as they realize they are upsetting their Dom/me, but seem unable to stop what they are doing. The other kind I have heard of, rather than enjoying the punishment, instead enjoy angering or upsetting their Dom/me, I can only assume that those SAM's realize what they are doing.

In the case of the second kind the relationship doesn't last very long, and the SAM will likely try to find a new Dom/me who hasn't heard of them before, which may be why I have heard of the second kind more.

I believe that BlackTalon is referring to the first kind of SAM I mentioned, where they do want to change, but find themselves unable to, though I would always recommend talking to the Sub and asking why they are misbehaving so much, rather than trying to make them change.

Topic: The Dom or Sub Test
Posted: 30 Dec 2012 02:53

Highly dominant
What a surprise, lol

Hazzah!!! I took this test and it validated what I already knew! Perfectly balanced!! So for anyone who thinks I'm a Domme cough Mistress S, SimplyJohn, Ankara cough cough here's the proof :p *searches for my flogger*

You and your partner share equal power. Neither of you is completely dominant or completely submissive. You have reached that beautiful harmony in your relationship that others are so jealous of. You trade off hats, pants, and toys and are always looking out for each others' best interests. Congrats.

Hmm..... I think someone lied on their test<img src="/images/emoticons/eusa_liar.gif" alt="Liar">

Topic: No private chat
Posted: 10 Sep 2012 04:35

Can't speak for everyone else, but in my case, it was my sub who asked for this rule. Since she doesn't like upsetting or annoying people she can find it hard at times to say no to people, so being able to say that she isn't allowed to private chat with people helps take the pressure of her, since it's not up to her in a way.

I have also seen on other sites, not so much here, mentions of some subs being manipulated by people into going into private chats with them. From people using reasons like how 'they'll help the sub better serve their Dom/me' or telling the sub that it is what is expected of them and they shouldn't say no (which I found particularly disgusting to read). Being given the rule that they can't private chat stops this from happening (assuming they follow the rule of course), and like above it means the sub no longer is responsible for that decision, so they shouldn't be able to be guilted of forced into going into these private chats.

I think I can say however that the majority of Dom/mes (the ones I know anyway) who give this rule are ok with the sub private chatting or whispering with friends, so long as they know that the person isn't going to try make the sub to cyber with them.

Topic: BDSM 101
Posted: 09 Sep 2012 04:16

I'd love for my partner to be more dominating since I'm submissive in nature in the bedroom, but I'm not sure how to approach him about it.
We dabble with handcuffs and toys but that's the extent of it.

Any suggestions on how to introduce it?
The most obvious thing I would suggest would be is just talking to him about it, and telling him how you feel. Since you already try some light bondage, I'd imagine he is open to the idea of it. You could also try reading some stories or watching some porn together, dropping hints about how some of the things look interesting or fun, to see if he agrees and wants to try them and then talk it over.

If he is interested, but not sure about it, try suggesting having a scene one night, where you can both agree to try out some things to see what you do and don't like.

Hope things go well for you both, have fun and be safe.

Topic: Brief essay: Ride the ride
Posted: 04 Aug 2012 17:12

This actually made sense to me, weirdly.

Topic: BDSM 101
Posted: 13 Jul 2012 15:24

Bit surprised I haven't done a post on this sooner, so thanks to the person who reminded me.

So this post will be about some of the safety precautions that should be taken.

Obviously the first one that everyone should be aware off safe words. These can be anything that the couple wants to use, but should be something easy to remember, and of course something that wont normally be called out. Both the Dom/me and the sub should have them. My pet and I use the traffic light system. where in, red would mean definitively stop immediately because you are very against something happening, orange would mean stop because you are uncomfortable or worried and want to discuss it, and green would mean everything was fine again.

However, there might be situations where you can't say your safe word, for example if the sub is gagged. In this case you need another method. with my sub I use something that I saw suggested in another site, I give her a pair of Chinese worry balls to hold, if she would use her safe word she drops the balls, both for red, one for orange. with this though you need to make sure they will make a loud enough sound for you to hear it, so I tend not to gag my sub often.

Something that I think tends to be overlooked by some is when using bondage, you need to be very careful, it can be easy to accidentally block the flow of blood to parts of the body. This tends to not be less important, with the use of things like cuffs, which are fairly comfortable and they are what is tied instead of the sub. whenever practicing bondage, you should also take care not to keep the person in an awkward position for long, and any ties should be easily undone. Personally I keep a pair of scissors nearby to cut the rope off if needed.

Those who are into things like heat play, most notable wax play, you should only use candles made for using on people, since they will melt at a lower temperature than regular candles. As a personal note I make sure to drip some on my own arm first to make sure it does not burn.

One thing I am very uncomfortable with, but I'll try my best to offer some safety advice, is knife play. Now this is something that someone new should not try, and no one should try it unless you trust the person explicitly. The blades used should always be dulled as much as possible, so as to make any injury less likely, use the blade as lightly as possible, I'd suggest the person using the knife to run it against their hand first as to make sure it wont cut and of course, keep it away from any major arteries or veins. (If you both do want to the feeling of the blade to seem sharp, I have read somewhere that keeping it in ice so it is cold before use will make it seem sharp, rather than actually using a sharp blade.)

Topic: Submissive vs. Slave
Posted: 09 Jul 2012 16:47

I can respect the desire to self-identify. However, I do wish to respectfully ask this:

If there is no difference between the two, why do you choose one over the other? In my mind, "slave" is not derogatory or anything other than descriptive. But, perhaps, my mindset is not universal. If you say that there's no difference... Then what's the difference?

We have many different words that mean the same thing in language. I think it simply comes down to each persons personal preference.

Topic: Submissive vs. Slave
Posted: 09 Jul 2012 12:45

As Ravyn has said, it depends on who you ask. I have seen this debated on many occasions, across many sites, and I don't think there is a truly definitive answer.

My sub and I live the lifestyle 24/7 (as opposed to set 'play' times) But unlike ProfessionalMaster I would never refer to her as my slave, I simply do not like the term. I usually refer to her as my sub or my pet.

Personally I feel the term 'slave' can give the wrong impression for those who are new to the lifestyle, even those who do use the term know that the 'slave' still has the same freedoms and is still a person, this means that they can always say no (use their safe word), to anything that goes beyond their limits of what they are willing to do. (These can and often are pushed in Dom/sub relationships, but that is for another discussion). The term 'slave' can give the impression that the person does not have any rights themselves, and can scare some off or mean some new Dom/mes may be abusive. I'm glad to say this happens very rarely now however, since there is far more education about the lifestyle out there.

Topic: "I'm Not Allowed To..."
Posted: 29 May 2012 08:09

I am sorry you misinterpreted and felt the need to pretend that offense gives you the authority to attempt to suppress the ideas of others.

Ok, I am really tired of this now, I have tried to be civil about this, and as I said, I have never tried to make you change what you think. I merely stated that it has offended many and have defended myself and those in the lifestyle from what seems like a verbal attack on us by this point.
Clearly you are just trying to goad me now. I have said what I will in response to your original points, I'm not going to continue this further. I'd appreciate if you don't either.

Topic: "I'm Not Allowed To..."
Posted: 29 May 2012 02:09


If I have made it appear like that, and I'm told by many others that I haven't, then I apologize.

If you had made it clear then you would not have offended as many as you have, so it seems clear that people think you are talking about a physical need, that was the original point of my posts.

I do not speak for the lifestyle, if you would read what I have said before, I am telling you what many others have said to me as well, I just happen to be the one posting it here.

To answer your question, I am well aware of what the SM stands for, and no, I do not want to hide it.Personally I am not into that side of BDSM, but as I see it, those who are are always close to crossing the line where it becomes abuse, I wont deny that there are some who do cross that line, but when they do they cease to be a Dom/me. (Not my own words, I was told this by someone who is trained in the SM side of BDSM, and who has trained Dom/mes for several years).

I have never told you what to do, only asked, and hoped that you might see that your posts have offended people. If what you have said is true, then what you are trying to say has seemed like something else, and what it looks like to others is offensive.

At this point it is clear that you are not going to stop, and neither will I since I wont stand back while someone posts things that (seems to) be aimed at and offend people in the lifestyle. Either way I have asked for this thread to be locked, or for our posts to be deleted as they are not relevant to the thread, as it is the only way this will stop.

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My First Pet

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