My Uncle and His Friend: a 2 for 1

Sophia's plan began to consume her, as she longed to be consumed.

I barely contained myself as I crossed the threshold into my adopted uncle’s home, just moments after I watched the gorgeous man pour all his lust onto the beautiful and buxom transgendered woman now standing strikingly by his side. Her soft 5’7” frame oozed of the airs of the most seductive of women. Her slip half covering, half accentuating her exquisite figure. From her...Read On


My Uncle and His Friend: Day 1

Overcome by curiosity, a young woman watches her uncle make love to a transsexual

Just a few years ago, I was preparing to board what I had hoped to be my last budget airline flight, a day before my twentieth birthday. The flight was the start of the final leg of my solo adventure in Europe. My sweet mother, who had been constantly worried about her only girl travelling alone, asked me to spend the occasion with family. Even if it was family I'd only met once. ...Read On