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A subliminal being in a human's body. Born with a purpose and waiting to strike. Someone who thinks of life as a ride. Someone who is not really talkative but does enjoy good conversations.

I won't be as active as I used to be as I don't have the time anymore. Thank you for the laughs and orgasms, Lush.

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20 Jun 2018 13:43
Sky diving, swimming, horseback riding, running, hanging out with friends.
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Most books from my favorite authors. Don't read much anymore for some weird reason.
Favorite Authors:
Paulo Coelho, Leo Tolstoy, John Grisham from the top of my head.
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Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Usual Suspects, The Clockwork Orange, Apocalypse Now, Se7en, The Hangover.
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The Weeknd, Obsidia, DJ Tiesto, Maybeshewill, AC/DC, Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Ray, The Doors and Queen to name a few.


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21 May 2011
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23 Jun 2014 (1457 days ago)
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Posted: 30 Jan 2013 08:31


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Posted: 30 Jan 2013 08:29


Topic: Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted: 22 Jan 2013 08:36


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Topic: Sperm donor may have to pay child support to couple he helped.
Posted: 13 Jan 2013 10:55

This is worse: http://www.lasisblog.com/2011/02/26/man-receives-oral-sex-ordered-to-pay-child-support/

Men have to be careful about their sperm too now! <img src="/images/emoticons/evil6.gif" alt="evil4">

Topic: Possibility of war between India and Pakistan
Posted: 13 Jan 2013 07:21

what about the bodies of those two Indian soldiers cremated ? are those fake?

When did I say the bodies were fake?

Water might not be the only reason for their animosity. But it is the most rational one as both countries depend on hydro power for their energy needs so it makes sense to secure the water source.

It doesn't matter which country did what in the past, they need to move forward and the only way forward is the peaceful one.

Topic: Possibility of war between India and Pakistan
Posted: 12 Jan 2013 22:29

I'm quite offended by your sarcastic tone. Were you or nytimes appointed there on LOC as an observer by the UN to see whether Pakistan army attacked Indian sodiers in real or not and announce that the media is stupid? Neutral media sources are not god, are they? It seems like you have decided not to trust any Indian media. If it is the case then you shouldn't be a part of any discussion.What I see in your opinion (?) is the lack of study regarding actual situation on LOC since 1947 and preparations of both the countires for the nuclear war.

I never said the media is stupid, I said the media of both countries is biased which is quite understandable. Neutral media sources are not god but they are more likely to be unbiased. Pakistani side of the story is a little like this: http://dawn.com/2013/01/11/pakistan-summons-indian-envoy-over-second-killing/

Let me dumb it for you, two guys (lets call them Mike and John) get into a fight, now do you expect them to be unbiased about who started the fight, or does it make sense that a third person (lets say Lucy) who has nothing to do with both of them would tell the true tale?

It doesn't matter who did what though, they should chill the fuck out and not let minor incidents threaten the peaceful atmosphere which has been in place for awhile.

Topic: Possibility of war between India and Pakistan
Posted: 12 Jan 2013 22:14

I mean, it's a good song and all, but is it really worth the bloodshed?

I don't think they actually care about Kashmir, most (if not all) of the rivers in the region run from Kashmir and that's what the main issue is. They should pull their troops out of Kashmir and let it be an independent state, they can create a mechanism in which both countries get the water they need without having to fight for it. However, the mistrust between the two countries runs deep so they need to first work on rectifying that.

Topic: Possibility of war between India and Pakistan
Posted: 12 Jan 2013 05:30

More nukes? You need to observe Pakistan's size. If they use a single nuke they won't get time to launch their other nukes. Before that they will be answered in such a way that they will no longer exist on the worldmap.

What are you smoking? If they wanna nuke it up, why would they use just one, it makes sense to really go for it if you're gonna involve nukes. But I don't think there is gonna be a war and that's because both countries have got nukes, they are dumb but I don't think they are that dumb (at least I hope so!).

Also, your first post is pretty biased, how do you know for sure that Pakistan killed Indian soldiers first? If you're basing your opinions on Indian media, that's pretty stupid. In times like these, neutral media sources are more reliable and according to the nytimes, no Indian soldier was killed or injured (one Pakistani soldier died) when they clashed for the first time.


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