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21 Apr 2013 10:23

I Just Love It When A Mainstream(Sort Of) Actress Takes The Plunge Into Hardcore Porn!!

19 Apr 2013 06:52

R.I.P Storm Thorgerson. He was the artist who created so many Iconic album covers for artists like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Black Sabbath.

14 Apr 2013 13:02

Is There Any Point To Wearing This Bikini? Why Not Just Be Naked?

11 Apr 2013 07:01

09 Apr 2013 04:43

Went for a run, showered, still have time to masturbate before work!

07 Apr 2013 08:10

What A Night!!

05 Apr 2013 06:31


02 Apr 2013 06:38

Finally Starting To Feel Like Spring!

31 Mar 2013 07:34


25 Mar 2013 12:36

23 Mar 2013 14:43

One Week To Go!!

20 Mar 2013 09:39

18 Mar 2013 06:57

Should Have Been In Las Vegas Relaxing In Pool Today. Oh Well!

17 Mar 2013 07:35

Happy St. Patricks Day!! I'm Not Irish, But You Can Still Kiss Me!!

05 Mar 2013 08:49

Thanks So Much For The Get Well Wishes!! I Am Blessed With So Many Very Special Friends!!

02 Mar 2013 14:25

Looks like Im gonna be stuck in bed for a few days. But Im being well cared for. Got some good drugs (finally starting to kick in) and my sexy nurse is making me tea and delicious Captain Crunch, LOL! Oh well, she isnt a great cook but makes up for it in other ways!! Thanks to everyone who sent me Get Well messages!! Love You All!!

01 Mar 2013 12:15

Messed Up My Back. I Knew I Wasnt Ready For This, LOL! Looks Like I'll Be In Bed All Weekend.............Not The Fun Way! At Least I Got Some Good Drugs, HAHA

26 Feb 2013 21:12

25 Feb 2013 14:51

23 Feb 2013 07:56

19 Feb 2013 15:26

Day 7 without alcohol. My kids, friends, co-workers are all still alive!!! HAHA

16 Feb 2013 09:06

Have my first Pole Dancing class in 2 hrs. Both excited and nervous. Hope I dont do this, LOL!!

15 Feb 2013 10:17

Tomorrow is my first Pole Dancing class!! Maybe someday I can do this!

13 Feb 2013 15:10


09 Feb 2013 15:06

Sometimes I wish life was like a hockey game. When someone pisses you off you can beat the shit out them and only have to spend 5 minutes in the penalty box!!

08 Feb 2013 06:31

We Are Expecting A Blizzard Today, Maybe 2ft Of Snow!!!!

06 Feb 2013 07:40

Aren't These Cupcakes Amazing!!

04 Feb 2013 08:02

It seems like so many Lushies are so sexually repressed!! I know your inner wild child is just dying to burst out. Come on people, let it out!!!

01 Feb 2013 07:45

29 Jan 2013 11:01

And I Thought The Ringing Was In My Ears