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06 Feb 2017 19:15

I've got two stories that are less than 8,000 views from making Famous Story status and I'd be honored and flattered if you could check them out if you haven't already. One is a long-time favorite Frankie & Mrs. Young and the other, Fantasy Stranger is a darker tale of reluctance.

13 Jan 2017 19:01

I don't have the words to express my joy and gratitude over how well Getting Off did. Not only were the scores better than I could hope, it was a Top 12 Honorable Mention earning my 21st Recommended Read. If you haven't yet read it, please take a moment (as it's only 1,999 words) and give it your love and attention.

31 Dec 2016 09:52

22 Dec 2016 12:54

In honor of the Holiday Hijinks story comp and submitted for your approval, Getting Off is a unique tale about a unique way to "get off" Santa's naughty list.


27 Nov 2016 07:10

06 Nov 2016 20:23

05 Nov 2016 10:40

26 Oct 2016 20:27

10 Sep 2016 17:56

27 Jun 2016 07:49

The competition was just too stiff this time and I fell a bit short. Congratulations to the winners! Maybe next time I'll break the Top 10... or maybe even win. Thanks to all of you who showed your love & support.
Maybe next time...

13 Jun 2016 13:15

I know I said I wouldn't wait until the last minute... but life got in my way. My latest piece and Erotic Stories Comp Entries Bus Crash is up and ready for your approval. Thanks to those who have already read & enjoyed.

06 Jun 2016 16:46

08 May 2016 08:18

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers on Lush!

01 Apr 2016 22:35

Okay... it took me a bit longer than I expected but it's done. Please check out my New Experiences comp entry, The Weekend, and vote if you like it. I really hope you do.


31 Mar 2016 20:55

23 Mar 2016 16:53

Happy Easter

19 Jan 2016 20:55

I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations to my two dear friends: ChuckEPoo and Milik_the_Red for taking 1st & 2nd place in the Magical Sex Stories comp! I knew the second I read your stories you two were going to kick some serious ass.
As for this Nymph... well... the competition was just too much for me. Thank you to all of you who read & voted. Don't worry fans... the NymphWriter isn't giving up in the least.

22 Dec 2015 19:40

There is magic in the air with my latest story, The Magician's Assistant, which is of course... my entry in the Magical Sex Stories comp. If you haven't read it yet, I hope you do so soon. For those of you who have read it, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


08 Dec 2015 20:52

I wish to thank all the wonderful readers who took the time to read, comment, and/or vote on *When Opportunity Knocks*. Sadly... the competition was just way too stiff. I won't lie... it was nice to get out of my "comfort zone" and try something new. Plus... this was my 50th story here on Lush.

28 Nov 2015 16:03

Though I cut it close... I did get my entry for the LGBT Story Comp in with a bit of time to spare. If you haven't already (and so many of you have), I'd be honored to have you read it. It's called When Opportunity Knocks and it's my first attempt in the Gay Male Stories genre.
Major thanks to those of you who have already read it.

10 Nov 2015 19:40

Remembering all my brothers & sisters who wore the blue, green, brown, and white uniforms. It was an honor to serve with you.

26 Oct 2015 05:49

Well, I've braved the co-writing genre and paired up with Adagio for a quirky little tale of what happens when you fuck the wrong woman. It's called "...Doesn't Make A Story" and it's already earned an RR! I hope you all will read it soon and thanks to those who have. And hopefully this time, the link will work (not sure what went wrong last time.)

28 Sep 2015 19:02

First off, I want to thank all who read The Fallon Hotel voted and commented. Sadly, it wasn't enough to even make the Top 10, but it did earn me yet another RR. If you haven't yet read it, please do. Someone thought it was worthy of an RR and that in itself means a lot.

11 Sep 2015 18:31

I wasn't sure I'd get it up in time with all the computer troubles I was having, but I have. The Fallon Hotel is a story about a young widow who moves to California during the height of the gold rush to become a prostitute for a brothel. It's in the Historical Comp for your consideration.

30 Jul 2015 15:05

So, once again I have been blessed with the opportunity to add a story to another fantastic anthology! Summer Songs is a free collection of steamy stories with one from yours truly! I hope you take a moment to download this great collection.

20 Jul 2015 10:30

I'm so happy I earned a spot in the Top 10 and a Recommended Read for my comp entry. There was some super tough competition and I'm honored to be in the Top 10 with these fine authors! Thank you all for your love & support!

30 Jun 2015 17:58

Better late than never I always say... and it's finally up... my comp entry! It's called "Pretty Feet" & it's a raunchy tale of a man with a foot fetish and a woman at the end of her rope. I hope you all read & vote!

23 May 2015 08:16

My latest story is up and I hope you find a few moments to read. More importantly... I hope you enjoy it.

08 May 2015 23:17

Well, I want to thank everyone who read my story and voted. Sadly, it wasn't enough to win, especially against the amazingly tough competition. Maybe next time!

02 Apr 2015 17:51

My entry for the "This is Hardcore" comp is up. If you have read it, thank you, if you haven't, I hope you do. It's my first ever hardcore story and I'm pretty proud of myself with this one.