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Het male with strong lingerie and spanking fetishes. I'm a switch, love spankings both ways. All these interests are reflected in my stories. I'll post stories and some true accounts. Sorry, I won't be friends unless I have corresponded or chatted with you.

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17 Dec 2017 08:20
I'm very involved with outdoor recreation, especially sea kayaking, half the reason for my name here. I'm sure you can guess the other half.
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Huckleberry Finn, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, The Little Sister, Farewell My lovely, At Play in the Fields of the Lord, Little Big Man
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Mark Twain, J.R.R. Tolkien, Raymond Chandler, Peter Matthiessen , Ed McBain, Dorothy Sayers, C. S. Lewis, Bertrand Russell
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Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, No Country for Old Men, Casablanca
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Louis Armstrong, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan


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Topic: changed email didn't take
Posted: 16 Dec 2017 09:14

Yesterday, I changed my original email address to a different one in my profile. I received a message at the new email to confirm with the change. I click the provided link and received a confirmation message from the system.

Nevertheless, to notifications of responses to a forum post went to the old email address, not the new one. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Topic: Multiple submissions?
Posted: 16 Dec 2017 07:31

Thanks for taking the time to check my queue, Rainbow.

The two stories weren't in sequence, but standalone stories with a similar theme, college girls discovering the joys of domination during spring break. Ruthie, you approved a similar story, Jessica's Power Panties, gave me a 5. Thanks again.

I'll be more patient and submit one at a time.

Topic: Multiple submissions?
Posted: 15 Dec 2017 15:35

Thank you. I'll do as you say.

Topic: Multiple submissions?
Posted: 15 Dec 2017 07:59

On December 12, I submitted 2 stories. However, only one is in my list of stories as "Unverified." Is there a limit on the number of submissions in 24 hours or some other period? Should I wait for the first story to be approved or resubmit the second story?

I know where to find the content guidelines but what about submission procedures? Is there a link to that?

Thanks in advance,


Topic: Question for Gold members who've used Lush's editing
Posted: 28 May 2017 16:30

I published several stories here a few years ago. Recently, I published another one and plan to do more.

In the interim, the various levels of membership were instituted. I'm curious about the degree and type of editing that's available to Gold and Platinum members.

I use transcription software to write. The software creates errors of its own and unfortunately I don't always catch them. A commentator on my most recent story, Jessica's Power Panties, kindly pointed this out to me. My intent is to alter my self-editing to get rid of as many of these as possible. There's no excuse for turning in sloppy copy and expecting an editor to fix it.

I've been an English teacher and professional technical writer. So in some ways, I meet a high professional standard, or at least try to. The editing I'd most appreciate would be on the lines of does this story work? Does this plot element work? My stories, like those of Boss01, tend to be longer and have more character development than short stories that get right to the sexy point. For those of you who have been edited as a Gold or Platinum member, how would you characterize the editing you received?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


Topic: Apostrophes - do they matter?
Posted: 28 May 2017 16:16

You're question beg's it's self.

Topic: Paddler got paddled - where to post pics?
Posted: 07 Sep 2014 16:09

Doh! Lush doesn't allow other urls!

Paddler. aka michele NylonLuvr

Topic: Paddler got paddled - where to post pics?
Posted: 07 Sep 2014 16:07

dpw, thanks for the suggestion. Someone else suggested MediaFire, and I discovered I already had an account.

Here are the pics...

After spanking, paddling and 10 cane strokes:

After 11 more cane strokes:

Thank you Mistress Livia!

Topic: Paddler got paddled - where to post pics?
Posted: 07 Sep 2014 14:20

I recently was very nicely handspanked, paddled, and caned. (Thank you very much, Mistress Livia!) I'd like to post the pictures of my bruised bum on the net at a site that will allow me to refer to the url of the picture or of the page.

Any suggestions?


Topic: Fidel Castro & US Girdled Blonde (who owned my first girdle)
Posted: 19 Feb 2014 10:58

When I was 15 or 16, I babysat the child of my stepmother's best friend. Her name was Sarah and my stepmother was named Darlene. Sarah was tall, slender, and blonde, very pretty. She was a reporter.

While Samuel, Sarah's son, was asleep, I frequently tried on Sarah's open bottom girdles. I don't recall that she had any other type. I didn't put on her stockings because she was so slender I figured I'd ruin them. But I sure liked the feeling of the tight girdles and the delicious naughtines of doing something so out of the ordinary.

Decades passed.

My brother, Joseph, Darlene's son, and I visited Darlene a few months before her death from lung cancer. With Darlene in the next room, he told me the following story.

Sarah got an assignment to interview Fidel Castro in the brief time after he threw out Batista and the break with the US. When Darlene heard this, she told Sarah, joking, "If you get close to him, you must tell me what that beard feels like."

She forgot all about it until a few days later when the phone woke her up in the middle of the night. "Huh?" she said into the mouthpiece. "It tickles," said Sarah.

"Wow," I said, impressed. "Sarah made out with Fidel Castro."

"I think it was more than that," said Joseph. "He took her on a vacation to Venezuela."

Grinning, I started whooping and hollering, "Sarah fucked Fidel, Sarah fucked Fidel!"

Darlene soon appeard at the door, breathing smoke, growling like a dragon, defending her dead friend's virtue. "Don't you say that!" she wheezed. "She only kissed him a few times."

We'll never know. I doubt Fidel would tell us.

Human interest about Sarah and Darlene.

They were friends from high school right to the end. Unfortunately, Samuel was born with a form of autism and is dependent on others to this day. Sarah suffered from anorexia, looked like a skeleton in her later years.

My father and Darlene moved to Tucson from New York 'cause Darlene felt the combination of New York and smoking would kill her, and her quitting smoking was, shall we say, not an option.

Herself very ill, Sarah decided to move to Tucson as well and bought half a duplex. Before she moved in, she died of complications of the anorexia.

Her will gave the house in Tucson to Samuel, but granted my father and Darlene the right to live in it rent free until they wished to live elsewhere. This act of loyalty and generosity greatly eased my parents' financial burden in their last several years. The entire family is grateful.

I thought the subject line would get your attention. All names are changed except Fidel's.


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Femmes of Spring Break: The Manor

Jenna and her college roommate, Sondra, settled into their seats for the three hour flight to Sondra’s hometown. Sondra, evidently exhausted from finals, promptly tilted her seat back and fell asleep. Jenna, wired from the coffee she’d drunk to study for her geology final, found reflecting on her first six months away from home more interesting than the airline magazine. Classes had been...

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The Judgement of Paris

Gene Hargreaves sat in the back of the evening Western Lit class listening to the professor’s lecture. Typical prof: short black hair, round face, built like a fireplug, looked like he worked out in his spare time, Genes, plaid shirt. Papers littered his desk. “The first book, or actually poem, we’ll read is one of the seminal works of Western literature, even of Western art, yes, even of...

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Candy Stroker, part 1

Candy Stroker When I was 17, several things happened to me. I got my license, I got my first real boyfriend, my boobs went through a big growth spurt—and I got a job as a candy striper. A few weeks before my 17th birthday, I’d gone shopping and gotten new bras. I remember it was hard to decide whether to get a 34A like I’d been doing for a while or to go to a 34B. I got the B on the...

Added 23 Dec 2010 | Category First Time | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.87 | Views 24,478 | 7 Comments

Candy Stroker Part 2: Adam and I Explore

Candy Stroker, Part 2: Adam and I Explore I went home and played with myself once more before falling asleep. I called Adam when I woke up, but he was out somewhere with his parents, I guess; no one answered. Well, that week was frustrating for me. I worked three afternoons, and Adam's family wouldn't let him out on school nights. Also, he got a job that kept him busy after school! We only...

Added 26 Dec 2010 | Category First Time | Votes 14 | Avg Score 5 | Views 15,645 | 4 Comments

Amanda's Discovery

Amanda’s Discovery Ted sat up in the double bed, sipping an electrolyte drink, surprised at how much better he felt. The last attack, over an hour before, had been much less severe. By now, he was feeling back to normal. The program on TV bored him, so he turned it off. He showered and looked at himself in the mirror, shaved, and combed his black hair. Pulling on a pair of pants, he walked...

Added 27 Dec 2010 | Category Spanking | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 17,203 | 10 Comments

Jessica's Power Panties

Jessica, knowing she was alone in the house, strode naked down the hall and into her bedroom. She turned a few dresses around on the rod in her closet to make a selection. She recalled last night’s conversation with Sharon, a friend who had held the internship for which she planned to interview. “I don’t think you’ll have any trouble landing the position,” her friend and told her. “He...

Added 27 May 2017 | Category First Time | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 12,829 | 4 Comments

My Initiation to the Sorority Auxiliary Part 2A: Sunday

Synopsis: Jerry, a rather nerdy college Freshman studying electrical engineering, is flabbergasted when a very beautiful classmate, Samantha, invites him to try out for her Sorority Auxiliary. She strongly implies that sexual favors will be bestowed on the winners, the final three of a field of 18. Other hints lead him to research “female domination,” about which he, a virgin, knows nothing. ...

Added 24 Jan 2014 | Category BDSM | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 13,874 | 8 Comments

Student Nurse, Part 2: Lingerie Purchase Payoff

Kate and Aline had experimented with the nurse’s uniform and the lingerie, so they knew their potential. Nearly transparent, the uniform showed her sexy undies quite well in most light. A slip and a lab coat gave her options to preserve modesty. After her last final, Kate returned to the dorm, showered and changed into her nursing uniform. She pulled the stockings up her legs and fastened...

Added 28 Aug 2011 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 5 | Avg Score 4.8 | Views 9,533 | 2 Comments

Student Nurse, Part 3: Advanced Sex Ed

When Henry awoke Friday morning, he lay in bed remembering his time with Pam and the few kisses and hugs they’d sneaked while working on a Social Studies report in her dining room. Since spring was coming, he hoped to get her to make out in the park where they could get more privacy. Henry felt frustrated and a bit ashamed that at 18, he was still a virgin. His parents, mainly his Mom,...

Added 30 Aug 2011 | Category First Time | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 10,331 | 1 Comment

The English School 3: Alice's Discovery

Alice’s Discovery Early one Sunday afternoon, Alice couldn’t resist the good weather during one of the last warm days of fall. She left several uncorrected papers on her desk in her cottage and crossed campus to the high fence that bordered a district park. Her faculty key let her through the gate. Students with permission could obtain keys to enjoy unspoiled nature in the park also. ...

Added 27 Aug 2011 | Category Spanking | Votes 11 | Avg Score 5 | Views 17,996 | 5 Comments

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how have you been doing
10 Aug 2017 17:38

how have you been doing
10 Aug 2017 17:38

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hugggggggs my friend!!!!
15 Feb 2014 07:52
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
01 Jan 2014 00:20

Just dropped by your page to wish you Happy New Year...
31 Dec 2012 23:14
hugggggggggggggs and kisses
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we miss you and your stories..Hope you are well my friend...Huggggs BG
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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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hope you are doing better...hugggs BG.
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So sorry to see that you need surgery. I hope everything turns out well. We'd all miss your great stories and feedback support. Bon chance, mon ami!
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Just stopped by to say "high"...hope all is well with you...
19 Sep 2011 19:42
Thanks for the add. So are you a big Tolkien fan or just a fan of long grey beards?
22 Aug 2011 15:52
My Girl! You must be feeling better! Love it! especially the ankle tie. not to mention the tattoo.
28 Jan 2011 17:25
Oh, yes, my good friend Hot-C. I'll have you like that! And you'll love it, won't you?
20 Jan 2011 21:00
Thank you, Hot-C. Very Gandalf-like.
18 Jan 2011 17:25
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