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Sentient. Sensitive. Sapiosexual. Submissive.
I'm a "sky-diving girl". What is that you ask? Submission begins inside my head. That's what "Sapiosexuality" means. The gentleman who has the ability to collar my mind can lead me to from heaven to hell and back again. "Sky-diving girls do not fear sub-space. They dive in head-first, provided the man leading them can take them there and back again. Sky-divinig girls lust for sensuality, and don't park their emotions outside the door when they kneel before the Master.
Sky-diving girls believe in magic; the magic that creates the ability to control, cause the ebb and flow of that intangible spark of power.
Sky-diving girls serve a Master without ever quite understanding what 'serving' is. Perhaps its because they intuitively know something extraordinary happens when they elevate a man to a Master.
What am I like? People who get along with me say that I'm loyal, dutiful, responsible, educated, diverse, poly-lingual, quiet, (sometimes introverted - sometimes impulsive, polite, friendly, courteous, helpful, the girl who'll drive you getaway car - no questions asked, un-jealous, honest, tolerant, open, often enthusiastic when properly led, intuitive, empathic
How do I serve?
I'm no servant. I'm a thief. I'll steal the smile off of your face; your sense of contentment, when you've been spent; your strength when you render me helpless; your lust when I catch sight of it; your pride when I do your bidding.
Interested maybe? Lovely. Just few more bits of information before you hit that message button:
- I'm not a vending machine with a quarter stuck in it, which delivers you cups of coffee until it runs dry. That is, I'm not terribly interested in giving you a spew of words to wank/fap to. There are other venues on the net to find sexting opportunities.
- I am female and 90% heterosexual. Yes, I have considered having sexual relations with other women. No, it neither excites nor interests me. There go all your hopes for hot sex scene with you and your wife/girlfriend. I'm so limited with my heterosexuality, that I draw a blank when it comes to writing a story where I would seduce a woman. And no, I'm not a homophobe. I have enough lesbian, gay and transgender friends who will confirm this.
- My background is Northern European/American. My religious views agnostic. Meeting people and exchanging letters with people from all cultures is one of my greatest pleasures, however having a BDSM relationship with you as Master (even online) is very unlikely because our cultural differences will only result in misunderstandings. This is not said out of prejudice or malice, but experience.
- Intellect is something that really turns me on. If you believe that reading has been made a thing of the past since the event of "Smart"Phones, our acquaintanceship will be very brief.
- I NEVER CHAT WITH ANONYMOUS PROFILE MEMBERS. If you can't be bothered to write a profile, I cannot be bothered to chat with you.
To the dear darling boys writing me love letters from Abuja or Yaoundé, thank you for your kind words and complements. However I just wanted to inform you that you would sooner get blood out of a stone than money from me.

Celeste the Hawthorn
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The classics, synthpop, ambient, darkwave, gothic rock, alternative rock


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