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Topic Quote-U-Like
Posted 04 Jan 2010 05:56

"God gave men a brain and a penis but only enough blood to operate one of them at a time."

- Robin Williams.

Topic Quote-U-Like
Posted 03 Jan 2010 15:23

"A gentleman is never rude, unintentionally."

- Oscar Wilde

"After a good meal, one can forgive anybody, even ones own relatives."

- Oscar Wilde

Topic Another Race
Posted 03 Jan 2010 14:55

Fascinating topic guys.

While I've never been in a mixed race relationship, I've never dated someone from my own ethnic group. While I think it is important to have things in common, our differences are what make us interesting.

In a world full of such intolerance and hatred based on religious, ethnic and political issues let us all love each other and try to see the good that is in all people.

Topic Drunk
Posted 02 Jan 2010 04:41

I can't add many but here's a few that we use here in Australia :

Shit Faced




Parro (as in paralysed)


Anybody's (as in "she's so drunk she's anybody's")

Cactus (don't know the origin of this one but it also means 'dead'.)

Topic Best and Worst pick up lines (Game)
Posted 29 Dec 2009 23:30

"Apart from being hot, what else have you got going for you?"

"Here's 50 cents baby, go ring your mother and tell her you won't be coming home tonight."

My girlfriend used this one on me and it worked : "Wanna fuck?"

Topic yummy male torso pics
Posted 29 Dec 2009 23:21

Well done girls, Louise and I really enjoyed this where's that waxing paper ????

Topic What do you dislike about the opposite sex?
Posted 29 Dec 2009 23:11

Sorry folks, not going to touch this one. All I'll say is :

Why did God create woman?
Because sheep can't do the dishes.

And why did God create man?
Because vibrators can't take out the trash.

Love, Pete.

Topic What is Everyone Reading?
Posted 26 Dec 2009 16:46

I'm reading "The King Must Die" by Mary Renault. Written back in 1958 but a classic - gritty, realistic, unapologetic.

Topic The Perfect Boobs Thread
Posted 25 Dec 2009 13:20 1.jpg Langford 2.jpg

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 23 Dec 2009 22:13

Wow, that was great - BUENO !

And thanks to Micho for uploading Paul Oakenfold's 'Southern Sun.'

Topic Just Megan Fox
Posted 23 Dec 2009 21:59

Ok, here we go !!! Fox !.jpg

Topic The Perfect Boobs Thread
Posted 23 Dec 2009 17:59

Topic The Perfect Boobs Thread
Posted 23 Dec 2009 17:56

Thanks to all for their lovely contributions to this thread - well done and keep 'em coming please !

Topic Your Prison Name
Posted 23 Dec 2009 16:16

Oh, I get it now! Thanks Red. I got 'Water Boy' - LAME !

Topic Ok look. It is disgusting for a guy to have a picture of his dick as his avatar. Who else agrees wit
Posted 23 Dec 2009 13:44

Hmmm, This topic is a little too controvertial for me, but I will say that I agree with MrNudiePants that your avatar should be a reflection of how you see yourself. Mine in never going to change, I spent ages choosing it to reflect my personality - artistic, unconventional, spiritual, a bit out there and a little mysterious.

So if a picture of your erect cock reflects who you are - so be it. The drawback might be that after a while all cocks look pretty much the same.

Topic Your Prison Name
Posted 22 Dec 2009 22:15

Well, since I'm an Australian I'd call myself 'Outback Clacker' or 'The Brick Shithouse'.

Topic Club Zafia....
Posted 22 Dec 2009 22:04

'Southern Sun' by Paul Oakenfold. This is the DJ Tieast Supermix - sublime stuff !


Topic Just Megan Fox
Posted 21 Dec 2009 23:18

This chick just gets better all the time - can't wait to post my pics of her.

Topic Just Megan Fox
Posted 21 Dec 2009 15:52

Thanks Rocco, I feel I've found a second home !

Topic The Perfect Boobs Thread
Posted 21 Dec 2009 15:32


Well I want to say something but my finger's won't move. SHE is about as good as it gets. Thanks Rocco!!!

This is Hungarian honey Zafira - beautiful !!!!

Topic Remove the "Top Authors for the month" section?
Posted 21 Dec 2009 15:00

Indeed, we should be about community here rather than competition. I'm just happy that people are willing to take the time to read my stuff and leave a comment. If some recognition does comes, that's good but let's leave conspiricy theories and paranoia to the mainstream media.

Topic Penelope Cruz
Posted 21 Dec 2009 14:49

Don't get me wrong folks, I love Latinas - J Lo in particular has often shared my dreams. Maybe it's because she's in the "Ex Mrs Tom" club - women stupid enough to get involved with him. Come to think of it , I don't like any his others either. Is there a "Lusting After Megan Fox" thread?

Topic Penelope Cruz
Posted 21 Dec 2009 05:30

Sorry, my bad, it was Cephalonia, not Corfu.

Topic Penelope Cruz
Posted 21 Dec 2009 05:28

Sorry, I don't find her that sexy. I guess I've never forgiven her for being crap in "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" - one of my favourite books. A latina bimbo in Corfu during WWII ???

Topic What Are Your Thoughts On A National Stay-Home-And-Have-Sex Day???
Posted 20 Dec 2009 14:24

Australia has too many public holidays as it is but I would be willing to sacrifice the Queen's Birthday; June 14th and turn it inti N.S.A.H.A.H.S.D. As it's a Monday next year - all the better.

Topic Perfect breasts?
Posted 19 Dec 2009 20:56

Sorry folks. I can't work out how to post a pic. Anyhoo, For my idea of perfect breasts, take a quick look at the second pic on my profile page - now them's is some fine mams !

Topic Perfect breasts?
Posted 19 Dec 2009 16:35


Topic Perfect breasts?
Posted 19 Dec 2009 07:33

All wonderful but let's try to stick to the real thing - they don't give medals for artificially enhanced sports performances now do they.

Topic Has a woman ever given your penis a nickname?
Posted 17 Dec 2009 04:20

Hey Pete...that thing you do with the dog might fall into the category of "too much information"...but, did you ever think of combining the last two names?...How about Stiffy McSniffy? Now, that's got class...

Alan my dear fellow, the days of me holding back are long gone - in for a penny, in for a pound I say !

- Pete

PS. I think we've covered the entire range of possibilities, the other 'arf and myself, over the years. I do seem to remember Stiffy Mc Sniffy raising his head once or twice, so to speak.

Topic Has a woman ever given your penis a nickname?
Posted 17 Dec 2009 00:08

Mr Naughty, Stiffy Mc Squiffy, Sniffy (this last one because I grab it and pretend it's a dog sniffing around - with a wet nose, you know !