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Topic most important event in your life
Posted 07 Dec 2011 04:39

The most important event in my life happens every day when I wake up to see my son smiling at me from his cot.

Topic Do you consider tattoos to be fine art?
Posted 11 Nov 2011 12:08

I agree with Crazydiamond, only the medium differs. But there are as many poor tattoos as there are poor artworks out there. I don't like too many tats eg Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox but one or two nicely designed ones can be very sexy.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 11 Nov 2011 03:26

Topic The New Miss Kentucky...
Posted 22 Oct 2011 04:35

btw. I thought it was Kylie Minogue.

Topic The New Miss Kentucky...
Posted 22 Oct 2011 04:22

Lfunny lol

Topic What has surprised you about A question for readers and writers alike.
Posted 22 Oct 2011 04:15

How quickly Lush became like a second home to me but a home where I am all that I wish to be.

Topic for those that like anal
Posted 07 Oct 2011 21:36

I wonder what archeologists digging this stuff up in thousands of years time will think, "Hmmm, obviously assholes have shrunk by a factor of ten since the second millenium - and some people still don't accept evolution."

Topic Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs 1955-2011
Posted 06 Oct 2011 00:09

Interesting how sometimes you never hear of someone until they die. I had never heard of Steve Jobs until about a month ago. To quote Bachylides of Feia,

"What is a man but elements that temporarily have found
Themselves with the ability to wonder at the world around."

- a purely Epicurean perspective.

Topic Double mastectomy vs orchidectomy (testicle removal)
Posted 27 Sep 2011 07:00

Orchidectomy - the cutting of the flower of one's manhood.

Topic Sexy Butts
Posted 23 Sep 2011 19:38

This is by Australian pastel artist Mark Williams - as perfect an ass in art as you'll ever see. W nude 1.jpg

Topic The texture of cum
Posted 22 Sep 2011 05:48

As my wise old grandmother told my mother once; "Dear, the stork brings babies but untill you're ready stick with the swallow. That little bird brings none."

Topic Remembering the better aspects of that day...the heroes...
Posted 10 Sep 2011 19:52

Poignant and timely Alan. I think this day affected the entire world in some way. My department at work (sales) were all sent home by our supervisor and we ended up going to the pub. Whilst there we drank a toast, in the manner of a wake, to those whose lives were lost, to those whose voices were silenced and to the brave rescuers and survivors. It was with Guiness actually and ever since then, every time I drink Guiness I remember.

Lawrence Binyon, writing about World War I, wrote; "At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them."

Topic Ugly girls
Posted 06 Sep 2011 06:30

It's all a matter of biology; according to Darwin the difference between a dog and a fox is about 12 scotches.

Topic Cravings after sex
Posted 13 Aug 2011 21:04

It might seem like a cliche but oysters naturelle with a few drops of lemon juice get me back in the mood for love.

Topic boobs vs. ass
Posted 06 Aug 2011 18:49

A futile endeavour people; like trying to compare the lily and the rose : both are beautiful.

Topic Happy Birthday DirtyMartini!
Posted 14 Apr 2011 05:37

Happy Birthday Alan !!!

Topic Sexy Redheads....
Posted 29 Mar 2011 09:53

Topic How to make cum taste better
Posted 29 Mar 2011 09:43

When I was in high school, a female classmate told me that if a guy eats cinnamon on toast his come will taste like cinnamon. I tried this but I couldn't bend down far enough to find out if it had worked.

Topic Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted 29 Mar 2011 09:38

Topic Sexy Redheads....
Posted 26 Mar 2011 22:55 Mmmm...perky! The babe on the left is Jamie Langford.....Be still my beating heart !!!

Topic What's your deepest darkest fantasy?
Posted 20 Mar 2011 04:09

Ordering a rack of ribs big enough for two,
then hearing my date say: I'm really not hungry laughing3 eat

Topic Have any Lush Writers ever scored a perfect Five????
Posted 19 Mar 2011 17:51

I haven't really thought about this but I think that Magnificentrascal is right; the goddess Nemesis goes around peppering everybody's work with threes and fours just to keep egos in check and hubris at bay and probably to make us all work that little bit harder too.

Topic Half orgasm?
Posted 18 Mar 2011 21:01

Topic Casey the Punisher
Posted 18 Mar 2011 13:25

Public opinion here in Australia seems to be firmly with Casey. It appears that because of his weight, he was bullied on a regular and long term basis by his smaller adversary who is seen bouncing around like he's Anthony Mundine, the boxer. It's said that Casey usually did nothing - just stood there and took it. But on this day something obviously snapped.

This incident has got a lot of media attention followed by the predictable official pronouncments from the Education Department about their ' anti-bullying initiative' but schools still do very little to curb bullying and the perpetrators largely go unpunished.

We live in a culture that encourages us to stand up for ourselves and to protect our interests. I don't know what I would have done in Casey's shoes but I'm willing to bet that no one will ever bully him again.

Kudos to you Casey.

Topic What kind of a writer are you?
Posted 12 Mar 2011 08:20

Do you tend to have recurring themes (or characters) in all your erotic stories?

All of my prose stories are written around a strong, intelligent, independent and sexually aware woman. She has a spiritual nature which she is, at times, unaware of. She is a goddess and a force of nature; sometimes subtle and elusive, sometimes bold and aggressive. But she is always the dominant creature. The men around her might think they have the upper hand at times but ultimately it is she who is in control. In my poems I return to and try to explore the concept of woman as goddess. She is the source of all poetry, of all love, of all emotion; she is the mirror in which all of nature is reflected. The English poet Robert Graves called the Goddess in every woman the only true source of poetic inspiration – I believe that.

Do you prefer writing stroke fiction or do you aspire to creating high end and complex literary tales?

I am fated or doomed; I don’t know which yet, to attempt to create literature. However if anyone finds my work stroke-worthy, I say, ‘Thanks !’

Does your style involve the use of humour, quirkiness, or tongue-in-cheek satire?

Yes, I’m endowed with what I think is quite a good, if dry, sense of humour. I will always put a little humour and social satire into my stories. My poems have at times been quirky and satirical, but that was long ago.

Do you relish the dirty details or do you prefer to leave more to the imagination during sex scenes?

I am not one for leaving anything to the imagination. I’m here to overwhelm you with the sheer force of the sexual act, to drive you insane with lust and to leave you hot and bothered and wanting more. In my ‘Loretta’ series I made a concerted effort to raise the sexual thermostat with each story – leading to a climax in the plot and a hint that there might be more to follow. A few readers picked up on this judging by their comments and I’m pleased they did.

Do you prefer writing stories with romance and intimacy?

Yes, my later poems in particular are all set as intimate, romantic pieces. Romance need not be fulfilled as desire is often not, but emotions; be they as fleeting as the breeze, are none the less real and worth expressing. The desire we feel for someone may never be revealed to them but if one writes it down, one gives it a concrete form and a life it otherwise would not have had.
I am at the moment, planning a ‘romance’ story, where love is the true end in sight, but don’t expect a clichéd Dame Barbara either.

Do you mainly write true-life tales from your sexual past?

I wish!

Topic Beautiful Faces of Women & Handsome Faces of Men
Posted 06 Mar 2011 05:38

Porn star Olivia La Roche - sublime beauty. o dea 5.jpg

Topic Beautiful Faces of Women & Handsome Faces of Men
Posted 06 Mar 2011 05:35

Sophie Ellis-Bextor, beautiful, just beautiful. Ellis Bextor I.jpg

Topic Beautiful Faces of Women & Handsome Faces of Men
Posted 05 Mar 2011 22:38

Natalie Portman - just gets better and better.

Topic fake picture on lush
Posted 26 Feb 2011 03:48

Ok, I will admit that this has been bothering me. There is a person on this site all of whose pics are of a very well known European porn star. Now either she actually is the pornstar (highly unlikely) or she has the benefit of studio lighting in her very own home. This person collects friends like there's no tomorrow and I ask myself why? If you befriend this person you get a password to watch a free film which features her and a friend. And I'm still asking myself why.

Topic Do you rate other authors?
Posted 09 Feb 2011 05:06

Hmmm, interesting thread. I will admit that I only give fours or fives but I give them wholeheartedly to stories that I think deserve them. If I don't like a story or poem I will not rate it at all nor will I leave a comment. On rare occassions I have left constructive criticism but only for people who I feel are mature enough to take it. I have always followed Voltaire's dictum : "If in doubt whether an action is good or evil, refrain."