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Topic ladies can you please explain multiple orgasms and how the ending works? Please read details
Posted 20 Feb 2017 02:39

Sometimes you just get too tired to have

Topic Have you ever had a three way?
Posted 31 Dec 2016 16:50

A couple of times as MMF.. very intense, and would love to do it again!
I seem to remember that...Water Sports

Topic Do you think you're still Bi if you love anal & women?
Posted 22 Dec 2016 06:09

That's the essence of being bisexual...your main preference is the opposite sex but you enjoy same sex play as well. My partner is bi and does everything with guys, which I enjoy watching or participating in. Great for MMF threesomes when both guys are bi. Such a turn on.

Topic Your ideal partner in two words
Posted 19 Dec 2016 04:57

Affectionate and hard

Topic Group sex with boyfriend/girlfriend
Posted 29 Sep 2015 20:54

Yes, we are swingers and this is part of our lifestyle. Works well with a very committed, open relationship and spices up your sex life when you are on your own. Have tried most things: other couples, FFM, MMF and all variations including parties and orgies. We attend an Orgy in the Woods twice a year with seventy people or more. We also go naked beach camping with a group of like minded swingers. My favourite is probably parties of about ten to twelve. Plenty of choice and there is more ebb and flow than when you are with another couple, which can be quite intense. Open, honest and secure...if this is your relationship, go for it.

Topic Any ladies ever have the pleasure of a date to the drive-in?
Posted 05 Sep 2015 16:16

Was a big thing when I was a teenager in the seventies. In Sydney, Australia there is only one drive in left so not so common now. But I had sex at the drive in many times, I don't think I ever saw the

Topic Favorite song about masturbation?
Posted 05 Sep 2015 16:09

I agree with Turning the time that was the big story..that it was about masturbation.

Topic Cheating My Husband
Posted 04 Sep 2015 01:02

Swinging has saved many relationships but you must make sure there will be no jealousy on either side. Sounds to me like he's calling all the shots but if it gets you what you want, maybe it will work.

Topic How do you feel about being fucked in row?
Posted 04 Sep 2015 00:57

We go to an Orgy in the Woods twice a year where there is seventy people or more all romping around the woods. So this is quite common. I usually have a break or drink between guys but can also just keep going. What is being talked about here is a gangbang in swinger circles, especially if it's just one girl and a lot of guys...I am still waiting to have one as the pace at orgies and parties is a bit slower.

Topic do all lesbians have an anal fetish??
Posted 04 Sep 2015 00:50

Not a lesbian and adore anal...getting it and giving, licked and being licked..yum yum yum.

Topic Tattoos
Posted 04 Sep 2015 00:47

Interestingly, Screwloose and I both have a tattoo. We got them years before we met and although the subject matter is different, they are both in EXACTLY the same spot..right shoulder. Both tattoos are black and grey and fairly simple.

Topic doggy style or cowgirl
Posted 01 Sep 2015 04:57

I'm a cowgirl girl because I can can cum over and over that way. It does get very tiring though and I'd never knock back doggy. I tend not to cum that way, though.

Topic How do you like your pussy licked?
Posted 01 Sep 2015 04:53


Topic Do people really fall in love on lush?
Posted 18 Aug 2015 07:29

Screwloose and I have been living together nearly three years now. We met in RL fairly quickly though so I don't think it's the traditional Lush relationship of " I'm in love with someone 1000 miles away and we haven't met yet." We lived quite close. So it is possible. But the very long distance ones, for the most part, will only ever be a fantasy. But honestly, that fantasy keeps a lot of lonely people, happy.

Topic Current Favourite TV Shows
Posted 08 Jul 2015 05:44

GOT, Walking Dead, Between, The 100. Marco Polo

Topic Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted 18 Jun 2015 23:59

Kisses are the new black!

Topic Husband likes to watch me with other men. How far is too far?
Posted 14 Jun 2015 06:25

We are swingers and my partner loves watching me with other men and I enjoy watching him with other women and men. The sex afterwards between us is always amazing too.
Discuss it together and I think you will find he would love to see you do,everything.

Topic What is the oddest thing someone has said to you during sex?
Posted 13 Jun 2015 10:23

A guy once said to me " what breed is your dog?" while going down on me.

Topic Sexual words association
Posted 12 Jun 2015 06:46


Topic What was the question?
Posted 12 Jun 2015 06:45

Were there rules?

Topic Never reached an Orgasm
Posted 10 Jun 2015 04:43

Second vote for the Hitachi Magic wand, quite cheap on ebay and amazing on the clit..OMG! you can just start with a normal massage !

Topic Whats your best place to find sexy and erotic clothing?
Posted 07 Jun 2015 08:10

I'm an EBay lingerie from China addict. The plus size stuff is good and I can have lots of different things including corsets very cheaply. The only thing I don't buy there is plus size sexy stockings which I find are a perfect size from an Aussie shop called City Chic.

Topic Nude Beaches
Posted 07 Jun 2015 00:21

In NSW, Australia, have been to Birdie, Samurai and Armand's Beach ..all legal nudist beaches. Samurai actually has nude camping which is heaps of fun and is only accessible by 4wd. At Birdie Beach, quite a lot of sex goes on in the sand dunes if you are interested. But it is well out of the way if you aren't. What you need to remember about nude beaches, it is for you to be naked and enjoy the sun and surf on your body. It doesn't really matter who else is there because most of them are also there for themselves. If people are nudists, they don't go to look at other people. They don't care what they look like and other people look like. What always concerns me is when people say..there were all old people there or fat people etc. True nudists couldn't care less and are not there to gawk. If people go to gawk at others, nudists really don't care and they are sure to be disappointed because the supermodels probably stayed home that day.

Topic Annoying things that people say
Posted 05 Jun 2015 20:10

In Australia, some people say "yous" as in " can yous guys come over? " I had a message lately where the guy actually wrote it and spelt it "use". Eeekkkkk!

Topic If aliens came to our planet...
Posted 05 Jun 2015 01:02

I'm planning to have sex with them..I hope they have a penis substitute.

Topic Why are most American men circumcised?
Posted 05 Jun 2015 00:56

In Australia, it is now not done routinely in hospitals. So older Aussie guys are circumcised and younger ones aren't. My sons...25, 22 and 17 weren't circumcised at birth but my youngest had to be circumcised at five for medical reasons which was very unpleasant for him. He will be one of the few circumcised males in his generation here.

Topic what is your profession?
Posted 02 Jun 2015 19:45

I am a professional cyber sex worker. I go on to erotic chat sites and get men to cum with my amazing erotic chat. So far, the monetary rewards have been few but it has great hours and easy to fit in with family life. Maybe I should move on to professional phone sex and make some actual

Topic friends with benefits, married or not, do you have one?
Posted 02 Jun 2015 19:41

We are swingers so have many friends with benefits. My partner is bisexual so one of our good friends is our favourite fuckbuddy and then there is plenty of three way action. Great to call him and say " I'm horny, come on over." He is on here too, you know who you are Mr Blu. Lol

Topic Golden showers
Posted 02 Jun 2015 19:37

We've been married 33 years and are always looking for new and fun things to spice up our sex life. We've actually tried it a couple of times in the past few months and have found it quite erotic. We're not into drinking it or peeing all over each other's faces, but peeing on her tits and pussy and her peeing on my cock and balls is pretty erotic and feels pretty damn good, really warm and wet. We're not into a lot of kink, but I have to say that the golden shower is a nice little bit of spice. Next she wants me to get hard and insert my cock in her pussy then piss all over it while I'm fucking her. I have to say that I'm kind of looking forward to that.
I actually posted a question about golden showers in the lounge after the first time we tried it a few months ago. Would enjoy anyone's input on that question also.

I agree. My partner and I love it. It feels fantastic in your pussy and then fucked straight away. Really erotic with the right person and right circumstances. He loves it on his cock and balls, great contrast to squirting as it's warmer. Would love to be peed in while being fucked but doesn't happen once he's hard.