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Topic What catches your eye
Posted 12 May 2012 08:28

i say hair and eyes.

Topic A twist while engaged in MMF 3some
Posted 11 May 2012 22:12


yea you got that right.

Topic The miracle of green tea
Posted 11 May 2012 20:40

thats great. i love green tea since i was young.

Topic What's your opinion on 69-ing?(:
Posted 11 May 2012 14:05

whats not to like.

Topic Sexual Insecurities - For Men
Posted 10 May 2012 17:33

It's very interesting to see how varied the responses here are compared to the poll in Ask the Gals.

like again.

Topic 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London
Posted 10 May 2012 17:08

* Athletics (Track and Field)
* Beach Volleyball
* Boxing- Queen from WA,USA should be good. my uncle help train her.
* Gymnastics
* Swimming-Michael Phelps

Topic What accents are sexy for you
Posted 10 May 2012 14:50

Irish, Scot, Brit, Welsh, Austrailian