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Topic Would you be offended if a guy considered you a milf?
Posted 30 Apr 2013 18:03

That is quite an interesting point to me. I have a website called Sir Robert's Stories and play the role of Sir Robert when chatting with my visitors. "Sir Robert" addresses all the women as "Miladies" and, so far, I have only had positive responses. I understand that Milady is more appealing than Madam and, thus, you would not be offended if you were addressed as "Milady", is that so?

I agree with TDW I'd much rather be referred to as a MILF instead of Ma'am, That just makes me feel old and being a 47 year old woman of 2 children I don't need to be reminded of my age lol as for the terms you like to use, I particularly do not care for those either. They remind me of Robin Hood times where its said to women of royalty.

Topic Issues with chat and message functions
Posted 28 Apr 2013 15:19

Are the chat rooms still messed uo? I've been away for a few days and there not working as soon as I log in. Not sure if it's site wide or just me.

They've been working just fine. Have you tried going in and chatting since your return?

Topic Do you ever get jealous when a guy on lush flirts with someone and you thought you had something heading?
Posted 28 Apr 2013 13:12

Of course! I think it's only natural but at the same time, you have to remember where you are and to tread carefully on sites like this in terms of getting too emotionally wrapped up in someone (although there are always the exceptions to the rule). Everyone wants to think they are more 'special' than the next stud or bimbo on here and to see that that is not necessarily the case can be an uncomfortable reality check. Jealousy is just part of the dance between men and women.

Very well said and I agree. As much as we want to believe the things we are told, they really do need to be taken with a grain of salt and as Belle stated there are always exceptions but in general terms, that is the best way to approach this site or anyone on it.

Topic Third person question
Posted 28 Apr 2013 13:10

If my partner felt a need to add a third person to our bed regardless of it being male or female, he would end up my EX! Sorry, not into sharing or being shared.

I agree. As Dani said as well, it brings up feelings of inadequacies that one feels the need to add another into the bedroom. That is definitely a hard limit for me that I will not waiver on, No sharing on either sides.

Topic How would u feel about ur husband/BF wearing your panties????
Posted 27 Apr 2013 23:05

I wouldn't enjoy that at all, nothing hot about it from this woman's stand point. I make no judgements against those who enjoy that but I prefer my man to be manly and wearing my panties does not do it for me.

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 27 Apr 2013 16:33

Sexy AV as well as sexy gallery images of himself. Is very forum active and a super nice guy :)

Topic About to sign training contract, but do Doms want multiple subs?
Posted 25 Apr 2013 19:39

you gonna take Kristend over your knee now?? ROFL

No, I am not a ma'am and I do not like being referred to as such :)

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 25 Apr 2013 19:30

Oh no, its you again! His profile is straight forward which I like. Hes very forum active as well.

Topic sexy favours...
Posted 25 Apr 2013 19:28

No. If my pussy is the only thing that can buy it, then obviously I don't need it.

^^^This. Amen!

Topic Why would anyone like to be humiliated and degraded?
Posted 25 Apr 2013 19:19

Just to be clear, when thinking of a dom it is not just a male preserve. Women are great at being the dom.

From what I have learned thus far women are referred to as Domme or Mistress, the term Dom does in fact go towards being male not female.

Topic About to sign training contract, but do Doms want multiple subs?
Posted 25 Apr 2013 18:35'am. d'oh!

Thank you and the name is Ravyn not ma'am :)

Topic About to sign training contract, but do Doms want multiple subs?
Posted 25 Apr 2013 17:08 I am trying to understand this lifestyle...and failing miserably. Contract? Does the contract come with a money back guarantee? I totally understand the trainees apprehension to have to deal other subs. I kind of like the "exclusive" aspect of my relationships, myself. And I kind of have a hard time calling anyone "Sir" (besides the traffic cop that pulls me over). As much as I try to understand this lifestyle....I guess I'm just not cut out for it. I have read the posts that say it takes a real strong person to enter the dom/sub lifestyle and I guess you're right cuz it's going to take a real strong person person to put up with the humiliation and physical abuse dom's seem bent on dishing out.

*Sighs*...I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with my guy using his brains and sensuality to seduce me, his animal instincts to satisfy me and his love to bond with me as we lay in our pool of vanilla bliss.

Oh...I would take out an insurance policy with that contract, honey. I'm sure Lloyds of London can help you with that.

Yes, you are correct this lifestyle does not seem to be for you. You are under the misconception that submissives/slaves and Dom's are into humiliation and physical abuse. That is NOT the case. Yes, there are those out there who have that need for humiliation but it is certainly not for everyone. As for your claim of physical abuse, there should NEVER be any of that in any type of relationship.

Each submissive/slave's needs are going to be different and not every Dom/Master out there will be able to fulfill those needs. It like any other relationship takes the right combination of parties involved to make it work. Communication and more communication is the only way it stands a chance of working. A contract is one of those forms of communication and each party puts for their needs and desires, limits, hard and soft etc. It's for the good of both parties to have such an agreement and yes, as Talon said the submissive/slave must be able to stand strong in communicating those to his or her perspective Dom. Thus, the strong person comes into play.

Please do some research if you are interested in the lifestyle before you keep making blanket statements as you did above that are simply not true. Not every person who is into this lifestyle is bent on humiliation and or physical abuse. It just adds to the misconception that many such as yourself have about this amazing lifestyle. I have no problem with honest intelligent questions. You may disagree with things just don't do it in a belittling or negative way.

To the OP, as Talon said, stand strong in your contract negotiations, Do not settle for something that will bring discord down the road. If your wants, needs and desires do not fit this particular Dom, then he is not the one for you. It is not something easily found and should NOT be easily entered into.

Good Luck to you.

Topic SAMs
Posted 25 Apr 2013 16:50

Wow. My parents did all of that to me growing up to break my bad behavior. I can't believe I was such a SAM.

Haha Dani you are awesome :)

Topic forced to or used...
Posted 25 Apr 2013 11:52

Any subs here enjoy being forced to do acts or enjoy being used? I mean enjoy the acts for themself not as a part of a realtionship?

The word forced should never be used in a D/s relationship or in any relationship for that matter. Submission is what you are looking for and that is done willingly and with knowledge (hopefully) of what that means, and most certainly forethought, if you don't have the knowledge of what you are truly getting into, then please get out while you can. Everything done in a D/s relationship is done as a part of that said relationship.

My 2 cents

Topic Good guy or Bad guy
Posted 24 Apr 2013 17:50

Would you like to go out on a date with good guy, who opens door for you and do other nice things to make you feel special.
Or you prefer bad guys with "i dont give a F**k" attitude and kind of a abusive behavior.

Also tell us your best experience on date, and AFTER IT... ;)

I doubt you will find any self respecting woman who would rather have the latter fella. Call me crazy but its strong hunch.

Topic Dom/Sub: Is that all there really is to you?
Posted 24 Apr 2013 11:06

Thanx for being so nice Sprite. I feared that I was going to be bombarded with insult because of my unsophisticated post. :) I understand the safe word concept (was explained to me recently). So thats cool however some profiles say I can only talk to you if I have permission. Or, I can only cyber with you if I have permission. Or, I can't cyber at all because I'm not allowed. Doesn't sound like they have or want any control at all. And then you see pics of BDSM/Dom or porn of the same. My gawd...I call it 'rape by permission'. It's so violent. The lingering feeling, to me, is the sub is just an object with three fuck holes that are all going to be abused. Maybe there is much more to it than that but you lost me already.

This community for the most part does not sling insults at those who do know understand or agree with the lifestyle just as we hope that how we choose to live is treated with the same respect by the vanilla world.

Sprite explained things very well as always. It takes a very strong individual to submit to another just as it takes a strong person to accept that gift and treat it with the utmost respect and love. Those who mail you asking you to be their sub or if you want a Master, are merely playing, they know nothing of how things really work in this lifestyle.

As Sprite said, the submissive sets the tone in the D/s relationship. We can end it at anytime. Those on the outside will never truly understand what his type of relationship is like or what is involved. Each one is different.

The sub is not an object with three fuck holes that are going to be abused. The submissive sets the limits as to what he or she is willing to do. The Master/Mistress's job is to test and push the soft limits and not cross the hard ones. Each person has different needs and desires and all those things are discussed fully.

True D/s relationships are not about abuse. Knowledge is key and power in life and with this type of relationship its imperative. Nobody should enter this lifestyle easily or hastily.

Topic how do u get a girl to relax during sex when shes tense?
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Topic Collared submissives
Posted 22 Apr 2013 00:30

Topic Bondage pictures!
Posted 22 Apr 2013 00:29

Topic BDSM 101
Posted 22 Apr 2013 00:23

If you see yourself as a slave but prefer to be called something else... then aren't you still a slave, just by another name?

does not a rose by another name smell as sweet?

Again, I disagree and we will just have to chalk it up to that :)

Topic BDSM 101
Posted 21 Apr 2013 17:20

Dom/mes & subs (may be either 24/7, part-time or even just occasional play referred to as "scenes"), they generally have considerable knowledge about BDSM. I don't feel those who are Dom/mes & subs are specifically lower on a BDSM scale... they, IMO, just don't choose to take things to such an extreme as a Master/slave relationship.

I respectfully disagree with this part of your posting and yes I do realize that its your opinion and this is mine. A submissive can have the same desire and resolve as a slave but just prefer to not be referred to as a slave. Just because I do not like that term does not mean that I cannot live out a 24/7 D/s relationship to any extreme. It can be just as extreme and intense as any Master/slave relationship with the choice of being referred to as a submissive and not a slave.

Topic Why is girl-girl erotica so hot?!!
Posted 20 Apr 2013 18:49

Girl on girl does nothing for me at all. I would much rather see two men then a naked woman or two or however many. So to answer your question, its not hot at all.

Topic Accent
Posted 20 Apr 2013 15:03

Italian and Australian accents are the two that I find incredibly sexy.

Topic BDSM Movies anyone??
Posted 20 Apr 2013 14:58

A Dangerous Method with Keira Knightley, Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender 2011. I enjoyed this film overall but then I enjoy the mind and what makes it tick. Its gives a lot of insight into Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud as well as touching on her need for punishment.

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 20 Apr 2013 14:52

He is barely a week old on Lush, welcome :). So far he is very forum active and seems to be making his way around here quite nicely. He has a nice avatar and his bio is filled out. Kudos for that.

Topic In your Relationship...
Posted 18 Apr 2013 00:35

I am a mother of two so outwardly I am very much in control, but my true inner self is very much a different person.

Topic Dominate or to be dominated or pass the above person?
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Topic Interesting article
Posted 18 Apr 2013 00:11

Status should have nothing to do with it, you can't help you fall in love with. Yes they do say that you can just as easily fall in love with a rich man as to a poor one, but in either case if there is nothing there, no connection, I don't care how much money one has it doesn't make them anymore appealing.

Topic Been spyed
Posted 18 Apr 2013 00:08

How would I know if I'm being spied on? If I know someone's watching, then it's not spying.

LOL Dani you are such a smartass :)

Topic Tie me up and abuse me??
Posted 18 Apr 2013 00:07

Who will volunteer for this??

It would help if you were a bit clearer, and be careful what you wish for.