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Topic Would you ever want to watch your partner fuck another woman?
Posted 13 Jul 2013 18:26

Only if you consider a nuclear explosion is an okay response to such a situation.

^^^ This. I couldn't have articulated it better myself.

Topic Happy Birthday to Nicola!
Posted 13 Jul 2013 16:56

Have a very happy birthday Nicola

Something pleasing to the eye :)

You are ready to rule the Lush world!!!!

Topic Gentlemen's Club
Posted 11 Jul 2013 18:44

I know Im not a fella but........I melt at the site of a sexy man in a suit or tux (and yes I know this image has been used as a members avatar)

Topic Kate Upton Too big to be SI swimsuit?
Posted 11 Jul 2013 18:38

The media saying she is 'heavy' (to be a swimsuit model) is the exact reason why women of the world are self conscious about their looks and weight. This could be the start of a major rant, but I won't waste my key strokes as I am sure most who read this thread know exactly what I would say if I did continue with it.

Topic Reporting Images in the Chatroom
Posted 11 Jul 2013 17:30

I've seen quite a few images being reported as of late. Please make sure you're only using the Report option when the image breaks site guidelines.


Bump :)

Topic How can i please my mistress when im gone?
Posted 10 Jul 2013 16:24

Telling you that is not something the Lush community can or should do for you. That is between you and your Mistress. I hope that before you got involved in this type of relationship that you and she talked at great length and set boundaries, discussed soft and hard limits and so forth. From your talks with her, you should know somewhat of what it will take to please her. You will learn more as each day passes with her. Each D/s relationship is unique to the two (or more if that's whats agreed upon) parties involved. Gaining that type of advice is from us is next to impossible since we do not know the dynamics of the relationship you two have.

Good Luck with your new relationship and I hope its completely fulfilling for you :)

Topic Am i really that unattractive?
Posted 07 Jul 2013 20:46

It's this kind of homophobia that keeps the human race from reaching enlightenment.

So sad.

Only when you don't understand what I said Jack. Amen does not have anything to do with homophobia. I just added the 'fucking' part for emphasis :)

Topic Am i really that unattractive?
Posted 07 Jul 2013 20:14

Oh would you two take your bromance elsewhere... It's making me feel icky.

A-fuckingMen. I agree

Topic Why so few for the guys?
Posted 07 Jul 2013 18:04

I can't speak for all women, just for myself. When I have a question to ask, I will not hesitate to ask it. I am very much a knowledge seeker, but I don't tend to just ask any ole question either. When the curiosity strikes me I will ask it and the same goes for my replies to threads. I only do so when I have something to contribute, I rarely speak just to hear myself (or in the case of Lush, read).

Topic Does it turn you on if a man is forceful with you in the bedroom?
Posted 07 Jul 2013 18:00

The turn on is just not in the force, that's just a part of it.

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 07 Jul 2013 17:43

He is extremely forum active, has some amazing poems and stories. Definitely a Lushie to know.

Topic how do i convince conservative wife into swapping any tips any idea???
Posted 07 Jul 2013 17:36

You can't 'convince' her. All you can do is bring up the subject and see how she reacts. You should be able to tell just by that.

Topic Marrying Someone Twenty Years Older Than You
Posted 07 Jul 2013 11:47

I'm in a relationship where I'm 16 years older. You guys suck but represent how the rest of the world views older women. suck!

You can't count the handful of replies here as being 'how the rest of the world views older women'. From my experience, younger men especially here on Lush want an older woman. It may be all fantasy for them and in reality they wouldn't consider it, but that is not the vibe I get.

Topic Let's Talk About Sex
Posted 05 Jul 2013 20:49

Welcome to Let's Talk About Sex!

In this room, anyone is invited to ask any question of any participant. In fact, that is the whole purpose of the room! Pictures, small talk, whispering and attempts at private chatting are not welcome here. Feel free to send friendship requests if you run into someone you're interested in talking to further.

You no longer have to wait for your turn in order to ask a question, ask one whenever you feel like it. Please try to come up with interesting questions and avoid getting on people's nerves. Questions like "will you cyber/pvt with me" are likely to get you kicked.

I came up with the idea for the room because most chat rooms don't seem to have much actual conversation about sex and aren't always good at welcoming newcomers. Anyone can jump right into it here, there are no favourites and noone has special privileges. Well met!

Please make sure that this type of room doesn't lead to questions that will break Lush terms and conditions. If you are not moderating the room please make sure whomever you leave in charge of the room is aware of the Lush rules.

Happy Chatting :)

Topic Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted 03 Jul 2013 21:49

Not fallen in love, that doesn't happen online . But want someone I can't have?? Really trying not to right now...

I disagree with that, it is completely possible to fall in love online. As for with someone you can't have, Im sure there are many of us in that boat.

Topic how I know if she is flirting ?
Posted 02 Jul 2013 14:59

Exactly, just cut to the chase. She'll either be hitting him or he'll be hitting it.


Topic Reporting Images in the Chatroom
Posted 02 Jul 2013 11:49

Please, please remember when reporting an image you see in a chatroom, make sure its against site rules and not just against your taste or beliefs. There is an option in each room you enter to turn images off if they are not to your liking, but please do not report unnecessarily due to personal preference.

thumbup Happy Lushing

Topic Men owning toys?
Posted 30 Jun 2013 14:23

I agree with Dani, toys are NOT to be re-used with other partners. For many many reasons, if you replace the girlfriend, replace the toys, all of the toys. Otherwise find a woman who comes with her own set, then you are not footing the bill.

Topic New outlook on Cross dressing
Posted 30 Jun 2013 14:14

Moved to the LGBT Thread

Topic I want more.
Posted 24 Jun 2013 18:29

Thanks for the advice. We have talked about it in the past, which is how we got to this point. But things are at a stand still. He says he doesn't want to really hurt me, but I want it harder. I guess some is better than nothing, but it is kind of a tease.

If you have talked in the past then sit him down and explain your needs. He needs to understand your pain level, what he thinks may hurt you may be what you want. Pain to some is pure exquisite pleasure to another. Some don't understand the desires of someone who may be a masochist. Not everyone is cut out to be a Sadist either. You have to tell him just how hard you want it, what kind pain you are after before he can make an informed decision. But it may come down to he is not the type of person to do what a Sadist does for a masochist. I am not saying you are a masochist but it sounds like you may have some of those tendencies.

Topic I want more.
Posted 24 Jun 2013 16:10

So, I really enjoy being dominated. My husband knows and is the dominant one in bed, but just not as much, or hard as I would like. My question is what is the most constructive way of getting him to be harder on me, to require more from me, to really punish me when I need it? Thanks for the help!

If you enjoy this already with him, then you need to sit down and talk to him honestly and openly. An open line of communication is a MUST in any relationship but even more important in a D/s relationship. Tell him your limits both hard and soft and what you would like and or need from him. Communicating your needs is constructive and something he should be open to hearing just as you should be of his needs.

Without an honest open line of communication it is doomed to fail on many levels, not to mention potentially dangerous to you if you do not set the limits since you spoke of him being harder on you and reallly punishing you. He needs to know exactly what that means in no uncertain terms so things are never taken futher then intended.

Good luck and I hope you get what you are looking for.

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 24 Jun 2013 12:40

His name says he's curious, about what however that is yet to be detemined. He's friendly and may attempt writing someday.

Topic Fifty Shades of Grey
Posted 23 Jun 2013 18:28

Why can't this book just be enjoyed as a work of fiction, nothing more. I loved the series as I stated before in this thread. Is it a BDSM guide or bible? No it is not. It is nothing more than reading for fun and enjoyment. Lets not analyze this to death, this is like beating a dead horse lol.

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 20 Jun 2013 17:28

Very polite and a gentleman

Topic What's the ONE thing you really hate to do?
Posted 14 Jun 2013 16:51

Laundry and dishes come to mind.

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 14 Jun 2013 16:50

Hmm I am running out of things to say about you lol. Very polite and gentlemanly as always.

Topic The Gentleman's Charter
Posted 12 Jun 2013 21:34

A gentleman is a guy who doesn't fart, belch, scratch his butt, scratch his pecker, or pick boogers in front of women.

He also puts on a shirt when he knows the police are coming to serve a warrant on him.

A gentleman is always willing to bail his mistress out of jail with his wife's debit card.

And a gentleman knows how to live high-on-the-hog on his government monthly disability check and even buys his woman a super-sized meal at McDonald's once a week.


Haha that is awesome

Topic Does it mean she likes you?
Posted 12 Jun 2013 21:26

She is a one man woman and a real lady: no smoking, tattoos or swearing. But friendly and open and assertive at the same time.

I'm sorry but I have to ask, so in your eyes a lady does NOT have tattoos, she is a non-smoker and does not swear? Wow. I have always considered myself a lady and yes I have tattoos and I occasionally have been known to swear. Smoking is something I don't do and find it disgusting but it does not make one a non lady or a non gentleman for doing so. A lady can be many things and made up of many layers.

As for the rest of your question, I think DD answered it best.

Topic A simple question
Posted 10 Jun 2013 17:40

I was just wondering how to post pictures on profiles, chat, ect... I have been here for awhile but never learned how to do that.

Use this link for adding images to your gallery .......


This link for changing your avatar .....

I hope that helps :)

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 08 Jun 2013 19:43

Polite, well versed in good Lush etiquette and his profile is always a nice look.