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Topic Would you meet up with a girl from this site?
Posted 10 Oct 2016 18:32

Yes , Certainly !!! Some of my Dearest friends are my Lush Story friends whom I would love to meet and know !!!
Lush Story friendships are about far more than sex ; yes , our sexual side opens the door to much more .
People who bother to write a full profile find friendships of kindred spirits , people who have similar interests and tastes .
I have special Lush ladyfriends whom I truly Love and long to meet !!!

Topic Would you forgive your partner/spouse for cheating? Would you rather they did not tell you?
Posted 10 Oct 2016 17:59

I would forgive my wife for cheating , as long as she wanted to be forgiven ! Love and trust are paramount features of a marriage ; physical , sexual needs are another matter .

Topic Strongest orgasm
Posted 09 Oct 2016 22:43

Being sucked off by my wife !

Topic Do you guys actually like going down on girls?
Posted 09 Oct 2016 22:26

YES !!! Very Much !!! Can't Have Enough !!! Love It !!!

Topic Full Bush, Trimmed or Fully Shaven or Waxed
Posted 14 Jul 2016 00:26

I have been a nudist for many years . My body is naturally quite hairy , but with advancing years the hair turned gray then white . I used to trim , chest , tummy and pubic hair during the summertime before going to the nudist beach .
Now I live in Thailand where the climate is very hot , most Thai men seem to have no body hair other than pubic hair . My wife suggested I shave my chest to be cooler ; I now shave all my body . I was a little embarrassed to not have any pubic hair , but my wife didn't comment . Now I prefer to be fully shaven . My wife sometimes shaves her pubes ; I like the feeling of pubic skin contact when making love .

Topic your first cock sucking experience
Posted 10 Jun 2016 01:20

I only once sucked a cock . One of my class mates at school had an unusually long thin smooth uncut cock , I was fascinated by it . One day I asked him if I could touch it and suck him . Alone together in the locker room he let me do it .
I enjoyed having in my mouth very much , though he never got stiff , he was so long I could effectively deep throat him just by sucking , his foreskin didn't retract and he didn't cum . I would love to suck a nice smooth cock again , but am not at all physically attracted to men , perhaps a ladyboy with a beautiful cock .

Topic Red or Black Lingerie?
Posted 17 Mar 2016 21:56

I don't see either black or red underwear as being particularly sex . I like my wife to wear very pretty colourful underwear , knickers that are see through or a thong .

Topic Would you fuck a sexy Shemale?
Posted 29 Jan 2016 19:24

Yes , if she's very cute petite and feminine.

Topic Guys whats your favorite type of panties to see on a girl ?
Posted 29 Jan 2016 00:07

I prefer my wife to wear either sheer and very pretty with matching bra , or a thong . In other respects I like well fitting bikini pants , in Thailand they have light brown matching sets that look like nude at a glance .
My wife has a most beautiful body with perfectly shaped bottom , she could model thongs . Quite often she doesn't wear any underwear , which is a real turn on .

Topic Do You like to give or reciever oral sex?
Posted 28 Jan 2016 23:53

I enjoy both giving and receiving . If I have to choose it is giving , I love the intimacy of going down on a woman , kissing sucking , tonguing her secret parts , reaming her asshole , better still when she cums and cums .

Topic The craziest/sexiest place you have had sex is...
Posted 04 Jan 2016 22:20

On a sunny afternoon , up against a big tree in a public park , briefly there were no other people in sight . Taking an after dinner walk along a beach , made love below a clifftop nightclub , where people were leaning over the protective wall , throwing their cigarette butt ends that landed near us . In the sea on a steeply shelving shore , very close crowded beach , where people might easily have guessed what we were doing .

Topic What is your favorite sex positions?
Posted 23 Sep 2015 01:16

I like 69 , doggy , cowgirl and reverse cowgirl . I find the sight of a woman's asshole a tremendous turn on .

Topic Swallow perferred
Posted 22 Sep 2015 19:49

I have tasted my own cum , very little taste ,slightly fruity . When my wife sucks me off , she goes on and on to the last drop , but then she rushes to the bathroom to rinse her mouth out , which makes me laugh .
I would like her to swallow , but she never admits to it . My guess is that for all the sucking after I've cum she must have swallowed .

Topic What's the biggest age difference between you and someone you had sex with?
Posted 22 Sep 2015 19:17

32 years , I was 55 and she was 23 . My present wife is 24yrs younger than me , but we are both grandparents .
Age is not the factor that counts , it is the personal attraction of two people for one another . One of the Great Loves of my life was 6yrs older than me .

Topic Swimming suits
Posted 22 Sep 2015 02:21

I have been a beach nudist for many years and prefer no costume at all .

Topic Do you like 69 ?
Posted 21 Sep 2015 01:43

69 is one of my favourite positions , I love to have a face full oozing cunt and extended anus that I can alternately reem .

Topic Breast feeding in public.
Posted 20 Sep 2015 04:08

I love to see women breastfeeding in public , it is so natural . My Thai daughter-in-law breastfed her babies on demand , whipping up her T shirt about every half hour .

Topic First time calling a man Daddy
Posted 24 Aug 2015 22:04

I don't know what all the fuss is about . I'm 78yrs and if I was having sex with a pretty young woman much younger than myself , I should be so lucky and feel no offense if she screams " Daddy " when she cums .
Three of my best friends , whom I consider nearest and dearest , are lush members . Two of them call me Dad and to a certain extent I have played a parental advisory role . I Love Them Dearly !!!
A serious mistake is calling someone by the wrong name . I recall a very pretty girl called Susan telling me that her friend Caroline was being fucked for the first time and when the young man came he shouted " Susan , Susan " !!!

Topic How often would you care to make love/fuck..?
Posted 11 Aug 2015 18:39

Sadly I'm getting old and need medicine to stay hard ; the medicines are not so good for me , so once a week , my wife permitting . I used to like to make love twice a day and for a long morning session of maybe 3hrs at a weekend . Until my late fifties I could maintain an erection for a long time . Today I would happily enjoy hours and hours of foreplay , but unfortunately seldom have the opportunity .

Topic Do women like to get their asses licked
Posted 21 May 2015 20:48

I love licking a clean lady's bum , reeming her puckered or not so puckered hole , gradually trying to push my long stiff tongue inside . I love to feel soft bum cheeks against my facial cheeks .
All you dear ladies who like your arse hole licked and fingered , I would have pleasure in going down on you all !!! Sadly it takes a lot of persuading to get my wife to allow me to do that .

Topic Cut vs uncut
Posted 26 Apr 2015 22:01

Being cut myself , I resent not having a foreskin . Parents are wrong to have their baby boys circumcised at birth , it should be up to men to decide on circumcision when they are old enough to choose .
I think circumcised penises often look ugly whether flacid or erect . With the foreskin covering the head they look smoother neater and there is a surprise when the foreskin is retracted exposing a very smooth , shiny ,puce , seemingly raw meat head of the penis .
I agree that hygene is an important factor , the more so for the uncut . My father-in-law was a pediatrician and stretched my baby son's foreskins when tiny to prevent there being stuck later , mothers should teach their boys to retract their foreskin and wash clean as a habit from early age . In a youthful discussion at drama school , a stunningly beautiful girl later successful film actress , said she prefered uncut because she could feel the foreskin catch on the vaginal opening making it slide back on entry and continuously slide back and forth . Martiann has the right idea ; I have seen in porn films women/girls who slide back the foreskin with their lips and tongue , which looks delicious . As an older man I am aware that the head of the penis forms a skin ; without the foreskin there is no protection of the once sensitive head that with age tends to lose feeling .

Topic Most guys won't EVER taste their cum, why?
Posted 26 Apr 2015 04:08

I have no problems tasting my own cum , it doesn't have much taste or smell , tastes very slightly fruity . I have tasted over many years , either kissing my beloved after she has sucked me off , or going down on her after I have cum inside .
I have sometimes masturbated discretely in the dunes on a nudist beach ; I wouldn't like some nosey individual passing by and seeing a wet patch of cum on the sand , so have cupped my hand to catch it and then have drunk it all .
I envy Cumley 1 having been able to suck his own cock till he came in his mouth . My penis isn't long enough and I'm not flexible enough ; I have quite often dreamed that I was doing it .
I don't find men physically attractive , so I'm not sure I could taste another man's cum . I have never experience a threesome with either two women or a woman and a man , so who knows I just might .

Topic If a couple asked you into a threesome, would you do it?
Posted 26 Apr 2015 02:16

YES , if I found the couple attractive .

Topic Nude Beaches
Posted 26 Apr 2015 02:03

When I'm next at your beach and see you sunbathing , no children around , I will take you up on that . I will sit in front of you , while you are sunning with your legs wide apart , so I can stare into your delicious gaping aperture .
I think I'm correct to say , that when the sun shines hot on pussy , the lips open wide so anyone nearby or passing can see every detail inside .

Topic Why are high heels so hot while having sex?
Posted 26 Apr 2015 01:47

I think High heels on the bed during sex are a complete turn off , even in porn . To me it is the uniform of a street walker , get it over quickly and you're ready for the next client .

Topic outdoor sex
Posted 17 Apr 2015 00:15

I love outdoor sex , especially in a public place where there is a risk of us being seen . I recall doing it at night on a beach in Italy , just below cliffs on which was perched a night club . People were leaning on the walls above us , drinking and smoking , our biggest danger were the cigarette butt ends being flicked onto the beach below . On the same beach during the day , I have had sex very few yards from this narrow , steeply shelving and overcrowded beach . We were up to our necks in the water , but our movements up and down could have given us away . I have made love in my car in busy car parks , where people could have passed by and seen us . Sex up against a big oak tree in a public park close beside the footpath , where momentarily nobody was just passing by . My former wife liked it a lot and prefered it to doing in the comfort of our bed . I especially recall one summer having an impromptu barbecue with friends in a wild moorland setting . We lit a big fire , somebody brought a guitar and we had a singalong after eating . When all the friends had departed we stripped off and fucked beside the warm fire .

Topic How slutty are you?
Posted 13 Apr 2015 21:44

I got 51% . As I answered questions I began to realise perhaps I wasn't really so very slutty .

Topic Why swallow?
Posted 10 Apr 2015 22:53

My wife regularly sucks me off till I cum , she goes on sucking for some minutes after I have cum . I feel she must swallow , but she doesn't tell me , then rushes to the bathroom to rinse her mouth out , which always makes me laugh .

Topic Pubes and age
Posted 10 Apr 2015 22:44

I have been a beach nudist for many years . I have fine body hair on my chest and abdomen , my pubic hair is fine too but grows very long . In the summer I used to trim my pubic hair in proportion with the rest of my body hair .
I now live in Thailand , many men here don't have facial hair or body hair other than under arm or pubic hair . My wife suggested I might be cooler if I shaved my chest hair , so now I shave off all my body hair including pubic hair . Shaved pubes are better for oral sex , my wife shaves her pubes , so I enjoy the feel of actual flesh contact when we make love .

Topic If you COULD suck your own dick....?
Posted 10 Apr 2015 22:16

Yes , I would if I could ! Unfortunately my dick isn't long enough and I'm not flexible enough . I sometimes dream that I'm doing it and that is very enjoyable .