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Topic: Burger King buys Tim Horton's?
Posted: 28 Aug 2014 21:42

I have no clue what Burger King can possibly offer Tims. Burger King seems to be failing in Canada, falling behind other fast food chains such as McDonald's, Wendy's, Harvey's, and A&W. They make a shitty burger; and it hurts their business. Maybe Tims helps them learn how to actually satisfy the Canadian market, but hopefully they keep the two companies separate, so they don't ruin a good thing.

Topic: 5 time NBA Champions.
Posted: 19 Jun 2014 20:47

I found it really entertaining. I loved seeing the Spurs' team basketball. That was pure basketball at its finest. The NBA has gotten away from that in recent years. I don't care how close the game is, I find it boring if all they do is clear out and have your stars play a game of one on one. Hopefully this inspires more teams to build true teams, not just a few stars and a bunch of league minimum fillers.

Topic: For you that voted for Obama...
Posted: 04 May 2014 10:12

Guess we hit a nerve. I think responding to comments on the US as the naval police; or the defenders of North America might be too much of a thread jack given that this is a thread about Obamacare. It never hurts to look beyond yourself to see what works. When you buy into your own mythology, you are destined to be left behind. The US has higher healthcare costs than anywhere else in the world. Before Obamacare, it also had millions of people with no healthcare coverage at all. That's not a successful society. When Americans on this thread used costs and the deficit as an excuse; that's when the military discussion came in. Because it was the obvious difference between countries that can afford to have healthy citizens, and the US, who apparently, cannot.

Topic: What if Ukraine join NATO?
Posted: 28 Apr 2014 14:34

Haha.... Nothing like seeking for yourself!

I already did my theology studies on this prophet during my Divinity MA days. I'll leave you to study the exegesis of this particular text for yourself.

You may find that Matthew Henry's commentary helpful.

This is a first for me. Here's the New International Version of Ezekiel 38 .

I see a mention of Persia, of Gog, Persia, Cush, Put and Beth Togarmah which gives you an area the covers the Middle East plus the region south to Libya and north to Georgia. If you want to count Georgia as Russia I'll give you that. Even though Georgia is more of a conquered nation than a force in Russia. But I still don't see any mention of China.

Topic: What if Ukraine join NATO?
Posted: 27 Apr 2014 06:32

Probably off topic and almost certainly for another forum discussion but...........

Biblical end times prophesy alludes to Israel being involved in an 'end times' war against Islamic nations supported by armies from Russia and China.

I know it's been a while since I read the bible, but I don't recall any mention of Russia or China anywhere in it.

Topic: For you that voted for Obama...
Posted: 27 Apr 2014 06:23

Actually the country IS on the brink of an economical collapse. We currently borrow or print almost half of every dollar the government spends. Why do they do this? Because the American people want the government to take care of them. In fact, they demand it or the current politicians in power will lose their jobs to someone who will promise everything to everybody. This has been true throughout history and it is not a left or right issue. They both do this, with the same negative result.

The only way to continue unlimited entitlements including affordable health care is through non ending quantitative easing, which will end in one of two ways. Either the dollar will inflate itself out of existence, or it will lose it's world reserve currency status. One or the other will happen very soon at which time we will all be in deep shinola. Most Americans will be worried more about where their next meal will come from than an unsustainable health care system.

Basically every other developed country in the world has some sort of universal health care for its least fortunate citizens without being in the dire financial straits the US found itself in even before the ACA was passed. The difference between the more economically stable countries and the US? Spending on the military. No other developed country comes close. So don't try and tell me this little policy is what is bankrupting the US.

Besides, what is better for the US economy? Spending a few billion on healthcare; or having millions of people not contribute to their full potential because they can't afford the doctor visit that would heal them? And that's not even factoring in the public health risk of having people wandering around with communicable diseases because they can't afford treatment.

Topic: What are they?
Posted: 08 Apr 2014 15:47

For married couples (like me), I prefer husband/wife or spouse if it needs to be gender-nonspecific. "Partner" has, IME, always meant unmarried (though not necessarily same sex) longterm relationship.


Must be a Canadian thing. That's also what I think of when the term "Partner" is mentioned. Someone who lives with you in a romantic relationship that isn't marriage.

Topic: A warning for all males on Lush from a common phenomenon.
Posted: 19 Mar 2014 05:15

Having been here long enough to remember what this place was like before we had our own profiles, I think I have a different take on this. We can say that the name is still Lush Stories, but in truth, there is now just as much emphasising (and greater bandwidth) on the social networking side of things too. If it was truly just about the stories, why would we give profiles to non authors?

And once we start down the social networking road, it's inevitable that emotional connections are going to be made. Its human nature to feel connections with the people you talk to regularly. Unfortunately here, and elsewhere on the internet, people are not always who they say they are. I've been fooled twice, by longstanding "friends" who turned out not to be real. I know others on this thread who have dealt with the same thing. It can be devastating when it happens. But I also know people here who regularly create new characters here to keep it exciting. I don't understand why, but it's a fact of life here. It's why my friends list is small now. I may "friend" you here for a little while, but I don't let you in unless you can show me something outside of lush.

So while it may not be something the administration wants pointed out, I don't think it hurts to remind people of both sexes that what you might consider a burgeoning romance or even just a deep friendship, could be someone else's way of having a little fun and seeing what they can get away with.

Topic: #prayforvenezuela
Posted: 16 Mar 2014 07:14

Not sure about the US, in Canada it gets mentioned once in a while, but most of the media's attention is still focused on Ukraine.

Topic: The Ukraine Crisis
Posted: 13 Mar 2014 18:22

On April 10, 1938, a vote was held in Austria on whether to join Germany. The "Anschluss" was approved by 99.73%.

I expect a similar result in Crimea, for the same reasons.

I think comparing Putin to Hitler just muddies the water too much for logical debate. To me, from what I've read, there is a large group of ethnic Russians in the Crimea region.

Being Canadian, I compare this to what might happen if Quebec separates from the rest of Canada. There would still be regions such as the Montreal area which prefer to be Canadian, rather than Quebecois. Now, if the whole process was done democratically, or at least similar to Ukraine's separation from the USSR, then I don't think that group would really do anything about. However, if independent Quebec suddenly lost it's government and devolved in to violent protests, then the Montreal area would probably go looking to the Canadian government to help them out, and maybe even take them back. I'm not sure the world would see that as Canada acting with malice, or aggression. So that makes me wonder if our perspective on this is shaped by us wanting to hate Putin. Or even wanting to have proof to back up our hatred of him.

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