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Topic: Girls do you prefer cut or uncut ?
Posted: 07 Feb 2014 08:26

"Finally, circumcision probably tends to increase the power of sexual control. The only physiological advantages which the prepuce can be supposed to confer is that of maintaining the penis in a condition susceptible to more acute sensation than would otherwise exist. It may increase the pleasure of coition and the impulse to it: but these are advantages which in the present state of society can well be spared. If in their loss, increase in sexual control should result, one should be thankful." Editor, Medical News. (A Plea for Circumcision) Medical News, vol. 77 (1900): pp. 707-708.

"It has been urged as an argument against the universal adoption of circumcision that the removal of the protective covering of the glans tends to dull the sensitivity of that exquisitely sensitive structure and thereby diminishes sexual appetite and the pleasurable effects of coitus. Granted that this be true, my answer is that, whatever may have been the case in days gone by, sensuality in our time needs neither whip nor spur, but would be all the better for a little more judicious use of curb and bearing-rein." E. Harding Freeland, Circumcision as a Preventive of Syphilis and Other Disorders, The Lancet, vol. 2 (29 Dec. 1900): pp. 1869-1871.

Women who prefer cut fascinate me.

Topic: Regulating Circumcision
Posted: 29 Jan 2014 15:02

For women - definitely NOT.
I have discussed this with quite a few men and boys during my life regarding their opinion about having been circumcised either by their parents, usually at birth or shortly after, or as some have done at their own volition.
All the guys having it done of their own choice are more than happy they had it done. Most were about 18 or older. All of these say it has improved their sexual pleasure and none say it has degraded it.
Some of the uncircumcised guys would like to have it done but are not game - others love their extra little bit and would never have it done by choice.
From my point of view - I prefer a circumcised guy for foreplay and oral - mainly for hygene. Once its inside it doesnt seem to matter. You mean?

Topic: Regulating Circumcision
Posted: 29 Jan 2014 15:01

What a load of hot air about a piece of skin. I've had a few guys who were circumcised - but here in UK it's the exception rather than the rule.

From my humble observations a guy who is cut will - possibly coz of the constant friction against his dick - last a lot longer inside me than an uncircumcised man. Basically that's all I'm concerned about.

So what's all the deep seated crap about a childs rights and child mutilation? Many a baby who has been fed with meat products in his/her formative years will become a vegetarian - or even a vegan. Are the parents to be held to blame for that too? Parents make their choices usually because the child is unable to - and if that involves circumcision - then so be it. Never heard of female circumcision but if anyone cut off my clitoris there'd be hell to pay. Somehow your egoism is arousing.

Topic: Regulating Circumcision
Posted: 29 Jan 2014 06:40

But, it's all a matter of perpective, so some will call male circumcision barbaric if they wish, and I'll agree to disagree. In the event that I have another male child someday, I'll be asking a surgeon to perform the same insurance-covered barbarism as my first child had.
I respect that decision. Teenage boys don't have money, but teenage boys do have sex.

Topic: Circumcision
Posted: 14 Jan 2014 06:53

A bit harsh to a newbie!
He only asked a question, he didn't criticise your choice. In fact, I get turned on by women having a strong preference for cut.

Topic: Cut or uncut?
Posted: 13 Jan 2014 15:31

Cut. Definitely.

That is a strong preference.

Topic: Cut or uncut?
Posted: 13 Jan 2014 11:57

Would the women who like it cut make it mandatory, or would the women who like it uncut make it forbidden?

Topic: Circumcision
Posted: 13 Jan 2014 11:50

yes sir. a flaccid penis is really not that attractive. But an erect penis, now that is something to behold. So you think the collar is repulsive? Circumcision is not common in the Netherlands, but I consider to have it done.

Topic: Circumcision
Posted: 11 Jan 2014 08:57

I prefer the appearance of a circumcised penis when erect, but I cannot tell any difference when they are inside me. When erect ?

Topic: Cut vs Uncut - Is it really a deal breaker?
Posted: 11 Jan 2014 08:56

I prefer cut. Why?

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