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I'm late with "Monica".....late again.

RL is giving me the "red-ass" and I haven't been able to devote the time to "Monica" the way I should. I'm a perfectionist and won't let the story go if I know it can be better. Please be patient and I hope to have it up before the weeks end. Sorry again.



26 Aug 2012 05:14

OK, ok, chapter 3 is out, stop yelling at me for being late!

To everyone that has actually read and likes The Choker Club Chronicles, please send me a friends add. It's important and I'll tell you why later. For now, if you like what I have written and want more please add me as a friend.


10 Aug 2012 20:28

Update: it's the 9th and prt3 is not done. A.D.D. can be so distracti...Ooo, look a butterfly.
Please be patient and give me a few more days, I really want the story to be right when it's published. I'll keep you posted of any further delays.


09 Aug 2012 06:07

Work continues on; The Choker Club Chronicle Pt 3, "Patricia..."
The Aug 9 deadline should be met on time if not early. Thanks to all that have sent comments, I really appreicate them.


03 Aug 2012 16:12

The Choker Club Chronicles Pt.2 "Skyler" is going through re-write and should be posted on schedule!
A word of warning; elements of BSDM and humiliation are involved in the next chapter, sensative readers should avert their eyes. This is as dark as I will probablly get.

23 Jul 2012 12:43

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Do they truly serve any purpose or are they there to give men just another unsolvable mystery
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17 Jul 2012 07:56