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What is there for me to say that hasn't already been said? I forget who said that, but it wasn't me. I am here for entertainment purposes only. I am fond of chocolate, ice cream, diamonds, sex and cheese. You may send me diamonds if we have not been properly introduced, but I will receive cheese only from my friends, because of health concerns. I like to write stories about sex, otherwise, I'd be filling in the biography details on a different site, wouldn't I? I am not wishy-washy, I am open minded.

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singing, reading, music, and since this is a sex site, sex. I am very interested in sex. All kinds of sex. Straight sex, bi sex, threesomes, foursomes, spankings, bdsm, I'm a sexual person.


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Topic: I made a terrible mistake
Posted: 20 Aug 2017 15:55

I made a horrible mistake. I deleted one of Adagio's poems and his comments. Please go and read his poem: https://www.lushstories.com/stories/love-poems/from-a-pintle.aspx and give him an encouraging word while your at it. He's a great poet if you will take the time to read him. It was just a word that I thought should be different and I did something that had it deleted. I have no idea what.

Topic: This isn't self promotion
Posted: 20 Aug 2017 15:48

I made a horrible mistake. I deleted one of Adagio's poems and his comments. Please go and read his poem: https://www.lushstories.com/stories/love-poems/from-a-pintle.aspx and give him an encouraging word while your at it. He's a great poet if you will take the time to read him.

Topic: I made a horrible mistake
Posted: 20 Aug 2017 15:47

I made a horrible mistake. I deleted one of Adagio's poems and his comments. Please go and read his poem: https://www.lushstories.com/stories/love-poems/from-a-pintle.aspx and give him an encouraging word while your at it. He's a great poet if you will take the time to read him.

Topic: Was there a time before the universe came to exist?
Posted: 19 Aug 2017 10:32

I guess we can leave it at that, since in the end there's not really any absolute way to say who is right or wrong...

There is, actually. I'm right, everybody else is wrong. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/icon_clown.gif" alt="clown">

Topic: Trump's Response to Charlottesville Is Both Disappointing and Dooming
Posted: 18 Aug 2017 18:18

Whatever anyone thinks of Trump and his actions / opinions, the fact is more Americans voted for him than Hilary Clinton, so you got what you wanted, it is a democracy after all lol, you all knew what you were voting for.

Actually, three million more Americans voted for Clinton than Trump. He was elected because of the electoral college. States with large populations are generally underrepresented in the electoral college. Trump's people worked the states better, that's why he won. If it had been decided by the most votes, Clinton would be President.

Topic: Was there a time before the universe came to exist?
Posted: 13 Aug 2017 20:36

I think at some point you just need to realize that the universe just exists.

If you want to inject some deity into that equation then you are just replacing one question with a bigger question.

Where did the deity come from?

This has to be the most childish and non-thought out argument I've ever heard. It's also the most common.

Its usually just the refuge of an unintelligent person who is trying to act "metaphysical" and rationalize their actual human reasoning skills with the fact that ridiculous religious ideas were most likely implanted in their brain before they had the cerebral cortex development to critically evaluate the information presented to them.

So no, the universe was never created. Something had to be the first step, so I'll throw my eggs into the basket that we know exists rather than using imagination to invent something that call fill the role of a precursor to what we know.

Fuck....my head is starting to hurt...

For this to be true you have to accept that there is nothing outside the universe. If there are other universes, your argument falls apart. There could be some guy named Doug who came from Cincinnati cranking out universes. He may work for an enormous corporation which manufactures universes as toys for some really big kid.

To understand the beginning of the universe, people have to be willing to look at the scientific evidence. They aren't even willing to accept the scientific facts about global warming, how can they be expected to believe the universe just poofed into existence.

We may just be living on a cooling spark of some cosmic firecracker. The universe as we perceive it may be nothing other than an explosion still taking place or the molecules in the skin of a balloon being blown up. Everything in the universe is moving away from everything else. If you paint dots on the skin of a toy balloon and blow it up, the dots all move away from each other.

The question that raises is what color balloon are we on?

There has to be a first step in everything. If the first step in the creation of the universe was the big bang, what lit the fuse? It wasn't me, I know. I'm not sure about the rest of you though. Maybe Doug just makes the firecrackers, and someone else lights them. Where do they get the matches?

Somewhere a physicist will explain all this to us, but how will we know it's true?

Topic: Was there a time before the universe came to exist?
Posted: 13 Aug 2017 20:16

Time doesn't pass because we measure it or because there is change (well, apart from the passing of time itself perhaps). Time allows movement/change to occur. Space also allows movement to occur. Is space defined by movement as well then? I don't think so. It's not the movement/change itself, but the potential for movement/change that's important.

We already have many different units to measure time, some constant, like seconds, others variable, like months, and yet others localized, like sols.
We also experience time in many different ways already. There's a vast difference between being asleep and awake for instance. Or between active or having fun and being passive or feeling bored.

Time is relative. I think Einstein may have mentioned that. He was pretty smart. Time is relative, I think it is my uncle Pete. He is never on time, and when he is he's drunk.

I think you have to be conscious to perceive time. Does that mean that time doesn't move if your not? Of course not. You've just slept through it. A second is a second when it passes whether you notice it or not. There is a difference in the way we perceive the passage of time. If you have ten minutes to have sex, that's a short time. If you are being hanged upside down by your ankles over hot coals, ten minutes is a long time.

Topic: Was there a time before the universe came to exist?
Posted: 13 Aug 2017 20:06

Yes, that's another perspective on time, that we are infinitely replicating, coming into and popping out of being every instant. On Star Trek they used teleporters which didn't actually move people around physically, but made a copy and then destroyed the original. The copy would have all the same thoughts and memories, and so on (but how would they know?), and the demolecularization or whatever of the original was supposedly painless (but again, how would the copy know this if it hadn't experienced it firsthand?). It was used as a plot device in several episodes of the show.

Obviously, that's science fiction, but the idea makes sense from a consciousness standpoint. We can only ever experience the present. Presently, I'm thinking about the past, constructing a self-continuity between qualitatively different versions of myself - who I am now, who I was then, five seconds ago, five hours ago, five years ago, etc. I am not who I was then, but I lay claim to these others as a kind of 'origin story' that helps me explain and make sense of my present experience, and I mark time by the differences and changes between all these versions of myself (and the universe).

I've heard that our perception of reality actually lags behind reality itself. We may not be living in the present after all.

Topic: Was there a time before the universe came to exist?
Posted: 13 Aug 2017 20:03

I can tell you that my rememberer is not as good as I remember it being. So were you ever really the person you remember being 5 years ago? Or is it just some fiction your mind made up for you?

You aren't even the person you remember being five minutes ago.

Topic: Potus45 - Will he be impeached?
Posted: 13 Aug 2017 18:22

He should be held partly responsible for the people who died over the weekend and also it's a terror attack if you asked me. He is not treating it as such and has never held a stance against white Supremacists. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/my2cents.gif" alt="My 2 cents">

My heart goes to the victims and their loved ones.

Impeach now! How about his whole shitty backwards Administration as well? I know the Amendments but they're all so shady and money hungry.

I don't have many words to describe this. Other than it needs to stop.

You're right. His rhetoric and the rhetoric of conservative politicians over the past years is directly responsible for the tragedy. The increasing conservative bias or hate channels like FOX also are responsible. Using immigrants and minorities as scapegoats has been a political tactic for most of history. The Republican party has been using this tactic for a long time now. The conservative right wing Christian preachers and the media use it to promote not only the far right wing agenda, but to line their pockets with the money of the gullible and under educated.

Heather Hayer was 32. My age. She was taken away from the family and friends that loved her because some horrible right wing son of a bitch decided to drive over protestors in Charlottesville. In his mind, this was the right thing to do, because in his mind he thinks that it is fine to use violence against anyone and everyone who disagrees with him, is not his color, gender orientation or religion. He's only being charged with second degree murder. What would he be facing if he'd been black or Muslim. He is a murderous hateful bastard who's very life is an argument for abortion.

Heather Heyer was demonstrating against hate. There is not blame to both sides. The blame is the Nazi's. They were the ones with the shields and police garb. They were the ones with the pepper spray. Heather was exercising her right to freely assemble and petition the government. The Nazis had no intention of peaceful protest. They came armed for confrontation. I'm thankful that they weren't allowed to kill more than they did. The Charlottesville police department failed, and the national guard wasn't used effectively, but the blame is on the Nazi scum who showed up to start trouble, armed with pepper spray and shields, wanting to provoke violence, and their enablers in the Republican party, the White House, and the right wing news media. Fuck anybody who says otherwise.

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