Goodnight Kiss

Who could know this would happen from a goodnight kiss?

Goodnight Kiss This tale is a work of complete fiction no real events took place. The peaceful silence and serenity of the house was broken when it was filled with joyful humming as the back door opened. An adolescent woman with shoulder length blonde hair, soft blue eyes. Wearing her favorite white dress she loves that dress so much so she...Read On


My overly affectionate baby sis.

See what happens when Lil sis really loves her lonely older bro.

  This story is completely fictional, the people mentioned in the stories are nothing more than avatars of their real versions. Its been almost a year since my break up with my ex-girlfriend, I could feel the dark embrace that associates with loneliness. It was almost enough to run back to her and beg to be taken back, but I knew nothing would have been any different. I...Read On