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The Lonely Eyes

A short, first attempt at this genre for me. Forgive me if it's not perfect

I don’t remember all of it, as my first time went fast and hard, but I do remember the thrill and the passion and the insane ecstasy. I’d known about my orientation from an early age, I knew in my heart that I was not meant to love women, but that didn’t mean I didn’t yearn for those long, drawn-out romances that one often saw on the silver screen. And it certainly never occurred to me that...Read On



Office Souvenirs Part 2

For all those that liked the first one, I hope you like part 2 as much.

“I, uh…. Did you see-?” “Yeah, I saw those two hung, hunky men fucking you. I guess you like swinging dicks too,” Alana smiled and stalked towards Liza. “But I know that even a hot, hard, thirty minute fuck isn’t enough for you. You need more, and you need me to make you cum this time.” Liza groaned as her girlfriend slid her hand up against her recently-fucked pussy, and ground...Read On



Office Souvenirs Part 1

Those board meetings...

Company meetings were so boring, so It was a good thing whenthe boss let them out for a short interval, and Alana made a line for the bathroom on the floor below. The floor that Liza worked on. Her co-worker always stayed late, she was a team leader for the marketing section, bossing around a bunch of nasty dudes that wanted nothing more than to stare lewdly at her tight ass and fantasize...Read On