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Topic Why do BBW's hide their BODIES from public view on the Internet ?
Posted 11 Oct 2009 11:33

It always amazes how many people can't see the forest through the trees.

Topic Do you always need a drink, before you have sex???
Posted 11 Oct 2009 10:36

No, does it help? :) I generally, enjoy the euphoria generated from sex itself.

Topic Answer With A Song
Posted 11 Oct 2009 10:02

Yes I Am ~ Melissa Etheridge

What would you like after you're tied up baby?

Topic Quote-U-Like
Posted 11 Oct 2009 09:43

A dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to want to take it off you. - Françoise Sagan

Topic Sensual Senryu - Tradition Twisted
Posted 11 Oct 2009 09:20

Too much? Something a wee bit tamer...

Bedtime Tales
Nightlight glows softly;
Fingers wet, dip and repeat
As she turns the page.

Confessions of reading erotica at bedtime eh.

Topic Funny Lap Dance
Posted 10 Oct 2009 23:47

I guess it's true, no good deep goes unpunished.

Topic Sensual Senryu - Tradition Twisted
Posted 10 Oct 2009 16:11

Slippery soft sheets,
Hanging on tight and screaming,
"Please fuck me again!"

Topic Sensual Senryu - Tradition Twisted
Posted 10 Oct 2009 16:09

Extending the theme above...

Breeching her sphincter
Muted groans, pushing deeper
Her submission his

I've learnt a few things reading these exciting erotic senryu poems. This one is my favorite of the lot but I love the whole lot. Looking forward to so much more from you Sal =d>

I hope to find inspiration and post more. Thank you kindly DonAbdul.

Topic Naked on the internet - new book release
Posted 09 Oct 2009 17:31

Sounds quite interesting, has anyone read it?

Topic Worst actor / actress in Hollywood?
Posted 09 Oct 2009 17:24

I was just thinking about this the other day...

Worst Actors:

Tom Cruise
Steven Segal
David Hasselhoff

Worst Actresses:

Lindsay Lohan
Paris Hilton
Jessica Alba, yes, she's hot as hell, just can't act for a damn

Topic Writing the perfect Bio
Posted 09 Oct 2009 05:18

Bravo! Love this idea. And agree... perhaps my next writing challenge.

Topic Writing with Our Senses
Posted 09 Oct 2009 04:34

Someone had mentioned to me what a challenge it is to incorporate our senses into our writing. I agree that this can very well be a real challenge in any story, but especially so when writing erotica. A sensual or sexual experience of is often so profound because so many of our senses are in engaged in the event. I too, find that it's often difficult to find just the right words to create the sensual/sexual atmosphere I am seeking in a story.

It's often at these times, I think of other writers and how they do this successfully, Marguerite Duras, Anais Nin, and Michael Hemmingson, as well as others. But it's one thing to emulate others writing and another thing to make something all our own. So this got me thinking and digging.

I found a couple sources that might help each of us with this dilemma. The first one I found is wonderful and addresses all our senses along with some trial exercises. It's called: Sense-ical Writing: Putting Your Senses into Words

The second one is an article I found at article alley and it talks about using scents to bring inspiration to your writing, it's titled: Scents Bring Inspiration for Writing

The final nugget I located is directed specifically at the sense of smell. It's from WikiHow, so take it for what it's worth and use what you can take from it. It's titled: How to Describe a Smell

I'm not suggesting these are all the answers but they might get us thinking and making notes in our, all too often neglected, writers journals some great ideas that we can use when we get stuck on using our senses to help us write.

Topic Sensual Senryu - Tradition Twisted
Posted 08 Oct 2009 16:47

The Judgment:

Silently he sits,
Watching her as she disrobes.
Fine art cast in flesh.

Lovely MrNudiePants, did you enjoy creating? It's terrific. hello1

Topic Sensual Senryu - Tradition Twisted
Posted 08 Oct 2009 04:47

The Beckoning
Ring-a-ling it sings
She instantly bows to him
“Good girl,” He praises.

Topic Sensual Senryu - Tradition Twisted
Posted 08 Oct 2009 04:46

Thank you nicola... I wasn't sure where to share them, so I opted for this corner of Lush.

Topic Sensual Senryu - Tradition Twisted
Posted 07 Oct 2009 21:20

Oh my, I'm going to learn from you roccotool. I love learning new things. Truly I do. *runs along to go discover this Stonehouse of which you speak*

But shares another poem before I go. Simply because your comments made me feel great!

Blind Faith
Nude beneath her cloak
Blindfolded she knocks and waits
Her heart pounds with joy.

Topic Sensual Senryu - Tradition Twisted
Posted 07 Oct 2009 05:01

This one always gives me a smile. Finding my religion.

Panting, gasping, hot
Drawers slam open and closed
Rip, crunch, snap, buzz, "ahhh!"

Topic Sensual Senryu - Tradition Twisted
Posted 07 Oct 2009 04:59

Extending the theme above...

Breeching her sphincter
Muted groans, pushing deeper
Her submission his

Topic Sensual Senryu - Tradition Twisted
Posted 07 Oct 2009 04:58

These three seem to work well together to form a sort of ode to the ass or posterior prose.

Fidgeting she waits.
With slow deliberation
He tugs her panties

With an open hand,
Flowers bloom in sprays of red
Desire scents the air

The Gardener
Extended fingers
Drag through her swollen furrow;
She across his knee.

Topic Sensual Senryu - Tradition Twisted
Posted 07 Oct 2009 04:55

Writing explorations have drawn me to my notion of writing Senryu. Of course being of salacious mind and spirit I find it necessary to put my own twist on the traditional form of Japanese poetry and heat it up. I continue to follow the structural rules of a poem that consists of three lines and a total of 17 syllables (five on the first and third lines, and seven on the second line). However, unlike traditional Senryu, I choose to title my poems. I think they serve as miniature stories or snapshots of time. It is my hope that they paint a visual in your mind as they do in mine.

Here is one:

Time for change
Softly she sighs now,
"Not vanilla sex tonight,"
Zipping up her boots.

Topic Don't Leave Your Bike At Grandma's House
Posted 06 Oct 2009 20:23

Doesn't that look cozy.

Topic How To Be A Happy Hooker
Posted 06 Oct 2009 20:21

He was first. In my ass.
~ Toni Bentley, The Surrender

Topic Writer's block
Posted 06 Oct 2009 19:28

I've been battling a block for sometime again... I think I need to dust of my editions of Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. I have it on tape and book format. Listening to Anne herself talk about the process takes me back to my school days, it inspires me and can get me excited again.

The key to preventing block is definitely to write daily. Make it a habit. Once you break that habit, it's hard to get back on track. Perhaps I need to start small....

Topic In the Spirit of Halloween..
Posted 06 Oct 2009 16:42

For me, the "something" that makes a movie a scary movie is "something" that seems plausible. Or an "unknown" adding to the suspense. Today's audiences seem to love the horror porn with the likes of the Saw, Hostel and other like blood bath gore movies.

Some greats have made the list already.

My first scary movie would have had to have been the Hitchcock classic, The Birds , followed closely by his, Psycho .

The original Wickerman is a divine nominee nicola. The folks of Summerisle while not scary outright and by some counts quite preoccupied with fertility are frightening in their customs and beliefs.

I'd toss Misery into the vat too! Kathy Bates was a wonderful villainess, to me the thought of being held captive by such a woman would be the ultimate terror as she seemed quite ordinary and non-threatening.

Topic Ferris Wheel Sex
Posted 05 Oct 2009 04:41

It give a whole new meaning to the term amusement park, doesn't it?

Topic If you click on this thread, you have to post
Posted 04 Oct 2009 18:02

At least I can follow some directions.

Topic Remote Control
Posted 04 Oct 2009 17:18

I don't watch TV ... so makes no matter to me. I let the menfolk of the house battle it out.

Topic What is your favorite turn-on food?
Posted 04 Oct 2009 17:15

I'm a meat and potatoes kind of gal. A grilled steak...and I'm there.