Summer Crush

What happened on my summer vacation

The summer of 2012 was the summer of SEX. I was having sex with my boyfriend Hideki anywhere and everywhere we could get away with it. Hideki literally didn’t know the meaning of the word modesty and had no trouble whipping out his cock for my enjoyment. I was quickly learning his ways and public sex became the norm for us until one day we went a bit too far. Last month, when he had an off...Read On


The Bride Wore Nothing-Part 2

Not your average wedding reception

An hour or so later, it was time to return to the reception for our first dinner as husband and wife. We took our seats at the large table at the front of the room. The moment we sat down, the guests tapped their glasses with their spoons and Liu and I shared a customary wedding reception kiss. Except this was not an ordinary kiss. As he pressed his lips to mine, he tenderly held my breasts....Read On

First Time(3)


Rookie of the Year Part 1

A virgin reporter breaks her first story-amongst other things.

Rookie of The Year Seventeen year old Ashley Martin and eighteen year old Hideki Ito sat on the bed before the reporters. The both of them stark naked, their bodies on full display. Ashley had her hand wrapped around Hideki’s pudgy cock while he rubbed her clit with his finger. None of the reporters were in a hurry to leave the room. They had just witnessed a live teenage sex show with...Read On


Rookie of the Year Part 2

Being a dirty girl isn't so bad, she thought.

For a moment, life seemed surreal as Hideki eagerly teased and sucked each nipple, slowly and skillfully in full and semi-circles. Ashley moaned as he stimulated her nipples and she stroked the back of his head. His lips made their way up from her breasts, to her neck and then to her lips where their tongues caressed each other. Ashley wrapped her arms around him. She could taste his breath as...Read On


Strip Search (Instructional Training)

Officer Xiong presents me with a virgin

My new role as Xiong’s slut suited me perfectly. He fucked me whenever he wanted in whatever position he pleased. I could ready myself for him physically as soon as I heard his footsteps. He had an insatiable sexual appetite and I had an endless need for him to penetrate me with his cock. I never imagined myself “needing” sex, but I certainly needed it from him daily. One day things...Read On

Group Sex(6)


Summer Crush-Part 2

I love an older man's touch

It’s one thing to be naked and fucking in front of horny, cheering people. It’s another when you are standing in front of a well-dressed authority figure old enough to be your father. This Detective Chang guy was checking us out and I was finding the experience very tantalizing. He walked in a circle around us; slowly and methodically like a predator stalking its prey. I could feel the...Read On


Please Don't Go

I'll do anything to make him stay

It was shortly after 6:30am when Liu got out of bed. His bare ass was red from the spanking Melinda gave him just a few hours before. I held in a giggle as I watched him slowly walk into the bathroom and lock the door. A few moments later, I heard the sound of the shower running. The honeymoon was over. It was back to reality. I looked down to see Melinda’s hand cupped on my breast,...Read On


The Bride Wore Nothing-Part 1

To have and to hold, to fuck and to suck...

My parents and I sat at the breakfast table. It was six o’clock in the morning, only five hours before the wedding. Neither of us spoke much. There was an uneasy stillness in the air. It was one of those “elephant in the room” moments. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t know where to begin, luckily mom beat me to the punch and broke the silence. “Kait, I bought you a beautiful white...Read On

Recommended Read

Eating Pussy in the Kitchen

'Twas the night before the wedding...

Eating Pussy in the Kitchen “Twas the night before the wedding... The rehearsal dinner went just as we planned and only the overnight hours separated Liu and me from our wedding day. My best friend Melinda, Liu and I went to his place (soon to be our place) all smiles and laughter. The three of us stood in the kitchen, talking about the big day tomorrow. “I don’t believe you’re really...Read On


King for a Day

A day of pampering and lust

Melinda, Liu and I were just waking up after fucking all night. I slept in between them, it was my favorite spot. Liu was just opening his eyes. “Good morning, sleepy head,” I whispered to him as I stroked his cheek. “Mmm,” he said before closing his eyes again. “You gotta get up honey,” I coaxed him. “I don’t want to. No shift today,” he said groggily. I knew he was naked under...Read On


Abandoned Inhibitions-Part 2 Our First Threesome

I want you girls to make love, he said.

Liu took off his shirt and was now completely naked and stroking his very erect cock as Mel and I basked in our afterglow in each other’s arms. He left the room, but quickly returned with a plastic chair. This was no ordinary chair. It had a huge hole in the seat so that when he sat in it, his ass was exposed. When he sat in that chair, he wanted his ass licked. I left Mel’s embrace and...Read On



Long Arm of Discipline-Part 12 Final Chapter

I always felt he was a little too close to his mother.

I've never written mother-son incest before, so please be gentle with me. I want to thank everyone who took the time to read the Long Arm series. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks again! I didn’t like how close he was to her and how he always had his arm around her. I hated how she would constantly stroke his arm and kiss his face, coming much too close to his lips and how...Read On


The Very First Man in My Life

Before I had guy friends and boyfriends, there was dad.

Please be patient with me as this is my very first attempt at writing an incest story. I am sitting on the bed in my old room. The space that I grew up is now little more than a storage area. Gone are the toys and games that once occupied it. Only one lamp sits on a broken white dresser. My old color TV with the long outdated, unworkable cable box rests on a dusty TV table. The open...Read On


When Mom Is Away, Dad Will Play

Mom asked me to take care of dad. And I did.

The packed luggage sat at the front door. As each minute passed, I became more and more anxious. Dad sat on his favorite spot on the couch and winked at me as I passed by him for what seemed to be the hundredth time. “When is she leaving?” I whispered. He put his finger to his lips to hush me. Dad looked so handsome in his blue flannel shirt and blue jeans. He was 42, I was 17, and...Read On


When Mom is Away, Dad Will Play-Part 2

Mom is gone and the fun continues!

We came down from the attic naked, tired but still ready for more sex. Dad had me against the wall in the hallway and was tongue-fucking my mouth as his hands rubbed my breasts. “Oh yeah,” I moaned as his hand reached in between my legs rubbing my clit. I started to reach down for his cock when the phone rang. “Shit!” he yelled. “I gotta get the phone,” I said between kisses. “Fuck...Read On


Father's Orders

..and to think it was all his mother's idea...

Detective Liu Chang ended his shift at the Southern City Police Station and was leaving for the day when his cell phone rang. “Hello?” he answered. “Liu, we need to speak, son,” said an older man on the other end. “Dad, we’ve been through this before,” Liu said as he walked to his car. “We go through this again. Please come to the house.” “Dad, it’s been a long day and I would like...Read On



Lesbian Seduction

I never imagined my best friend to be a seductress, but she is

To those who are not familiar with the story, you might want to read "I Saw Him Shave (her)". Melinda and I sat on the bed facing each other cross-legged. We were both on a high after our threesome. I clutched my pillow in front of me as Liu walked out the door. “God that was so much fun,” I told her as I put the pillow down and lie flat on my back. “Yeah, it was, let’s do it...Read On


Abandoned Inhibitions

Remember, you're doing this for him.

I sat on the couch, stunned by the image before me. My boyfriend Liu had my best friend Melinda over his knee. His powerful, relentless spanks brought Melinda to tears as her bare bottom turned red from the punishment. Here was sassy-mouth Melinda, who had an answer for everything, who never took shit from anyone, now whimpering in remorse. I winced from the sound of his hand meeting her...Read On

Love Poems(1)


Can I Just Make Love To You In My Mind

He amazes me in such a good way.

Two hours. Too fast. From the first embrace “hello” to the last kiss “goodbye” There is just not enough time. Still an eternity with you would not be long enough. You were born 20 years too soon Or I too late. I can pretend that I’m younger But I’m not. I can’t give you what I wish Or what you deserve. But I’ve already given you my heart I am honored by your presence As I shine...Read On



Never Enough

One hundred percent autobiographical account of not so pure lust

I pull my smartphone from under my pillow and look for that message icon on the top left side of the screen. You are the only one on earth who knows my private messenger name and who has ever heard my voice through the cyber channels. Over the past month, I’ve slowly revealed myself to you, but not less intimately. I realize I might have made you uncomfortable yesterday when I exposed my...Read On

Recommended Read

On The Mound

He was playing on his while she was playing with hers

The end of summer brings a sweet sadness. The long, hot summer days take their place in our memories while the beginning of the end of the year approaches. For me, the change from bikinis to book bags is now in full swing as my classes for the fall semester are confirmed. Time with my boyfriend is more precious than ever as his baseball team prepares for the playoffs. With the...Read On


What I do (when I think of you)

When Kait shows Liu what she does when she’s lonely for him. He gets an eyeful of her “self love”.

Liu and Kait were finally able to spend some quality alone time. His promotion to Homicide Detective meant frequent double shifts and nights away from her. He was beyond exhausted. Kait missed spending time with him, but had her ways of releasing that energy. Their first night together in nearly one month was most welcome. Although the next night, Liu cautioned her that he was too tired to...Read On

Oral Sex(7)


Orgasmic Chemistry

A sexy Teacher’s Assistant teaches me more than nomenclature

It started as one of those days where nothing went right. From the moment my alarm clock jarred me awake at 6:00am (damn that broken snooze button), to narrowly missing the train to campus, I knew I should have just skipped classes. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given a choice as it was the first day of spring semester. If I was going to be out, I needed a damn good reason. Since I didn’t have...Read On


Silent Orgasm

My mother never knew what was happening

Last month, my father was elected president of his local lodge. One would think he was elected President of the United States the way he was talking about it. He seriously needed a reality check with his boasting and bragging. Mom was of no help as she constantly reminded me how difficult it was to be accepted in the lodge, let alone be elected president. Who cares? Apparently, I do as I’m...Read On


Keys To My Heart

To have one moment like this with him-followed by many others

Keys to My Heart I smile as I lead the way back to your office. Our first deal completed. As I take my seat, you close the door and place a set of keys on your desk. Three keys on a ring with a property tag with a few entry instructions. I remember that property and the day you turned the file over to me as your assistant. I was so proud then. I’m beyond thrilled now. We helped a...Read On


Long Arm of Discipline-Part 9

My love for him was making me insane.

Liu must have thought I was joking when I told him that if he ate my pussy it would hurt. What started as intense pleasure was now a sore pain around my abs. He didn’t care. He licked my clit and I tensed up, trying to close my legs. He rewarded my efforts with a hard slap on the thigh. “Please, Liu, I can’t take it anymore. It hurts!” I begged. “It’s going to hurt more.” He said as...Read On


The Warehouse

A New Place to Fuck

My naked body hangs from a thick chain. My wrists shackled above me. Liu sits in front of me on an old chair. His face is void of any expression. He chews his gum, as he watches me slowly turn. Once again, I am helpless in his before him. Sometimes I think that I live on the outskirts of life. The world travels one way, but I move in the opposite direction. I read in history class that...Read On



I thought of myself as a child of the earth when I met the man who became my world.

This story takes place in 1967- The Summer of Love. As he sat as his desk, he was the textbook definition of an authority figure. Dressed in his blue suit and grey tie, his badge attached to the left side of his belt. His ID card clipped to the breast pocket of his denim jacket. His short black hair was starting to gray. He had small, almond shaped eyes and full lips. His desk was...Read On


I Saw Him Shave (her)

Good Morning takes on a whole new meaning

The next morning, the voices of Liu and Melinda interrupted my light sleep. I heard them talking in the kitchen. I got out of bed and hauled my bare ass near the kitchen. They couldn’t see me, but I could see them and boy was I glad I could! Melinda giggled at something Liu had said to her. She stood before him in all her naked glory, while Liu was fully dressed. I didn’t think he had...Read On

Quickie Sex(4)


Sex At A Funeral- Part 1

An intern gets more than college credit.

I love being an intern. I really do. There is so much to learn and experience, and the perks are amazing. For the past two years, I had the pleasure (quite literally) of doing my internship at a funeral home in my hometown. My ambition is to be a funeral director and there is no better place to get hands on experience than working in funeral home. My boss and mentor is the Funeral Director....Read On


Lust In the Locker Room

Pre-game sex in the locker room

Hideki and Ashley were nearly inseparable since they met nearly a month ago. Fearing her parents’ reactions, they met on the sly, thinking of creative excuses to hide their romantic and sexual life from them. Ashley went to all the home games and became Hideki’s biggest fan and cheerleader. At the same time, there was no denying how her life had changed since they met. Her sexual desires were...Read On


Memories of Summer

A memory on the beach cures the late fall blues

I shivered as I walked on the vacant boardwalk this late November afternoon. The angry waves had much to say as they crashed along the beach, mercilessly taking more sand (and memories) with them. Just a mere four months ago, this beach was my home and sanctuary. It was my own private paradise. I found great enjoyment and even greater pleasure here with the four “s” words; sun, sand, surf...Read On


House Fucking

I didn’t know that house hunting could be so much fun.

“I have a million things to do and the list is growing,” I thought to myself as I prepared for my interstate move. Between packing, cleaning and all the never ending chaos, life is just one continuous series of mishaps. Today, I was going to meet with Marcia, the realtor assigned to me by my company. She was scheduled to meet me at my hotel at 11am to show me some listings in what will be my...Read On



Long Arm of Discipline-Part 4

I really didn't mean to laugh at him.

It was not much longer until Liu and I were secretly meeting at his apartment. I could only refer to him as “sir” or “detective”, never by his first name. I needed his permission to speak. I was losing myself in him and enjoying every second of it. When my parents went away for a one- week convention, I invited him to the house to show him my room (among other things). He left work early so...Read On



The Houseguest

The guestroom becomes a den of lust

I was lying on the bed, rubbing my pussy as I felt the wetness between my legs. My ass was still stinging from the spanking he gave me. God, I wanted him so badly and he was in my house, just a few feet away. I could have rubbed myself to orgasm, but I wanted him to do it. I needed him to make me cum. Ok, let me explain what led up to my insatiable horniness. Detective Liu Chang took me...Read On



Spank N' Fuck

A motor vehicle infraction leads to pleasurable punishment.

“That will be $300.00 and 20 strokes with the paddle,” the judge declared as I pled guilty to having lapsed vehicle registration and expired insurance. The Southern City Police Department’s “deterrence” policy now added bare bottom spankings for minor infractions. The highly controversial program, which was only in effect for two weeks, seemed to have an immediate positive impact, according...Read On


The Assistant Takes Control

His Ass Is Mine!

Today begins my third week as an assistant in a semi-busy real estate office, and things are no more organized than they were when I started. Of course, I do my job and keep the office in top shape, but thanks to my realtor, they never stay that way for long. Despite his incredible good looks and mesmerizing charm, he needs constant reminders to keep up with his daily tasks and appointments. ...Read On


Over The Knee

The sign read “No Trespassing” and it meant “NO TRESPASSING”.

I sat in the police station, wrapped in a blanket, drinking a cup of hot tea that the nice policeman made for me. All the while, I was reliving the events that brought me here. I stared blankly at the beige colored wall before me, thinking about how I almost drowned a few hours ago. Truth is, the waves didn’t look that bad. I thought I could handle them. That being said, who really cares...Read On


Long Arm of Discipline

He had no right to do this to me, but I'm glad he did.

My parents keep telling me that I’m hanging with the “wrong crowd”. I keep telling them that there is nothing they can do about it. I’m 19 years old and I can do whatever I want. Of course, they say “you’re living under my roof…” Well, you know what they can do with their roof? I’m tired of their ultimatums and threats. I’m not a child anymore and I’ll be damned if they’re going to treat me...Read On


Long Arm of Discipline -Part 2

Kaitlyn gets more than she expected.

I left the police station furious of what that cop did to me. I was so pissed off; I could feel my blood heating up. I vowed I was going to take revenge on the fucker. I’ll sue the Southern City Police Department if I have to. He hasn’t heard the last of me. My mind was spinning out of control and I needed something to soothe my brain, among other things. So, I stop at the liquor store and...Read On


Long Arm of Discipline- Part 3

One Day, things did not go as planned.

The relationship with my parents improved slightly- but not by much. They kept Chang’s card on the refrigerator door. I guess he was their personal “dial-a-cop”. I became frustrated with their “do we need to call Det. Chang?” threats. Oh sure, when you are not able to handle me you get this guy to spank my ass for you. I am not sure if they really liked him or they were just using him as...Read On


Long Arm of Discipline- Part 5

I should have told my parents I was taking the car

I checked my cell phone on my way to the mall. I cut out of my chemistry class since I probably knew what the professor was going to say. It was too nice a day to be in a lecture hall and the syllabus is online anyway. I can wing it from there. As I’m walking to the mall, I see that mom called 18 times. “What the hell is wrong with her?” I think to myself. I check my voicemail. She’s...Read On


Long Arm of Discipline-Part 6

I'm Still at Detective Chang's Mercy

“Oh God, Liu!!! Fuck me!!! That’s it!!!” I screamed over again. Liu was in a very horny mood all night and I became the recipient of his sexual appetite. I love being his slut. I want to be everything to him at all times. I know it sounds dramatic, but that is how I feel. I would not change a millionth of a millisecond of the time I spend with him. Whether we are kissing, fucking or he is...Read On


Long Arm of Discipline-Part 7

Getting fucked in the squad room was never so much fun!

Liu sat at his desk in the empty squad room. It was 11pm and he was fighting both fatigue and frustration. Needing a jolt of caffeine, he went downstairs to get a soda from the vending machine. He opened the can and took a sip of cola. As he walked back to his desk, he heard laughter coming from the Homicide Unit. “Hey, aren’t you guys supposed to be working?” He asked with playful sarcasm...Read On


Long Arm of Discipline-Part 8

He made me lick his ass.

We got back to the apartment around 2am. My pussy was still aching for more of Liu’s cock. “I could have made you fuck all those guys.” Liu reminded me as he grabbed my arm and led me to the bedroom. “I know that, but I’m glad you didn’t.” I said as I sat on the bed and took off my shirt. I could feel the sexual tension surround us. I took off my bra and let it drop to the floor. “I...Read On


My Disciplinarian

Money can’t buy you happiness and it won’t spare you from a spanking.

  We had just finished dinner and mom was cleaning up. She loaded the dirty pots and pans into the dishwasher. She didn’t talk to me. Instead she let her actions speak for her. Slamming pots and pans were her way of conveying her anger. “Kait, you are a foolish girl. You had better tell me what you were thinking. Tell me!” she ordered. Her face was red with anger and I knew she...Read On


Tranquility-Part 3- Over His Knee

Helplessly over his knee and loving every second of it.

We got into his car and took the drive back to his house. “Are you hungry?” he asked. “Yes, very, but I don’t have any money,” I confessed. “Don’t worry, I got this one,” he said with a smile. We went to the drive through and ordered hamburgers and sodas. As soon as we got to his place, he locked up his gun. We immediately tore into the food, which we finished in about ten minutes...Read On


The Houseguest Part 2-Gettin' a Paddlin'

He makes me so helpless

It’s that time of year again when mom and dad leave town to attend one of dad’s crazy annual conventions. It’s always great to see them get away (and out of my hair) for a few days. While they’re gone, I am able to do anything that I want. Unfortunately, this year would be very different. The drama started as they were getting ready to leave. Of course, it has to be an event. It’s...Read On


Teacher's Revenge

Caught on tape, my ass pays the price

Being trapped in American History class isn’t exactly my way of spending a beautiful spring day. Luckily, my iPod was the perfect distraction from Ms. Mahoney’s lecture. When I saw my classmates head for the door, I knew my 45 minutes of torture was over. As I exited with the rest of the herd, Ms. Mahoney tapped me on the shoulder. “Miss Kaitlyn, you need to pay attention in class and...Read On


Spanked at the Dance

Getting caught in a lie can hurt more than your pride

I spent all morning trying to call him and I wouldn’t give up until I spoke with him. Relentlessly, I hit the “redial” button on my cell phone until I finally reached him. After 3 full hours of futile attempts, my efforts finally rewarded when I heard the phone ring. “Homicide,” the man answered. “Liu, please reconsider and go to the dance with me,” I begged. “What part of ‘no’ do you...Read On

Straight Sex(26)



There’s nothing like a hard cock in your hand.

It was the top of the ninth inning, two strikes, two outs and the home team was winning again. I stood up from my seat behind home plate and watched intently as my boyfriend readied to throw his next pitch. Through the distance, I could see the look of determination on his face as he studied the catcher’s signals. I bit my lip as he made the throw. In an instant, the pitch was made. His...Read On


FSBO (Fuck, Suck, Blow, Orgasm)

My realtor comes to my rescue

Like most people struggling in today’s economy, I decided to put my home up for sale. I did not want to take the time to look for and interview realtors. Instead, I advertised my home FSBO (for sale by owner). Three weeks had passed and not one inquiry was made on my home. Still, I decided to be patient and wait it out a bit longer. Two weeks after that, still nothing. However, I wasn’t...Read On


Easy to Show

My handsome realtor secures the property and a place in my heart.

I stood by my bed with the afternoon sunlight accenting the room. Slowly, I removed my pink, silk robe. I knew that Hong, my realtor, would be arriving shortly to secure the lockbox to the front door. I told him that the property was vacant, but I knew he would check each room just to make sure. I wanted to fuck him so badly and I did not want to miss this opportunity to feel his cock inside...Read On


Long Arm of Discipline-Part 10

I just love surprises.

I was in biology class late Friday morning when a text message from Liu interrupted (rescued) me. “Pack your bags when you get home. We’re spending the weekend at the beach,” it read. “YES!” I exclaimed loud enough to draw attention. “Is there something you would like to share with us, Ms. Baker?” The professor asked. “Not at the moment.” I replied with an “I know something you...Read On


Long Arm of Discipline-Part 11

Clothes are so over-rated!

The next morning, I woke up to a beautiful sunrise. Still completely naked, I got out of bed and opened the heavy curtain to let in the new daylight.I looked out the window admiring the nearly empty beach with the sunrise over the ocean. “Wow!” I whispered a little too loudly. “Good morning.” Liu said. I could see that he was barely out of sleep as he lay on his back with the bed...Read On


Welcome Home

Kait was so happy to have her husband home.

Saturday afternoon: Kait opened the window shades in her bedroom and looked out. The late afternoon sun was paving the way to evening. It was one of those days where time seemed to be moving more slowly. She walked away from the window and turned on the radio which was tuned to one of those “variety” music stations that played the predictable to the obscure. As the music provided...Read On


My Disciplinarian-Part II, Back to the Station

A new place to have fun

One month after my encounter with Det. Chang, my lawyer and I were to go to the Southern City Police station to talk with him personally.Mr. Bains was more or less your “typical” lawyer, briefly sympathetic but mostly all business. We had an appointment to meet him at the station about 2pm. I got there at 1:30 and approached the desk sergeant. “My name is Kait Baker and I’m waiting to meet...Read On


My Disciplinarian-Part III, I Love You

He's all that matters now

Another school day means another opportunity to daydream between classes. If class is boring enough, then I can daydream while it’s in progress. For the past fifteen hours, I’ve been re-playing the events of last night in my head. My brain has a direct connection to my clit. The more I think about last night, the wetter my pussy gets. Yesterday afternoon, my lawyer and I met with Detective...Read On


Halloween on Stanworth Street

It wasn’t my nerve that I lost.

I heard them chanting over again, “Go ahead- go in there. I bet you won’t do it.” They were supposed to be my friends, but every Halloween they dared me to go into the old Stanworth Street warehouse. It’s not entirely their fault. Every year, I say I’m going to go in and every year I chicken out. This year will be different. Tonight is Halloween and I’m going to satisfy my curiosity. I...Read On


Banging in the New Year

It does not get much better than this.

The lobby of the Markin Plaza Hotel was buzzing with activity this early evening. Hundreds of guests were ready to ring out 2010 and welcome 2011. This was my first New Year’s Eve away from my family. I fought long and hard for this night. I’m 18 years old and I don’t need to spend New Year’s Eve with my parents at the Anderson’s place where all people do is talk about the “good old...Read On


House Fucking Part 2- New Listings

Lusting after my hot realtor

House Fucking- Part 2- New Listings Dedicated to someone I am incredibly smitten with at the moment. Two days later, Hong called informing me of new home listings in my desired neighborhood. After that wonderful showing the first time, how could I not want to see more? I agreed to meet him at his realty office so we could make some new (home) discoveries. It took every bit of restraint...Read On


Tranquility Part 4- a 69 in 67

I didn't change the world, but he changed mine

This story takes place in 1967- the Summer of Love I woke up the next morning to a very red and sore behind. As I lay in bed, wincing in pain, Detective Liu was next to me staring at the pale, white ceiling. “I don’t know what to do with you,” he said in a barely audible voice. He turned to look at me and shook his head. “You’re hopeless,” he added; and for a split second, I...Read On


Tranquility- Part 2

I'd gladly give up my world if I could live in his..

Tranquility—Part 2 “Take me, detective!” As I knelt down before him, I playfully brushed the shaft of his hard cock against my lips and cheek. I tenderly stroked his inner thighs before slowly rubbing his balls. His moans increased as did my arousal and I started sucking him again. He placed his hands on the back of my head as I took the entire length of his cock in my mouth...Read On


The Interrogation of Natalie Rogers-Part 4

I am my Interrogator's whore..

Life can be so unpredictable My life has done a complete 180 degree turn. In my former life in Michigan, I was a university student, the girlfriend of a business major. Life was routine, predictable and dare I say boring, but I was free. Now, I have been imprisoned for one month and my life is anything but routine and predictable and freedom is nowhere to be found. I have been...Read On

Audio version available

There's Always A First Time

He made me complete

There is no greater feeling than the start of summer vacation! Ten weeks without teachers, homework or responsibilities. Every summer, my parents and I spend two weeks at our beach house. I love our beach house! It is three stories with a patio deck overlooking the ocean, giving us beautiful sunrises and breathtaking sunsets. If I had my way, I’d live here all year long. One of my favorite...Read On


The Interrogation of Natalie Rogers-Part 3

I was his private slut, his personal whore and I loved every second of it.

In the days that followed, the routine was the same: wakeup, cavity search, interrogation, sex. I was completely dependent on Officer Xiong for everything from my meals to shower privileges. I felt as if I was living my life under his watchful eye. Come to think of it, I was. After one week in custody, I finally had the opportunity to speak with my family by telephone. Xiong listened...Read On


The Interrogation of Natalie Rogers- Part 2

I wear a cloak of vulnerability

Xiong left the room for what seemed to be a few hours. I didn’t know exactly- he had taken my watch. When he returned, he had a clear plastic bag under his arm. He handed me my clothes and told me to get dressed. I grabbed my panties from him and quickly put them on first. Wasting no time, I put on my jeans. I turned my back to him and put on my bra and t-shirt. He stood expressionless...Read On


The Interrogation of Natalie Rogers

I had nothing to hide-and I proved it to him

I sat in the small, dark interrogation room- I mean, “interview room” waiting for my interrogator. I tried to convince myself that everything would be all right. I took deep breaths and tried not to appear nervous, but l I wasn’t doing a very good job of it. And who wouldn’t be anxious? All I could do was mentally re-trace my steps from the time I exited the plane to when a hard tap on...Read On


Sex With A Stranger

I went to China for an experience of a lifetime-and that's what I got!

I was enjoying a beautiful Saturday afternoon on Qianmen Street in Beijing. It was the first time in my 21 years that I travelled outside of the United States. I clutched onto my Chinese-English dictionary for dear life as I strolled the shopping area dressed in my white sundress with only white lace panties underneath. My sandals completed my rather light wardrobe. I could not help...Read On


Get Naked With Me

Cold Case Leads to Hot Sex

Last week’s triple homicide shocked my normally quiet town. Things like that just don’t happen here. To make matters worse, the police had few leads to go on. Understandably, the neighborhood was on edge. My usually overprotective parents became unbearable and I wasn’t allowed to go out alone. If they were at work, I was to stay home. My already anemic social life was now on live-support....Read On


Cult of Sexuality-Part 5

Being fucked at a police station isn't always a bad thing

We picked up our scattered clothes and got dressed. He took the driver’s seat and I climbed into the passenger’s seat. He turned the car over and pulled out. Still, I had no idea where we were going. The both of us were silent as if we refused to acknowledge something. The ride took about 20 minutes before we pulled into the Municipal Parking Lot. I knew better than to ask where we were. ...Read On


Cult of Sexuality-Part 4

Where is the line between need and desperation?

The next morning, Steven prepared to go to work. He told me that he worked as an electronics salesman, but was going to quit his job. It was 7am and the others were still either sleeping or had already left for work. He told me he’d be back around 6pm. I was missing him already. “Does that mean I won’t see you all day?” I asked. “I’m afraid so,” he replied. “But I want to want to have...Read On


Cult of Sexuality-Part 3

Most times he was hard to teach, other times he was just hard.

Cult of Sexuality-Part 3 It was my job to guide Steven through the doctrine of our group. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the most cooperative student. He would take my words out of context and exaggerate our beliefs. When he was serious, I felt like he was interrogating me. He was more interested in the “who, what, when, where, why” than the spiritual aspect of our beliefs. Although I had...Read On


Cult of Sexuality-Part 2

He made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Steven and I slept on the floor with only a thin mat between a worn green rug and our bodies. We silently masturbated each other until we fell asleep. The next morning, we took our ritual bath together. We entered the small bathroom together. He went to turn on the water. “NO! We can only wash using distilled water!” I exclaimed. “We can only wash in distilled water?!” He asked with a...Read On


Cult of Sexuality

Who is this man?

Thursday morning, 9am Southern City Police Station: Detective Liu Chang nervously entered Captain Ames’ office. He rarely spoke to the captain one on one, but today was different. He took a seat and waited for Ames to arrive. He was confident that he didn’t do anything “wrong”, but the definition of wrong changed by the day. “Good morning, detective!” Captain Ames said as he quickly...Read On


All I Want for Christmas Is Liu

My Christmas wish comes true!

I looked out the window on this cold Christmas Eve night. The unmistakable stillness in the air announced the impending arrival of the holiday. It was around 8pm our holiday party was in full swing. Mom was dressed in her holiday best awhile dad tended the bar. Sounds of laughter, clinking classes and Christmas music filled the room. The red and green lights blinked joyfully as the...Read On



Meeting My Inner Voyeur

My Boyfriend the Submissive?

I was never an early riser. Give me the opportunity to sleep until 11am and that’s what I’ll do. On the other hand, my boyfriend, Liu loves to get up early. One Saturday morning, I broke my routine. I woke up before 7am. As I was ready to go downstairs, I saw him and my best friend Melinda talking in the living room. The both of them were completely naked. Liu looked so relaxed hanging...Read On