satyr's Blog Entries

07 Jan 2011 07:21

Pregnant women are so fucking sexy. I need to write a story about that.

30 Nov 2010 03:41

I want to get back into writing stories for Lush and make more connections online. Is it possible to meet people off here who are into the same things and make real life connections? What do you think?

02 Oct 2009 03:43

It's been a long hard road outta hell.

02 Jul 2009 17:24

Perhaps all my stories should start with the climax and end with the story?

09 Jun 2009 13:51

Posted a new drawing, hope you like. Still waiting for models...

20 May 2009 13:50

So why can't I post a story!! I've tried and tried and it won't go up on the front page.

18 May 2009 13:51

Wishing I had more time in a day.