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I'm Jamie. I'm straight in "real life" and am mostly interested in exploring my bisexual/lesbian side on here - though I'm open to chatting with men or women. I am not interested in video chatting, phone sex, yahoo, etc.

If my status is "online" that means I am available to chat (I will be online for a while). If I am "away" that means I am NOT available to chat (I am probably just checking in and will be online for less than 15 minutes). Please don't take it personally if I'm "away" and I don't respond to your poke/online message/etc.

I enjoy posting gifs and pics of girl on girl, female masturbation, and a variety of other interests. I also enjoy creating my own chat rooms to post gifs and then cum publicly - I love the thought of the people in my chat room seeing me cum.

If you want to know anything else, ask

I will not accept friend requests from people I have never chatted with online, I prefer for my friends to be just that - friends I have some level of acquaintance with. Thanks!

Jamie Smith
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In a Relationship
being outdoors, singing, teaching, playing piano
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I have a long list, but it seems sufficient to say my favorite genre is fantasy/science fiction (yes, I understand the difference between the two).
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Tolkien, among others.
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Opera - Puccini, Mozart, Verdi; all kinds of various art song and Classical choral literature... being a classically trained soprano myself, I appreciate the art of singing very much.
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22 Feb 2013
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29 Jul 2015
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Topic: its been so long
Posted: 13 Dec 2013 15:46

I agree with the above response. Particularly the part about seeing a sex therapist. Exhaust all other avenues (which after 3 years, I am sure you have...) and present the idea of therapy to her. Be sure to express to her that you love her so immensely and miss being able to express it to her in that way. She may take a while to warm up to the idea, since people automatically think something is "wrong" with them if they need therapy. Hey, there's something all of us need therapy for, I think it's a great tool to get to know yourself better and work through underlying issues.

Good luck! :)

Topic: Watching your partner have sex
Posted: 13 Dec 2013 15:41

It's one of those things that I fantasize about, but do NOT have any desire to actually fulfill. I think it's a kinky fantasy, nothing more for me.

Topic: Watching your partner have sex
Posted: 13 Dec 2013 15:40

It's one of those things that I fantasize about, but do NOT have any desire to actually fulfill. I think it's a kinky fantasy, nothing more for me.

Topic: Destined to be single?
Posted: 13 Dec 2013 15:37

I think the happier you can become as a single person, the more desirable you become to others around you. Go out with friends, be comfortable in your single-ness, and if someone deserving of you comes along, great. I hate cliches, but if it is meant to be, the circumstances will present themselves.

Topic: Do you like to sleep naked?
Posted: 12 Dec 2013 14:28

Only after sex. I like that it makes me feel a little naughty ;)

Topic: Have you ever had sex or performed oral sex in front of others?
Posted: 12 Dec 2013 14:25

No, I want to though ;)

Topic: Is there anything I can do to not be so sore after working out?
Posted: 12 Dec 2013 14:20

Stretch. Ideally before and after, but the after part is more important. Do a cool down.

Topic: Holiday music, is it your cup of tea?
Posted: 12 Dec 2013 14:18

Professional musician. Christmas music is great. Pays the bills, usually musically satisfying... I could do without the xmas carols on the radio in October but whatever

Topic: masterbating in your car!
Posted: 12 Dec 2013 14:17

Oh heck yeah... and while driving too, but usually I snuggle a vibe in my pants so I can have both hands on the wheel when I cum ;)

Topic: Too big??
Posted: 12 Dec 2013 14:15

I never have, but if I was afraid it was going to tear me up like giving birth, damn right I'd turn it down... or at least need an adjustment period or something.

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Stories Published By SecretLush
Monday night drinks, and more...

I had always wondered what cunnilingus would feel like. I thought it must feel wonderful to have someone’s mouth on my wet pussy, tonguing my clit. Somewhere along the dating line, I had been subliminally convinced that it was gross. I had never had someone’s mouth “down there.” I remained curious, but was too embarrassed and shy to request it, since it had become something I thought all...

Added 18 Dec 2013 | Category Oral Sex | Votes 16 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 6,033 | 7 Comments

Kinky purchases and hot public masturbation

Black Friday… a day to indulge and justify all kinds of extravagant purchases. Not. I detest Black Friday, but it seems that every year I find it irresistible to make purchases. $150 off a new phone, 60% off here and there. Big purchases that I could never otherwise justify are just irresistible on the infamous Black Friday. I wake from my food, wine and comfy guest bed – induced stupor at...

Added 01 Dec 2013 | Category Masturbation | Votes 24 | Avg Score 4.73 | Views 17,252 | 10 Comments

Make Me an Exhibitionist Slut

I lay in bed, laptop on my lap. It was my day off and I planned to make the most of it. I logged on to Lush for a while, catching up on the latest stories and reading a few I had bookmarked. Sufficiently worked up, I headed to the chat rooms to find someone to chat with. I started a few chats, none really piquing my interest or leading anywhere. Beginning to become bored, I opened one of...

Added 03 Jun 2013 | Category Masturbation | Votes 25 | Avg Score 4.87 | Views 11,675 | 9 Comments

Tying me down

I had never been in a truly functional, mutually satisfying, and comfortable sexual relationship with someone. They had all been either one-sided (three guesses whose side was favored...not mine), unfulfilling, or sex-less. I was so tired of being asked what I wanted, and unless I gave Google Maps-worthy directions, I didn't get anything. I know it's hard for guys to understand what I need as...

Added 10 Apr 2013 | Category BDSM | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.82 | Views 5,276 | 5 Comments

Teasing Myself

I sighed, closed my laptop, and turned off the light. It was 1:57am and I had to be at work at 8am - story of my life. I was restless with worry about impressing my boss at my new job, but staying up late and getting five hours of sleep was probably not the way to do it. I was in a state of too much stress, not enough down time, and practically a zero in my sex life. Every 23-year-old's dream,...

Added 07 Apr 2013 | Category Masturbation | Votes 27 | Avg Score 4.76 | Views 16,431 | 13 Comments

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Friends Comments
Posted: 01 Sep 2015 03:18
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
Posted: 01 Sep 2014 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
Posted: 14 Dec 2013 15:21
Posted: 14 Dec 2013 11:25
Posted: 09 Dec 2013 14:41
Thanks for the add. I'm already looking forward to chatting with you.x
Posted: 24 Nov 2013 15:14
Posted: 31 Jul 2013 17:36

Posted: 03 Jun 2013 12:02
Ty for accepting me
Posted: 15 Apr 2013 20:12
Posted: 10 Apr 2013 17:35

Posted: 08 Apr 2013 18:00
mmmm Loved your story hon. I got a lot of pleasure from your words...Excellent work and sounds like it was VERY satisfying too.
Posted: 04 Apr 2013 07:56
Posted: 03 Apr 2013 13:43
Posted: 18 Mar 2013 16:57
Posted: 04 Mar 2013 23:58
Thanks for accepting x
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