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Whatever brought you here, I hope that my profile will help you to know me a little better. Don't mind the mess and enjoy your visit...

I'm an heterosexual male aged 32, proud and sexy. I have a reflective personality and I'm often perceived as calm and reserved, and many think it contradicts my pleasant appearance. I'm also solitary by nature, and let sexual encounters happen rather than pursue them fiercely. Hence my profile name, SereneProdigy. I am a romantic at heart, both in my relationships and in my outlook on life. I like to observe, analyze and contemplate the world, committing my thoughts to passion. Don't let your first impressions fool you however, I've also been known to be quite eccentric and dissident.

I have an intense sexual drive, yet my fantasies and preferences are rather standard. I love passionate sensual sex, but also like to add kinky deviances here and there for a sensation of surprise and naughtiness. One of my fetishes is cum, which I developed because I can spurt large amounts of it. I thoroughly enjoy the sight of a beautiful lady covered in cum.

I'm here primarily to share experiences and opinions on the forums, as I love to learn about new ways to pleasure my partners and how others enjoy their sexuality. I might also give a try to story writing if I find both time and inspiration. I don't mind making friends here, especially females, but I'm in a committed relationship and won't be sharing any sexual desires with you.

One thing I can't tolerate is dishonesty, which implies anything related to faking your gender, age or profile pictures. I'm a keen person and will see through it quite easily, so don't waste your time. Everything presented on my profile is 100% accurate, and I expect the same from you.

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Email: SereneProdigyLush@gmail.com

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In a Relationship
Among others:
- Sex
- Fitness
- Nutrition
- Science
- Psychology
- Philosophy
- Music
- Guitar
- Chess
- Cars
- Video Games
- Digital Editing
- Electronic Cigarettes
Favorite Books:
Anything factual or encyclopedic
Favorite Authors:
Among others:
- Friedrich Nietzsche
- Albert Camus
- Alexandre Dumas
- J.R.R. Tolkien
Favorite Movies:
Among others:
- The Big Lebowski
- No Country for Old Men
- Mary and Max
- Watchmen
- Unthinkable
- Traitor
- Se7en
- The Usual Suspects
- L.A. Confidential
- Ronin
- American Psycho
- Get the Gringo
- Limitless
- Citizen Kane
- Full Metal Jacket
- Midnight Cowboy
- Little Miss Sunshine
- The Hunter
- Being Flynn
- That's What I Am
- 500 Days of Summer
- Youth in Revolt
- Life of Pi
Favorite Music:
Among others:
- Bad Religion
- Fugazi
- The Pixies
- Sebadoh
- Fu Manchu
- Pink Floyd
- The Beatles
- Jimi Hendrix
- Led Zeppelin
- Deep Purple
- The Doors
- Cream
- King Crimson
- Jethro Tull
- Neil Young
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16 Jul 2013
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27 Apr 2015
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Topic: Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted: 27 Apr 2015 14:38


Topic: Anyone heard of Siime?
Posted: 26 Apr 2015 13:03

I've tried it with my girlfriend. We were quite in shock when we watched the movie and realized that a Leprechaun was living in there.

Who would have thought!?


Seriously though, I really don't see the appeal in it; the movie would pretty much just show a bunch of pink tissues, there's nothing all that enticing in it for me.

Topic: Vibrating Cock Rings
Posted: 25 Apr 2015 09:48


Vibrating Cock Rings

I keep seeing vibrating cock rings when I shop for sex-toys, but I seriously wonder what's their use.

Are they meant to provide vibrations to your cock or to your lover's clit? There's a lot of movement going on during sex, so I doubt that the vibrations would really be all that noticeable/pleasurable; and you'd have to constantly stick your dick deep inside your partner's pussy to provide vibrations on her clit, that would be a little awkward to me. Not to mention that they seem quite cumbersome and really aren't all that pretty to look at.

So, to those who use or have used them, how are they supposed to work? Are they worth the hassle?

Thanks for sharing!

Topic: Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted: 25 Apr 2015 09:28


Topic: boobs in a bath
Posted: 25 Apr 2015 09:16

The human body contains around 65-70% water, even bones contain a lot of water. You can make this fun test: when your lungs are full of air your body floats, but when you empty your lungs it actually sinks. So the overall density of the human body (weight/volume) is actually pretty close to water.

Boobs are essentially different tissues filled with blood (ie. water), so as most women reported so far they'll pretty much be in suspension in water. Similar to balloons filled with water, I guess.

Topic: Are condoms really that bad?
Posted: 24 Apr 2015 18:09

It's not a problem for me in any way; they can even help me last longer at times.

And to guys who complain about finding condoms that are big enough for them: these things are extensible enough to be put around your arm or your head, I don't quite see what the issue is (especially since some brands sell X-large versions). I've tried putting one around my arm once, and it wasn't even uncomfortable or blocking my circulation:


Topic: Girls and abs, what are your opinions?
Posted: 24 Apr 2015 17:50

I love abs on a girl, but frankly they don't make that big of a difference concerning how much I'll be attracted to her. I love fit bodies and low levels of body-fat, but abs are far from mandatory for me.

Concerning if I mind when a girl lifts more than I do... I doubt that she would honestly, but the fact that she'd share my fitness passion would be a huge turn-on.

I love all of these pretty much equally, from light definition to something a bit more substantial, but the girl on the far right has just a tad too much abs to my liking:


Topic: Prostate Massage: How To?
Posted: 24 Apr 2015 17:30


Prostate Massage: How To?

I've tried stimulating my p-spot a few times before, but I really can't seem to achieve any significant results. I'm pretty confident that I can locate my prostate with my finger, but no matter how I try to massage it the pleasure just isn't there. At most, I can feel a certain 'electrifying' sensation in my dick after a while, as if my prostate and my dick are somehow connected, but this is far from an orgasmic sensation. I'd say that massaging my prostate feels about the same as massaging the base of my dick in terms of erogenous feelings (which is far from being enough to make me orgasm).

So, how do you achieve a p-spot orgasm yourself?

How do you move your fingers? How much pressure do you use? For how long do you have to play with your prostate?

I'm curious about experiencing a p-spot orgasm, but I just can't seem to achieve it.

Thanks for your help!

Topic: I have a heavy equipment operators license. Is that sexy?
Posted: 24 Apr 2015 17:12

Yes it is, you need such a license to play with my cock anyway.

Topic: Toy Review: UR3 Suction Cup Dildo (Doc Johnson)
Posted: 23 Apr 2015 14:07

There is a company called "VixSkin" that makes silicone dildos that has the skinner models. They are amazing and I strongly recommend them.

I know that VixSkin and Tantus are the two most renowned manufacturers of silicone dildos. At first I intended to buy a quality silicone dildo to use for double-penetration, so I've actually looked into both of these brands while shopping. But the thing is, none of their products comes with a suction-cup base, you'd have to buy one that has a hole at the back and buy a suction-cup adapter as I've shown in one of my previous posts.

And even then, those were hard to find on Amazon: the only one I found myself was the Tantus John Doe , which looked neat and had the perfect dimensions, but it was available for around $80 (and that's without the adapter and the shipping fees). A bit too costly just to be used occasionally with my girlfriend.

The LushStore actually offers quite a few silicone dildos with a suction-cup, like this one: http://store.lushstories.com/Dildos/Realistic-Dildos-and-Dongs/

They would charge me $30 to ship where I live however, it's totally not worth it for me personally.

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Desires Remain

Forever, together, we jittered, Under many constellations, obscured. Could my prospects remain always bright? Kings! Must they only vanquish without fight? Your air as pure as my quiet gaze, Or could dusky sight be telling lies? Under strange guise of lullabies, Refrains, impure, echoed my maze. Could you be hiding same corruption? Under thee Queen, vile jester trick? Never shall I...

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