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Whatever brought you here, I hope that my profile will help you to know me a little better. Don't mind the mess and enjoy your visit...

I'm an heterosexual male aged 32, proud and sexy. I have a reflective personality and I'm often perceived as calm and reserved, and many think it contradicts my pleasant appearance. I'm also solitary by nature, and let sexual encounters happen rather than pursue them fiercely. Hence my profile name, SereneProdigy. I am a romantic at heart, both in my relationships and in my outlook on life. I like to observe, analyze and contemplate the world, committing my thoughts to passion. Don't let your first impressions fool you however, I've also been known to be quite eccentric and dissident.

I have an intense sexual drive, yet my fantasies and preferences are rather standard. I love passionate sensual sex, but also like to add kinky deviances here and there for a sensation of surprise and naughtiness. One of my fetishes is cum, which I developed because I can spurt large amounts of it. I thoroughly enjoy the sight of a beautiful lady covered in cum.

I'm here primarily to share experiences and opinions on the forums, as I love to learn about new ways to pleasure my partners and how others enjoy their sexuality. I might also give a try to story writing if I find both time and inspiration. I don't mind making friends here, especially females, but I'm in a committed relationship and won't be sharing any sexual desires with you.

One thing I can't tolerate is dishonesty, which implies anything related to faking your gender, age or profile pictures. I'm a keen person and will see through it quite easily, so don't waste your time. Everything presented on my profile is 100% accurate, and I expect the same from you.

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Relationship Status:
In a Relationship
Among others:
- Sex
- Fitness
- Nutrition
- Science
- Psychology
- Philosophy
- Music
- Guitar
- Chess
- Cars
- Video Games
- Digital Editing
- Electronic Cigarettes
Favorite Books:
Anything factual or encyclopedic
Favorite Authors:
Among others:
- Friedrich Nietzsche
- Albert Camus
- Alexandre Dumas
- J.R.R. Tolkien
Favorite Movies:
Among others:
- The Big Lebowski
- No Country for Old Men
- Mary and Max
- Watchmen
- Unthinkable
- Traitor
- Se7en
- The Usual Suspects
- L.A. Confidential
- Ronin
- American Psycho
- Get the Gringo
- Limitless
- Citizen Kane
- Full Metal Jacket
- Midnight Cowboy
- Little Miss Sunshine
- The Hunter
- Being Flynn
- That's What I Am
- 500 Days of Summer
- Youth in Revolt
- Life of Pi
Favorite Music:
Among others:
- Bad Religion
- Fugazi
- The Pixies
- Sebadoh
- Fu Manchu
- Pink Floyd
- The Beatles
- Jimi Hendrix
- Led Zeppelin
- Deep Purple
- The Doors
- Cream
- King Crimson
- Jethro Tull
- Neil Young
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16 Jul 2013
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02 Mar 2015
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Topic: The dress...
Posted: 01 Mar 2015 13:31

I stumbled across a picture where someone played with the hue to render the robe either 'obviously white', or 'obviously blue'.

Funny thing, I still perceive a very apparent blueish tint in the 'obviously white' picture:


Topic: Wicked Cool
Posted: 01 Mar 2015 11:15

This was my weekend last week.

That seems awesome. Was it a circuit that you had to do many times, or more like long marathon through the woods?

And congratulations if you actually managed to ride your bike for 12 hours!

Topic: Today in Pictures (post a picture representing your mood)
Posted: 28 Feb 2015 12:12


Topic: The dress...
Posted: 28 Feb 2015 11:36

how the fuck does anyone see gold and white? i'm serious. it baffles me. i think you're making it up.

Seriously, this is my opinion exactly. I definitely see it blue/black, how can you possibly not see the blue in there?

I can't help but think that those who see it white/gold must be slightly colorblind.

Topic: The dress...
Posted: 28 Feb 2015 11:34

I've had a quick look round the forum and couldn't see any topics about this... So here it goes

'The dress' yesterday and today has been trending world wide all over the Internet, I've see it on news channels and in the papers today. So my question is, what colour do you see the dress as?

At first, I saw it as white and gold but then later I saw it as blue and black.


I see it pink and fuchsia. confused1

Topic: I believe..
Posted: 24 Feb 2015 16:56

Nope, I don't agree.

There are plenty of great authors who don't visit the site much anymore, but who still have many quality stories accessible on their profiles. They still contribute to Lush in a much more positive way than some other 'active' members, in my honest opinion.

You can always check the 'Last Visit' in people's profiles anyway. And if you send inactive members a Friend-request and they don't reply, I don't see why that would be such a big issue either.

Topic: Destiny
Posted: 24 Feb 2015 16:47

Destiny is so addicting if your friends play too. It's like they took heroin and turned it into a game.

Gaming is pretty addictive in general. Hence why I only buy a game per year or so... and never play online.

Topic: rope bondage
Posted: 24 Feb 2015 16:20

I had this in my bookmarks, if it can help: restrainedelegance.com

If you scroll down, you'll see many different bondage positions with ropes. I'm not really a hardcore bondage fan, but some of it is rather creative/artistic and fun to look at. I did perform a few similar positions with my hogtie rope and my bondage tape however.

Topic: would a small anal plug inserted while having sex make for better climax for her?
Posted: 24 Feb 2015 15:59

Have any of you ever tried a vibrating butt-plug? I might buy one for my girlfriend, though they seem rather large/cumbersome:


Topic: trimming the fat
Posted: 24 Feb 2015 15:35

If you're looking for an awesome filling, nutritious, practical lunch, you can also prepare a salmon salad (that's what I eat myself). If you're a Neanderthal like me, you can simply use lettuce and salmon, no need to add tomatoes, cucumbers and all that, haha. It takes me 2-5 minutes to prepare in the evening, and you don't even need to put it in the fridge at work.

I use 1/3 of a big can for each lunch, which provides me 200 calories. I don't even count the calories of my lettuce, it isn't more than around 25 calories anyway. Make sure to use pink alaskan salmon, it's the healthiest (and also the cheapest anyway):

https://upload.lushstories.com/409136896-LLSalmonSaladBite.jpg https://upload.lushstories.com/686474273-124736.jpg

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Back Against the Wall

She knew what it was all about the moment she was pushed against that wall. There was obviously no turning back, neither for her nor the obscure figure that suddenly dissuaded her from any thoughts of escape. She was trapped in this profane alleyway, between a cold wall of glittering bricks and a dark silhouette steaming with burning desires. Snow was falling softly, light flakes melting...

Added 20 Dec 2013 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 10,408 | 14 Comments

Desires Remain

Forever, together, we jittered, Under many constellations, obscured. Could my prospects remain always bright? Kings! Must they only vanquish without fight? Your air as pure as my quiet gaze, Or could dusky sight be telling lies? Under strange guise of lullabies, Refrains, impure, echoed my maze. Could you be hiding same corruption? Under thee Queen, vile jester trick? Never shall I...

Added 29 Jul 2013 | Category Love Poems | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 1,389 | 10 Comments

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