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Hello, I never know what to say in these things. I'm still relatively new to Lush but adore it and most of the people I've met here already. Lets get to the brunt of the whole"about me" concept. No, those are not images of myself. I don't know if I ever will post ones of myself so don''t push, because then the answer will certainly be no. I enjoy having intelligent conversation about a wide variety of topics. Does that include sex, yes. But that's not my sole reason for visiting this site. I enjoy reading erotica and am trying to get the courage up to write eventually. I'm a happily divorced woman who is straight. I have no issues with anyone of any other life style choice, but straight is mine. So lets work on some mutual respect here folks. If you are sending me a friend request, I'm not a snob but be realistic, let me know why you asked or at least how you came across me here, otherwise there is a good chance you will get turned down. I rarely mind lending an ear to a friend that needs to talk but I am fluent in sarcasm so consider yourself warned. I am a movie buff. If you want to know something else about me, I advise you to ask me directly. I'm not revealing my age but I left childish games behind me a long time ago. I guess it all boils down to my nick name...Simply Susan

Simply Susan
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Reading....watching movies...music....travel....
Favorite Books:
All time favorite book...Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut. After thats...there are too many to list.
Favorite Authors:
Kurt Vonnegut, Anne Rice, Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reichs, and several others.
Favorite Movies:
Far too many to list.
Favorite Music:
About anything but rap, mostly it depends on my mood as to what I listening to at any given moment.


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08 Jul 2011
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Topic: Do you consider tattoos to be fine art?
Posted: 13 Nov 2011 21:33

Certainly they can be considered "art". Art itself is subjective at best anyway. I have several, all one of a kinds and all tell a story and have deep meaning behind them.Even had one entered for compitition(came in second dammit)
Granted there is some work out there that is...shall we say less appealing and lack style, but each has a meaning to the one wearing them. I cringe when someone young gets one that will probably end up being regreted later, even I have one thats it now covered up by a much better piece.

Also, Archadia....the pain is fleeting but yes, they can be a rather expensive thing to start. I dont want to think how much I have invested now, and still looking at each next one to come in time.

Topic: Sexiest Fictional Character
Posted: 18 Oct 2011 20:16

Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth
(Bowie is too sexy in that movie)

Topic: Alphabet Songs (A-Z)
Posted: 18 Oct 2011 20:09

Lawyers, Guns and Money Warren Zevon

Topic: The purrfect man
Posted: 17 Oct 2011 11:43

Definately a turn on.

Topic: Best Birthday?
Posted: 16 Oct 2011 22:57

Happy belated birthday!
1- Was at 22, friends and I had a get together at a local bar we were all regulars at. They even flew in an old friend frmo out of state for it.
2- A full sized carousel horse (I collected them at the time)
3- A surpise weekend getaway, he bought and packed everything we could possibly want/need.
4- Tough to answer, had some great birthday sex over the years. But probably that weekend getaway, we had sex on about every surface in the suite.

Topic: Fuck or Pass
Posted: 16 Oct 2011 22:46

Don't know him, so have to pass.

Topic: Great Film Scenes
Posted: 16 Oct 2011 22:35


Love this movie!

Topic: What are you listening to right now?
Posted: 15 Oct 2011 21:17

Craig Ferguson in concert

Topic: Alphabet Songs (A-Z)
Posted: 14 Oct 2011 22:53

I Can't Tell You Why -- Eagles

Topic: Dealing with Ex-Boyfriend
Posted: 13 Oct 2011 21:50

...... but still giving him his space till I'm done with High School?? He is graduated and I'm a Junior in high school. ...

This line makes me very nervous. Mostly because my own daughter is a sophmore in high school.
Granted there is some very helpful advice to be found here, but personaly, don't want to think of her or her friends coming here for it. Sorry, wish you luck anyway with your problem

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