First Time(1)


My first lesbian

My first sexual experience

My true story of my first time lesbian experience. Hi everyone, my name is Ashley but I will refer to myself in this story as Ash I have B cup sized breasts and my best assets is my flexibility. I have never been with a male and don't plan on being with a male in the future, I love who I am and I love the girls I have been with and the girls I will be with. It all started about 3 years ago...Read On



Dear Diary

Dear Diary

This story and all it contents and names are fictional. January 1st. Dear diary, This is my first diary entry ever, so I suppose I better tell you about myself. My name is Ashley, I'm 19 years old. I have long blonde hair with blue eyes. I think of myself as a very attractive girl. I like to stand in front my full length mirror and admire my naked body and of course play wife myself, I...Read On


Dear Diary Part 2

I must have passed out

I must have passed out because next thing I know I'm opening my eyes to see that the bedroom light was on and Mum and Dad are standing over the top of me, looking at me. I looked down and realise the blankets are no longer covering my naked 19 year old, horny and shaven body. I look back at Mum and Dad and smile the sweetest smile I could muster. "Hey Mum, Hey Dad," I said. "What are...Read On


My first dick

My first time with a real dick

My first dick. I will not mention any names in this story and this only happened a few weeks ago. I was home alone so I was sitting in front of the computer naked and playing with myself while I was talking to a very gorgeous girl on Lush Stories (you know who you are). We were chatting away, she told me how she has never tasted guys cum before and that her room mate wanted her to taste...Read On



My First Lesbian Part 2

My first time

Part 2 of: My First Lesbian. Once she had calmed down from her orgasm we packed up our stuff and got dressed and headed to the train station to go back to my place. We walked hand in hand to the station and of course this gave us a lot of stares and whispered conversations behind our backs by those who don't understand. We didn't care, we just kept walking and giggling about what we had...Read On