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Topic Things To Do In The Bedroom To Ruin The Mood (ABC Style)
Posted 23 May 2013 09:20

L - Licking your armpit
Nothing say yuck more then your partner licking thier armpit.. *

*never licked mine nor had a partner who did. but L? come one.. armpit is the only thing gross i could think of....

Topic Words you love/like
Posted 26 Apr 2013 01:29


flatulence (sorry... but it is fun to say)

Topic Say an interesting fact about yourself
Posted 26 Apr 2013 01:20

My wife is prolly reading this... LOL evil4

Topic Agree/disagree
Posted 26 Apr 2013 01:17


I have a condo reserved in my name in Hades.. L35

Topic Alphabet Songs (A-Z)
Posted 26 Apr 2013 01:13

baba O'riley - the Who

Topic Favorite line from ur favorite movie
Posted 26 Apr 2013 01:10

Its good to be the King! - History of the world pt 1

Topic Post the title most recent song that you listened to
Posted 26 Apr 2013 00:57

country boy.... aaron lewis

Topic Happy Birthday Mazza!!
Posted 23 Apr 2013 13:08

Happy Birthday Maz!!! CHEERS my friend... heres to another year!! :)

Topic The Rage Cage
Posted 22 Apr 2013 07:49

Brick wall Fucking shit... I hate this ...

Topic Describe yourself in one word
Posted 08 Apr 2013 09:55

easygoing (is that one word?)

Topic Three words said about the person above you
Posted 08 Apr 2013 08:50

Nice bike dude.

Topic Would you give up cigarettes to legalize marijuana?
Posted 24 Mar 2013 12:52

I don't have to give up jack .. Livin I Cali

Oh sure rub it in....

I gave up cigs a long time ago. Cant make me give up smoking weed. Regaeman Man Regaeman Man

Topic Help...I've been arrested by the grammar police
Posted 24 Mar 2013 12:49

hmmmmmmmmmmm I am wondering If the grammar police would prefer to be called "Grammar Nazi". bootyshake

Topic Ask the person below you any question
Posted 20 Mar 2013 23:58

um no. spaghetti with bologna? Ewwwwwwwww

What is your absolutely favorite movie?

Topic When was the last time you had sex? [BE HONEST]
Posted 17 Mar 2013 17:20

t1517 about 2 hours ago.

Topic Do you like to sleep naked?
Posted 16 Mar 2013 22:57

is there any other way?

Topic Upskirt pics
Posted 15 Mar 2013 10:35

for you Morphus99. thought you might like....

Topic Favourite Comedian(s)
Posted 15 Mar 2013 09:27


John Pinette

Topic Favourite Comedian(s)
Posted 15 Mar 2013 09:23

George Carlin

Beat me to Carlin.

Im gonna go retro 80's Tim Allen. Great Stuff.

Topic re-name the person above you
Posted 14 Mar 2013 23:05

Pissing in the wind

Topic Trinket's Tastefully Tacky, but Terrific D-I-V-O-R-C-E PARTAY!!!
Posted 13 Mar 2013 07:39

Way to go Trinkey!Regaeman Man

Topic True or False?
Posted 13 Feb 2013 23:35

um..... false.

I masturbate at least 4 times a week.

Topic ... in my pants
Posted 13 Feb 2013 23:33

Dont kill the whale... in my pants - Yes

Topic Ask the person below you any question
Posted 13 Feb 2013 07:51

No. I am always really careful where I cum.

Have you ever passed gas during sex and just killed the mood?

Topic Talk in song titles
Posted 08 Feb 2013 05:59

Bang the drum all day - Todd Rungren.

Topic Rimming, yes or no?
Posted 05 Feb 2013 02:00

yes yes and hell yes.

Topic moral question
Posted 04 Feb 2013 06:36

I wonder did the rest of your vows include "For Better or for Worse, in sickness and in health". IF they were, and If your marriage vows are that important to you, wouldn't you want to honour all of them and not only "faithful till death do us part"? Meaning, that no matter what accident/illness might befall your wife, you accept all and any consequences of that illness. ...

I don't think it's too old fashioned to take wedding vows literally, but is it too convenient to pick and choose which ones? As a person who took their marriage vows very seriously, I have the outlook that whatever accident/illness might befall him, he has peace in the knowledge I would always be there for him, and vice versa. there would be no question in my mind that I wouldn't do what your wife suggested. That's just my opinion, that doesn't mean it's the right answer for you, and of course I haven't walked a mile in your shoes......

I agree Trinket. Sage advice.

Topic Gift or take something from the avatar above...
Posted 02 Feb 2013 20:31

Id give matching elbow length gloves...

Topic Sexual ABC's
Posted 02 Feb 2013 20:29

"OH MY God!"