Love Poems(4)



Passion, Love

I don't need you. I desire you! and when I say I love you, it is like namaste all that is good in me salutes all that is good in you and you already know what my favourite part of you is... Everything! No puppy’s tail ever wagged hard or fast enough to express the exuberance I feel each time I see you I love you - all of you - just the way you are! ...Read On



Descriptive tale of our love making

I long for you To hold you Your naked body atop mine My hands need your bum My hands knead your bum Your thighs hug my hips Our lips pressed together  Rubbing intently  as if savouring a sweet wine  like physically clinging to the memory of the last buttery scrap of prosciutto fat  the vague recollection of the finest Taleggio just swallowed  Tastes like passion  My...Read On


Shifting Focus

Free(sia) to love!

in the corner of the room  my beautiful flower stands proud in a simple crystal vase on a marble pedestal the world glances at her beauty her bright petals wandering over eventually leaning to inhale her intoxicating scent I see your beauty too... fantastic when one focuses on the whole your beauty much richer than your tender, delicate, gentle petals alone ...Read On


Cool as night

A lovely evening reminds me of a lovely lady

I walked out into the cool night  And thought of you My lungs filling with fresh air My skin pleasantly startled Like the cool breeze, you refresh me The moon dipped behind the clouds  but not before I glimpsed her beauty The image remained though her countenance was obscured And the light she reflected made all the clouds more beautiful Strong enough to shift...Read On

Straight Sex(5)


Hot, Wet Redhead

Gorgeous 18-year-old redhead cheerleader in his shower.

I got home from my meeting and set my briefcase on the table. I loosened my tie as I walked up the stairs to my bedroom. As I opened the door, my heart began to race. I had fantasized about this more often than is healthy, but there lay Eve's cheerleader kit on the floor next to my bed. Muffled sounds of the shower running flowed out the narrow gap, as the chocolate hardwood door to my...Read On


Jane's Dream

First-person erotic experience

We reach our room at an adult themed-room hotel and check into our jungle bungalow, complete with steam from the "river." I hold the door as you walk in first. We kick off our sandals. Then, I wrap my arms around you from behind - one across your shoulders and one around your waist. I softly kiss your neck. I unbutton your shirt from the bottom up, still behind you, still the occasional...Read On


Santa's Cookies

When naughty is so nice! Santa is not the only one enjoying tasty treats this holiday!

The Christmas dinner party with her co-workers was going brilliantly. The food was delicious, drinks enjoyable and she was at her social finest, chatting, laughing, dancing. Her smile made the star atop the tree look dull. I teased that I was going to have to start calling her 'Harold' because that laugh of hers could embarrass the angelic choir! She was just being herself, so beautiful...Read On


You Make Me Smile

Sipping tea quickly heats up!

Most often, we enjoy tender lovemaking - taking our time - slowly building the stimulation. But there are times…  We were sat in the lounge, having a cup of tea and chatting away. Not about anything in particular, just relaxing. But I was suddenly struck by her beauty again, as if for the first time. My feelings grew rapidly, like one of those cartoon snowballs that is soon picking up trees...Read On


A Little Story

We enjoy our passionate love

Your loving tenderness means so much to me. I hope you can sense how badly I want you. So, as we lay facing each other I continue kissing you and begin unbuttoning your blouse. Our tongues twisted together. Pulling the left panel of your blouse over your shoulder. My cock grows, as does my urgency. I grind against your jeans and squeeze your arse to pull your pussy close.  You continue...Read On