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Topic Are breast implants a turn-off or turn-on?
Posted 10 Oct 2012 19:37

Not only do I find it a turn-off, and no I would never sleep with that person because of it, but I don't that I'd much want to be friends with a person so vein as to modify their body in such a way. I really think they are revolting and the women who get them are pretty damn ugly on the inside.

really? How close minded you are! I had BEAUTIFUL breast before I had kids. I got pregnant and they got so big like three times their size. I was a 34c when i got pregnant. I breastfed both my children. The first chance I get I will be get breast implants. It will make ME feel better about my body. It's hard to see a beautiful body messed up and if I get a chance to restore it I will!