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Big weekend.....

16 May 2011 03:43

When cameron went to egypts land... Let my cameron gooooo!!!

15 May 2011 14:59

Dam... Early morning hot luvin!! It was everywhere;-) Luv to all... Happy again..

13 May 2011 22:41

Heartbroken.... Utterly heartbroken... :-(

13 May 2011 08:41

Missed my baby again.... dam it.. And Id worked out her comments too... ;-)....godammit lush, when r u gna sort ur capacity issues out....!

10 May 2011 05:37

got all turned on by my new pics...... I'm clearly obsessed with female stomachs... lol ... and making them wet with there own juices....lol.. naughty boy

10 May 2011 02:10

Lush rage.... ahh.. cant chat with my lushies!!!!

09 May 2011 05:43

Tiring weekend... could sleep fora week like a lazy ole lion in the sun.....

09 May 2011 02:27

In a full on business mood now... got to get nose to the grindstone... agghhhhh....lol

06 May 2011 00:40

Fuck me... do people ever get that if ur reach out and take a risk for their own good, that actually it means u care for them.... im really not hanging around anymore for this treatment.

05 May 2011 04:35

Oh I dunno.... feeling got at and attacked for being so damn intuitive and not pandering to bullshit....gues thats my green mile... Grumpy.... V Grumpy..

05 May 2011 03:52

Wishing people could just dam well get a grip sometimes and drop the act. Not happy...

05 May 2011 03:51

Life is a very strange place to be.....( But keep on squirting y'all) lol

05 May 2011 03:30

hmm maybe some people do care for squirt..

04 May 2011 05:33

very miffed now... may stay away for a few weeks. forever.. who knows... who bloody cares anyhoo...

03 May 2011 07:16

Having an awesome time - saw that gorgious kate middleton, wow Im in love!!.. But missing my mates on Lush..... particualarly one..;-)

02 May 2011 03:21

I wonder what perceptions we can challenge today......lol..

27 Apr 2011 03:21

feeling rather stupid now...

26 Apr 2011 07:59

About little hotpants so tight around her ass, and a little shirt tied up under her lovly tittie..long white skool sox and high heels... mmm

21 Apr 2011 03:17

I got so many responses to my least question, I think ill need to start a service offering squirt lessons! lol...

18 Apr 2011 06:47

Is there anyone out there who can admit they would love to learn how to cum like a squirter....? And from a guy... I think thats the main issue...

15 Apr 2011 13:45

lovly wuvly freak Friday thoughts X and maybe a bit of spanking and squirting ...

15 Apr 2011 01:24

Of splashing out on a new track car... hmm

14 Apr 2011 04:29

Ive calmed down now. I love everyone ...lol

13 Apr 2011 12:09

Incipid little above themselves bitches.... get my nurves.

13 Apr 2011 09:41

Avatar Quantum leap..... :-)

13 Apr 2011 07:03

Why are some of the woman here so up there own arses? Maybe cos they have no status in the real world. I guess if I ran a forum on that, id be run outa town...lol.. Well, I was only the littlest hobo in lushtown at any rate.. We'll see..

13 Apr 2011 03:19

feeling really bad, cos I upset a really nice lushmember by mistake. Bad Squirthero...

Im a good boy really...

12 Apr 2011 06:43

I had a very sexy DM with one of the Lushbabes last night... wow..

11 Apr 2011 06:59

hoping some lush peeps can have a go on my forum topic "Gift or take from the avatar above" in forum games.. Thinking about lying in the sun today..

10 Apr 2011 01:37