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Topic Older men/younger girls?
Posted 26 Jul 2010 23:05

I don't think any negative connotation of older men with younger women or older women with younger men is warranted. As long as these relationships are consensual it's no one else's business. My most recent lover and I were 6 years apart. We knew each other for almost 10 years before we began our (heated) relationship. The issue of distance did us in--that and the fact that her teenaged daughter was stalking me to get back at her mother...Leah is now 17--if she tried to seduce me a year from now would I walk away? She is hot--just like her mom, just a younger version. Her mom turned into the best long-term sex partner I've ever had--it intrigues me that Leah might have the same characteristics, but at the same time, she's 25 years younger than her mother. But, in the end, if Leah and I decided to fuck next year, it would be consensual and no one else's business.